Nine Sun God King
Chapter 344
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 344

Shui YiHui had been saved by Qin Yun but his injuries were extremely serious. Furthermore, without the support of a Dao core, he was extremely weak.

Even if he recovers from his injuries, he will quickly die of old age.

By cultivating the Dao core and condensing the power of the Great Dao, one's lifespan would increase.

If one was a powerful character, they could use the power of the great Dao in combination with medicinal pills to perpetuate their youth. For example, this was true for Zi Qingcheng.

Having lost his Dao core, the wrinkles on Shui YiHui's face gradually increased and were filled with an aura of death!

After passing through the trial road, Qin Yun came to the hall and placed Shui YiHui on the ground.

Then, he used the tree totem to condense a strange life force and injected it into Shui YiHui's body.

The unconscious Shui YiHui gradually regained some of his consciousness and half opened his eyes.

He looked around and said with some excitement, "Is this the inner part of the Inscription Gate?"

Qin Yun smiled. "Yes, although this place is rather simple and crude, it's defense is very strong!"

"Before I die, I am satisfied with meeting the true Holy Land of our Blue Spirit Star Palace!" Shui YiHui revealed a satisfied smile. He seemed to have already seen the difference between life and death.

Lan Fengjin also rushed out of a secret room. After she asked Qin Yun about the situation outside, she was extremely infuriated.

"Qin Yun, don't waste your energy on me!" Shui YiHui's voice was low and weak.

"NO! I must treat you! " Qin Yun said very seriously.

If not for Shui Yihui's sudden appearance and him exploding his own dao core to save Qin Yun, Qin Yun would not have had a chance to escape!

Shui YiHui was his savior!

"I don't have Dao core any more, even if I am saved, I won't be able to live for many years!" Shui YiHui smiled faintly. "You must promise me that in the future, you will definitely expand the inscriptions of the Inscription sect."

"Of course!" Qin Yun hurriedly nodded and continued sending his inner force to Shui YiHui.

Suddenly, the Dragon Fist Sect Leader's shout came from outside. "Qin Yun, you useless trash. Hurry up and come out!"

"You won't be able to hide in there for long! If nothing unexpected happens, Violet Spirit Star Palace will be breached by us. Once I capture your wife Xiao Yuelan, you will fall into my hands as well, hahaha!!"

The Dragon Fist Sect Leader only knew that the Violet Spirit Star Palace had two less warriors of the Spirit realm.

He did not know that the two warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm had escorted Yang Shiyue and Xiao Yuelan to the Martial Desolate land.

"These guys, I'll definitely let them die!" Qin Yun was extremely infuriated. He grabbed the jade pendant tightly and closed his eyes to sense the information inside.

This jade pendant could control the entire formation of the Mysterious Silver Mountains.

There were already many powerful formations inside the Mysterious Silver Mountain. Only those who had obtained the jade pendant were able to control them.

"Sister Lan, take care of Elder Shui. I'll rest first, then I'll go out and kill those guys!"

Qin Yun sat in the middle of the hall and controlled the array formations on the Mysterious Silver Mountain. He gathered the nine suns' spiritual energy for them to absorb.

The nine suns spiritual energy in the hall suddenly became extremely dense and multi-colored. One could see it with the naked eye, as though it was a cloud!

Shui Yihui and Lan Fengjin were both very excited when they saw this level of Nine Yang Energy!

"Teacher, isn't the Mysterious Silver Mountain a lot of powerful formations? It can attack outside?" Lan Fengjin quickly asked.

"Yes! I'll wait and try! Even if we can't kill those bastards, we have to let them know what is called pain!" Qin Yun said coldly.

The Dragon Fist Sect had acted alone and hadn't allied with any other sects. This showed that they were well-prepared to annex the Violet Spirit Star Palace and take down the Blue Spirit Star Palace!

The Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect wasn't the strongest in the sect.

Those elders were the strongest in the Spirit Martial Realm. They had all gone to attack the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

There were also a few doyens guarding the palace. If they were to fight, the commotion would definitely not be small!

"Qin Yun, I do not only want your wife. I also want to go to that Tian Qin Empire of yours and kill everyone in the cities there. I want to use their corpses to feed to the magical beasts!"

"When that time comes, I will definitely capture your father and hang him here to die, haha …" The Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect laughed.

Qin Yun was infuriated once again. The veins on his forehead were popping out from his rage!

Shui YiHui cursed, "These animals, they've come to this border region and are doing whatever they want!"

"They were just a bunch of people who had been abandoned by a Xuan sect, that's why they were sent here!"

The Spirit grade sects, such as the Violet Spirit Star Palace and the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect, were arranged to the outskirts.

The Xuan sect behind them didn't need to provide any more resources to these spirit rank sects. It was the same as losing their power.

"They really think that they are the kings of the mountains after coming here. Just you wait!"

Qin Yun was incensed as he sat in the middle of the lobby with an array in the middle of him. He was activating the array in the Mysterious Silver Mountain.

In the skies above the Blue Spirit Star Palace that had been reduced to ruins, the thick clouds suddenly dispersed and a violent sunlight shined down, enveloping the ruins.

Under the rays of the sun, the mountain glowed with gold and silver light as it frantically absorbed the spirit energy contained within the nine suns!

The ground suddenly shook!

No one knew what was going on with the people at the bottom of the Mysterious Silver Mountain.

"Is this place going to collapse?"

"Maybe the explosion of those old fogeys' self-detonating of their Dao cores just now caused a huge quake!"

The Dragon Fist Sect's headmaster said, "Everyone, there is no need to panic. We cannot leave this place right now. If Qin Yun is allowed to escape, we will have come for nothing!"

Just as he finished speaking, he sensed a strong flow of energy flowing beneath the ground.

"There's something down there!" Someone shouted, "Quickly float in the air!"

They had just discovered something and the ground began to crack!

Suddenly, one large rock arm after another extended out and grabbed onto the legs of many people!

The Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect was shocked. He then took out a shiny golden blade and hacked at the rock arm beneath his feet!


The broadsword landed on the hard stone arm but was unable to cut it off. Furthermore, it caused a strong wave of energy to ripple outwards!

"This is a killing formation!!" The Dragon Fist Sect Master loudly roared. Just as he finished speaking, strands of electricity surged out from an arm and poured into his body, causing him to loudly howl in pain.

This was the killing formation that Qin Yun had activated, called the Great Thunderclaw. It had been set up using Star inscriptions!

The hundreds of people in the Dragon Fist Sect had their lower halves grabbed by the giant thunder claw and struck their bodies with the lightning that was continuously released.

At this moment, they were all looking at the peak of the Mysterious Silver Mountain!

He discovered that he was shrouded in multicolored light. The nine suns spirit energy turned into a mist, enveloping the mountain peak and transmitting energy to the Mysterious Silver Mountain. It was a killing array!

"This...this is the great formation of the Inscription Gate!"

The Dragon Fist Sect Master painfully shouted out. The power of thunder and lightning continued to pour into his body from all directions. He was being electrocuted to the point of being incomparably painful.

At this time, they couldn't mobilize their powerful strength at all!

They all knew that the killing array of the Inscription Gate was extremely terrifying!

However, he never expected that it would be activated by Qin Yun!

Just as they were panicking, they saw a person suddenly descend from the mountaintop. It was Qin Yun!

Qin Yun was dressed in white but there was a black aura surrounding him!

"You bunch of bastards have been courting death time and time again! Since you all want to die so badly, I shall send you all off!"

Qin Yun's cold voice was filled with endless killing intent, as though it came from hell.

The Dragon Fist Sect Master was shocked to the core. At this time, they were trapped within the killing array, unable to retaliate at all. This meant that they were about to be killed!

"Qin Yun, if there's anything you need to discuss, you can negotiate it. There's no need to fight to the death! I am the Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect. I can promise you that I will incorporate the sect into your Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

When the Dragon Fist Sect Master saw the murderous aura coming from Qin Yun, his heart immediately turned cold. He hurriedly said.

Qin Yun snorted coldly and slapped Dragon Fist Sect Master's face. "Cut the crap! You said that you wanted to capture my wife and destroy my Tian Qin Empire."

The disciples here were all very outstanding disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect.

They were filled with incomparable respect for their own headmaster. However, at this moment, the headmaster that they worshipped was actually slapped!

Bang bang bang bang!

Qin Yun used the Thousand Horse Palm and struck the Dragon Fist Sect Master crazily, causing him to constantly scream in anger.

The disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect were all dumbfounded!

This was the headmaster that they thought to be a lofty existence, yet he was being beaten like this!

The Dragon Fist Sect Leader was filled with humiliation. He was at the Spirit realm. If he had not been trapped by the array, he could have killed Qin Yun with a palm strike!

He, who had been humiliated to the extreme, was also extremely terrified!

It was because it was not easy for him to train to the Spirit realm. As long as his luck was not bad and he had a bit of peace, he could live a long time.

In a sect, if one person was above ten thousand people, their life could be very carefree!

But now, he was most likely going to be killed by a young man who had just stepped into the Martial Dao Realm!

"You think that you, scum, can obtain the legacy of the Inscription Gate? Dream on!" Qin Yun sneered as he pressed his palm against the Dragon Fist Sect Leader's abdomen.


The Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect let out a miserable scream. The scream pierced through the sky and was extremely tragic!

The disciples only saw a large hole being torn open in their Sect Leader's abdomen. A white-gold pearl was being slowly sucked out by Qin Yun!

It was the Dao core!

Furthermore, there were nine Life Marks on it. All nine Life Marks were squirming!

The Dao Cores of the Spirit Martial Realm were actually like this!

Qin Yun looked curiously at the Dao Core in surprise!

There were nine stages of the Martial Dao Realm and each stage required a life mark to be formed.

The process was extremely difficult and very long. When the nine life marks were formed and they are trained to the Spirit Formation, the life marks could be evolved to the Spirit realm!

The Dragon Fist Sect Master screamed out in despair. This dao core was his thousand year cultivation, yet it had been taken out just like that!

"Qin Yun, you demon!"

"If you hadn't come looking for trouble with me, you would have definitely been fine. You can't blame me for this!"

Qin Yun sneered before looking at the other two elders of the Spirit Martial Realm.

The two elders could not help but shudder when they met Qin Yun's sharp gaze.

They wanted to resist but they were grabbed by the stone claws. In addition, lightning surged into their bodies, causing them to be unable to resist!


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