Nine Sun God King
Chapter 346
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 346

Qin Yun looked at her disgusted expression from midair and knew what she was feeling.

"Mistress, we will close the formation right now and let you in!" An old woman hurriedly shouted from the wall surrounding the entrance of the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

"Please don't! Once the great array is opened, they will definitely attack us. We've fallen into their trap!" Zi Qingcheng shouted anxiously, "Don't close the formation!"

When Qin Yun heard that, he was secretly alarmed.

Zi Qingcheng came out to accept the challenge. She originally thought that it would be enough to win but she didn't expect her opponent to be so sinister.

Now, although she had won, she had consumed a lot of energy.

As for the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect, they still had two powerful cultivators in the Spirit realm.

"Hahaha... Little girl! You are younger than me by a few hundred years, yet you possess the same cultivation level as us, moreover, you are eternally young, truly enviable!" The old man who had a wretched hunchback sneered and took out a black Wolf Teeth Rod.

Zi Qingcheng gritted her teeth as she hurriedly soared into the air. She wanted to escape from this place but was knocked down by the fist of another one-eyed old man.

"You are all despicable! Aren't you afraid that the higher-ups will find out? " Zi Qingcheng shouted in anger.

The hunchbacked old man laughed and said, "We are all abandoned sects. They don't care if we live or die here!"

"In fact, they even hoped that we would kill each other. This way, the winning side would become even stronger and concentrate on exploring the Immortal Graveyard!"

The one eyed old man laughed coldly: "Zi Qingcheng, since you have obtained Xiao Yuelan, you definitely have a clue about the Immortal Graveyard! Do you all want to go to the Immortal Graveyard by yourself and obtain the immortal treasures there?"

Zi Qingcheng hurriedly consumed a golden pellet. She had to restore her energy as soon as possible, otherwise, she would definitely be taken down.

"Palace Mistress, do you want us to go out?" An old woman shouted worriedly.

"No, you must not come out! You are the last guarantee of the Violet Spirit Star Palace!" Zi Qingcheng shouted sternly: "I am the Palace Mistress, you all must listen to my orders. No matter what, you cannot close the great formation, nor can you come out! You must protect Violet Spirit Star Palace well!"

Zi Qingcheng's expression was resolute, as if she was prepared for the worst.

The exhausted her had no chance of winning against two powerful warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm!

"Let's see how long you can last!"

The hunchbacked old man sneered and flew over, quickly waving the Wolf Teeth Rod in his hand. That was a Xuan Artifact and the strength produced from the attack was extremely terrifying. It swept up the soil on the ground.

The one eyed old man also started his attack. His weapon was a trident and he rushed towards Zi Qingcheng from behind with a sinister look.

The weapon that Zi Qingcheng used were two long purple hooks, also a Xuan Artifact.

The old woman on the door scolded loudly, "Dragon Fist Spirit Sect, you two fight one and you even attack when people are tired. How shameless!"

"So what if we are shameless? You old woman, just wait and see. Before long, I will strip your Palace Mistress and let all of our disciples enjoy her a bit, hahaha!!" The hunchbacked old man laughed sinisterly.

The disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect also cried out in excitement!

Zi Qingcheng was so angry that her body was contorting several times. Her injuries weren't light, and her purple dress was dyed red with blood.

The few old women from the Violet Spirit Star Palace were also incomparably angry and their hearts were also very sad.

Because their palace master had suffered such humiliation outside and they were unable to help.

Back when Qin Yun was at Violet Spirit Star Palace, he had seen a disciple of the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect humiliating a woman on the martial stage. He knew that this sect was no good.

Right now, even the old men who were the strongest in the Dragon Fist Sect were the same!

"These guys call themselves the true masters of a famous sect. Who knows, they might even be as vicious as the devil sect!"

Qin Yun sneered in his heart as he took out a Dao Core of the Spirit Martial Realm.

The moment this Dao core appeared, it released a wave of Qi!

When the hunchbacked old man and the one-eyed old man sensed this aura, their faces filled with joy.

As for Zi Qingcheng, her expression suddenly changed, full of despair!

"Haha, the Sect Leader is here! It looks like he has already taken down Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

"Zi Qingcheng, you slut. Just surrender and don't hurt your body. Otherwise, how are we going to enjoy ourselves?"

"It really is the aura of the Sect Leader! Ice clear and pure Palace Master of Violet Spirit is about to be ours, haha!"

The disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect were all ferociously laughing and shouting. When Zi Qingcheng heard their words, she was both angry and disgusted.


Zi Qingcheng's strength couldn't match theirs and she was also extremely exhausted. She was accidentally swept by the Wolf Teeth Rod and sent flying!

Standing on top of the wall, the disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace stared at the fallen Zi Qingcheng with faces full of tears.

The hunchbacked old man and the one-eyed old man wanted to go over but when they sensed the aura of their sect master nearing Zi Qingcheng, they halted their steps as well.

"Sect Master, I shall leave it to you in the end!"

"Headmaster, you've come at the right time. Just as we beat that slut to the ground, you've come to pick up cheap items. Haha!!"

Just as the two elders of the Spirit realm finished speaking, they saw a white-robed Qin Yun land beside Zi Qingcheng!

Zi Qingcheng also thought that the sect leader of the Dragon Fist Sect had come over because she could sense his aura!

However, she never expected that the person who came was Qin Yun!

"Elder, that fellow is Qin Yun!"

"Why does he have the aura of a headmaster?"

"Qin Yun, you... what is that thing in your hand?" When the hunchbacked elder saw the golden pearl in Qin Yun's hand, he cried out involuntarily.

Zi Qingcheng had also seen the shiny pearl in Qin Yun's hand. It was a Dao core!!

On the wall, the Martial Dao Realm elders of the Violet Spirit Star Palace were all shocked!

What Qin Yun was holding was the Dragon Fist Sect's sect master's Dao Core!

This meant that the Dragon Fist Sect Master had been killed by Qin Yun!

As for Qin Yun, he was only in the Martial Dao Realm. He had actually managed to kill a person in the Spirit Martial Realm. Furthermore, he had produced such a complete Dantian!

This suddenly shocked the entire audience. Everyone looked at the shiny bead and was stunned for a moment!


The disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect let out wails of extreme grief!

"Sect Leader's Dao core!! The Sect Leader is dead!"

"How is that possible? Qin Yun killed the Sect Leader!"

"The sect master is at the Spirit Martial Realm. Even at the Spirit Martial Realm, it is not easy to kill him! This is not true!"

"Get rid of him!"

"Elders, quickly kill him and avenge the headmaster!"

The disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect were as if they had lost their parents. They cried out in grief and indignation, unable to believe that this was real!

Qin Yun looked at the two elders and sneered. "Don't be sad. I'll return the Sect Master to you. Catch him! Don't let your headmaster explode!"

After saying that, he hurriedly picked up Zi Qingcheng and poured some of her energy into the Dao Core before throwing it out abruptly!

"Run..." The hunchbacked old man was at the Spirit realm but he could not stand the explosion of the Spirit realm's Dao core.


That Dao Core exploded, emitting a great burst of golden light. It swept up a golden astral wind, enveloping a radius of several hundred miles!

The people trapped inside shrieked miserably!

Martial body realm cultivators were directly torn apart!

The people in the Violet Spirit Star Palace weren't affected by the great formation but they were still shocked by the terrifying power!

After a moment, the world became quiet and dense dust dispersed.

In front of the main entrance of the Violet Spirit Star Palace, a huge crater appeared.

There were still twenty or so people left inside the crater and not a single piece of good meat remained on them. The majority of the people's limbs were ripped apart, and the sight of it was too horrible to bear.

Even the two at the Spirit realm were struggling and wailing in the ground. They were both heavily injured!

"Palace Mistress — Qin Yun!" The old woman on the wall shouted.

"Hahahaha... They are dead too!" As the hunchbacked old man spoke, he spat out waves of blood.

The people from the Violet Spirit Star Palace shuddered as they looked sorrowfully at the massive crater that spanned a few hundred meters. They looked at the flat ground surrounding the crater in search of Qin Yun and Zi Qingcheng's figures.

"Stop shouting, they're all dead!" The one eyed old man laughed, "Although we are heavily injured, we are still alive! Haha!"

Just as he finished speaking, he sensed movement underground!

Crash! *

A shadow flew up from the ground. It was Qin Yun!

He carried Zi Qingcheng and flew up into the sky. As he landed, he stomped heavily on the hunchbacked old man's abdomen!


Earlier, Qin Yun had carried Zi Qingcheng and used an Earth Escape Talisman to hide deep underground. He had not been affected by the attack.

"Put me down! I feel better now!" Zi Qingcheng said softly.

After Qin Yun placed her down, he stomped down on the hunchbacked elder a few times. It was so heavy that the elder's voice turned hoarse.

When the martial dao disciples of the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect saw this, they too felt extreme despair.

If even their Spirit realm elders had been ravaged by Qin Yun in such a manner, their consequences could be imagined.

"Qin Yun... You little beast …" Before the one-eyed old man could finish scolding him, Qin Yun had sent him flying with a kick. Following that, he grabbed him and placed him together with the hunchbacked old man.

He took out the Giant King Spirit Hammer and used the Six Style Forging Dragon to continuously beat up the two warriors at the Spirit realm!

Warriors at the Spirit Martial Realm would not die so easily.

After a few consecutive blows from Qin Yun with the Six Style Dragon Forging, they were only able to cause them to scream miserably!

The Martial Dao and Spirit Martial Realm Elders of the Violet Spirit Star Palace also came out.

They stood by the crater and looked at Qin Yun in a daze. They were extremely astonished!

The young Qin Yun was actually able to beat up a powerful Spirit Martial Realm cultivator!

Zi Qingcheng was also watching from the side as her beautiful eyes widened. Even she was somewhat aghast and secretly fearful of Qin Yun's ability!

"The Dao Core is broken, it's useless!"

Qin Yun's mouth twitched. He extracted the martial spirits from the two elders. They were platinum weapon martial spirits. One was a rod martial spirit, while the other one was a cross martial spirit.

After the Martial Spirit was drawn, even if it was a cultivator of the Spirit Martial Realm, he would still be half dead.

Qin Yun took out the furnace and placed the two elders of the Spirit Martial Realm in it for incineration.

"Qin Yun, let us handle those martial dao practitioners!" A middle-aged woman suddenly said before flying over.

Very soon, a few middle-aged women went over and used their weapons to stab the injured cultivators to death!


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