Nine Sun God King
Chapter 315
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 315

The smile on Eastern Palace Master's face instantly froze. It was a very awkward smile.

Of course, she remembered the battle between Qin Yun and Xiao Yanglong in front of the door of Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Originally, they had agreed that it would be two years. However, more than a year had passed since then and many people no longer took it seriously.

And from the looks of it, Qin Yun was serious!

Yang Shiyue was not here. If not, she would definitely have consulted Qin Yun.

Lan Fengjin wanted to say something but stopped herself.

Xie Wufeng and the others, Qin Yun's friends, knew of his stubborn temper. They did not try to dissuade him.

That Palace Master Yang was stunned, then laughed loudly: "Our West Palace is extremely welcoming! Qin Yun, begin the induction ceremony. Kowtow to the chief disciple and then kowtow to me! "

"Is there such a ceremony? Why haven't I heard of it?" Qin Yun asked coldly.

"Of course there is. It might not be useful to others. But for you, you must use this ceremony because you are a rare genius and this ceremony is specially prepared for a genius. Back then, Xiao Yang Long had also kowtowed and knelt at the position of the former chief disciple." The Palace Mistress of the West Palace chuckled.

Lan Huayu said, "It's true, If you accept it, you would be treated very highly in the future in the West Palace. The induction ceremonies for the four palaces are all different."

"Rituals and the like can also be changed! Qin Yun, I see that you are arrogant and unyielding. Well, you can do another ritual! If you stand where you are without moving and defend against the attack of the chief disciple, you do not need to kneel down to him, nor do you need to kneel to me to become a disciple of the Western Palace."

"However, the treatment is probably not too good. It's the same as the treatment for the ordinary West Palace disciples. You can make your choice!" His laughter was filled with a dark, gloomy aura.

Xie Wufeng walked to Qin Yun's side and said with a deep voice, "Brother Yun, don't agree to him! Xiao Yanglong is of the Martial Dao Realm, if you stand still and take a single hit from him, you will be severely injured!"

If Qin Yun wanted to challenge Xiao Yanglong, he had to enter the Western Palace. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the chance to have an open and proper match with Xiao Yanglong. (TL NOTE : BULLSHIT!!)

"Qin Yun, you have to consider carefully!" The Palace Mistress of the Eastern Palace quickly said, "Let alone you, even a Martial Dao Realm cultivator wouldn't dare to take this challenge!"

"Xiao Yanglong, come!" After some deliberation, Qin Yun said, "You can only attack the upper half of the body, not the head. How about it?"

Xiao Yanglong took off the blue robe on the outside and with a sinister smile on his face, he said, "No problem! I knew you had guts. Only by entering the Western Palace through this ceremony can you become a disciple of the Western Palace and be worthy to challenge me!"

"Brother Yun, you..." Xie Wufeng sighed. When he saw Qin Yun's resolute expression, he did not say anything else.

"Qin Yun, quickly take off your clothes. You cannot use a defensive spirit artifact!" The West Palace Master said.

Qin Yun immediately took off the clothes on his upper body, revealing his strong and vigorous muscles. Combined with his resolute expression, he gave off an imposing aura.

"Bring it on!" Qin Yun said coldly.

As Qin Yun's friends, Xie Wufeng and company were naturally aware of his character. They did not speak any further and retreated to the side, hoping that Qin Yun could hold on.

"I'll be the referee. You can't hit his head, you can't attack with a weapon, you can only hit upper body, you can only attack once. If you go against this, then I'll have to intervene!" Lan Huayu said.

The Inscription Palace arena immediately became a Colosseum and the spectators watched with great interest.

Right now, no one dared to make a presumptuous conclusion about the result!

Xiao Yanglong raised two of his fingers and held them tightly together!

He let out a deep shout and his fingers trembled. A purplish-golden internal energy flowed out from his finger!

"It's the Mountain Piercing Finger!" Xie Wufeng shouted in shock.

When they heard the words 'Mountain Piercing Finger' everyone drew in a breath of cold air. That was a very famous top rank Earth Realm martial art.

The moment it was unleashed, the force generated could pierce through a mountain!

"Qin Yun, be careful!" Zhuo Chuan frowned and shouted, "The Mountain Piercing Finger is no small matter. It is a powerful martial skill capable of killing Dao Realm cultivators!"

"Even if it's a martial arts cultivator with extremely strong defense, his body could still be penetrated!" Palace Lord of the Western Palace gave a faint smile. "Qin Yun, even though you will be severely injured, you are still a disciple of the Western Palace. Of course, if you are unable to pass the examination which is held once every five years, you will be chased out by us!"

In normal times, during martial arts competitions, even if Xiao Yanglong wanted to use the Mountain Piercing Finger, he would not have that much time to condense his inner strength.

But now, he had enough time to accumulate even more power!

"Xiao Yanglong, you can begin!" Lan Huayu urged, "If you continue like this, don't tell me you want us to wait for you the whole day?"

"I'll go right away!" Xiao Yanglong laughed loudly and charged towards Qin Yun like lightning!

Xiao Yanglong attacked. Everyone was alarmed and fearful as they tried to guess where Xiao Yanglong was planning to attack Qin Yun!

Dantian? Or a heart? Or was it the Heavenly Lion's Arms?

Xiao Yanglong instantly appeared in front of Qin Yun. His joined fingers overflowed with Internal Supreme Force, causing the ground to shake slightly!

The two fingers that contained violent energies were as fast as lightning as they stabbed at Qin Yun's chest!

Just as many people had guessed, Xiao Yanglong was attacking Qin Yun's heart!

Qin Yun had consumed the Profound Heart Grass and cultivated the Black-Yellow Heart Scripture. This was one of the reasons why he was strong.

The heart was the crux of the three great scriptures. Once struck heavily, it would definitely be able to severely injure the soul meridian, the Bone Meridian and the Heart Meridian!

Xiao Yanglong's Mountain Piercing Finger stabbed into Qin Yun's heart with a dull thud!

Qin Yun's body was sent flying as he heavily crashed into the stone wall of the hall. The stone wall shattered as a large part of it caved in.

Everyone looked at Qin Yun in shock.

In particular, the four palace masters stared with widened eyes at Qin Yun, who had been sent flying!

Even Xiao Yanglong had a face full of disbelief!

Because the Mountain Piercing Finger did not create any impact, if it did, it would create a hole in the human body!

Qin Yun was sent flying. It meant that the power of the Mountain Piercing Finger had failed to penetrate his body!

The power of the Mountain Piercing Finger had been blocked, so it couldn't pierce through the body and could only send the person flying.

Qin Yun was bare-chested and did not wear any clothes. However, he was able to withstand such a terrifying attack!

Zhuo Chuan was the fastest. In an instant, he was in front of Qin Yun. Lan Huayu also rushed over. The two of them worked together to comb through Qin Yun's injuries.

Qin Yun lay on the ground. He looked extremely weak. His mouth was filled with blood and the flesh around his heart was torn but it was rapidly healing!

"Ah Long, what happened just now?" West Palace Mistress asked with a deep voice, "You didn't use your full strength? Such a great opportunity and you actually did not manage to grab hold of it!"

"Master, I went all out!" Xiao Yanglong frowned.

Everyone shifted their gaze onto Xiao Yanglong.

He discovered that his two fingers were actually red and swollen. His hand was also trembling as if it had stabbed into something hard and had been injured from the backlash.

"Brother Yun's defense is just too terrifying! It actually was not pierced through by the mountain piercing finger!" Murong Daren took a deep breath, "Xiao Yanglong's finger is about to be cut off!"

"What exactly is going on? Even if you are in the Martial Dao Realm, it is not easy for you to defend against it!" Shui Yihui exclaimed, "I can't block this attack anyway!"

Xiao Yanglong's face was deathly pale and it could be seen that he was also shocked earlier. He said coldly: "When I was attacking there, the power of my Mountain Piercing Finger was like sinking into the ocean. The reason why he flew out was because I used my physical power to send him flying!"

Qin Yun's body was very tough to begin with. If he did not use his inner force to poke, it was equivalent to stabbing hard steel!

"Elder Lan, I'm a disciple of the Western Palace now. Can you give me the Star Marks?" The weakened Qin Yun revealed a smile.

"Here you go!" Lan Huayu sighed with emotion and handed a piece of beast skin to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun hurriedly kept it without opening it. He was worried that others would see it.

"Qin Yun, these star runes are the most precious treasures of our Blue Spirit Star Palace. If you spread them out, the consequences will be dire!" The Palace Master of the Western Palace walked over, looked at Zhuo Chuan and said.

"Mistress, I'm a disciple of the Western Palace now, shouldn't you at least give me something?" Qin Yun sneered.

"Elder Luo is in charge of these trivial matters, you can look for him!" When he came over, he knew that Qin Yun had only suffered superficial and internal injuries.

He and Xiao Yanglong felt their intestines turn green. They did not have the chance to cripple Qin Yun!

Now, everyone knew that Qin Yun had hidden his strength well as he cultivated a mysterious and powerful technique!

Qin Yun's dantian had the Nether Sun inner core and his heart had the vibration inner core. Both of them had extremely strong defenses.

Just now, he had merged the vibration power with the power of the Nethersun to protect his heart, so he was only slightly injured!

Xiao Yanglong bandaged his fingers and spoke in a loud voice, "My friends, it is a rare fate for you all to come all the way here to participate in the grand gathering of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace. After the grand ceremony ends, I would like to invite everyone to stay for a few more days. At that time, I will hold a grand wedding with Yang Shiyue and all friends, please show me your face and come drink a few cups of wine."

Qin Yun had long known that Xiao Yanglong was going to hold a grand wedding at the end of the celebration at the saint palace!

Everyone echoed his words and expressed their willingness to participate.

Xiao Yanglong and Yang Shiyue were both young cultivators in the Border Region. Being together, they were very compatible, even though their relationship wasn't very good.

However, the crowd felt that it was nothing. After all, they were already engaged.

The injured Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly.

The reason he asked to fight Xiao Yanglong earlier, was to stop this wedding!

But now, Xiao Yanglong was going to hold wedding with Yang Shiyue!

Qin Yun had yet to step into the Martial Dao realm but he had challenged Xiao Yanglong. His chances of victory were slim!

Xiao Yanglong looked at Qin Yun with glee before turning to leave.

Everyone was very clear about the conflict between Qin Yun and Xiao Yanglong.

Everyone knew that he was Yang Shiyue's student and naturally did not wish for Xiao Yanglong to marry Yang Shiyue, hence he went to challenge Xiao Yanglong.

But now, Qin Yun wanted to helplessly watch as Yang Shiyue married Xiao Yanglong!

The reason why Yang Shiyue wanted to marry Xiao Yanglong was because Xiao Yanglong had used some sort of method to coerce her.

"Let's go back first. Tomorrow, there will be the fifth round of the inscription competition. With some recuperation, we should be able to make it in time!" He could also sense the complicated feelings Qin Yun had.

(TL NOTE : a whole bunch of bullshit!!)


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