Nine Sun God King
Chapter 301
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 301

In the arena, many old inscriptionists looked at Qin Yun in disbelief. Especially the Inscription Masters who had ridiculed and belittled him before, all of their faces were flushed red!

The little ghost that they looked down upon, the little ghost that they thought they were playing with, was actually ahead of them!

Zhuo Chuan smiled lightly and said: "The layman sees the excitement but the professional man sees the truth! The heat emitted by Qin Yun's flames was very weak. It was because he had gathered them together to burn spirit iron and bones. It was an excellent method to control fire. He did not emit any heat waves, so we can sense that he is controlling the heat waves of the flames to gather on the materials!"

When everyone heard this, they were suddenly enlightened and secretly exclaimed in surprise!

Qin Yun's ability to control fire was actually stronger than the other senior and middle ranked Inscriptionists. This was very puzzling!

After all, controlling fire was not something that could be done in a day or night. In this aspect, it was likely that the seniors who had been studying it for many years had an advantage!

In fact, there are a lot of seniors here who are very skilled in controlling fire. However, Qin Yun was much more astute than them. Not only were the onlookers puzzled, even many of the Inscription Masters were surprised!

It had to be known that Qin Yun's ability to control fire was not the least bit stronger than them. Rather, he was much stronger. Otherwise, he would not have been ahead of them and entered the forging phase earlier.

In a corner, Du Gui said with a chuckle, "Qin Yun has learned the Imperial Spirit Technique from me. Now, he is using the Imperial Spirit Technique to control the flames, so he naturally has better control over them than others!"

Du Gui was a very famous master of mental force martial arts. Everyone knew that Qin Yun was his student when he was at the Star Xuan Wu Academy!

Qin Yun's mental strength was very strong. It was a well-known fact!

Hearing his words, everyone was secretly amazed. They never thought that the Imperial Spirit Technique had this kind of ability!

Those Inscription Masters couldn't wait to learn the Imperial Spirit Technique, so that they could better control the flames.

"Haha, which bastard said that Qin Yun was here to mess around? Who said it was inappropriate for Qin Yun to participate in the Grand Inscription Competition? What a bunch of low intelligence people, trying to suppress the younger generation." Murong Daren shouted and mocked loudly.

The old man who had mocked Qin Yun earlier was feeling extremely embarrassed. His old face was burning hot and he wished that he could tear apart Murong Daren's stinky mouth.

Murong Daren didn't seem to want to shut his mouth and continued mocking, "Oh my god, these experienced inscription masters have used so much time, yet they still haven't started forging yet. Was this kind of Inscription Master here to just join in the fun? Even though his is a little kid, already starting to forge the second piece of spirit iron and beast bone!"

Only Murong Daren was so bold as to risk his life to mock those high level Inscriptionists.

Many of the people, who had supported the Inscription Master, had branded the face of Murong Daren in their minds and regarded him as their enemy. They were all looking at Murong Daren with murderous gazes.

Actually, the level of Inscription Masters was not bad. However, Qin Yun's fire controlling technique was too astonishing. It exceeded common sense, so he was able to forge spirit iron very quickly.

At this moment, many of the Inscription Masters began forging spirit iron and dragon bones. Not only that but they were also forging with one hand and releasing flames with the other to burn the other materials.

They used their mental power to lock the materials on the forging platform and then skillfully forged the materials to remove the impurities within the materials, forming a small piece.

Everyone was sweating intensely as they looked at the intense and hot arena. The normally aloof and high-ranked Inscription Masters were currently straining their nerves. Their heads were dripping sweat. They were forging materials and seemed to be working very hard.

Normally, these Inscription Masters would hand over the matter of forging materials to their subordinates. They would only use finished bone steel to refine spirit artifacts and then inscribe inscriptions.

This was because forging materials was too boring and tiring.

Soon, half of the incense stick had burned down!

Qin Yun had already hammered all the spirit iron and beast bones together. However, it was still very large. He needed to hit it into the size of a brick.

However, he was the fastest.

When the other Inscription Masters saw that he was fast, they all secretly felt that his quality would surely not be good.

This was because being fast did not necessarily mean it was good. As such, they were extremely reassured. They felt that as long as they could produce, their final qualities would definitely surpass Qin Yun's.

Qin Yun rested for a moment before taking a deep breath. Suddenly, he clenched his hammer with both hands. When everyone saw his stance, they had an ominous foreboding!

He was going to use the Six Style Forging Dragon!

The first move, Thunder Tremor!

As the hammer fell, thunder rumbled and purple thunder roared in all directions.

The berserk Purple Lightning Flame was like a raging dragon that could overturn the seas and swallow the heavens!

When the first hammer fell, the entire arena trembled, shocking everyone!

That aura just now was like a full-powered strike from a martial arts cultivator. Everyone found it unbelievable that this was done by a ninth level martial body youth!

Lan Huayu was a Xuan level Inscription Master but he was also moved. His eyes were filled with shock as he looked at Qin Yun!

Lan Fengjin was dumbfounded. She had seen Qin Yun use a hammer technique before but she did not know that his true strength was terrifying!

Murong Daren swallowed his saliva and asked in surprise, "Is this the true power of Brother Yun?"

Qin Yun's expression was solemn as he slowly raised the forging hammer. He struck out with the second move of the forging dragon technique!

When the forging hammer landed on the bone steel, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. It was as if ten thousand thunder claps and ten thousand dragons roared in unison, converging into a deafening roar!

Qin Yun had poured all his effort into executing this strike!

This hammer technique was modified from the Wind Slayer Technique and was one of Qin Yun's favorite martial arts techniques.

This was also an adaptation of Yang ShiYue's.

At the most difficult moment for him, Yang Shiyue stepped forward bravely. When he did not have any cultivation technique, Yang Shiyue had passed on the Black Yang Art to him.

Afterwards, she provided him great help and taught him in great detail. It could be said that it would be extremely helpful to him in his lifetime!

So, he really loved the Six Style Forging Dragon created by Yang Shiyue.

Some times ago, a lot of people looked down on him, causing him to feel that he returned to the time when he was crippled. At that time, he had no one to rely on.

But now, he had three Vajra inner core, a strong control of the Purple Gold Fire and the Six Style Forging Dragon that Yang Shiyue had created for him!

He held the hammer tightly and recalled the Six Style Forging Dragon. Unknowingly, he felt Yang Shiyue's tenderness, making him feel, at this moment, that he was no longer as helpless as he was when he was young!

The third move of the Forging Dragon Form, Flowing Light!

The hammer's head fell down like a beautiful meteor, striking against the spirit iron and blossoming into resplendent sparks. It was like fireworks in full bloom, gorgeous yet astonishing in momentum!

Qin Yun's expression was firm and filled with fighting spirit. His eyes were filled with a strange glow as his concentrated gaze bloomed with a threatening aura. No one dared to look down on him!

During the forging process, the Inscription Masters also used hammer technique but they were all very ordinary. To them, the Inscription Masters only needed to master a set of inscriptions!

Therefore, they never knew that the powerful hammering technique had such great uses when forging materials!

Everyone present was stunned by Qin Yun's powerful hammer technique!

At that moment, no one dared to look down on Qin Yun!

After a few consecutive blows, the large piece of bone steel had become the size of a brick!

Qin Yun was the first to complete the forging of Superior Grade Bone Steel. He looked around the crowd but did not see Yang Shiyue. He felt somewhat disappointed.

However, this encouraged him even more, as he was determined to reach the end!

"Even if teacher isn't here, I still want to let her know that I've been working hard to grow!" Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly as he looked at the bone steel he had forged.

He did not touch this piece of bone steel. Once he was done refining it, he placed it on the forging platform, waiting for it to cool down and for his quality to be tested. This way, no one would suspect him of cheating.

The other Inscriptionists felt indignant as they desperately forged bone steel. They looked extremely pathetic. They did not have a shocking hammer technique like Qin Yun!

This group of arrogant old inscriptionists were all eager to chase after a little imp. If their quality was inferior to Qin Yun's, they would lose a lot of face.

Lan Fengjin also felt the pressure. She realized that she had underestimated Qin Yun.

She knew that Qin Yun was a high-level Inscription Master but she did not know that his serious look was actually so terrifying!

After the incense was burnt down, there were actually more than twenty Inscription Masters that hadn't finished burning down. All of them were Intermediate Inscriptionists!

At that moment, these Inscription Masters were utterly embarrassed. That was because they were far inferior to a little imp like Qin Yun!

"Time's up!" Lan Huanyu slowly walked down with a golden scale in his hand.

The most direct way to strengthen the quality of bone steel was to weigh it. The heavier the steel, the better the quality.

Of course, superior quality in this sort of competition was rarely seen and no one would risk their lives to pursue higher quality. Now, they were only forging for the sake of displaying their own abilities.

Lan Huayu walked towards Qin Yun and said, "Qin Yun is the first to complete it. Let's measure his first!"

Qin Yun immediately turned extremely nervous. The thousands of people in the hall looked at him in unison.

The old inscriptionists were also filled with curiosity. They wanted to see the quality of the high-grade bone steel that Qin Yun had forged using such a terrifying hammer technique.

Lan Huayu walked in front of Qin Yun. He was rather familiar with Qin Yun because Qin Yun and Zhuo Chuan were staying at his place. He smiled at Qin Yun and said, "Relax. As long as your quality isn't too bad, you can enter the next round!"

After saying that, he grabbed the bone steel forged by Qin Yun. With a faint smile on his face, he could not help but change his expression. That bone steel was heavier than he had expected!

Lan Huayu had a lot of experience, so once he grabbed that piece of bone steel, he was basically sure of how much it weighed. He weighed it with the golden pole scale.

"560 jins!" Lan Huayu's slightly surprised voice resounded through the entire hall.

All the Inscription Masters were emotionally moved, their expressions were all very wonderful!

A commotion also surged out from the great hall. This result had already exceeded everyone's expectations!

A high-level old inscriptionist immediately shouted in surprise, "Impossible!"

"A high-grade bone steel brick weighs five hundred and sixty jins? I can't accept this!"

"Elder Lan, are you sure?"

"How is that possible? this is completely against common sense!"

Lan Huayu took a light breath and looked at Qin Yun. He said word by word, "This is top-grade bone steel!"

Once these words were spoken, the hall that was filled with questions immediately quietened down!


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