Nine Sun God King
Chapter 455
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 455

Qin Yun and company could truly be at ease.

After all, even the Ghost Suppression Xuan Talisman had a huge effect on the Ghost King, not to mention the Ghost Suppression Dao Talisman!

Zi Qingcheng said, "Supervisor Mu, you're the strongest. You should walk in the front!"

Mu Feng held the Dao talisman. "Don't worry, I'm not afraid at all right now! With this thing, let's see how I'll beat up those Ghost Kings!"

With that, he quickly ran out.

Although he was a bit fat, he was very agile.

Qin Yun and Zi Qingcheng followed him out.

Zi Qing Qing and Shui Tianzi felt a lot more at ease with their Dao Artifact level swords in their hands.

After they left, many ghost beasts pounced on them.

Ghost beasts were all shaped like monsters, a mixture of all kinds of beasts. Some of the ghost beasts had heads and eyes on their backs.

The ghost beasts in the shape of monsters were also very powerful. Some of them were also very large in size.

The ghost beasts that had pounced over were repelled by the powers of the Dao talismans the moment they approached Qin Yun and company. They were unable to approach them.

"I need the Soul Essence, just give me the Soul Essence!" Wu Mingxu shouted from the lobby.

Qin Yun even planned to take the opportunity to obtain some of the Ghost King's Soul Essence for himself.

But Wu Mingxu only wanted the Ghost King's Soul Essence, he didn't want anything else.

Mu Feng pointed at a humanoid ghost beast and said, "That guy is the Ghost King! I never thought that they would turn into human bodies after eating humans!"

After saying that, he took out a long blade and flew over.

The Ghost King also rushed over. While attacking, it suddenly felt the power of the Ghost Suppression Talisman and hurriedly fled in fear.

However, Mu Feng was very fast. With a slash of his saber, the Ghost King was split into two.

"Qin Yun, all of you must draw the power of the Ghost Suppression Talismans into your weapons to attack!" Mu Feng shouted.

When Qin Yun and company heard it, they immediately did as he said and charged at the horde of ghost beasts.

The energy they released from their weapons contained the power to suppress ghosts. After flying out, they chopped many ghost beasts into many pieces.

Mu Feng attacked until he killed a Ghost King. After obtaining the Soul Essence, he was very happy: "The equipment is great!"

He was a Xuan Inscription Master but he was also deeply moved by the power of this kind of Ghost Suppression Talisman. He felt that in the future, he would be able to rely on this talisman to kill ghosts.

As far as Mu Feng was concerned, the biggest reward from this trip should be this Ghost Suppression Talisman.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi were also fighting to their hearts' content.

Let alone the Ghost King, even some of the stronger Ghost Beasts were not something they could deal with.

But now, they could slaughter these powerful ghost beasts as easily as cutting grass.

Mu Feng chased after the nearby Ghost King. As for Qin Yun and Zi Qingcheng, they killed a few Xuan level Ghost Beasts to obtain their Xuan level soul essence.

Mu Feng happily killed. This was because these Ghost Kings were existences that even Martial Kings were afraid of. But now, they were weak chickens in his eyes.

He was originally bored but now that he had this matter to ease his boredom, he was naturally very happy.

After two hours, the number of Ghost Kings and Ghost Beasts outside had decreased. Furthermore, it was encircling the flame. It was Mu Feng who had released the scorching flame to burn the corpse of the Ghost Beast.

Mu Fengxiao had killed a total of more than ten Ghost Kings, while Qin Yun and company had killed a hundred Xuan Level Ghost Beasts. They had obtained more than a hundred Xuan Level Soul Essences.

Wu Mingxu was very satisfied as he received the dozen or so Ghost King's Soul Essences. He smiled and said, "Not bad, not bad!"

He quickly absorbed the energy of the Soul Essence.

Wu Mingxu could absorb a lot of energy and his speed was also very fast. This made them wonder what his martial spirit was.

"Continue! It's not enough, there should be many Ghost Kings outside!" Wu Mingxu smiled and said, "In the future, I will give you some Ghost Suppression Runes as compensation!"

Mu Feng replied with a smile, "Senior, you're too polite. I will go and kill the Ghost Kings now!"

"Qin Yun, there's no need to go! Rest well. After all, that fatty is at the Xuan Martial Realm and he's a Bloodline Warrior. You guys are not his match!" Wu Mingxu smiled.

There weren't many ghost beasts left outside the gate. If he wanted to kill more ghost beasts, he could only go to the lake and lure them out.

Mu Feng was at the Xuan Martial Realm and had decent strength. Now that he had the help of the Ghost Suppression Talisman, he would be fine even if he was surrounded and attacked by a few Ghost Kings.

Shui Tianzi laughed lightly and asked: "Senior Wu, that fatty is a Xuan Inscription Master, he has a very high status in the Inscription Palace! I never thought that there would be a bloodline warrior in the Inscription Palace!"

Wu Mingxu said, "The Inscription Palace is a very powerful force in the spirit desolate land! Back then, when they were building the immortal tomb in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, the Inscription Palace had provided many Inscription Masters as well as quite a few ingredients! They can also be considered a great participant!"

"Of course. Most of the people who participated in the trial were fine at the back because they did not directly enter the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range! On the other hand, those of us who know the location of the main tomb, would be trapped to death here after the Immortal Graveyard has been built!"

Qin Yun said, "Senior, all of you should be very powerful forces but you are actually unable to contend against them? Just what kind of power is that?"

Wu Mingxu took a deep breath and said, "There's a very ancient legend. I wonder if you've heard it! It means that in the mysterious and ancient God Desolate land, there are nine powerful sects and each sect controls the power of one sun!"

Qin Yun looked at Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi and shook his head blankly.

They had never heard of it.

Wu Mingxu was slightly surprised as he said, "Many people knew of this legend in the past but now, it has been lost! It seems that the nine sects are trying to conceal their existence!"

"These nine sects are also known as the Nine Suns Sect! Legend has it that these nine sects are extremely powerful and can build palaces on the Sun!"

"This may be a bit outrageous but the Nine Suns Sect does exist! Using these nine sects as the starting point, various martial cultivation methods and techniques were passed down. They passed them down to the Sacred Desolate land, the Immortal Desolate land, the Spirit Desolate land....In the Spirit Desolate land and the Immortal Desolate land, there are many sects or aristocratic families that are related to the nine Nine Suns Sects!"

Wu Mingxu looked at the astonished Qin Yun and continued, "The Inscription Palace is one of them! In the Magical Desolate land, Beast Desolate land, Martial Desolate and Demon Desolate land, they must also be using the inheritance of the Nine Suns Sect or other inheritance family. Their ability is formidable."

"But you all don't seem to have heard of it. This means that for some reason, they have all hidden themselves. Back then, they were also in charge of building these Immortal Tombs with us. However, they were fine and we were all used to accompany the dead."

Qin Yun suddenly thought of Sun Soul!

According to what Wu Mingxu had said, the nine sects must have known that the Sun Soul had fallen into the Nine Desolate Land. If that was the case, then they must be the ones searching for the Sun Soul.

They must have used their strongest powers to search for it!

Now, because the Martial Desolate Land had restricted enterance, they could only search through the Inscription Palace here!

"Senior Wu, I wonder if you've heard of it before? An ancient garden?" Qin Yun suddenly asked.

"Of course I've heard of it! There are a total of nine ancient gardens and each ancient garden is very special. I heard that there is a special relationship between the Ancient Garden and the Sun Soul. The Nine Suns and the Ancient Garden have established a very close relationship in order to maintain the circulation of the sun, moon and stars!" Wu Mingxu said.

Qin Yun hurriedly mentioned the matter of him entering an ancient garden.

After Wu Mingxu finished listening, he said with a grave expression, "It looks like the Sun Soul hasn't been found in that ancient garden! When the Sun Soul falls into an ancient garden, it will cause an ancient garden to produce a special defense to prevent people with high cultivation from entering, so as to prevent them from being disturbed!"

After Qin Yun, Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi heard this, they fell into deep thought in surprise.

Especially Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi, they didn't expect such a powerful existence to exist in that ancient garden.

"What exactly is a Sun Soul like?" Qin Yun thought of the Sun Soul from the second pearl of the Nine Yang Spirit. It was a gigantic pearl.

Wu Mingxu said, "I'm not sure either. In short, all Sun Souls have their own wisdom! They only left the Nine Suns when they sensed danger! Legend has it that they all took the form of beasts!"

"It's not easy to obtain! If you enter that ancient garden with a maximum of the 3rd level of the Martial Dao Realm, you will never be able to obtain a Sun Soul!"

Qin Yun suddenly felt that the Sun Soul he had obtained was a beast egg!

At that moment, a door opened and someone came out.

Coincidentally, the other doors also opened. There were a total of six Martial Kings. Four of them were Bloodline Martial Kings and the other two were Totem Pavilion Martial Kings.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi hurriedly surrounded Qin Yun to protect him.

Although Wu Mingxu was here, they were secretly worried. After all, they were a few very powerful Martial Kings.

"You guys are still alive!" An injured Bloodline Martial King, upon seeing them, coldly said, "That's fine too. This way, we can personally kill you!"

All these Martial Kings hated that fool to the bones.

They were trapped here because the minotaur was killed. Otherwise, even if they couldn't get the treasures from the immortal tomb, they would still be able to escape safely.

But now, if they wanted to return, they would have to engage in a battle with the Ghost King outside. It was extremely likely that they would die outside.

"You bunch of old bastards, you're all injured? It must be great! Let me tell you, Master Wang's group of people are already dead and all of you Martial Kings will die here." Qin Yun said with a laugh.

"Damned fool, you're courting death!" A Bloodline Martial King charged at Qin Yun. As he passed by Wu Mingxu, he saw Wu Mingxu extend his hand and take out the Bloodline Martial King's Dao-Core.

The Bloodline Martial King had never expected such a thing to happen. He held his bleeding abdomen and retreated. His face was filled with fear as he looked at the core in Wu Mingxu's hand.

After Wu Mingxu grabbed the core, he began to absorb the energy within it.

The other Martial Kings were also stunned on the spot. A wave of fear suddenly surged through their hearts!

The strength of a Bloodline Martial King was not weak. Even if he was injured, his dao core would not be able to be taken out all of a sudden.

"Who are you? Give me back my Dao core!!" After the Martial King finished speaking, he saw that his Dao Core had suddenly turned dull and then shattered into dust.

The energy inside was instantly devoured!

"I'm the one who specializes in dealing with people like you!" Wu Mingxu slowly stood up and smiled


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