Nine Sun God King
Chapter 306
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 306

Determining the quality of the water gathering talisman was to activate the water gathering talisman and collect water.

The spirit water would be placed into a transparent crystal vat and weighed in.

The first one to complete the test was a high-ranked Inscription Master, a middle-aged man who was also the fastest to complete the test.

Lan Huayu activated the water gathering talisman and placed it into the crystal barrel that was as tall as a person.

Crash …

The Water Gathering Talisman absorbed a large amount of Nine Yang Energy, like a geyser gushing out crystal clear water.

Not long after, it was more than half a barrel.

Spirit water was special and lighter than normal water. The amount of spirit water in this large barrel was only around one hundred kilograms.

It depended on whose talisman could accumulate more water.

After the test, the level of the advanced level Inscriptionists were all around the same.

If one was able to reach the standard of half a barrel of spirit water, the weight of spirit water would be around one hundred jin. The difference between them would only be a few jin.

As for the Intermediate level Inscriptionists, they were much weaker than the Advanced level Inscriptionists. They weighed around 50 to 60 Jin and could not even reach half a barrel.

Those who failed to do so were mostly Intermediate level Inscriptionists. In this round of eliminations, definitely many Intermediate level Inscriptionists would be eliminated as well.

Lan Fengjin was a high-ranked Inscription Master and one of the Martial Dao Realm. Thus, she passed without a hitch.

Just as the hourglass was about to leak out, Qin Yun finally completed his Water Gathering Talisman. He was the last to be tested!

"Here!" Qin Yun looked very tired as he walked towards Lan Huayu. He handed over the Water Gathering Talisman with both hands.

Lan Huayu took the water gathering talisman. When he saw the spirit marks on it, he was suddenly shocked. This was because he knew from experience that the inscriptions on it were very exquisite!

"His bone talisman has been made with the Royal Grade Bone Steel, that increased the difficulty of inscribing. In this way, the degree of fineness of the spirit inscriptions will also be very poor!"

"That's right. This little fellow really loves to show off. He just wants others to know that he has Royal Grade Bone Steel."

"When he was inscribing the spirit marks, he must have regretted using the Royal Grade Bone Steel. Just look at him being as slow as a turtle, you will know!"

Several defeated Intermediate level Inscriptionists mocked in a low voice.

Lan Huayu looked intently at the inscriptoins and touched it with his finger. He said softly, "Qin Yun, wait a moment. I want to see the fineness of your inscriptions. They seem to be very high!"

As he said that, he took out a mirror and placed it on Qin Yun's Water Gathering Talisman.

Soon, four threads appeared on the surface of the mirror!

This was a level 4 Exquisite!

"Did I see wrongly? Did Qin Yun carve a fourth level exquisite spirit inscription?" An old engraver exclaimed in surprise.

"Even for us, a good carving knife is only at level 4!"

"Qin Yun can use that lousy carving knife to carve a level four Exquisite inscription. That's impossible!"

Qin Yun was pleasantly surprised. He never expected that using the Imperial Spirit Art to coordinate would result in such a great increase in precision. If not, he would only be at the second level of precision.

As for those high level Inscriptionists, their inscriptions were also on the second level!

This was a huge blow to the old inscriptionists!

Even the old inscriptions masters found it hard to accept that an inferior carving knife could carve a fourth level exquisite spirit inscription.

Zhuo Chuan saw many laymen feeling perplexed over this. He said, "Even Lan Huayu and I use inferior carving knives. The degree of fineness is only between the fourth and the fifth ranks. In terms of fineness, Qin Yun is close to our level. He far surpasses other high-ranked Inscriptionists!"

Previously, he knew that Qin Yun's finesse was at level 5.

Therefore, he had long understood Qin Yun's standards. However, he was still very surprised because this was close to them, these old fellows!

An old high level Inscription Master said with a flushed face, " did you do it? Even if you're talented, you will only have a mild comprehension of the inscriptions at most. You can only improve your comprehension through years of practice and experiment with your carving knife!"

"Do you have some kind of secret skill? Share it with us quickly, don't hide it!"

"Exactly, with this kind of good secret technique, take it out. You little brat, isn't it too selfish of you to keep it for yourself!"

"Quickly hand it over. This is a competition, we're only exchanging pointers, don't hide it anymore!"

A group of jealous old men scolded Qin Yun at the same time, saying that he had a secret technique that enhanced his finesse!

Everyone secretly frowned, feeling that this group of old men were too shameless!

Qin Yun was also infuriated by their words. He said with a sneer, "With your standards, I'm afraid that none of you will be able to learn it! Perhaps, even if you all were to learn how to die, you would be unable to do so!"

The normally haughty and high level Inscriptionists were instantly enraged by this taunt.

"You little brat, you can't do anything about it!! we're senior level Inscription Masters! How dare you look down on us, a mere Intermediate Inscription Master? What arrogance and conceit!"

"Hurry up and apologize to us and hand over your secret skill with both hands. Otherwise, you won't be able to come out here today!"

"Qin Yun, this is Blue Spirit Star Palace. Don't be too presumptuous and honestly share the secret art of improving your finesse!"

Qin Yun looked at their disgusted faces and said with a sneer, "I used the Imperial Spirit Technique in conjunction with the carving knife. All you need to do is learn the Imperial Spirit Technique from Teacher Du Gui. Of course, you hundreds of years old trash high-level inscription master, you certainly won't be able to learn the imperial Inscription Technique! "

"You... What did you say? You said that we are trash?"

Although they were a bit old but as high level Inscription Masters, they were highly respected by the younger generation.

"Qin Yun, you are the trash. You are a trash of your bloodline. It is all thanks to your dog shit luck that you managed to become an Inscription Master. How dare you spout nonsense here!"

When Ji Kailin saw this, he was delighted and hurriedly shouted, "Qin Yun, kneel down and apologize! You just insulted the entire arena's older generation inscription masters!"

"Kneel! These Inscription Masters have spent their entire lives studying the dao of inscriptions, just how could a junior like you make fun of them?"

"Qin Yun, do you know how difficult it is to become a high-ranked inscriptionist from the intermediate level? You really don't feel anything just standing there talking!"

Many of the juniors who had supported the old inscriptions masters were scolding Qin Yun loudly in a square formation.

Qin Yun did not want to curse but those old things had no sense of shame and forced him to share his secret techniques!

Furthermore, their attitude was extremely vile, even threatening him, which was why it angered him.

"Isn't it just a high-level Inscription Master? I have been one for a long time!" Qin Yun gave a cold snort and took out a dazzling golden badge!

This was the proof of being a high level Inscription Master!

The people who were scolding Qin Yun could not help but shut their mouths when they felt the golden light prick their eyes!

Inside the inscription hall, it was incomparably quiet!

They stared blankly at the golden badge in Qin Yun's hand!

A high level Inscription Master that hadn't even reached eighteen years of age!

This deep impact on the minds of many people seemed to have overturned their common sense!

The moment they saw that badge, many people were shouting "impossible" in their hearts.

"This is real!" Zhuo Chuan's indifferent voice broke the silence.

Soon after, the entire inscription hall erupted in a wave of questioning, falling into a clamor.

"Whether you want to believe it or not!" Zhuo Chuan did not explain and said with a faint smile, "Old Lan, quickly test Qin Yun's Water Gathering Talisman!"

Everyone quieted down as they looked at Qin Yun with incomparable envy.

As for the old inscriptionist from Blue Spirit Star Palace, he didn't say anything. He was holding in a grudge in his heart.

At this moment, everyone felt that Qin Yun did indeed have the qualifications to say that those old inscriptionists were trash!

Those old inscriptionists were all over a hundred years old.

However, they were only a high-ranked Inscription Master. As for Qin Yun, who was not even twenty years old, he had already reached their level!

This caused those old inscriptionists to be extremely ashamed. They wanted nothing more than to run into a piece of tofu and die. They felt that after living for so long, they had already lived to the point of being dogs!

Lan Huayu had long known that Qin Yun was no ordinary person. However, he was still astonished. He smiled and placed Qin Yun's Water Gathering Talisman into the transparent barrel.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

That talisman began to shake crazily as it continuously sent out splashes of water. Soon, it reached half a bucket!

Although it looked like it was only half a barrel, Qin Yun was at the ninth level of the martial body. His energy was inferior to that of a martial dao practitioner.

However, his Talisman was as powerful as those of the Martial Dao Realm!

The faces of those old inscriptionists became even more unsightly and also incomparably red.

These highly respected high level Inscriptionists, were actually on par with a little ghost!

They had also said before that a high level Inscription Master would be respected!

However, they had previously mocked Qin Yun!

Qin Yun was also a high-ranked Inscription Master. Therefore, he had the same status as them. Even though he was young, his strength was obvious.

"The water gathering talisman created by Qin Yun is ranked tenth in terms of weight with 102 kilograms and 500 taels!" Lan Huanyu said.

In the top hundred, there were only high-ranked Inscription Masters, while Qin Yun was ranked tenth!

This caused the Senior Inscriptionists behind him to blush with shame.

Murong Daren said with a laugh, "Aiya, you actually know how to blush in shame! You guys were so shameless to force others to hand over secret skills just now and I thought you had no face at all!"

"Look at all of you! It's one thing you're inferior to him but you're still looking down on him. You even forced him to share a secret skill and your attitude is so vile. Are you actually worthy of being Inscription Master?"

"Actually, it's not strange that Qin Yun is a high-ranked Inscription Master! After all, you shameless bunch of old bastards could shockingly feel ashamed, so how can it even be shocking that Qin Yun is a high-level Inscription Master?"

After he finished speaking, Murong Daren quickly retreated behind Xie Wufeng.

His ability at spraying people was one of the best!

In particular, his taunting skill had reached the level of Perfection.

Many people looked at Murong Daren angrily but when they saw the cold expression on Xie Wufeng's face, they could only hold it in.

Xie Wufeng was a mysterious sword cultivator who was highly regarded by the Grand Palace Master. Only Ji Kailin, who came from a powerful background, was not afraid of him.

"The second round has ended. Those Inscription Masters who cannot enter the next round, please leave the scene!" Lan Huayu shouted.

After the failed Inscription Master left, he began to distribute the Star Flame Liquid.

All the Inscription Masters in this round were able to obtain a drop of Star Flame Liquid. It was said that this was something unique to the Blue Spirit Saint Palace. People from the other four palaces had always wanted it as well.

This was also a good thing for the Blue Spirit Saint Palace to attract disciples from the other four palaces.


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