Nine Sun God King
Chapter 407
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 407

Qin Yun's flames were the Nether Sun Purple Flame. Only a careful examination would reveal that there were traces of black hidden within the flames.

Even without the support of the Alchemy rune, he could still use the Nether Sun Flame to easily burn low-grade bone steel!

Chu Longjie, who was originally in a relaxed state, was alarmed by Qin Yun.

That large piece of low-grade bone steel was tossed and turned by Qin Yun as he rubbed it over and over. It was as if he was making flour and preparing to make buns.

Qin Yun's fists were like two nimble and powerful forging hammers that alternated back and forth. Quickly, he struck the bone steel, creating sparks.

The bone steel had been struck thin before it was folded by Qin Yun into several layers to continue hammering.

Qin Yun did not use a furnace nor did he use a forging hammer. He could rapidly forge bone steel!

He repeatedly folded and hammered that large piece of bone steel, which could also increase the strength of the bone steel.

An hour passed as Qin Yun forged a shining black square shield!

Next, was the stage of inscribing spirit runes.

Chu Longjie's forehead was covered in sweat. He had just finished forging an axe and was about to enter the spirit inscription stage.

The people in the lobby had been looking at Qin Yun very quietly the entire time!

This was because Qin Yun's forging process was too astounding. Even those who did not know much about artifact forging were impressed.

Xiao Yuemei also relaxed and revealed a sweet smile. Her fingers curled the ends of her hair as she waited for the final result.

From time to time, she would stick out her tongue and make a face at Hong Mengshu.

Qin Yun held the carving knife tightly. He tried a few times but failed to successfully inject the power of the Blood Soul into it!

Hong Ying glanced at the elders from the Mighty Heaven Royal Clan and discovered that their eyes were filled with pride and relief. It could be seen that there was a big problem with the carving knife.

"Qin Yun has yet to begin carving!"

"He said earlier that there's a problem with the carving knife."

"It seems that his set of tools really has some problems. Otherwise, there's no need to spend so much effort on forging materials!"

"I have to say, he still has a great deal of strength. Those few moves he revealed just now are not something that a high level Inscriptionist can accomplish!"

Everyone looked at Qin Yun with furrowed brows as they discussed softly.

Xiao Yuemei started to worry again.

After a few tries, Qin Yun sighed lightly and placed the carving knife to the side!

His eyes were closed, as though he was gathering his strength. Veins popped out from his forehead and white mist leaked out from his hair.

The sleeve on his left arm was also emitting white smoke.

Just as everyone was wondering what he was doing, they saw him using the fingers of his left hand to draw on the shield!

The scariest part was that on his finger, a drop of gold-red water oozed out. It looked just like a golden-red drop of thick blood!

It was the power of the Blood Soul!

All of the inscriptionists present were all moved, sucking in a breath of cold air!

He gathered the power of his soul and used his hand as a carving knife to inscribe spirit runes!

This was an extremely high realm!

Many of the Spirit Inscription Masters present were ashamed of their inferiority!

Although Qin Yun's finger was infused with a very strong power of the Blood Soul, it was very stable and even moved smoothly.

He even released a mist of air that covered his hands and shield, preventing others from seeing his runes!

An Inferior Grade Spirit Tool required the carving of one or two sets of spirit inscriptions.

At this moment, Qin Yun was carving two sets of inscriptions!

A solid rune was a spirit rune that could make a spirit artifact even more solid and was also common for armors.

Qin Yun very quickly finished the portion of the dark lines and began carving the Inscription.

Everyone stared with wide eyes.

When Qin Yun was carving the bright lines, it looked like he was drawing with his fingers. It looked extremely easy and simple!

In fact, it was not easy at all!

Everyone could tell that Qin Yun's entire body was drenched in sweat. He was extremely serious as he focused all his attention on inscribing spirit runes!

"Only those who are extremely familiar with spirit runes can reach this level!"

The old man who was in charge of the exam exclaimed, "His mastery over inscriptions should have far surpassed that of many Senior Inscriptionists!"

At this moment, most of the inscriptionists were discussing the technique that Qin Yun was using. They were discussing it's crux and core.

As a result, Chu Longjie became a nobody!

Their progress was about the same but Chu Longjie had used a tool while Qin Yun had not!

With such a performance, Chu Longjie's was far worse!

The expressions of the elders from the Royal Sect turned extremely ugly. At this moment, they could tell how terrifying Qin Yun's Inscription Talent was.

Those who did not believe that Qin Yun was an Inscription Master had no choice but to believe it!

Two hours had finally passed!

Qin Yun was the first to complete as he forged an Inferior Grade Spirit Shield!

Following that, Chu Longjie also finished forging an axe.

Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "Let's begin the testing!"

The elder from the Divine Inscription Palace walked over and took Qin Yun's shield and Chu Longjie's axe.

"Martial King Hong Ying, I wonder if you can help. Let's check the axe and shield together!" The old man smiled.

"No problem!" Hong Ying laughed.

The old man tossed the axe to Hong Ying and said with a smile, "You and I only use the strength of our physical bodies!"

Hong Ying caught the axe and walked over to the shield in the old man's hand and chopped it down!

With a loud bang, it caused everyone nearby to tremble in fear!

Just now, there was a burst of sparks and the collision was extremely fierce.

The axe of Hong Ying's hand had already shattered and the shield had only caved in, it hadn't been broken!

The old man from the Divine Inscription Palace showed them his shield and laughed, "Everyone has seen that this shield is extremely sturdy! The victor of this battle is Qin Yun! "

Everyone fell silent and did not say anything.

Because the Mighty Heavenly Royal Sect had lost, they were afraid that they would vent their anger on the king level sects, so they could only remain silent.

Chu Longjie's expression turned extremely ugly. His pride from before was gone as he clenched his fists and looked at Qin Yun.

"You've lost, three million purple coins!"

Xiao Yuemei laughed as she ran over, took out a purple card and went to receive the purple coins from the old man from the Mighty Heaven Royal Clan.

With so many people watching, the old man did not try to act shamelessly. Chu Longjie's loss was already quite shameful. If he continued to act shamelessly, it would be even more unsightly.

"I... I refuse to accept this!" Chu Longjie suddenly shouted.

"So what if you don't accept?" Xiao Yuemei laughed, "You used a tool but he defeated you with no tools! You actually dare not accept it? If you have the guts, you don't even need tools to make an axe?"

Chu Longjie instantly became furious, he really wanted to give Xiao Yuemei a slap!

Especially when he thought about how the Mighty Heaven Royal Sect lost three million to Xiao Yuemei, his heart became even more angry.

"Refining is not my strong point! My greatest strength is talisman crafting!" Chu Longjie said, "Qin Yun has defeated me in artifact forging but that does not mean he is formidable at talisman crafting!"

Xiao Yue Mei laughed, "You still want more? How about six million this time?"

The few elders of the Royal Clan couldn't accept their loss.

An old man said, "We accept."

"Talisman... how about making a talisman formation? Six million, we're following!"

"How?" Qin Yun asked. He had also made talisman arrays but it was the Ghost Suppressing Talisman Formation.

He had yet to try to create other talisman formation.

"Lightning Summoning Talisman Array! After this is done, whoever attracts the most lightning will win!"

The old man in charge said, "After you finish making the talisman array, place the Thunder Accumulation Bead in the array! As everyone knows, the stronger the condensed energy, the heavier it will be!"

Qin Yun asked, "Where are the tools used?"

"Prepare your own tools!" The old man from the Royal Clan said, "But... Everyone must use low grade spirit runes! The Divine Inscription Palace is responsible for providing low grade spirit inscriptions. You cannot hide it even when you are drawing a Dark lines. It will be very fair like this!"

Just now, Chu Longjie's axe had carved spirit runes that were of the low grade. They were definitely inferior to Qin Yun's spirit lines.

That was why the Mighty Heavenly King Sect was not convinced. They felt that Chu Longjie's inscription was better than Qin Yun's.

"Alright!" Qin Yun also agreed.

"Also, the talisman paper used is also provided by the Inscriptoin Palace. You only carve spirit runes!" The old man said again.

Qin Yun was relatively confident in the Divine Inscription Palace as he nodded in agreement.

"Make a low-grade talisman array in two hours!" Then, the old man from Divine Inscription Palace gave five large talisman papers to Qin Yun and Chu Longjie.

The talisman paper was very thin and was one-time use. It was much easier to carve spirit inscriptions.

The talisman paper used to make talismans was quite large and could be used to make talismans.

The talisman arrays were very different from spirit arrays because they could only be used once or several times at most. The materials were relatively simple and the process of making them was also very fast.

The Divine Inscription Palace also provided low-grade Origin Gathering and low-grade Thunder Spirit Inscriptions.

There were only these two spirit runes needed to create a low-grade lightning array. These could be considered common low-grade spirit runes, which were worth selling.

Chu Longjie took out a brilliant golden carving knife. It looked extremely beautiful and luxurious, flickering with light.

Many of the Inscriptionists present looked at the carving knife with envy.

"That's a low grade Xuan Artifact carving knife!"

"Many Spirit Inscriptionists only use top grade or high grade spirit carving knives!"

"Chu Longjie is so young and he has a carving knife of this level. How enviable!"

Those inscriptions masters looked on with envy.

A Xuan Artifact level carving knife required blueprints and special materials to be refined. It was very expensive.

At this time, the materials and spirit inscriptions were the same. If he wanted to win, he would have to depend on the precision of the spirit inscriptions.

With a good carving knife, he could increase the precision of the spirit patterns!

When Qin Yun saw Chu Longjie's determined look, he felt disdain in his heart. If it were a rune carving tool, his Mental Resonance Xuan Pen would be superior to Chu Longjie's by few miles.

"Complete within two hours. Begin!" The old man from the Divine Inscription Palace shouted.

Qin Yun only took a few glances at the Inferior Grade Thunder Spirit rune and the Inferior Grade Origin Gathering rune and immediately began inscribing.

After he finished spreading out the huge piece of talisman paper, he took out his Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and quickly drew spirit runes on the surface!

Chu Longjie, on the other hand, was extremely careful as he moved the tip of his knife slowly.

The Hong Ying Martial King was somewhat astonished when he saw this. He asked the Spirit Inscription Master beside him, "Old Guo, is Qin Yun drawing randomly? This is way too fast!"

"No!" The Spirit Inscription Master called Old Guo also said in surprise, "He's drawing a low grade Origin Gathering rune. It's already finished. Next up is the low grade Thunder Spirit rune. This guy is too fast, it's unbelievable!"


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