Nine Sun God King
Chapter 328
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 328

Mo Mo was very tired as she lay on top of a magical beast crystal egg and fell asleep.

Qin Yun still had two magical beast crystal eggs with him, enough for her to eat for a period of time.

"When I use my totem martial arts, my evolved totem can release even more power!"

After putting Mo Mo into his storage space, Qin Yun closed his eyes and felt the evolved totem carefully.

Only the Heavenly Lion Totem had the ability to evolve!

As for the Dragon Tiger totem and the Tree totem, he had not yet been used to them too much and were still in a relatively young state.

"My strength should increase by a lot!"

Immersed in the evolution of the Heavenly Lion Totem, not long after, he suddenly realized something.

"Heavenly Lion's Lightning Force? A use of energy?"

Many chants appeared in Qin Yun's mind. He immediately followed the instructions written above and circulated his inner force.

As the inner strength flowed through the flesh and blood, the Heavenly Lion's blood boiled, condensing an ancient beast's power. It was extremely terrifying!

Qin Yun controlled the beast energy and poured it into the arm of the Heavenly Lion. Immediately, his arm swelled up as the lightning energy fused with the totem tattoo to become even more violent.

"Very, very terrifying! This is a martial art that can stimulate the power of the Heavenly Lion bloodline!"

He hastily withdrew the energy. If he were to release it, it would be extremely possible to empty the internal energy of the Purple Thunder inner core. Moreover, the power would be extremely terrifying.

After that, he went to familiarize himself with the tree totem.

As long as he could absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy into his body quickly, the tree totem would be able to unleash a very powerful life force. It could quickly heal the body, just like a light inscription equipment had the effect of healing injuries.

In the evening, Qin Yun walked out of the wooden hut!

He gazed at the sunset and sighed softly.

Tomorrow was the grand wedding of Xiao Yanglong and Yang Shiyue and it would be held in the Western Palace's plaza!

"Master, someone is looking for you! It's the Cannon King, Old Tan!"

When Lan Fengjin saw Qin Yun come out, she hurriedly walked over and said, "He also brought a little old man with him!"

Qin Yun was delighted and hurriedly followed Lan Fengjin to another hut.

Old Tan and Wu Yi came and were very happy to see Qin Yun.

Wu Xiang was a Witch Doctor. It was his medicinal liquid that helped Qin Yun's cultivation increase significantly. Although he had not successfully stepped into the martial dao realm, Qin Yun felt that it was quite good.

One had to know, he needed three times as much time to evolve into a Dao core as others or maybe even more.

And now, he was not far from the Martial Dao Realm.

In the past two days, he had absorbed the power of the Life Mark Crystal Jade and the life scars on the surface of the three cores were becoming more and more obvious.

It seemed as if he could break out from the inner wall of the inner core at any time and come to the surface completely.

"Elder Wu, Old Tan! Why are you guys here?" When Qin Yun entered, he asked with a smile.

"Ah Yun, you're really amazing!" Wu Xiang chuckled and said, "It's such a pity that I didn't see you get rid of those bastards!"

Lan Fengjin also left the wooden house and didn't disturb their conversation.

Old Tan laughed, "We already knew that Xiao Yanglong and Yang Shiyue's wedding was going to happen, so we rushed over to take a look at you!"

Wu Xiang said in a low voice: "We heard that Yang Shiyue is your teacher and she doesn't want to marry Xiao Yanglong. What are your next plans?"

"I want to challenge Xiao Yanglong before I pay my respects!" Qin Yun straightened his face and said.

Old Tan stopped smiling and said seriously: "But you only have the cultivation of the ninth level Martial Body realm! Are you sure?"

"Even if I don't have the confidence, I still want to try!" Qin Yun sighed. "If anything happens to me, I hope that the two of you can help my teacher through this ordeal!"

Wu Xian said: "Brat, Xiao YangLong must have used some method to force Yang ShiYue to marry him! Tonight, I will go and investigate this matter!"

"Elder Wu, this is the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Don't act recklessly!" Qin Yun said hurriedly.

Wu Xiang laughed. "What are you afraid of? I have a lot of tricks up my sleeves!"

"In order for Xiao Yanglong to successfully become sworn with Yang Shiyue, he definitely prepared his wager!"

"I've understood it before. Around seven or eight years ago, the Yang family agreed to the engagement between Yang Shiyue and Xiao Yanglong!"

"Now, those guys from the Yang family are here, I can ask them about it when I go to look for them!"

Old Tan said, "Ah Yun, don't worry about Elder Wu! He has many different kinds of medicine, what could he get others to say... Of course, these things are all forbidden drugs. It's fine as long as you and I know."

The corners of Qin Yun's eyes twitched as he persuaded, "Elder Wu, this is Blue Spirit Star Palace. It's very dangerous for you to use Forbidden Medicine here."

"You are a friend to me, don't be so informal!" Wu Yi knew of Qin Yun's terrifying innate talent in inscriptions.

In the future, he wanted to continue using the Life Spirit Talisman, so he had to help Qin Yun.

"Well, then, be careful!" Qin Yun said.

"We were invited by Xiao Yanglong to live in the Western Palace! The Yang family must be in the West Palace. I will go back now and check out their residences!" Wu Xian snickered, then left with Old Tan.

Qin Yun was surprised to see them off. He never expected that Xiao Yanglong would invite so many people.

"I wonder if royal father knows about this matter. He should be at the Beastman Mountain Range by now!" Qin Yun also understood the situation over there. The Beastmen had attacked many cities in a very rampant manner.

As the emperor, Qin Long was very strong, so naturally he had to personally go to battle. He had to kill the strong beastmen and reduce the pressure on the generals.

"Sister Lan, how's Sister FeiLing's progress?" Qin Yun asked. He had previously entrusted Lan Fengjin with asking her to help Meng FeiLing fight for an opportunity to enter the Beast Martial Palace.

"It's done. After some time, I'll personally go and bring her to Blue Spirit Star Palace to undergo the Beast Martial Palace's assessment!"

Lan Fengjin looked in the direction Wu Xiang and his group left in and asked in a low voice, "Master, that little old man is very strong! He seems to be very familiar with you!"

"Mm, he's very powerful! He could concoct medicinal liquids that could help step into the Martial Dao Realm! Old Tan was already at the ninth level Martial Body realm, you should know that as well! He soaked himself in the medicinal liquid and entered the martial Dao Realm!

Qin Yun said, "The reason why I entered the first town was to look for Elder Wu! He gave me a lot of liquid medicine to soak in but because I had so many inner core, I didn't break through! However, it improved me a lot."

Lan Fengjin nodded, "Master, you should get a good rest tonight! Tomorrow is very important, everything depends on you!"

"En!" Qin Yun looked at the sky and saw that it was already dark. He also returned to his wooden house.

Late at night, Qin Yun could not sleep. He lay by the window and looked at the half moon in the sky. He could not help but think of Yang ShiYue's terrifying purple-gold full moon.

He felt that if he released his Nether Sun Martial Spirit, it would also be a terrifying thing.

However, he still couldn't control the Nether Sun Martial Spirit!

When Yang Shi Yue was at the ninth level Martial Body Realm, she could control the Moon Martial Spirit to release a very strong and terrifying power.

"Sigh, the Nether Sun Martial Spirit is too strange. It's as if it doesn't exist. Even Lan Chen couldn't detect it!" Qin Yun was very sure that Lan Chen did not discover his Nether Sun Martial Spirit.

While he was in a daze, he suddenly saw a shadow leap over.

"Hey, it's me!" Wu Xiang chuckled.

"Elder Wu!" Qin Yun exclaimed softly.

Wu Xiang jumped in through the window and say, "I've reaped a lot from the Western Palace!"

"How much?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"Those people from the Yang family have brought a half-dead person! This person was soaking in a huge vat! His body has suffered a heavy injury, so he needs a special solution to sustain his life!"

Wu Xiang said, "I think this person might be the head of the Yang family."

"Then he is Teacher Yang's father?" Qin Yun was alarmed as he said, "Teacher's father is heavily injured and requires special medicinal liquids in order to survive. Could it be that this is the reason why she had to marry Xiao Yanglong?"

"Those special medicinal liquids should have been provided by Xiao Yanglong!" Wu Xiang let out a cold snort, "I've already extracted some samples from that huge vat. I'll go back and study them and see if I can reproduce them!"

"If it's possible, Teacher Yang need not be coerced by Xiao Yanglong!" Qin Yun said happily.

"I'll start my research tonight. It might take some time, so I'll confirm it as soon as possible!" Wu Xiang said.

Qin Yun nodded and said, "Alright! Elder Wu, it's been hard on you!"

"It's nothing!" Wu Xiang smiled and jumped out of the window.

Qin Yun had learned of Yang ShiYue's father's situation from Wu Xiang's investigation.

He also understood her difficult situation. He had already guessed the gist of it.

At dawn, Lan Fengjin was outside Qin Yun's room.

Qin Yun wore a set of blue clothes that were also from Blue Spirit Star Palace. They looked very, very handsome.

"Master, you are still not in the Martial Dao Realm, is there really no problem?" Lan Fengjin asked worriedly when she saw how confident Qin Yun was.

"Don't worry, it won't be a problem!" Qin Yun smiled confidently before heading towards the western palace.

The main gate of the Blue Spirit West Palace was decorated with lanterns and decorations, exuding a festive atmosphere.

Xiao Yanglong's wedding was very grand.

Upon entering the West Palace, he saw a spacious plaza.

In the middle of the square was a large battling platform, covered with a red carpet. Xiao Yanglong and Yang Shiyue would be paying their respects up there.

This was also to allow more people to see them going to marry, so they could move outside.

All around the battling platform, there were tables filled with wine. There were over a thousand tables and there were already many people seated.

The entire Western Palace Plaza was filled with excitement, waiting for Xiao Yanglong and Yang Shiyue to come up on stage.

Qin Yun's arrival caused a stir!

A few days ago, Qin Yun had defeated Ji Kailin and displayed his twin martial spirits. His astounding talent had caused many people to have heated discussions about him.

Everyone knew that Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue had a good relationship.

And because Yang Shiyue didn't want to marry Xiao Yanglong, she was forced to do so due to helplessness. The marriage had been arranged by her family and she had no choice but to marry him.

Now, there was a high chance that there would be a conflict with Qin Yun's appearance.

After all, he had challenged Xiao Yanglong before.

There were still a few months until the arranged battle. However, Xiao Yanglong had also said that as long as he was in Blue Spirit West Palace, Qin Yun could challenge him, the chief disciple, at any time!


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