Nine Sun God King
Chapter 441
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 441

At this moment, the people from the Inscription Palace all had some doubts because they were very sure that no one would know the result in advance.

But this fool, he actually played it so big!

What was unbelievable was that Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi also bet one hundred million!

When Qin Yun saw that they were buying as well, he felt quite pressured. If he failed, they would lose the bet as well.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi had earned close to two hundred million yesterday, so even if they lost, it wouldn't be a big deal.

All of the bloodline martial artists suddenly felt a bit unhappy in their hearts!

Because they, the descendants from Bloodline Aristocrat Clan, actually didn't have many women to play with, let alone a fool!

This was totally taking them down.

Of course, they also wanted to continue gambling but they didn't have much purple crystal coins. They only had that little, so they still had to keep them as backup.

Initially, they thought that they could win a few rounds in a row.

It was like this when gambling. He always felt like he could make a comeback, so he continued to play.

After Qin Yun and company bought in, they waited patiently. It would take another two hours before the results were revealed.

Many people were also waiting. Although Qin Yun had bought a huge sum, no one had bought in with him.

When the two hours were about to end, a beautiful woman in a white dress suddenly appeared. Her beautiful face carried a trace of coldness.

When they saw the woman, Qin Yun and Hong Mengshu were slightly surprised. This woman was Xiao Yuemei! It was just that it wasn't a pair of ponytails that they were familiar with but a type of elegant and cold appearance.

"I also want to buy numbers 80 and 88, 50 million purple coins each!" Xiao Yuemei's tone was filled with a frosty chill that kept people at a distance.

When she came here, she had heard many things. She took out her mirror to look and saw a person possessing three Martial Spirits. She confirmed that Qin Yun was here.

Therefore, she was certain that Zi Qingcheng's cousin was Qin Yun!

Since it was Qin Yun, she dared to follow him.

A woman of unknown origin was playing with 100 million purple crystal coins. This caused those bloodline martial artists to be stimulated yet again!

They never expected that the women of the Martial Desolate Land would become more and more wealthy.

"I am Xiong Zixuan, from the Tyrannical Bear Bloodline Family! May I have your name, Miss? For Miss to be so generous, you must definitely be from a Aristocrat family, right?" The blue clothed bloodline warrior walked over and asked Xiao Yuemei with a smile.

"I am Long Yuemei from the Ancient Dragon Blood Family of the Northern Region of the Martial Desolate Land!" Xiao Yuemei's voice was cold and her expression arrogant.

This caused many of the bloodline warriors to be moved. If it wasn't for the fact that the Hong Ying Martial King had seen Xiao Yuemei before, he would definitely have been fooled too.

Qin Yun knew that Xiao Yuemei was trying to trick people again!

"This... Is this true? I have never heard of a Dragonblood Family!" Xiong Zixuan was shocked by Xiao Yue Mei's words.

"Believe it or don't!" Xiao Yuemei coldly snorted, her eyes full of contempt as she looked at Xiong Zixuan.

Xiong Zixuan was a Bloodline Warrior of the Spirit realm. Moreover, he could be considered young. But now, he was being looked down upon in such a way. This was something that had never happened before.

Shui Tianzi said in a low voice, "A dragon's bloodline has never been inherited before..."

The other bloodline warriors were also discussing this matter.

At this moment, a powerful aura came out.

He was a Martial King, and a Bloodline Martial King at that!

Everyone also saw a tall and sturdy young man with a tiger waist and a bear back. He wore a mighty battle armor on his body. He slowly flew over and landed beside Xiong Zixuan.

"Father!" Xiong Zixuan quickly shouted, "Have you heard of the Dragon Bloodline Family?"

This bloodline martial king was actually Xiong Zixuan's father. From this, one could see that Xiong Zixuan had a very high status within the Tyrannical Bear Bloodline Family.

"Dragon Bloodline?" The middle-aged man frowned.

Xiong Zixuan looked at Xiao Yuemei and said in a low voice: "This woman, she said she came from the Dragon Bloodline Family!"

Xiao Yuemei laughed coldly: "A bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well! Don't you know that in the Spirit Desolate Land, there are several Dragon Bloodline Family? The reason why the Three Desolate Land does not have a powerful ancient beast's bloodline inheritance is because the spiritual energy in the Three Desolate Land is too weak, so powerful ancient beasts are extremely rare!"

"And dragons are very common in the Spirit Desolate! The dragon in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range came from the spirit desolate lands and our Long family was ordered to subdue this dragon!"

Qin Yun felt like he did not know Xiao Yuemei. He also nearly believed her but thinking of how she was such a swindler, he immediately felt like she was lying.

"I wonder if young lady's seniors are in the Northern Spirit City?" The Xiong Family's young man asked in a hurry, his face full of shock.

"My elders have long gone to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range!" Xiao Yuemei said: "I also heard from my elders that the Immortal Tomb in the Desolate Domain attracted a dragon because of a magical treasure!"

She paused for a moment, then continued, "There are many Nether Realm Heavenly Lions in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. This is also to prevent the dragons from stealing from tombs!"

Qin Yun was alarmed because he had just mastered the Heavenly Lion summoning technique. He could summon the Nether Realm's Heavenly Lion!

He was originally fine and now that he heard Xiao Yue Mei's explanation, he knew that it was the kind of black lion.

The black lion that ran out from the tomb that Jian Xuanzi and the others had opened before was the Nether Realm's Heavenly Lion.

"It seems that we have to enter the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range as soon as possible!" The Xiong Family's Martial King's face was full of anxiety. He took out a Sound Transmission Jade Token and sent it to the other Martial Kings.

Xiong Zixuan asked in a low voice: "Father, does this mean that the Dragonblood Family really exists? Why have I never heard of it?"

The martial king of the Xiong Family said, "There is indeed such clan in the Spirit Desolate land! We didn't expect that the Dragon Bloodline Family actually existed in the Martial Desolate Land. I really don't know when they came to this place!"

Xiao Yuemei laughed coldly: "The Wen Palace is also a Spirit Desolate land power. Because they have taken the initiative and come to the Martial Desolate Land to develop, they are extremely powerful!"

"Our Long Family was only interested in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, so we sent someone to the Martial Desolate land ten thousand years ago!"

Qin Yun really wanted to ask Xiao Yuemei how she knew so many things.

A Martial King was not so easily fooled. Just now, the Xiong Family's Martial King had seriously investigated Xiao Yuemei's aura and felt the aura of the Dragon Martial Spirit. Thus, he believed her.

Xiao Yuemei's Mirror Martial Spirit could copy a large amount of martial spirits. It had her elder sister Xiao Yuelan's purple gold dragon martial spirit. Now that she used this dragon martial spirit, she could indeed deceive many people.

"Miss, may I know what level your Dragon Martial Spirit is? It seems very strong!" The Xiong Family's Martial King inquired.

His question shocked thousands of people present!

Those descendants of the Bloodline Aristocrat Clan all looked towards Xiao Yuemei! A dragon martial spirit was a Heavenly Beast martial spirit, one of the most powerful martial spirits!

"No comment!" Xiao Yuemei said coldly.

Pure Dragon martial spirits were extremely rare and they only had dual-attribute dragon martial spirits like Lu Wudi's Earth Dragon Martial Spirit, which was similar to a pangolin dragon.

The moustache man said, "Get ready to unveil the results! Miss Long, you bet one hundred million just now. If you lose, don't hate our Inscription Palace!"

"A mere 100 million purple coins, what is it worth? If I lost, I lost. I can afford to lose!" Xiao Yuemei coldly looked at him and said: "I am actually afraid that your Inscription Palace will not be able to afford to lose!"

"How is that possible!? Since you are from the Dragon Bloodline Family, you must know the background of our Inscription Palace!" The middle-aged man chuckled and then activated the great formation.

Qin Yun immediately paid close attention to the great array.

At this moment, many people were the same as him. Some of them were nervous as they stared at the vats with rapt attention.

Just like before, Qin Yun used the Penetrating Divine Art to allow his mental power to penetrate the gigantic vat and control the bird to follow the trajectory of the teleportation. It came to a halt at the eighty-eighth vat.

The great array had also stopped. Qin Yun heaved a long sigh as he began to secretly feel excited. He had succeeded!

The moustache man stroked his beard and shouted, "The results are revealed!"

The lid of the vat was opened and the bird flew out of Vat 88!


The uproar from the audience was like a sudden explosion that enveloped the entire square!

"Hahahahahaha... It's over, it's happening again!" Hong Mengshu could not suppress her joy and burst into laughter.

"This fool, he actually guessed right!"

"How did he know?"

"Does he really have the power to predict the future?"

"Maybe he really did it all by luck. He lost a few rounds in a row before!"

The eyes of the disciples from the Bloodline Aristocrat Family were bloodshot because with Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi, they had earned 400 million purple coins!

Even the Martial King Hong Ying and Xiong Family Martial King were astonished. They were all experienced and knowledgeable but they couldn't figure out how Zi Qingcheng's cousin knew the result!

The face of that moustache man from the Inscription Palace turned ugly.

Previously, it could be said that he could see through the vat, knew which vat the bird was in and then place his bet.

But now he had to place his bets first and begin operating the teleportation formation in the large vat. It was impossible to know beforehand!

"I've finally guessed it!" Qin Yun smiled. "That's what gambling is all about. After a few losses, it will definitely be diverted away!"

Everyone recalled how Qin Yun had dissuaded her when Hong Mengshu placed her bet. Clearly, he did not have much confidence, so they were certain that he had made a mistake.

The Inscription Palace was indeed able to afford to lose. Although it was unwilling, it still handed 2.5 billion purple coins to Qin Yun, Zi Qingcheng and the other three women.

"There's a final round left today!" Shui Tianzi was grinning from ear to ear as she kept her eyes squinted.

Both Zi Qingcheng and her were extremely happy. In the past few days, they had amassed several hundred million purple crystal coins. If they won another round, they would earn another five hundred million. That would be one billion!

"Inscription Palace, do you dare to play?" Although Xiao Yuemei's expression was cold, she was overjoyed. She knew that if she were to buy same as Qin Yun, she would definitely be right.

She was also very curious as to how Qin Yun guess it!

Mustache man wiped his sweat and said, "How is that possible!? The sixth round will now begin!"

Their Inscription Palace could lose the purple coins but they felt that they couldn't lose face or momentum, otherwise they would become a laughing stock.

Under the Xiong Family Martial King's order, many Martial Kings arrived one after another. Even Mu Feng had come.

As Mu Feng arrived; he heard that there was a girl from the Dragon Bloodline Family here.

When he saw that it was Xiao Yuemei, he understood what was going on but he did not expose her.

Although Xiao Yuemei did not change her appearance, her current ice-cold posture and the change in her hair style were not easy to recognize.

Mu Feng secretly suspected that Zi Qingcheng's cousin was most likely Qin Yun.


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