Nine Sun God King
Chapter 338
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 338

Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly as he looked at the burly man beneath him. His heart was filled with rage!

The female disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace couldn't help but close their eyes when they saw their own sisters being beaten up and being ruthlessly humiliated.

"Uncle, quickly leave. The people of the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect are vicious. They will retaliate against you!"

When the woman on the battling platform saw Qin Yun's face filled with anger and worried that Qin Yun would act impulsively, she hurriedly tried to persuade him.

The group of women also tried to persuade Qin Yun to leave as soon as possible to avoid the jealousy of the people from the Dragon Fist Sect.

"Uncle, I concede my fate! You stood up for me, i am already satisfied!" when the woman saw that Qin Yun was indifferent, she shouted again.

Her skirt was torn, revealing a pair of bruised thighs.

The woman gritted her teeth and cried.

As for that wretched middle-aged man, he bared his teeth and grinned sinisterly; he was incomparably ugly.

The incense stick that was stuck in the bottom of the battling platform had only burned half of it. Only after burning it would the great formation automatically close.

"Big brother, you should hurry up and leave! Do not clash with the people from the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect!"

"Big brother, the disciples of our Violet Spirit Star Palace will be very grateful to you! We are grateful to you for having such a heart!"

After all, no one could save the woman. If Qin Yun were to clash with the Dragon Fist Sect again, it would not be worth it.

"Hahaha, little girl, I will let you die comfortably!" The vile brute laughed maniacally.

Those male disciples also opened their eyes wide, looking on in incomparable anticipation while constantly shouting.

"Big guy, hurry up and get on top of her! Don't dilly-dally! "

"Those perverts from the Violet Spirit Star Palace are so arrogant. We must kill them!"

The group of people below jeered.

The old man floating in the air also smiled and stroked his beard.

Suddenly, the ground shook!

Everyone suddenly cried out!

Qin Yun, who had been gathering his strength, took a deep breath as the black smoke from his body surged!

The vibration martial spirit in his body roared with rage and an invisible vibrating power shook the earth, releasing it's anger!


Qin Yun charged down from the sky as the Heavenly Lion arm shot out a bolt of purple gold lightning. The angry lion roared and screamed as the sonic wave roared into the sky, creating a storm!


Qin Yun's fist burst out with a purplish-golden lightning flame. It transformed into a gigantic and mighty purplish-golden lion head. It was filled with power as it charged into an array pillar!


The top of the pillar was shattered by Qin Yun's Raging Lion punch!

The resulting shockwave from the collision caused bloody holes to appear all over the bodies of the nearby disciples from the Dragon Fist Sect.

These disciples, in order to see the big, wretched man humiliating the purple-clothed woman, all gathered together and chased the disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace to the back.

And now, they had also been struck by Qin Yun's Schockwave storm. They had all been severely injured!

The battle stage's array formation had been broken!

And it was broken so easily!

Qin Yun stood on the martial stage and looked at the wretched burly man. He said coldly, "Your existence has insulted the martial way! I am fortunate enough to be a fighter but I will not allow scum like you to shame the martial arts spirit. I will not allow you to step on the martial arts path! You can die now!"

When he said that, Qin Yun punched out with his Flame Light Fist. A blazing fiery light that was filled with the power of justice struck the wretched man's body and burned him to ashes!

"You!! Who are you? How dare you!! How dare you interfere in this kind of competition!"

The old man from the Dragon Fist Sect, who was hovering in the air, was also stunned. After being shocked, he roared in anger.

The 10,000 over people around the battling platform were also fiercely sucking in cold air!

There really was someone that could break open that solid great formation and kill all of the martial artists on it!

Qin Yun took off his black robe and covered the injured woman's body. He said softly, "My robe has high-grade light inscriptions that will allow you to recover quickly!"

Soon after, Lan Fengjin also flew over, protecting that woman!

When the female disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace saw Qin Yun's broad and firm back, they could not help but feel a sense of worship. They were excited and exhilarated but they were more worried!

They were worried that the hero on the battling platform would be punished!

"Uncle... Thank you!" The female disciple who was saved said emotionally with tears in her eyes.

Qin Yun looked at her and smiled. "Don't call me Uncle. I'm only 18 years old! Younger than you!"


Below the martial stage, an uproar broke out. Such a formidable figure was actually only eighteen years old!

This caused the eyes of many female disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace to shine with stars as a strong sense of admiration rose within them!

"You... answer me, who exactly are you?" The elder was ignored by Qin Yun and was enraged.

At this time, the other sects' martial dao practitioners also surrounded him.

Qin Yun said indifferently, "A villain like you is not worthy of knowing my name! If I let you know my name, I would feel insulted! Hurry up and fuck off, I feel like my eyes are stinging just by looking at you once more!"

"Brat, you're courting death!"

That old man was instantly enraged. He fiercely threw a punch at him and the fierce power of the Great Dao was like a dragon's roar as it was thrown out.

The most powerful aspect of the Dragon Fist Sect was the Dragon Fist Skill!

The punch was very fast but it was very slow in Qin Yun's eyes.

"You're the one who is courting death!"

Qin Yun snorted in disdain as he punched out with his fist. Immediately, the power of the Great Dao erupted, shattering the entire dueling platform.

Qin Yun's fist rumbled as it mixed the thick internal energy with the power of the Great Dao. It gathered and erupted!

In addition, when paired with a totem martial art like the Heavenly Lion Lightning Force, its power was extremely terrifying!

The elder never expected Qin Yun to clash with him in a fist fight!


The dragon fist and lion fist collided and the dragon and lion roared!

The two forces of the Great Dao caused the large plaza to shatter and the frightening aftershocks even brought up gusts of wind.


The old man cried out miserably. The arm he used to punch had been shattered shoulder to shoulder and his upper body was covered in blood.

An old man of the Martial Dao Realm was actually defeated by a single punch from an eighteen year old youth!

"Forget it, you're actually courting death, then I'll tell you my name! This way, when you meet Hades, you can also tell him who killed you! Let him not have to thank me!"

"Listen up. My name is Qin Yun. I'm the sect master of the Blue Spirit Star Palace's Inscription Sect!"

Qin Yun emitted a strong killing intent and with two steps, he walked over. Using his hand as a blade, he used the six style Wind Slayer. He hacked the elder into pieces of purple fire!

The senior of the Martial Dao Realm was dead!

In the calm and quiet square, everyone was shocked!

The few elderly supervisors from the martial arts competition were also alarmed as they looked at Qin Yun in horror.

They didn't dare to go over!

And at this moment, they knew who the person who had suddenly appeared was. It was the infamous Qin Yun from Blue Spirit Star Palace!

Qin Yun had mastered the art of soul refining. He was a high-level inscription master and had entered the martial dao realm before the age of twenty. Furthermore, he had two martial spirits, two dao cores and two totems!

Regardless of which aspect it was, he was a rare genius even in the Martial Desolate Realm, not to mention the fact that all of them were on him!

"Blue Spirit Star Palace is merged into the Violet Spirit Star Palace! Even if you are the Sect Leader of the inscription Gate, you are still a part of the Violet Spirit Star Palace. You broke our four sects' agreement to battle! How are you going to take responsibility? "

An old woman from the Floating Spirit Valley took a deep breath and asked loudly.

Qin Yun laughed and said, "Responsible? I am a part of the Violet Spirit Star Palace, I naturally have to take responsibility for the disciples of my sect! I can't just watch as a disciple of my Violet Spirit Star Palace is humiliated in public!"

"To save her is to be responsible! It is also responsible for killing the person who insulted her!"

"Scram back to your Sect Leader! Our Violet Spirit Star Palace disdains cooperating with a motley crowd like you. There's no need for a martial competition!"

"Even if we get the leadership, we will still give up. We don't want to lead you bunch of animals that are inferior to us!"

When the disciples and seniors of the Wind Spirit Sect, Floating Spirit Valley and Dragon Fist Sect heard Qin Yun's words, their anger surged.

However, they did not dare to breathe!

In the Martial Desolate, they knew very well how terrifying a totem warrior who had stepped into the Martial Dao was!

Not to mention a martial artist with two martial spirits!

The disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect were both the most heavily injured and the most insulted but they deserved it!

At this moment, a voice came from far away.

"All of you can go back now! If you have any dissatisfaction, then please have your Sect Leader come here to discuss it with me! I, Zi Qingcheng, will definitely give them a satisfactory answer!"

The voice that suddenly rang out was ethereal and agile. Within its gentleness was a hint of power that no one dared to resist.

Zi Qingcheng was none other than the palace master of Violet Spirit Star Palace!

"Palace Head Zi Qingcheng, we will report this matter to the Sect Leader truthfully!" An elder snorted coldly and left with his injured disciple.

The disciples of those sects were quickly leaving. There were quite a few who were running!

That was because Qin Yun's domineering killing intent was truly terrifying!

Only the female disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace remained. They could not help but discuss in whispers as they looked at the extraordinary and elegant Qin Yun.

"He is Xiao Yuelan's husband! As expected, he is not simple!"

"Truly a dragon amongst men, full of righteousness and good looks!"

"I heard that in order to save Yang Shiyue, he fought in an earth-shattering battle!"

"Such a genius was actually born in a remote region with scarce resources. This is unbelievable!"

There were a few female disciples who came closer in order to see Qin Yun's appearance clearly.

When Qin Yun saw them coming over, he smiled. "Don't call me Uncle in the future. You are calling me old!"

This caused the other female disciples to burst out in laughter. Many of the female disciples also went to pay their respects to the injured female disciple.

Lan Fengjin said in a low voice, "There's nothing wrong with her."

"Thank you, big brother... sect Leader Qin!" The woman returned the black robe back to Qin Yun with a flushed face.

After putting on the cloak, Qin Yun looked at the nearby Palace Master Ling.

Before Palace Chief Ling had brought Qin Yun here, she had never expected that Qin Yun would actually be able to kill a Martial Dao Realm cultivator!

"Qin Yun, come to Qingcheng Pavilion. I want to talk to you!" Zi Qingcheng's voice suddenly rang out again.

The female disciples instantly exclaimed.

"Qingcheng Pavilion is the palace master's most private place, men are never allowed to enter!"

"Palace Master has made an exception to allow Sect Master Qin to enter. How rare!"

"I heard that even special envoys from the Xuan sect are not allowed to enter the Qingcheng Pavilion!"


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