Nine Sun God King
Chapter 513
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 513

The head that rolled down was a sinister old face that was filled with fear.

Someone recognized the head of the Lu Family's Martial Master!

"Qin Yun has killed the Martial Master of the Lu family!"

The crowd burst into an uproar!

Yang Haipeng looked at the distant Qin Yun and felt infuriated. He had been splashed to the point that his face was covered in blood!

"Qin Yun, get the hell over here!"

Yang Haipeng's angry voice had just fallen when a black figure flashed over!

Qin Yun was coming over. His speed was as fast as lightning!


With a crisp sound, Yang Haipeng was also sent tumbling through the air!

Qin Yun went over and sent Yang Haipeng flying with a slap!

"How dare you!"

The Yang Family's Martial Master was instantly enraged and quickly flew over.

Qin Yun clenched his Dao weapon tightly and slashed furiously at the incoming Martial Master!

Hiss hiss!

The black saber Qi jumped out chaotically like a dancing lightning bolt and jumped towards the Yang Family's Martial Master!

The Yang Family's Martial Master felt the terrifying saber Qi and quickly dodged it. However, his face was still cut by the saber Qi!

This Martial Master from the Yang family had entered the Spirit realm at the age of ten. His strength was definitely not weak!

But now, he had been turned into a huge kitten by Qin Yun's Dao Artifact!

Qin Yun hurriedly hugged Tian Ruoleng on the ground!

However, the Tian Clan, the Long Clan and the Yang Clan, altogether eight elderly martial masters had surrounded Qin Yun!

"Qin Yun, don't even think of escaping!"

The Yang Family's martial master, whose face was covered in blood, roared in anger.

They did not dare to approach Qin Yun too closely!

The head of that Martial Master from the Lu Clan was still on the ground. His eyes were wide open and he died with grievance!

Qin Yun relied on a Dao artifact to kill a Martial Master of the Spirit Martial realm with a cultivation of ninth level marital dao.

This startled many of the martial artists present!

"Ruoleng, take out your Dao tool!" Qin Yun said slowly as he looked at the people surrounding him.

Tian Ruoleng took out the Dao tool Saber Qin Yun had given her.

After receiving it, Qin Yun threw it far into the distance!

"Aren't you all after the dao tool? Go and snatch it!"

As he spoke, he tossed out a second Dao Tool and in the blink of an eye, flew off into the distance.

The eight martial masters that had surrounded Qin Yun earlier were astonished. At the same time, they leaped forward and chased after the two flying artifacts.

Everyone was stunned!

Qin Yun had actually handed the two artifacts over so easily!

"Ruoleng, are you stupid? Don't you know how to return to the city to hide?"

Qin Yun took out a Light Talisman and placed it on Tian Ruoleng's chest. He sighed lightly with pain in his heart.

"I'm worried that they will chase you down!" When Tian Ruoleng saw Qin Yun return, she felt a lot more at ease.

Qin Yun hugged her ran towards the city gate.

However, Yang Haipeng, who had just been slapped, stood in front of Qin Yun, blocking his path!

"Qin Yun, you also have a Dao artifact armor, right?" Yang Haipeng coldly said, "Hand over the Dao Protector and cripple the hand you hit me with and I'll write it off!"

With Tian Ruoleng on his back, Qin Yun suddenly charged at Yang Haipeng!

He used all his strength to activate the Dragon Resisting Boots on his feet. His speed was extremely fast!

When Yang Haipeng saw Qin Yun charging over, he was alarmed and wanted to dodge..


Another crisp sound!

Yang Haipeng didn't have time to dodge. He only felt a burning pain on the other side of his face and his ears were ringing.

He was once again sent flying, heavily crashing into the ground.

"Trash, you're not even worthy of a Dao item!"

Qin Yun's voice was filled with scorn. The moment he said those two words, he came closer.

Yang Haipeng was suddenly smashed down.

Wearing dragon resisting boots, he strenuously stomped his foot down on Yang Haipeng's stomach!


Yang Haipeng let out a miserable scream. The blood in his mouth was like a fountain, gushing out along with his miserable cries.

Yang Haipeng was a disciple of one of the five great Star sects, Star Mountain Island!

Yet, he had been reduced to such a miserable state by Qin Yun!

"Disciples of the Five Great Stars Sect? What a bunch of trash!"

With a powerful kick, Qin Yun sent Yang Haipeng flying in front of Long Yuanwei.

He looked at Long Yuanwei and said coldly: "When you see Liu Chongsheng, let him seize every opportunity to enjoy his life. He swindled me for one hundred million purple coins, I want him to repay me with his life!"

"Long Yuanwei, you are a disciple of the Wood Star Palace, right? Go back and tell the people from the Wood Star Palace that one day, I, Qin Yun, will flatten them!"

Qin Yun's cold words that were filled with might filled with killing intent made everyone draw a gasp!

Qin Yun walked through the city gates with Tian Ruoleng his back and handed her to Yue Wulan!

He waved his hand towards the distant sky outside the city and with a whoosh, the two Dao tools flew back!

The group of warriors at the Spirit realm also quickly chased after him!

"In order to obtain the Dao Artifact, you guys are putting on a show! If you guys can learn how to bark, I can really give you guys the Dao Artifact! "

Qin Yun kept the Dao tools that had flown back and mocked the group of martial arts masters.

Qin Yun, who was at the ninth level of the martial dao cultivation, possessed extremely powerful mind. He was able to execute the Imperial Spirit Art and control objects from far away, make them fly.

Those few Martial Masters were indeed like dogs to him; they scurried about like dogs.

This Martial Master from a few of the aristocratic families was instantly angered to the point that their face turned green!

When the crowd saw their expressions, they all laughed in their hearts.

"Qin Yun, you can be considered a talent but you won't live for long!"

The Long Clan's middle aged Martial Master shouted in fury and fiercely charged into the city!

The fierce aura of the Spirit Martial Realm caused a strong wind to blow, causing a fierce wind to blow in the city!

"Qin Yun, I'll cripple you!" The Long family's Martial Master raised his palm and struck at Qin Yun's head.

At the same time, the Yang and Tian Families' martial masters rushed into the city. They punched at Qin Yun!


From the distance, a muffled shout suddenly resounded!

A cold light flashed and a long saber flew out, piercing into the Long family Martial Master's palm!

After the Martial Master's hand was stabbed, he let out a scream and was sent flying by the powerful saber!

Qin Yun's body was also struck by a chaotic punch!

"Ahhhhh!!!" With an angry roar, he swung his blade.

With a 'shua' sound, the saber Qi shot out!

A few Martial Masters were unable to dodge in time and a deep wound appeared on their bodies, causing them to bleed profusely!

The Dao broadsword was too overbearing!

A Martial Master at the Spirit realm could not withstand it at all!

The city gate was thrown into chaos, a chaotic battle was about to break out!

However, it soon stopped.

Because a man in black appeared here!

The black-robed man's eyes were as sharp as blades as they slightly caved in. His expression was cold as a powerful aura surged out from his body, filling him with power.

That square face was carved with some black markings and it gave him a lot of power!

The black-robed man opened his eyes and looked at the Martial Master from the Long Clan. Then, he withdrew his saber!

It was him, who had released the saber just now to pierce the Long family's Martial Master's palm!

It was he who had forced back those few Martial Masters!

"Who are you?" The Long family's Martial Master looked at his bleeding hand and roared in anger.

"Saber Sword Villa, Saber Hall Master, Xiong Dao!"

Xiong Dao raised his head slightly and looked at the few Martial Masters. He slowly said, "You...give me your hands, I will cut them off!"

The surrounding crowd went into an uproar!

"You, on what basis? Are you trying to offend our three great families?" The Yang Family's Martial Master disdainfully said.

Just as he finished speaking, everyone heard a "pa" sound!

The Xiong Dao had actually used the saber to slap the Yang Family Martial Master!

"I can kill you!"

Xiong Dao's face darkened and he waved his saber again!

With a 'shua' sound, the Yang Family Martial Master's arm was chopped off.

The speed of Xiong Dao was as fast as lightning. The saber style was very ordinary. It was not the least bit gorgeous!

It was just a casual chop but it was almost impossible to block.

With a few swishes, he quickly chopped off the arms of the Martial Masters as if he was chopping firewood!

"This is the result of attacking someone in Saber Sword City!" The cold tone of the sword was full of contempt, "Your so-called powerful clans are actually so trashy. No wonder you are so eager to enter the Five Great Stars Sect and the Immortal sects!"

Everyone took a deep breath of cold air!

This Xiong Dao was the Hall Master of the Saber Hall. If he chopped off the arms of these people, it would mean that he would become enemies with three of the five great family clans!

A Martial Master whose arm had been chopped off was enraged to the extreme.

However, he also felt fear towards the strength of Xiong Dao and quickly retreated out of the city gate.

They knew very well that if they continued to stay here, it was highly likely that they would be killed!

Qin Yun never expected that their Hall Master would be such a person.

At this moment, Tian Ruoleng was completely relieved.

The group of Martial Masters did not leave. Instead, they stood outside the city gates and looked indignantly at Xiong Dao and Qin Yun!

"Qin Yun, you coward. Just you wait!"

Right now, only Long Yuanwei looked more spirited, so of course he had to say some ruthless words.

Otherwise, the Long family would be completely looked down upon!

"You say I'm a coward? Are you trying to provoke me to fight you?" Qin Yun found it laughable. As he walked out of the city, he was not afraid of Long Yuanwei at all.

The warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm, who had lost their arms, did not dare to move recklessly.

"When I was fighting against Tian Ruoleng earlier, I suffered severe injuries! Otherwise, I would definitely fight you and kill you, you bastard!" Long Yuwei let out a snort.

"Qin Yun, Saber Hall, our Long family will not let this go easily. Just you wait!" The Martial Masters of the Long Clan looked at the severed arm in the distance and did not dare to retrieve it.

"If your Long family has the guts to come, then I, Xiong Dao, will accompany you anytime!" Xiong Dao waved his hand and sent the broken arms flying.

They picked up their severed arms and were about to leave when they heard Qin Yun shout, "Wait!"

"Long Yuanwei, did you use a concealed weapon in your fight with Tian Ruoleng?" Qin Yun asked coldly.

"No!" Of course, Long Yuanwei wouldn't admit it.

"Long Yuanwei! You are not allowed to leave!" Qin Yun's expression turned increasingly grim.

Long Yuanwei sneered: "What? Are you going to challenge me? But I can't fight right now, do you want to take advantage of me? After all, you are not a good person to begin with."

"I'll let you hit me three times! If I fall; I lose, the Dao Artifact will be yours! If you do not defeat me, then you will have to cripple your Dao cores!"

As Qin Yun spoke, he took off his Dao Protector Armor.

Long Yuanwei looked at Qin Yun's naked body as he clenched his fists tightly. Then, he turned to look at his Long family's martial master.

The Martial Master slowly nodded his head.

"Alright!" Long Yuanwei's current strength was still very strong.

After recovering Tian Ruoleng frowned slightly.

Yue Wulan also felt that something was amiss because everyone could see that Long Yuanwei was not heavily injured.

"Hall Master, hurry up and persuade Qin Yun to come back!" Yue Wulan shouted at Xiong Dao.


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