Nine Sun God King
Chapter 319
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 319

A few of the saints present wore all sorts of armors, as if they had been prepared in advance.

As for the other candidates, although they were also wearing armor, they were only average.

"Ji Kailin's armor is a Royal Grade spirit artifact. How enviable!"

"It's not strange for such a thing to exist in his position!"

"I wonder what the match will be about?"

The surrounding people were all talking at once.

The old man who was in charge of hosting the event had arrived. As soon as he arrived, the entire hall quieted down.

Even those who did not participate were curious about the competition's contents and rewards. They all quieted down and listened attentively.

"The content of the competition is to enter the Blue Spirit Profound Tower, as long as you can enter the fourth floor, you will be able to enter the final round!"

"If you can get to the higher levels and there's only one person who can do it, then you'll get the reward."

"Mentor's reward is Body restoration fluid and Jade Muscle Fluid!"

Hearing this reward, those teachers who looked old immediately became excited.

This body restoration fluid is for cosmetic cultivation, is able to restore one's appearance. When one is young, the Jade Muscle Liquid would also be able to make one's skin appear white and tender.

These two things were the medicinal liquids for those who were able to age and return to their youth.

If it was used by a young person, his appearance would remain forever and he wouldn't age even if he lived to be a hundred or two hundred years old.

Lan Huayu was also an old man but he only had white hair and eyebrows. His appearance was the same as of a young man's.

The old man continued, "The reward for the number one participant is a Life Marks Crystal Jade!"

The Life Mark Crystal Jade was also a good thing. It could aid ninth level practitioners in cultivating the Great Dao Life Marks.

Right now, Qin Yun was extremely eager to step into the martial dao realm. If he could obtain the Life Mark Crystal Jade, it would definitely help him in his breakthrough.

The old man said, "You can't use weapons inside the tower! When you attack the Puppets, you don't have to worry about killing them. They are all puppets, so they can only be damaged!"

"You should be careful not to get killed by the Puppets yourselves. After you get to the floor, the windows on the floor will open automatically. If you are not a match for them, then jump out of the window in time."

"Shall we go in together or shall we go in alone?" someone asked.

"Go in together! There are quite a few puppets on each floor. From the first to the third, there are five competition rooms. These five competition rooms have stairs that lead up from there."

"There are one to five puppets in each room. You need to defeat them before you can climb the stairs!"

"And on the fourth floor and above, there are only two combat rooms. Each combat room has a puppet but they are stronger!"

"All of you, be careful. Don't think that no one is watching you! The palace masters, Elder Lan and many other seniors of the four palaces are watching your battle. You must not use weapons to cheat or the consequences will be severe."

"The time for the competition is four hours. Within these four hours, whoever enters the higher floors will be number one!"

Everyone nodded.

"Can we watch the battle here?" Murong Daren asked.


"Why? Last time, when they were outside, we could see them but this time, we can't?" Murong Daren complained.

Many people echoed him. They were waiting outside and didn't know what was going on inside.

"The Puppets inside are our secret, it's not convenient to let too many people see!" The old man said, "You can go in now!"

After bidding farewell to their instructors, the forty participating martial practitioners walked towards the main entrance of the Blue Spirit Profound Tower.

As soon as they entered, the door closed behind them.

Qin Yun was extremely alert the moment he entered. One reason was because he was afraid of being attacked by Ji Kailin and company and another reason was because he was worried about the puppet on the first level.

The moment he entered, he saw five doors, each about three meters wide and tall. They should be the five battle rooms.

There were two big men in blue armor guarding each door.

"No more than ten people can enter each battle room!" A large man said.

Ji Kailin and the other five saints seemed to have made their decision long ago as they walked towards a large door.

"Wait, when you go in, you need to draw lots! It is to decide upon which door you would enter!" A large man took out a box and placed it on the ground. "Line up and begin drawing lots!"

Hearing that, Ji Kailin coldly said, "Was it suddenly decided? How come we didn't know?"

"It's a sudden decision. If you don't follow, jump out that window!" The burly man's expression was also unsightly as he coldly replied.

Ji Kailin snorted in annoyance and could only go forward to draw lots.

Soon, everyone was ready.

Qin Yun entered room number 3, while Ji Kailin was in room number 1.

Qin Yun was secretly glad that no Blue Spirit Saint had entered the same sparring room as him.

There were two Saints who entered room two together. If they cooperated with each other, it was very likely that they would be able to reach a very high floor.

"You can go in now!" the big man shouted.

The participating martial artists also rushed into the stone rooms.

If they couldn't win, they would have no time to rest and could only jump out of the window.

Qin Yun and seven martial artists entered room number three at the same time.

There were five people sitting on the stairs of the competition room. Their expressions were stiff and their eyes were dull. They looked like wax statues but the energy coming from their bodies was very strong.

These were the Puppets. They had appearance of young man and looked very similar to a real person!

The Puppets saw someone approaching and immediately rushed over!

They could not use weapons, could not use talismans and could only fight with bare hands!

The puppet's entire body was covered in Royal Grade Bone Steel. As it came crashing down, a fist smashed down like a hammer on a cultivator's abdomen, breaking many ribs.

After that martial artist was hit, he painfully shouted out loud and fiercely rushed towards the open window of the competition room, jumping out to give up the match.

The sparring room was quite large. It was about twenty meters wide, allowing people to freely move their body to dodge or to fight.

Two martial artists, taking advantage of the five puppets' attack, charged towards the staircase and climbed up to the upper floor!

Qin Yun dodged one of the puppets and leaped up. He saw the two martial practitioners that ran over and was in no hurry to do so.

Even if they met a few puppeteers up there, they would only be able to jump out of the window and give up their lives.

Here, the easiest person was Qin Yun. He only needed to use the Flame Cloud Steps to easily dodge the puppet's attack.

The Puppets were very fast but in his eyes, it was nothing more than mediocre.

"It's a puppet, after all!" Qin Yun found the opportunity and rushed to the staircase to the second level.

When he arrived at the second floor, he immediately saw three puppets. There was a lot of blood scattered on the ground. It should have been left behind by the two martial artists that ran up, dripping all the way to the window.

As Qin Yun had expected, the two martial artists that had rushed up had abandoned their fight to jump out of the window.

The puppet on the second floor was very different from the ones on the first floor.

They did not attack immediately. Instead, two of them were guarding the stairs and the other one was walking slowly towards him.

"Is it an intelligent Puppet?" Qin Yun secretly guessed that there might be someone controlling these puppets.

Qin Yun looked at the puppet that was walking over. It was a young man wearing a black robe that was covered in dust. After coming over, it struck out with it's palm!

The puppet's attack speed was very fast and it also released inner qi!

"It's a battle technique. This puppet from the second level is indeed incredible. It is able to use a battle technique!" In his surprise, Qin Yun instantly flashed to the wall to dodge the sweeping force of the palm strike.

At the same time, a middle-aged Puppet sitting on the stairs suddenly flew over. It struck out with it's large palm that was like a giant axe, bursting out with purple thunder and lightning!


The middle-aged puppet missed Qin Yun and struck the wall, causing a loud rumble!

Qin Yun narrowly avoided the palm strike. If he was hit, he would definitely be severely injured.

The two puppets attacked him from both sides but Qin Yun no longer dodged!

He pushed out with his palms and unleashed Tsunami Technique, sending out several shockwaves that forced the two puppets back and forced them against the wall.

Then he quickly rushed to the stairs, where there was another Puppet!

The puppet was also very powerful. When it saw Qin Yun charging over, it abruptly stood up and struck out with it's fists. They were like a raging fire as they struck out with great ferocity.

When Qin Yun charged over, he had channeled his explosive force and condensed the Vajra inner strength!

When he saw the puppet attack, he shot it through the air, exploding his inner strength and sending it flying!


That puppet was sent flying and crashed into the stairs, making it difficult to get up for a moment!

Qin Yun walked over and with a heavy kick, he hurriedly climbed the stairs.

He had entered the third floor!

On the third floor, there were only two puppets. They were tall and fierce-looking.

As long as anyone entered the competition room, the window would immediately open.

The moment Qin Yun came up, he looked at the window. If he was not a match, there was a way out.

The two tall puppets did not attack Qin Yun. Instead, they stood by the staircase, waiting for Qin Yun to pass through.

At the highest level of the Blue Spirit Profound Tower, in a stone room, the Palace Masters of the four palaces, Lan Huayu and a few other elders looked at the large mirrors on the stone walls, allowing them to see the situation in each of the competition rooms.

"Qin Yun's strength is pretty good. He managed to rush to the third level in an instant. He hasn't attacked yet. Is he resting?" An old woman said. She was the Palace Master of the Eastern Palace.

"Ji Kailin is also very strong. He reached the third level much faster than Qin Yun and has begun to fight. Soon, he will enter the fourth level!"

"The strength of Blue Spirit Saints is not bad. Now, we have confirmed that Ji Kailin can reach the fourth level!"

Lan Huayu said, "I hope they don't damage the puppets. Otherwise, it'll be us who will be the ones to repair them!"

"Qin Yun has made his move!" An old man shouted.

Qin Yun observed for a moment before walking over. When he was more than three meters away from the two puppets, he punched out with both his fists. With a jolt, a blast of air surged out. It was Tsunami Technique.

The two puppets were so shocked that they couldn't even stand straight!

Qin Yun took advantage of the situation and struck out with his palms. The howling palm wind sounded like the roars of a thousand horses. It was the Ten-Thousand Horse Palm!

The mastery level of the Myriad Horse Palm, as well as the strength of a thousand horses, slammed into the two puppets, knocking them to the ground.

"It worked!" Qin Yun used Flame Cloud Steps and instantly charged to the fourth level.

On the fourth floor of the Blue Spirit Profound Tower, there were only two competition rooms, so the individual competition room was very large and it was dozens of meters wide but there was only one puppet here.

There were two flights of stairs that led to the fourth level. Only Qin Yun was the first to arrive at the fourth level.


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