Nine Sun God King
Chapter 444
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 444

Qin Yun and company had only just entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range when they encountered the dragon.

"Ever since I broke through, I managed to restrain my aura well. This dragon shouldn't be able to sense my Heavenly Lion's blood, right?" His heart was filled with doubt.

Shui Tianzi cursed under her breath, "Those are the bloodline aristocratic families. The bloodline aura from their bodies has attracted the dragon over!"

"I'll go out and take a look," she said. "You guys wait in the carriage!"

Qin Yun now knew that the dragons were not aimed at him. They were aimed at the martial practitioners of the bloodline aristocratic families.

"Those from the Bloodline Aristocrat Clan, none of them were able to restrain their auras. In the end, they managed to draw the dragon over. Isn't it because they wanted everyone to join hands and kill the dragon?" Shui Tianzi was very unhappy.

Initially, she thought she would be able to travel comfortably to the Immortal Tomb Desolate Domain. But now, she encountered a dragon.

For the sake of safety, she let Little Fruit and Little Dessert travel with old madam Du's cart.

Old Du's side were all warriors of the Xuan Martial Realm. If something happened suddenly, they would be able to handle it.

After hearing the dragon roar, quite a few people ran out of the vehicles to check the situation.

The dragon's roar came from a great distance away. Even if they flew high into the sky, they wouldn't be able to see it.

"Continue moving. Don't be afraid. We have so many Martial Kings. We can even defeat two dragons!" A Bloodline Martial King shouted.

Qin Yun felt that even with so many Martial Kings, they might not be able to subdue that dragon.

Zi Qingcheng also returned to the carriage and continued to drive it forward.

Just like this, a large luxurious carriage majestically traveled through the forest in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

Qin Yun was in a corner with his eyes closed. Through his powerful mental power, he was able to sense the situation outside.

He was also someone who had managed to escape from the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and was quite experienced with it's current situation.

Shui Tianzi and Zi Qingcheng also remained on their guard, their expressions solemn.

In the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, there were many hidden dangers. If one was not careful, it was extremely possible for one to die.

The night passed and the darkness disappeared. The morning sun gradually enveloped the land.

Even though the sun was shining down, the mysterious Cloud Dragon Mountain Range still gave people a sense of dread.

Qin Yun felt that it would be safer at night because he could hide in the darkness at night.

After a night of hurrying, everyone had reached the depths of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

However, there was still some distance between here and the Immortal Graveyard.

Another day passed and the dozens of large carriages suddenly stopped because the ground was shaking slightly!

Soon after, a dragon's roar resounded!

This time, the dragon roar was even clearer, meaning that the dragon was nearby.

"I wonder if they can take that dragon down?" She also knew that the strength of that dragon was extremely high.

The ground began to shake more and more violently.

Qin Yun, who had his eyes closed, suddenly sensed a very familiar aura.

After opening his eyes, he said solemnly, "The Nether Realm Heavenly Lion is nearby!"

"The dragon is coming!" Shouts suddenly came from outside.

A clear dragon's roar suddenly exploded in his ears. The dragon was right in front of him!

Rumble rumble rumble!

A strong wave of energy attacked, sending many carts flying.

Rumbling sounds could be heard from outside as well. Many Martial Kings flew out to fight against that dragon.

Originally, there were several tall mountains nearby but they were all pushed back by the power released by the dragon just now.

Qin Yun and others exited the large carriage, they saw a mighty dragon in the distance. The dozens of Martial Kings surrounding this dragon appeared extremely insignificant.

However, the power of the attacks from the Martial Kings was not weak, causing the earth to tremble. Waves of Qi were like violent gales as they assaulted the surrounding forest.

Many large trees had been uprooted and blown into the air.

"Cousin, we have to be careful!" Qin Yun said with a deep voice, "There's another Nether Realm Heavenly Lion nearby!"

There were also many warriors of the Xuan Martial Realm who came out of the carriage to protect the younger generation and watched the fight in the distance.

At this moment, Qin Yun's expression changed drastically as he shouted with a deep voice, "Cousin, quickly run with me!"

He ran off in a certain direction.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi didn't know what was going on as they hurriedly followed him.


A lion's roar sounded out and a black mist enveloped the forest.

The Nether Realm Heavenly Lion had appeared!

Although this Nether Realm Heavenly Lion wasn't very large, it was able to fight evenly with a dragon.

Many warriors of the Xuan Martial Realm, seeing the strength of the Nether Realm Heavenly Lion, immediately brought their juniors to flee.

"Grandma Du and the others should be fine, right?" He was the first to leave with Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi.

"Don't worry!" At this moment, Zi Qingcheng's countenance was extremely grave.

Shui Tianzi snorted lightly, "It's all the fault of those bastards from the Bloodline Aristocrat Clan. They could not keep a low profile and attracted a dragon and a Nether Realm Heavenly Lion!"

The journey to the immortal tomb wasn't as smooth as everyone thought it would be. Within two days, everyone had been washed away.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi both had a sound transmission jade talisman that allowed them to communicate with Grandma Du. Even if they split up, they would still be able to communicate with each other.

Qin Yun sensed the aura of the Nether Realm Heavenly Lion and did not follow them over. He was also somewhat relieved.

When he felt relieved, he suddenly felt several auras of the Spirit realm.

"It's the bastard from the Bloodline Family!" Shui Tianzi said coldly, "Why are they chasing us?"

Zi Qingcheng was also somewhat angry, "It's Xiong Zixuan and the others!"

Qin Yun and company ran through a dense forest at an extremely fast speed. As for the bloodline warriors behind them, they were even faster.

Those few bloodline warriors were all young warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm. Back then, they had both pursued Shui Tianzi and Zi Qingcheng.

Now that they had come chasing after them in the chaos, they definitely harbored malicious intentions!

"They're coming over, I'll hide first!" Qin Yun said as he jumped up a tree's crown. Then, he used the transparent pearl to make himself transparent.

At this moment, those few Blood Warriors flew over and encircled Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi.

When Qin Yun saw this, he carefully took out the Xuan Royal Cannon!

The Xuan Royal Cannon he forged had a storage space inside it and many cannonballs were stored inside.

Those cannonballs had also been specially forged by him. It was made from a mixture of magical beast cores and a large amount of beast oil.

He had condensed a thousand jin of beast oil into a black ball the size of a fist and then refined it into the core of a spirit beast, producing a very strong explosive power.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi were both wearing tight clothing that made it easy for them to fight. The other Blood Warriors of the Spirit realm were all wearing luxurious clothing.

"Qingcheng, where's your cousin? This fellow had humiliated us miserably!" Xiong Zixuan asked with a cold smile.

"He's with Grandma Du!" Zi Qing said.

Xiong Zixuan laughed out loud. "I just saw him with you two, I didn't expect this fool's speed to be so quick. But it's more or less the same as you!"

Even though Shui Tianzi was usually coquettish and flirtatious, when she was about to fight, her face was still full of power. With a cold expression, she angrily said: "Don't stop us, get out of our way!"

"You two bitches, back then, you played us all in circles. Now that you have a rare opportunity to repay us, how can we let you go so easily?" A burly man grinned evilly.

Zi Qingcheng laughed coldly, "Don't all of you want us to be your cultivation furnaces? Don't think that we don't know your thoughts! "

"Not only back then but even now, you are still my kind-hearted furnaces! I have to say, the women from our Bloodline Aristocrat Clan are all too domineering. It's still better for you ordinary humans to let us play however we want!" A brawny man that was covered in black Qi said while laughing.

There were four Bloodline Warriors. Even if there were only two, they were still not something that Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi could deal with.

"You two bitches, I'll definitely let you see my power, hahahaha..." Xiong Zixuan tore off his clothes, revealing all of his muscles.

At the same time that Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi were infuriated, they were also extremely anxious.

Qin Yun closed his eyes. Through his black Thunder Flame Heavenly Lion martial spirit, he released the power of great Dao!

Suddenly, the surroundings were filled with black gas. The ground was trembling slightly and a black vortex suddenly appeared in the air.

A lion's roar resounded as a ten-meter-long black heavenly lion descended from the sky!

Suddenly, a Nether Realm Heavenly Lion appeared. It's aura was also very scary. This scared the few evil bloodline warriors and caused them to flee.

Qin Yun landed off the tree and retracted his transparent strength. He pulled Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi and jumped onto the back of the Nether Realm Heavenly Lion.

The Nether Realm Heavenly Lion roared and started running in a certain direction.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi were also frightened by the Nether Realm Heavenly Lion just a moment ago. However, in the blink of an eye, they were sitting on the Heavenly Lion's back with Qin Yun.

"Cousin...what's going on with the Nether Realm Heavenly Lion? " Zi Qingcheng was in disbelief. This Heavenly Lion was a real existence.

She knew that Qin Yun had the Heavenly Lion Totem, so she could see a connection between them.

As for Shui Tianzi, she did not know Qin Yun's identity. She only believed that the Nether Realm Heavenly Lion had been subdued by Qin Yun.

"Don't ask too much!" Qin Yun smiled. "This Heavenly Lion isn't very powerful either. However, it's enough to frighten those fellows!"

Shui Tianzi, who had been surrounded by a few bloodline experts, was secretly in despair. Now that she was saved by Qin Yun, she was much happier. She was even caressing Qin Yun insincerely as she ran her hands over his body.

Zi Qingcheng gritted her teeth in anger as she snorted, "Evil Water Spirit, don't do anything to my cousin!"

Shui Tianzi sat on Qin Yun's back as she hugged him from behind. Her fragrant body was pressed tightly against Qin Yun's back as she caressed his body with her jade-like hands.

Qin Yun did not know what he had to touch. However, the warm, jade-like hands that pressed against his body made him feel rather comfortable.

"I like him, I'll touch him, what's wrong?" Shui Tianzi said with a delicate smile.

Qin Yun suddenly said with a deep voice, "Those few fellows are chasing us! They realized that this Heavenly Lion is not very strong and they chased after it."

Finishing his words, he called the Heavenly Lion back to the Nether Realm before quickly pulling the two women and using the Penetration Divine Technique to penetrate a mountain in front of them.

There was a karst cave inside. When Qin Yun came to the karst cave, he hurriedly retracted the power of the Penetration Divine Art.

His face was somewhat pale. Bringing two people along with him to use the Divine art had consumed a tremendous amount of energy.

"We'll deal with them at night!" After saying that, Qin Yun sat on the ground to rest.


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