Nine Sun God King
Chapter 406
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 406

Everyone opened up a path for him. A man wearing a green and luxurious outfit slowly walked out. It was Chu Longjie.

Chu Longjie looked somewhat thin and ordinary but he was brimming with confidence and his face was filled with haughtiness.

Hong Mengshu, the Hong Ying Martial King, as well as a group of high status elders and middle-aged men hurriedly walked over.

Chu Longjie was at the fourth level of the Martial Dao Realm, around the age of thirty. He was a disciple of the Royal House of Mighty Heaven.

No matter what, they were all very outstanding.

"Chu Longjie, Qin Yun is here. Tell me, how should we compete?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

Chu Longjie sized up Qin Yun. He had also heard of Qin Yun's various deeds. Although he was surprised, he did not express it. Instead, he looked at Qin Yun with disdain.

He wanted everyone to know that he, Chu Longjie, looked down on Qin Yun.

Everyone felt that it was normal for Chu Longjie to look down on Qin Yun. After all, Chu Longjie was a very young, high-ranked Inscription Master!

"Qin Yun, I heard that you are also a high-ranked Inscription Master? Where's your gold badge?" Chu Longjie smiled contemptuously.

"Gold badge? I gave it to someone else!" Qin Yun said. What he said was the truth. He had given that to Mu Feng.

When everyone heard this, they did not believe it.

To an Inscription Master, the emblem was extremely important. Qin Yun had actually given it to someone else!

"You're really generous, giving away the Golden Badge so casually..." Chu Longjie chuckled and took out a golden badge, putting it on his chest.

Qin Yun did not plan on taking out his platinum badge for fear of blinding the other party's dog eyes.

Hong Mengshu, who was at the side, couldn't help but chuckle. The crowd didn't know what she was laughing at.

This was because Hong Mengshu knew that Qin Yun was a high-ranked Spirit Inscriptionist.

In her eyes, the competition between Chu Longjie and Qin Yun was just asking to be humiliated.

Qin Yun said, "Stop being long-winded. You are challenging me, right? Hurry up and tell us how we're going to compete!"

"Since you're so anxious to lose to me, then I won't let you wait any longer!" Chu Longjie was also extremely confident.

When everyone saw that Qin Yun did not have an emblem, they began to suspect whether he was an Inscription Master or not.

Now, they could only wait for the results of the match.

Chu Longjie ordered people to bring out two sets of artifact forging tools: a furnace, a carving knife, a forging hammer and a sturdy table.

"Let's compete in refining a low-grade spirit tool. This will save us time!"

Chu Longjie walked to a table and continued, "We'll use the same tools and we'll ensure fairness!"

Qin Yun said, "I choose your set of tools!"

"No problem!" Chu Longjie smiled and then walked towards another table, "How about we use our own low grade bone steel? The competition time is one hour, how about it?"

Refining a low-grade spirit tool in two hours was extremely fast!

Everyone was amazed by Chu Longjie's relaxed appearance.

"Chu Longjie is able to refine a low rank spirit tool within two hours. He's really amazing!"

"As expected of the disciples of the Royal Clan!"

"With Chu Longjie's talent, he'll definitely become a Dao Inscription Master in the future!"

"Are all the disciples of a king level sect this terrifying?"

Most of the people who exclaimed were from Xuan sect and some aristocratic families.

Chu Longjie laughed, "A competition requires a lot of energy and this is a victory based on strength. How about we bet some purple coins along the way?"

"Two million purple coins!" Hearing that, Xiao Yuemei immediately shouted happily.

Everyone slightly took a deep breath. None of them could tell that this little girl actually had such a big mouth and the first thing she said was two million purple coins.

Chu Longjie, who was originally smiling, suddenly fell silent.

"Isn that too little? Then three million purple coins!" Xiao Yuemei muttered, "That's all I have..."

Chu Longjie could not laugh anymore. He quickly looked at the group of elders dressed in golden, they were the elders of the Royal Clan.

Qin Yun whispered to Xiao Yuemei, "Yuemei! You are too outrageous, to have gambled so much and you have frightened Young Master Chu... How about this, three hundred purple coins! This way, Young Master Chu and the Mighty Heavenly Royal Clan can also endure it!"

Even though he was speaking softly, everyone here could hear him!

Everyone could tell that the reason Qin Yun said this was because he was mocking Chu Longjie!

Xiao Yuemei also cooperated with Qin Yun and said softly, "Is the Royal Sect the Mighty Heaven King Sect? They would definitely be able to take out three million purple crystal coins! Don't they have confidence in Chu Longjie?"

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei were singing the same tune as they taunted the Royal Sect without restraint. How could anyone not see that?

3 million purple coins, to Chu Longjie, was not a small amount, he would definitely not be able to afford it!

Hong Yan had also said this before. The 2 million purple crystal coins that he had was the cost that his father would give him for the next 20 years.

"Three million is three million!" An old man from the Royal House of the Mighty Heavenly King Sect said indifferently.

They were king level sects and they couldn't lose face in front of so many Xuan level sects.

Hong Mengshu suddenly felt a tinge of envy for Xiao Yuemei. Since Qin Yun had already won, he would easily be able to win three million purple coins!

An old man from the Divine Inscription Palace walked out and smiled, "Let us be the hosts for this competition! Let Qin Yun forge armor, Chu Longjie forge weapons. When they clash, the one suffering serious damage will lose!"

"Is everything ready? Let's begin!"

He took out an hourglass and turned it over.

Qin Yun hurriedly took out a large piece of low-grade bone steel.

In order to refine defensive gear, he needed more bone steel and the steps of forging it were somewhat cumbersome.

However, the advantage was that the protective gear was usually stronger and not so easily damaged.

After Qin Yun injected the flame into the furnace, he suddenly realized that there were some cracks inside the furnace!

He quickly shouted, "This furnace is broken!"

"Qin Yun, you chose this yourself! Now that it has already begun, are you afraid of saying it out loud?" Chu Longjie sneered.

"Maybe you broke it yourself?" An old man from the Royal House of the Mighty Heavenly King Sect said.

Qin Yun immediately grabbed the forging hammer and discovered that it was broken as well. There was a problem with the Spirit Inscriptions within it.

He couldn't help but curse in his heart. He then looked at the carving knife. There was a problem with it, he couldn't inject the power of the Blood Soul!

"I was too careless! This bunch of bastards, even if I were to choose the equipment again, I would definitely choose these!" After Qin Yun realized that he had been tricked, he could only blame himself for being careless.

He had examined the tools just now and found that there was nothing wrong with them. He just didn't expect that there would be a problem with the tools after the flame was injected into the tools.

It was obvious that these tools had been specially crafted to set a trap for him!

Qin Yun said in his heart, "If I had not chosen Chu Longjie's just now, Chu Longjie would have said at the beginning that the tools were bad. Then, he would have been given better set! Damn it, this bunch of people are really scheming!"

Xiao Yuemei saw Qin Yun's gloomy expression and immediately asked, "Brother, what's the matter?"

"Other than this table, no other tools can be used!" Qin Yun said slowly as he tried to think of a solution.

"Qin Yun, you chose this set of tools yourself. Furthermore, you have checked it! Why did you say there was a problem now? Do you want to go back on your word? You promised to bet three million purple coins!" Chu Longjie said proudly.

Xiao Yuemei also had a cold expression, she was so angry that she stomped her feet.

Most of the people present leaned towards the Royal Sect.

These Xuan rank sects all wanted to curry favor with the king level sects and the elders of those sects were all here.

Many people began to denounce Qin Yun, saying that he was going to act shamelessly!

"Mengshu, do you think that Qin Yun can win?" A middle-aged man wearing a golden robe asked Hong Mengshu in a low voice.

"Father, I...How should I know! Qin Yun's tools can no longer be used!" Hong Mengshu was also very angry. She glared at Chu Longjie and cursed in a low voice, "This group of scoundrels and king level sects, how dare they play tricks on us!"

Hong Ying laughed, "The outcome of this competition is very important to Chu Longjie. If he loses, not only will his reputation be ruined, he will also lose three million purple coins!"

Hong Mengshu immediately understood.

Chu Longjie was the signboard of the Royal Sect!

There were a few young martial artists in the Xuan sect but very few young inscriptionists.

Therefore, the ones worth boasting about were the young Inscription Masters of their sect. If they had the chance, they would brag about it.

If the youngest Inscriptionist Grandmaster of the Mighty Heaven King Sect lost to the young Inscription Master of the Nine Extinction Gate, then others would say that the Royal Clan of the Mighty Heavenly King Sect would be inferior to the Nine Extinction Profound Gate!

This was related to the honor of the entire Royal Clan!

Honor was maintained through true strength. Honor was maintained through despicable means, it simply could not last for long!

Chu Longjie was very proud of himself and because he no longer felt any pressure in his heart, his journey went smoothly.

In his eyes, Qin Yun had already lost.

Qin Yun stood there and stared blankly at the piece of bone steel on the table as though he had given up.

"It looks like Qin Yun doesn't know how to forge artifacts!"

"In other words, the golden badge that he revealed when he first entered Northern Spirit City was fake!"

"He's really good at making fake badges!"

"Look at Chu Longjie, he's so passionate, so smooth, and so aristocratic!"

Everyone kept praising Chu Longjie!

Suddenly, Qin Yun's fists turned extremely red. They looked like a pair of red-hot golden fists. It was Flame Light Fist!

Qin Yun bellowed as his fists began to dance violently as he constantly struck the bone.

After punching him for more than ten times, he stopped to rub the bone steel that had turned red from the punches. It was as easy as kneading flour!

The old inscriptionists, who had been praising Chu Longjie, were dumbfounded when they saw Qin Yun's hand reveal itself.

Everyone knew that even low-grade bone steel was scorching hot and tough after being burned red!

However, Qin Yun was not afraid of the heat at all. Furthermore, the Inferior Grade Bone Steel was like flour in his hands. It was being casually rubbed!

The most terrifying thing was, when his fists were punched down, even without the alchemy runes, he was still able to thoroughly forge a low-grade bone steel.

This caused many Inscription Masters to stare with wide eyes, exclaiming continuously!


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