Nine Sun God King
Chapter 388
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 388

Qin Yun never expected the Extinction Dragon Palm to have such a method.

Wei Zhongzheng laughed and said: "The Extinction Dragon Palm is an open martial art! A martial artist with extremely high comprehension ability will be able to combine other martial arts techniques to create an even stronger Extinction Dragon Palm Technique."

"For example, my Extinction Dragon Wind and Fire Palm! Second Elder has the Extinction Dragon Angry Palm and Third Elder has the Extinction Dragon Berserk Lightning Palm!"

Now, Qin Yun had a train of thought for cultivating the Extinction Dragon Palm.

"In the first volume of the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra, there are only the Nine Extinction inner force training, Extinction Dragon Palm, Extinction Shadow Style and Extinction Spirit Eye skill manuals. As for the battle techniques in the second half, they are even more powerful." Wei Zhongzheng sighed and said.

"Why is it lost?" Qin Yun was puzzled. "This is something extremely important to the Nine Extinction Gate. It shouldn't be lost!"

"The main thing is that a group of seniors suddenly died that year!" Wei Zhongzheng didn't seem to want to bring it up.

Qin Yun had previously heard of this matter from the elders. Many experts from the Nine Extinction Gate had suddenly been assassinated. Later on, they had also sent people to investigate and found some clues.

However, only Wei Zhongzheng had the clue.

Qin Yun did not continue asking about this matter. He only felt somewhat regretful as he changed the topic and asked, "Sect Master, what kind of martial arts is the Extinction Spirit Eye?"

"The Extinction Spirit Eye is a type of Mental Energy martial art. It is extremely difficult to learn!" Wei Zhongzheng frowned: "Even if I had studied for many years, I still could not succeed!"

"Mental Energy martial arts? Does it have anything to do with the eyes?"

When Qin Yun heard that, he was immediately delighted. His mind energy was very special and he felt that it should not be difficult to learn it.

Wei Zhongzheng patiently said, "Usually, we can use our mental power to cover the surrounding areas! After releasing your mental force, you'll be able to receive some information back! However, it is only a vague outline!"

Qin Yun said with a nod, "If I close my eyes, I will be able to know the seats in the cabin. However, it only has the outline. The specific colors and details cannot be seen!"

"After you cultivate the Extinction Spirit Eye, you will be able to see it through your Mental Energy!" Wei Zhongzheng laughed and said, "Very powerful, right? But it is very hard to grasp. It is said that if you succeed in mastering it, you will be able to see through many things through your eyes!"

Qin Yun took out the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra and looked at the contents of the Extinction Spirit Eye. He could not help but sink into deep thought as he pondered over the difficulties involved.

Wei Zhongzheng laughed and said: "If you can't control it, then don't be too sad! Several elders and I have cultivated for many years, yet we were unable to learn it."

"Tempering my eyes with spirit energy...this is really a strange martial art!" Qin Yun smiled. He felt that he could learn well, so he watched very seriously.

After memorizing some of the chants, he kept the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra.

Wei Zhongzheng had also asked him about his trip to Jade Xuan City!

Qin Yun told Wei Zhongzheng what he had experienced in Jade Xuan City and the Ancient Jade Mountain Range. It made Wei Zhongzheng exclaim in shock.

"Sect Leader, the Hong Wu Country is really powerful, they are not afraid of the Yue Wu Country at all! If that is the case, is the Mayor of Jade Xuan City really not afraid of killing Prince Yue at all?" Qin Yun asked.

Wei Zhongzheng said: "This is the fault of the prince of Yue Wu; he actually wanted to kill the ninth princess! Even if it's King of Yue Wu, he can't say anything more about this matter. However, since his son was killed, he will definitely make a move as well."

"This matter is related to you, I think that Yue Wu Country will also think of a way to deal with you!"

Qin Yun said with a light snort, "They do not dare to act against the Great Martial Kingdom. They will definitely act against me. They only dare to pinch a soft persimmon!"

Wei Zhongzheng smiled and said, "Just be careful! Even if it's King of Yue Wu, he will still not be able to break through the Nine Extinction Formation, so you don't have to worry about implicating the Nine Extinction profound Gate!"

"Sect Master, what exactly is going on with that black mountain? Have you heard of the legend?" Qin Yun asked out of curiosity.

Wei Zhongzheng was also very suspicious of this matter. He shook his head and said, "This matter is very strange! It seems like there are many secrets hidden in the Ancient Jade Mountain Range!"

The speed of the small boat was extremely fast. In just ten days, it had arrived at Hong Wu Royal City.

If Qin Yun were to head there himself, it would take him at least fifteen days to reach.

For the past ten days, Qin Yun had been painstakingly studying the Extinction Spirit Eye because he felt that it was of great help to him.

Observing inscriptions or drawing them, having a pair of good eyes can be of great help.

As for the Extinction Spirit Eye, it was a martial art that could enhance one's eyesight. It could also fuse Mental Energy and eyesight together!

After ten days of fumbling around, Qin Yun had a certain understanding of the Extinction Spirit Eye. He felt like he had barely reached a basic level of mastery over it.

There were many people queuing in line at the northern city gates, waiting to enter.

The conditions to enter the Royal City was very high, one had to use a large amount of purple coins to purchase a pass and also had to be someone of status.

Even disciples of the Xuan sect couldn't enter for free. They also needed to purchase additional passage tokens.

Even so, there were still a lot of people who wanted to enter the city. There were already four to five thousand people lining up at the north gate.

"There are so many people. Let's go to the east gate!" Wei Zhongzheng sighed and controlled the boat to fly to the east gate.

There was no one at the east gate because this door was meant for people of special status.

Qin Yun was a high-ranked Spirit Inscriptionist and Wei Zhongzheng was a medicinal master. As long as he revealed his badge, he would be able to enter the imperial city for free.

"Headmaster, do you want me to contact the ninth princess right now?" Qin Yun asked, "Have her arrange for us!"

"Not now!" Wei Zhongzheng whispered, "Let's go. Take me to the Divine Inscription Palace!"

Wei Zhongzheng was a medicinal master and there was also a Xuan Medicine Villa here. However, the people inside were too messy, so he didn't want to go in.

The number of Inscription Masters was lower than the number of Alchemists and there weren't many people who usually stayed in the Inscription palace, so the environment was the best.

Qin Yun brought Wei Zhongzheng to the Imperial City's Divine Inscription Palace.

The Divine Inscription Palace of the Hong Wu Royal City was like a small town within the city. There were many shops and pavilions built by the Divine Inscription Palace and many people were gathered here to trade.

The Inscription Palace was also several tens of stories tall. It was extremely grand and huge and it's entire body was purplish-gold in color. When it was illuminated by the sunlight, it reflected strong purplish golden rays that covered the surrounding flower pavilions.

Qin Yun took out his badge and was placed in a luxurious suite.

After Wei Zhongzheng entered, he took off his bamboo hat and sighed with emotion, "The treatment for you Inscriptionists is much better than that for us alchemists! In my time in the Xuan Medicine Villa, I never had such an environment!"

"After all, there are more alchemists!" Qin Yun chuckled, "Sect Master, there are only ten days left before we have to enter the palace for the banquet. In that case, what should we do in the next ten days?"

"You can walk around by yourself! I'm going to see my old friend if he's still here, and ask around!" Wei Zhongzheng said.

"Then I'll go out and play first!" After saying that, Qin Yun slipped away.

Wei Zhongzheng had obtained a jade token that allowed him to enter and leave freely. Even without Qin Yun's company, he would be able to enter and leave the luxurious suite.

Qin Yun walked out of the Inscription Palace and called for a spirit crane before flying to the entrance of the palace.

Hong Wu Royal City was not much bigger than the Xuan City. The most powerful part of the city was the fact that there were many Xuan level warriors, Xuan Inscription Masters and Xuan Medicine Masters in it.

Because of the presence of so many experts, it would be very lively in the Kingdom of Wu.

The time of those experts were very precious. If they needed anything, they would just place a bounty on the bounty board.

This way, many people would be able to sell some things at a very good price.

Moreover, there were many strange things in the King's City, big and small auctions, as long as there was enough purple coins, one could buy some of the rarer things here.

After flying for half a day, the spirit crane finally arrived at the entrance of the palace.

Qin Yun gave two thousand purple coins to the middle-aged crane controller and was secretly unhappy. This was because the location where the Inscription Palace was built was too far from the palace. It had cost a lot of purple coins to fly over here.

He was wearing a black robe and a bamboo hat. He was dressed like a wandering martial practitioner. This way, it would not be so easy for others to recognize him.

The majestic gates of the palace, which were as large as city gates, were now completely wide open.

From time to time, powerful spirit beasts would drag large carriage inside.

Qin Yun stood at the door and saw many luxurious carriages or flying spirit artifacts enter the palace through the imposing door.

"Using a spirit beast to pull a carriage can also reveal one's identity and strength!"

He was secretly surprised. He did not expect that Hong Yan's entrance celebration would be so grand.

"It seems like this Seventh Prince Hong Yan is not just simply entering a king level sect. He should have become the disciple of a powerful master! Could it be that he became the disciple of a Martial King?"

Qin Yun felt that he had guessed correctly.

He walked to the door, took out a token and handed it to the guard, asking him to help send a message to Hong Mengshu for her to come out.

When the guard saw the command medallion, he was surprised for a moment before quickly sending someone to notify Hong Mengshu.

The insignia was given to Qin Yun by Hong Mengshu, so it was convenient for him to go to the palace to look for her.

Qin Yun paced back and forth at the door as he patiently waited.

An hour later, someone suddenly patted his back.

He turned around and saw a man wearing a white jade mask and a white robe.

"Brother Yun, it's me!" Hong Mengshu whispered.

"I know it's you!" Qin Yun smiled. The reason Hong Mengshu was dressed like this was to prevent others from recognizing her.

"Let's go!" As Hong Mengshu spoke, she called over a spirit crane. The two of them rode on the back of a giant spirit crane, flying above the Royal City.

Hong Mengshu took off her mask and revealed her charming and sweet face. She smiled charmingly and said, "Seventh Brother and I thought that you wouldn't come!"

"I'm here and I'm here with the Sect Leader!" Qin Yun curled his lips. "Am I a coward in your eyes?"

The spirit crane was flying toward the Inscription Palace. Qin Yun had no idea what Hong Mengzhu was up to.

"Mengshu, Hong Yan has entered a king level sect. What a grand celebration!" Qin Yun said with a sigh, "Did he acknowledge some impressive figure as his master?"

"That's right, he took in the Fire King School's sect master as his master. This fellow's fire spirit vein is extremely rare, so he was accepted as his disciple! He is the tenth disciple of the Fire King Sect's Sect Master!"


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