Nine Sun God King
Chapter 397
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 397

It wasn't long before the Second Elder brought Qingcheng into the medicine garden.

Zi Qingcheng was clad in a purple robe and wore a hood that covered her head, leaving only her eyes exposed. In the desert, this was a more normal appearance.

"If you want to go out, just let me know!" With that, the Second Elder left in a hurry.

Only the Elders and Sect Leader were able to enter and exit the Nine Extinction Formation. If they wanted to enter and leave the Nine Extinction Gate, they would have to find them.

As soon as Zi Qingcheng entered the ancient bronze building, she took off her hood, revealing her slightly round and beautiful face.

Yuan Yanying, who was at the side, could not help but be startled when she saw such a beauty. That was because Qin Yun had previously said that the woman was fat.

"Sis Steamed Bun, your face seems to be a little round, let me pinch you!" Qin Yun said with a grin. He walked over and pinched Zi Qingcheng's face.

Zi Qingcheng spat and grabbed Qin Yun's hand "You are still so hateful, little child!"

She looked at Yuan Yanying and said, "Qin Yun, there are always beauties by your side!"

"Sister Steamed Bun, this is my adopted sister, Yuan Yanying!" After Qin Yun said this, he said to Yuan Yanying, "Yanying, Sister Steamed Bun is called Zi Qingcheng. She is quite strong and is a martial artist of the Spirit Martial Realm!"

"Hello, Sister Qingcheng!" Just now, Yuan Yanying had also noticed that Zi Qingcheng's cultivation level was not low. It was rare for her to see a young and beautiful Spirit realm cultivator with such a beautiful appearance. Yuan Yanying was very envious in her heart.

"Hello little girl!" Zi Qingcheng gave a charming smile.

Yuan Yanying quickly said, "Sister Qingcheng, please sit."

After entertaining Zi Qingcheng, Yuan Yanying took out the juice she made and poured it for her to drink.

"Sister Qingcheng, are you from Moon Profound Valley? I think I've heard that the number one beauty in the Northern Region was born in the Moon Profound Valley and her name also seems to be Qingcheng!" Yuan Yanying suddenly thought of something and asked with some doubt.

When she had just arrived in the Desolate land, she had wanted to enter the Moon Profound Valley as well. Thus, she had gathered information about the Moon Profound Valley and was quite knowledgeable about it.

Qin Yun immediately shook his head and laughed. "Sister Steamed Bun was once the prettiest girl in the Northern Region? How is that possible? Yanying, you remembered it wrong! But come to think of it, she was indeed once a disciple of Moon Profound Valley!"

Zi Qingcheng gave Qin Yun a resentful glare. "Kid, you are actually looking down on me. I was indeed the number one beauty in the Northern Region back then. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't want to be one anymore, I would still be the same as before!"

"It's more like the number one fat beauty of the Northern Region!" Qin Yun said with a laugh.

"I... I'll pinch you to death!" Zi Qingcheng stomped her foot in anger and rushed over. She pinched Qin Yun's handsome face and rubbed it vigorously.

Yuan Yanying was dumbfounded. She truly could not believe it. A great beauty of the Spirit realm was playing with Qin Yun like a child.

Zi Qingcheng was at the Spirit realm and now, she had the upper hand. She rubbed Qin Yun's face until it was flushed red...

"Damn bun, relying on your strength to bully me!!! I'll pinch you too..." Qin Yun's hands grabbed randomly at something soft.


Yuan Yanying's face turned slightly red when she saw that. That was because Qin Yun was holding onto a certain spot on Zi Qingcheng...

She quickly said: "Sister Qingcheng, there must be something important for you to look for Brother Yun! Stop messing around, get down to business!"

Zi Qingcheng's hand left Qin Yun's face and his hand left her body.

"You little kid, I'm so angry..." Zi Qingcheng did not blush either. Instead, she glared angrily at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun never expected that the grab he made would have an extraordinarily wonderful feeling that left him with an endless aftertaste.

He harrumphed, "Sister Steamed Bun, even if you take advantage of me, you will still have to pay the price!"

Seeing that the two were about to start bickering, Yuan Yanying hurriedly said, "Sister Qingcheng, don't lower yourself to the same level as him! Drink the juice quickly..."

"Yanying, you're such a good person, you have to stay away from this naughty kid. Don't let him lead you astray!" Zi Qingcheng drank Yuan Yanying's juice and her mood improved a little.

Qin Yun sat on a chair as he crossed his legs and asked, "Number One Beauty of the Northern Region, what business do you have with a little kid like me? You came looking for me when I am so bad, did you miss me?"

Zi Qingcheng snorted. "I missed you the most! The reason I came here to find you is clearly to tell you about Yuelan and the rest's situation. I didn't expect you to treat them that well!"

"Alright, Sis Steamed Bun, I was wrong!" Qin Yun walked over and said with a smile, "Come, drink some juice!"

Zi Qingcheng proudly exclaimed, "That's more like it!"

Afterwards, she also told him about Xiao Yuelun and Lan Fengjin's situation.

Because they were all from the border regions and possessed extraordinary talent, Moon Profound Valley hid them away, hiding them from the public for the time being, in order to prevent them from causing too much trouble.

When Qin Yun heard that Yang Shiyue's injuries were completely healed, he felt a lot more at ease.

Naturally, Xiao Yuelan had also successfully stepped into the Martial Dao Realm.

Qin Yun knew Xiao Yuelan's situation best. She had three Martial Spirits and none of them were weak! It was also because she had the Immortal Graveyard Diagram on her, so her cultivation speed would definitely not be slow.

"Sister Steamed Bun, can you get Sister Lan to come here?" Qin Yun asked, "She's my disciple. I want to pass on my knowledge of the Inscription to her!"

"This... I have to ask Granny Du. I can't make a decision! Now that Fengjin is also a disciple of the Profound Moon Valley, if she wants to leave the sect, she must obtain Granny Du's approval!" Zi Qingcheng said in a somewhat awkward tone.

Qin Yun suddenly thought of something and asked curiously, "Sister Steamed Bun, weren't you chased out of the Profound Moon Valley? You can still go back now?"

Zi Qingcheng said: "I have now moved on from being a new disciple of the Moon Profound Valley! Furthermore, the Violet Spirit Star Palace at the edge of the border was also taken over by the Moon Profound Valley! The Floating Spirit Valley and the Wind Spirit Sect were both destroyed by the the Profound Moon Valley!"

"The border region should be under the control of the Profound Moon Valley. I also told them to cooperate more with the Tian Qin Empire! As for the matter regarding your totem, I can't be sure how long you can keep it a secret."

Qin Yun had revealed his Vibration Martial Spirit, Heavenly Lion Totem and Dragon-Tiger Totem. Sooner or later, this matter would spread to everyone and at that time, the Totem pavilion would become even more crazy and deal with him.

Zi Qingcheng had also told Qin Yun that Old Madam Du from the Moon Profound Sect would help him secretly. She tried to keep it a secret as much as possible.

Qin Yun could obviously guess that old lady Du had set her eyes on his potential. He didn't mind having a powerful helper.

"Big sis Steamed Bun, can you do me a favor? I just want to ask about Little Meilian's whereabouts. I want to know about her situation after she entered the Desolate land!" Qin Yun had been very worried about this matter. He had previously entrusted Mu Feng with asking around as well.

"No problem!" Old Madam Du had instructed her to develop a good relationship with Qin Yun so that it would facilitate the cooperation between the Moon Profound Sect and the Nine Extinction Gate in the future.

"Kid, I'm really sorry for not being able to save you when we were in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range!" Zi Qingcheng lowered her head in guilt.

"When I was bleeding, I was almost killed!" Qin Yun grunted softly.

"I'm sorry but I did my best. If it wasn't for old lady Du taking Fengjin and me into her storage space, I would definitely have fought with them!" Zi Qingcheng lightly bit her lips as she spoke.

Qin Yun said, "Let me rub your face, I won't blame you!"

Zi Qingcheng was stunned. She grudgingly spat, "Come then!"

Qin Yun poked his hand out and said with a chuckle, "Sister Steamed Bun, I wonder if your face is magical. I want to rub it the moment I see it!"

After speaking, he gently rubbed the beautiful countenance of Zi Qingcheng.

Zi Qingcheng had a helpless look on her face, as though she was at his mercy.

"Brother, enough! Sister Qingcheng's face is so swollen that it's almost red!" Yuan Yanying hurriedly walked over and pulled Qin Yun apart.

Qin Yun said, "I've only kneaded it a few times..."

Yuan Yanying smiled and said, "Brother, Sister Qingcheng is the number one beauty in the history of the Northern Region. Please give her some face!"

"Yanying, you're such a good person. Don't let this little kid bring you down in the future!"

She held onto Yuan Yanying's hand, took out a bottle, and said, "This is a little gift from sister Qingcheng, it is the famous Moon Profound Dew of the Moon Profound Valley!"

Yuan Yanying took the bottle and opened it. She exclaimed, "A whole bottle! So many, thank you sister Qingcheng! This thing is expensive!"

"You're welcome. As long as you like it!" Zi Qingcheng also liked Yuan Yanying and smiled sweetly.

Qin Yun smirked and said, "Sister Steamed Bun, aren't you going to give me some gifts?"

"I don't have anything good left. At most, I'll let you rub my face!" Zi Qingcheng smiled mischievously. "Come on, I'm not afraid of you rubbing my face anymore, I'm used to it! If you scrunch my face up, you won't call me Sis Steamed Bun anymore!"

Qin Yun said snappily, "Then forget it!! Big Sis Steamed Bun, Yanying likes you so much, why don't you stay here with her for a few days?"

"No problem! I will also guide her in her cultivation. Our Moon Profound Valley has a lot of experience with women's cultivation." After Zi Qingcheng finished speaking, she hurriedly pulled Yuan Yanying along as she smiled and said, "Yanying, take me to the secret room now. I'll teach you a special method of cultivation that will allow you to advance by leaps and bounds!"

Yuan Yanying was overjoyed and quickly entered a secret room with Zi Qingcheng.

Qin Yun looked at the herb fields outside before running into the secret chamber. He took out two pieces of paper. There were royal grade spirit runes drawn on them.

"Spirit runes for the Talisman tool?"

When he was in Jade Xuan City, he had also understood that a Talisman tool was a special type of totem.

When forging spirit artifacts, a storage space would be reserved for them.

This storage space was special and was specifically used to store special talismans.

A spirit rune would fuse with a spirit artifact first. During battle, if necessary, the spirit rune hidden inside the spirit artifact would be thrown out and branded onto someone else's body!

Sometimes, in order to cause harm to the enemy, they would also throw out their spirit artifacts, causing them to explode along with the spirit talismans inside them.

Zi Qingcheng had already been attacked by two Talisman tools before and her body had been branded with spirit runes. Then, she had no choice but to endure the humiliation and allow Qin Yun to remove the spirit runes imprinted on her delicate body.

It was only when Qin Yun saw Zi Qingcheng that he suddenly remembered about the Talisman tools. He also planned to attempt refining one.


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