Nine Sun God King
Chapter 322
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 322

When Ji Kailin came down, he quickly asked, "Instructor, what was the result? Is no one able to reach the fifth floor?"

He felt that no one would be able to reach the fifth floor if he couldn't.

At this moment, everyone could see that Ji Kailin's armor was damaged in many places. One could only imagine how strong the puppet on the fourth floor was.

"Qin Yun has reached the sixth level. However, this is unfair because he has used his powerful mental power to attack the puppet!" said Xiangyu zu

He looked angrily at Qin Yun with indignation and said, "He is not qualified to receive a prize!"

Yang Shiyue sneered and said: "Mental Energy is also a part of one's strength! Qin Yun only has one spirit vein. He has bitterly cultivated his mental power and made himself stronger, so why would he be deemed unqualified by you?"

"Qin Yun has not violated any rules. He has reached the sixth level with his own strength!" Protector Zhang took out a wooden box and handed it to Qin Yun. He said, "Qin Yun, this is your prize. There are Life Mark Crystal Jades inside!"

Qin Yun immediately went over and took it with a chuckle.

Ji Kailin was extremely jealous. He clenched his fists and whispered, "Other than me, are there others who have reached the fourth floor?"

"Yes, Huang Yukun! However, during his battle with Qin Yun, he had violated the rules and used a weapon. He was killed by Qin Yun!" Protector Zhang's words caused Ji Kailin's heart to skip a beat.

Huang Yukun, who had been with him for so many years, had actually been killed by Qin Yun!

It was clear that Qin Yun was stronger than Huang Yukun!

"This... Aren't you going to punish Qin Yun? He killed an outstanding saint like him!"

Ji Kailin pointed at Qin Yun and said angrily.

Lan Huayu laughed coldly: "Huang Yukun violated the rules first. Who can you complain about?"

A few of the old men from the Blue Spirit Saint Palace also knew that they were in the wrong. If this matter blew up and the master of the saint palace was alerted, they would be held accountable.

"Let's leave this matter at that! Tomorrow, Qin Yun and Ji Kailin will be competing in the final round of the martial arts competition at the Spiritual Martial Palace's fighting platform!"

Protector Zhang calmly said, "You are all tired. Go back quickly!"

The one feeling the most miserable was probably ancestor Yu!

Just now, many people had happily gone over to congratulate him, thinking that he had won a prize!

And he was so excited that he said he was having a dinner tonight. But now, without a prize, he felt lost, jealous and angry.

Of course, it was also very awkward.

"Teacher Yang, if you get the Body Restoration and Jade Muscle Fluid, you won't become old anymore." Qin Yun said with a chuckle, "Let's go back!"

Yang Shiyue nodded happily before returning to the little forest of Lan Huayu with Qin Yun, Lan Fengjin and company.

The corners of Xiao Yanglong's eyes twitched as he watched. Yang Shiyue was her fiancee and on the verge of a grand wedding, yet she had left Qin Yun for such a long time, talking and laughing.

From what he could remember, Yang Shiyue only sneered and mocked at him. She never had that kind of caring and gentle smile. Thinking of this, he almost roared out in anger.

Qin Yun was rather tired. Along the way, he had also mentioned the matter of his battle with Huang Yukun.

Hearing this, Yang Shiyue and Lan Fengjin were extremely angry.

Zhuo Chuan frowned and said, "Totem Extraction Pearl, this kind of thing is rare even in the Martial Desolate land. Your Blue Spirit Star Palace actually has it and it even has a few if them. How unexpected!"

"Back in the days when the Inscription Sect was at its peak, they refined this kind of thing, so we have always kept them. I didn't expect them to actually take it out! This bunch of fellows, take advantage of Grand Palace Master's closed door training and do whatever they want." Lan HuaYu snorted angrily.

"I still have a match tomorrow. I need to rest!" Qin Yun took out the Life Mark Crystal Jade and said, "How do I use it? Will I be able to use it tonight?"

Lan Huayu said, "It's too late. This thing will take at least two or three days to absorb. It's best if you not to try it, otherwise you won't be able to participate in tomorrow's martial arts match!"

Qin Yun kept the Life Mark Crystal Jade and hurried back to his wooden house.

He took off his light inscription equipment, washed his bruised body and laid down on the bed.

He closed his eyes and thought of the sweet smile on Yang ShiYue's face when she received the prize. He was secretly happy in his heart and then fell asleep!

(TL NOTE : this is why young women should not be teaching high school horny teen aged boys!!)

Qin Yun woke up before dawn and wore a set of white clothes made by Yang Shiyue.

After he walked out of his room, he saw Yang Shiyue and Lan Fengjin preparing delicious snacks on the stone table outside.

Even with Qin Yun's cultivation, eating snacks could not replenish his energy.

However, what Yang Shiyue did could give him some encouragement, especially now that they were going to compete in martial arts, which could calm his heart down.

"What are you doing up so early? Do you not want to sleep a little more?"

Yang Shiyue asked with a smile. She and Lan Fengjin were both wearing the golden-blue robe of the Saint Palace.

The two of them looked at each other with different styles and charms. The two different types of beauty made Qin Yun secretly compare them.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'm in high spirits now!"

Zhuo Chuan and Lan Huayu hadn't been inside the wooden house for the entire night, they were discussing the knowledge of the dao of inscriptions. They hadn't slept for the entire night.

They hurriedly returned and ate the breakfast with Qin Yun.

Even Lan Huayu was a bit curious about the rewards of the final martial arts competition.

Many people came to the Spiritual Martial Palace.

In the previous competitions, many of the disciples of the Star Palace did not come to watch.

But now, it was the final battle between Ji Kailin and Qin Yun!

Ji Kailin possessed the legendary Thunder Qilin martial spirit, seven spirit veins!

In the Saint Palace, he was the strongest Saint under the Martial Dao Realm, on par with Xiao Yuelan.

Qin Yun possessed the Heavenly Lion Totem and the Golden-purple Lightning Fire Martial Spirit. He was number one in the inscription tournament.

At the same time, he was also a young Inscription Master with exceptional talent. His level of inscriptions far surpassed that of many other old Inscriptionists.

There was not much of a difference in age between Ji Kailin and Qin Yun. Ji Kailin was only a year or two older than Qin Yun. However, their talents were all about the same.

As for who was stronger and who was weaker, in these past few days, many people had started an argument about who was stronger.

Some people believed that Qin Yun was stronger than Ji Kailin, while some people believed that Ji Kailin's strength far exceeded Qin Yun's.

A few thought that they would have a draw.

Before the match had even begun, many people were already fuming from the arguments.

It had to be known that after a few rounds of sparring, many young cultivators had a good impression of Qin Yun.

Especially Qin Yun's unyielding pride and determination had infected many people.

In comparison, Ji Kailin's arrogance and overbearing attitude made many feel disgust.

Ji Kailin was the first to arrive. He wore a luxurious set of blue clothes and with both hands behind his back, he arrogantly stood on the battling platform.

His eyes were filled with haughtiness as he looked coldly at the people beneath the stage.

The battling platform was constructed overnight. It was circular and a hundred meters wide. It was surrounded by seventy-two formation pillars that were engraved with spirit marks.

The formation pillar was three meters tall and it was a transparent crystal.

He didn't know what kind of material was used to refine it but it was used to protect the battling platform from the powerful force that would come out during a fierce battle.

When Qin Yun arrived, he hurriedly went up onto the stage and stood about twenty meters away from Ji Kailin, staring at him.

The match was about to start and the entire audience immediately quieted down.

Many people's hearts were boiling with hot blood! They were looking forward to the upcoming battle!

The person in charge was Protector Zhang from the Blue Spirit Saint Palace. He stood on top of a formation pillar and said, "During the martial arts competition, you cannot use light inscription equipment. As for weapons, you can use them!"

To be able to wield a weapon, the crowd was perplexed.

For this kind of martial arts competition, not using weapons was the fairest!

Qin Yun felt that it was nothing. Although his Giant King Spirit Hammer was not a Royal Grade spirit artifact, it was still not bad.

"However, weapons can only be provided by us!"

"In order to increase the suspense for this match. We have a special rule! All you need to do is to retreat to the side of the battling platform and I will place a Xuan Artifact here! "

"You guys run over as fast as you can. Whoever can snatch the Xuan Artifact will be able to use it in the fight."

"Those who can't snatch the Xuan Artifact can't use any other weapon!"

This meant that whoever seized the Xuan Artifact would win without a doubt!

This was a battle of speed, not force at all!

Lan Huayu frowned and said, "This seems a bit excessive. It's better that no one uses their weapon. Let them compete directly!"

Zhuo Chuan nodded: "That's right, the one who has seized the Xuan Artifact will definitely win!"

Even though they had said that, many people wanted to see who would be the one to snatch the Xuan Artifact.

How would those who failed to snatch the Xuan Artifact lose?

Protector Zhang smiled. "Everyone thinks it's interesting, right? The winner would be rewarded with a bottle of Sun Blaze Elixir! This is a Xuan level medicinal liquid that can strengthen Dao Cores after stepping into the Martial Dao Realm!"

This reward could be said to be extremely precious!

Even many of the Martial Dao Realm cultivators revealed an expression of extreme yearning.

Xie Wufeng frowned, "This reward is indeed very generous! However, the matter of seizing the Xuan Artifact is extremely inappropriate!"

"The rules were set by the elders behind Ji Kailin. They were definitely set on Ji Kailin's side. It seems that they want Ji Kailin to win and take out the Sun Blaze Liquid as a reward!"

"That grandson, Ji Kailin, must be up to no good again!"

Protector Zhang took out the Xuan Artifact. It was a dark blue sword and lightning threads would occasionally appear on it's surface. It was obvious that it was a thunder attributed Xuan Artifact.

"Thunder Pulse Sword!" Lan Fengjin yelled in shock, "That is the third ranked Xuan Artifact in the Saint Palace!"

The disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace looked over with envy as they heard the commotion.

The palace masters of the four palaces had Xuan artifacts but none of them were in the top ten.

The top ten Xuan Artifacts of the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace were within the Blue Spirit Saint Palace.

Many Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples were very clear about the fame of Thunder Pulse Sword. That was the Xuan weapon of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace's Protector Lei!

"After the death of Protector Lei, his Xuan artifact was always idle! Now that you have taken it out, is it to choose a new master for the Thunder Pulse Sword?"

"Qin Yun possesses the martial spirit of the Purple Gold Thunder Fire, Ji Kailin possesses the martial spirit of the Thunder Kilin. They are all disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace, so they can all use this Thunder Pulse Sword!"

"Hmph, Qin Yun is a disciple of the Western Palace while Ji Kailin is a saint. Their positions are too far apart. Only Ji Kailin is qualified!"

"Qin Yun is a high-ranked Inscription Master at such a young age. His strength surpasses other high-ranked Inscription Masters and other seniors. Even if he couldn't get the Thunder Pulse Sword, he could refine Xuan Artifacts for himself in the future! Qin Yun has doesn't even need the Thunder Pulse Sword!"

As many people were in an argument, Protector Zhang stabbed the sword into the middle of the dueling platform. Qin Yun and Ji Kailin walked to the edge of the dueling platform and waited to snatch it away!


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