Nine Sun God King
Chapter 500
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 500

Many of the pharmacists in the hall started to complain.

"These women from the Three Moon Sect are very picky. If I accidentally kill their medicinal plants, they might even scold us!"

"Yes, although they are all women, their tempers are not good at all. They often argue with each other and being together with them is the most annoying!"

"It will be quite difficult to cure these seedlings. When the time comes, I will have to put in a lot of effort!"

The person in charge smiled and said, "Everyone, only the top 20 who have managed to cure the greatest number of seedlings can enter the next round of the examination! The competition is very cruel, you have all paid one hundred million purple coins, so you must work hard!"

Everyone sighed and had no choice but to brace themselves and take the test.

Qin Yun and the hundred or so farmers followed the person in charge and arrived at the spacious lobby on the second level.

Upon entering, they felt killing intents!

The great hall that could accommodate thousands of people, had actually become extremely cold because of the murderous auras colliding!

Qin Yun finally understood what the medicinal farmers were complaining about. The women from the three Moon sects were all hostile to each other.

Although they were standing at a distance of over ten meters away from each other, they were still clashing against each other.

The person in charge felt the pressure, and said slowly: "Fellow fairies, this is our examination's medicine farmers, they will be responsible for the treatment of the medicinal seedlings! Take out the herbs and place them in front of us and also tell them in detail what the reason was for the seedling to wither up!"

The female disciples of the Nether Moon Palace were all wearing white dresses. All of the female disciples of Fire Moon City wore red dresses, while the female disciples of Demon Moon Island wore pink dresses.

These three Moon Sects could be considered very powerful sects in the Spirit Desolate.

These female disciples had extremely cold expressions due to the presence of hostile forces. It was as though they could kill at any moment, scaring Qin Yun and the rest of the medicinal farmers into being extremely cautious.

On each side, there were around ten female disciples. They took out many medicinal plants and placed them on a piece of animal skin.

"A medicinal herb as good as the Xuan Yuan Purple Flower was actually killed by your Nether Moon Palace. You guys are really capable!" A woman from Fire Moon City ridiculed.

The faces of the female disciples of the Nether Moon Palace sank. Their eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Qin Yun hurriedly walked over and picked up the Xuan Yuan purple flower. He said, "The spirit root in this Xuan Yuan purple flower has been damaged. It should have been innately caused but it can be treated and revived!"

An oval-faced, long-braided woman from the Nether Moon Palace immediately revealed a happy expression and said, "That's right! That's the main reason. Some people don't even know what the situation is."

Qin Yun held the withered Xuan Yuan Purple Flower tightly. Using the tree totem, he transformed the tree totem's power into a special type of Dao Energy that he infused into the purple flower.

Not long after, the withered purple flower gradually came to life. It bloomed anew and it's spirit root had been repaired by Qin Yun.

He had learned it from Feng Honglan and Yuan Yanying, so he had a certain level of foundation.

Feng Honglan and Yuan Yanying were both in Nether Moon Palace and should be responsible for growing medicinal ingredients.

Qin Yun found it somewhat strange because with their abilities, they would definitely be able to cure the withered medicines.

"Little Brother, you're so awesome. You got it all done in one go!" The long braided woman said in surprise.

At this time, a man in a green robe, who had just walked up the stairs, sneered with a folding fan in his hand: "It's just a little trick!"

Upon seeing this man, many of the old medicine farmers respectfully walked over to pay their respects.

"Sir Liu, I heard that you just stepped into the ninth stage of martial dao and defeated the tenth ranked disciple of the Wood Star Palace. You are really amazing!"

"As expected of the eldest grandson of the Great Elder of the Wood Star Palace. He is truly talented!"

"Mister Liu, you have a red variant Martial Spirit and your healing ability is even better. No one of the same generation can beat you!"

When the women from the three Moon Sects saw that Liu Chongsheng had arrived, their murderous aura also disappeared.

From this, it could be seen that Liu Chongsheng had some ability!

Liu Chongsheng's handsome face was full of pride as he smiled proudly and said: "You are all here to take the test to become medicine farmer right? This is indeed the only way to enter the Medicine Immortal Valley. However, if you enter, you will only be a medicine farmer for the rest of your life!"

"As for me, I'm an outer disciple of the Medicine Immortal Valley. It won't be long before I become a main disciple!"

He saw these medicinal farmers fighting for a spot in the Medicine Immortal Valley. A sense of superiority involuntarily arose within him.

Qin Yun looked at Liu Chongsheng before treating the withered seedling seriously.

He had three jade boxes, each containing a medicinal herb that had been cured. Since the three Moon Sects was here for treatment, it would be easier to return later to each of them.

In just a short time, he had already cured more than ten medicines.

"Junior sisters and senior sisters, you came without telling me. I would have sent someone to entertain you!" Liu Chongsheng smiled and said.

"We were in a hurry, so we came straight here!" A woman from Demon Moon Island spoke in a neither cold nor hot voice.

For some unknown reason, the female disciples of the three Months Sect actually did not give Liu Chongsheng a good look. However, the murderous aura on their body was restrained.

When the other medicine farmers saw how many seedlings Qin Yun had revived, they came over one after another. They rushed to revive the seedlings. They only had two hours!

Liu Chongsheng saw that these girls did not give him any face. He was also a bit angry but he did not flare up.

At this time, many youths dressed in luxurious clothing also arrived. They seemed to have specially come here to see the ladies of the three Moon Sects.

This was because the beauty of the female disciples of the Moon Sects was extremely famous.

Of course, the reason why they approached the female disciples of the Moon Sect was to cultivate a cultivation technique together with them.

"Old Yellow, who is this young man? He's quite skilled in healing medicinal herbs!" Liu Chongsheng said.

"His name is Qin Yun. I'm not sure of his background. In short, he's quite a good person. He is very courteous!" The old man who was called Lao Huang was the person in charge here. He hurriedly answered Liu Chongsheng's question.

"Qin Yun?" Liu Chongsheng recited the name and then looked at his group of friends. They all shook their heads as they had never heard of this name before.

When Qin Yun saw that they had never heard of him, he felt a lot more relieved.

In next to no time, two hours had passed.

Qin Yun had healed the most of the mystical pills seedlings. There were more than ninety of them in total, and they were ranked first!

"Brother Qin Yun, you sure have the skills to revive the Xuan medicine seedlings. Furthermore, you are at the ninth level of the Martial Dao at such a young age. Are you interested in becoming a medicine farmer in our Demon Moon Island? We will definitely not be a worse place than Medicine Immortal Valley!" A charming young woman in a pink dress asked with a coquettish smile.

Hearing this, everyone was moved. Demon Moon Island never allowed men to enter!

When Qin Yun heard the astonished discussions of the crowd, he said with a dry laugh, "Sister, Demon Moon Island does not accept men! Don't make fun of me!"

"It's not like I'm letting you get on the island. You can raise plants on the small island near our Demon Moon Island!" The charming woman chuckled and said, "Don't give us excuse. Follow us back!"

The oval-faced girl from the Nether Moon Palace was cold, she said with a laugh, "The people of Demon Moon Island are all demoness! Little brother, after you go, they will definitely eat you to the point where not even your bones will remain!"

"Little brother, you should come to our Nether Moon Palace! Cultivating profound medicine at the bottom of the Nether Moon Mountain is the best!"

"Come to our Fire Moon City! Whatever condition you have will be accepted!" The red dressed woman from Fire Moon City also quickly shouted.

Qin Yun was immediately thrown into a state of confusion. These women were actually fighting over him.

Those medicine farmers were also a little envious. After all, the treatment of the three Moon Sects was really good and he would even able to get close to many beauties.

Especially those young elites like Liu Chongsheng, who were the most envious of them all. This was because none of the female disciples in the sect really looked at them directly.

"He cured more than 90 Xuan medicine seedlings in two hours. It's considered normal! I can cure more, it's nothing! I don't understand, what is there to fight for!" Liu Chongsheng said in a sour tone.

"If you want to be a pharmacist, we'll take you in too! But you, Young Master Liu, are an outer disciple of the Medicine Immortal Valley!" The charming woman from Demon Moon Island spoke with a trace of ridicule.

Qin Yun said, "Thank you everyone for thinking so highly of me! I have already decided to enter the Medicine Immortal Valley to be a medicine farmer, so I can only apologize! "

"He doesn't have any ambition at all, all he wants is to be a medicine farmer!" Liu Chongsheng ridiculed, "Relax, if you really enter the Medicine Immortal Valley, I will take good care of you!"

When the women of the Three Moons Sect saw this, they knew that Qin Yun would be in trouble in the future when he entered the Medicine Immortal Valley. They were even more determined to rope in Qin Yun so that he could be their medicine farmer.

However, they were rejected by Qin Yun in the end!

Liu Chongsheng gave old yellow a meaningful glance as he did not know what Old Yellow was planning to do.

"At the start of the second round, there are still healing Xuan medicines. But this time, they are a bit harder to cure!" As Old Yellow spoke, he took out twenty boxes, which were filled with black colored Xuan medicines.

"All of them are Xuan medicine seedlings that have been contaminated with venom!" Old Yellow said, "The five who are the first to cure can proceed with the next round!"

Qin Yun immediately took a box and began working.

As for the female disciples of the three Moons Sects, Liu Chongsheng and company, they remained where they were. It was obvious that they wanted to see if this young man named Qin Yun could become a medicine farmer of the Medicine Immortal Valley!

Qin Yun quickly eliminated the poison within the pearl black ginseng. Furthermore, it quickly restored it's golden color. Soon, it was cured.

This caused the female disciples of the Moon Sect to cry out in alarm!

Liu Chongsheng was also somewhat surprised as this was too fast. Even if it was him, it would still take at least an hour!

The crowd waited for over two hours. Finally, a fifth person was successful in curing and another batch was eliminated.

Next was the final round!

"The final round will be difficult. Each of you will have a seed in your hand. Whoever makes the seed sprout the fastest will get the qualifications to become a medicine farmer in Medicine Immortal Valley!" Old Yellow handed Qin Yun and company a black seed.

When Liu Chongsheng saw the seed, a proud smile flashed across his face!

Qin Yun took the seed and felt that it was dead. There was not a trace of life inside it!

"Motherfucker, I've been set up!"

Qin Yun was inwardly furious. From the beginning to the end, he did not say a single word to Liu Chongsheng. However, the other party was still jealous.

The female disciples from the three Moons Sect could tell that something was amiss with Qin Yun's expression and guessed that there was a problem with the seed. They felt somewhat guilty.

They knew very well that it was because they were competing for Qin Yun that Liu Chongsheng was so jealous.

(TL NOTE : I feel ashamed to translate such garbage chapter....but i am sure the author never felt a little bit of shame because the more garbage he writes the more he gets paid. It is quantity over quality.)


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