Nine Sun God King
Chapter 538
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 538

When he heard the bet, the bald man was slightly angry and said, "I don't feel like competing with you."

"HAHA..marrying Liu Jingmeng to me is the best option. In the Immortal Weapon city there is no one who is worthy of her. If she were to be defiled; you will regret it!" Long Yuetao said with a sneer.

This made the bald man even more angry, she looked at Liu Jingmeng and said softly "Meng meng, let's leave. We will not compete with him."

"Why don't we do this way : if you win not only will you be able to open a branch in North district, we Norther Inscription Hall will also close down for a year. How about it?"

Long Yuetao spoke again, it was clearly he was hellbent on getting his hands on Liu Jingmeng.

"You can make such decision?" the bald man asked coldly.

The crowd was watching quietly beside them. But in their heart they felt that some tricks are at play here.

Long Yuetao entered Medicine Immortal valley ten or more years ago. Back then he acquired quite a fame.

Even after ten years; people still remembered the incident.

A person suddenly came out of the crowd laughing : "Baldie my son can definitely make that decision. Liu Jingmeng is in Immortal Weapon City, my son is in Medicine Immortal Valley, more over they are both young Spirit Martial realm Xuan Inscription Masters. They are perfect match right?"

"If you lose, you granddaughter can marry my son, where is the loss in that?"

This man was wearing golden robes too. His robe had dragon patterns and his face was alike to Long Yuetao.

Mu Feng told Qin Yun in a low voice : "This is the north palace hall's chief director Long Quan and one of the youngest chief directors too."

After hearing about the marriage condition, Liu Jingmeng creased her willow eyebrow, her face full of unwillingness.

"We don't agree!" the bald man loved his granddaughter very much and promptly refused again.

"Baldie, isn't your granddaughter really good? but unexpectedly you don't dare? this will make your western inscription hall to be laughed at." Long Quan said mockingly as he laughed.

"No wonder your west inscription hall is such a good for nothing place. It is filled with cowards. You deserve to be the worst among all palace halls." Long Yuetao said mockingly : "Baldie, you really are a coward."

The usual shy and bashful Liu Jingmeng suddenly shouted very loudly : "You scoundrel! You are not allowed to insult my grandfather! I will never marry a scoundrel like you and I will also never lose to a scroundrel like you!"

"HAHA!! Come on, come one!! I am afraid your grandfather will not let you!" Long Yuetao laughed loudly.

"Meng meng, don't be incited by him, don't!!" the bald man was very rational and calm in this kind of situation.

At this time Qin Yun squeezed out of the crowd and arrived in the competition area.

Jian Lang, Yue Wulan and Tian Ruoleng were all astonished to see Qin Yun appear.

Jian Lang wanted to pull Qin Yun back but was one step slower.

"Long Yuetao, don't bully little girls, I will compete with you." Qin Yun said.

"What thing are you? Also, trying to compete with me?" Long Yuetao coldly glanced at Qin Yun and said disdainfully.

"I am not some thing, I am Qin Yun! I have also killed some of your Long family people, you don't think I can compete?" Qin Yun laughed indifferently.

This made everyone take a deep breath.

Saber Sword Villa's current influential figure has finally emerged!

"Is this Qin Yun? Sure enough, he is really arrogant!"

"He killed elders of Long family, captured a Martial Monarch of Yang family and even dare to be insolent here!"

"Saber Sword Villa's villa master is here, so he is naturally fearless!"

Everyone was talking in low voice, Yang Qiongjin also walked over.

"Qin Yun, quickly release my son, the Yang family member you captured!" Yang Qioingjin shouted angrily.

"He tried to kill me, there is no way I will release him. Unless of course you can guarantee that he won't try to kill me!" Qin Yun, unafraid of Yang Qioingjin, replied calmly.

At this time, villa master Chu Binyu also naturally came forward to protect Qin Yun.

Long Yuetao was also secretly alarmed, he did not expect Qin Yun to appear here.

He had a good relationship with Liu Chongsheng in Medicine Immortal Villa and naturally knew about Qin Yun.

"Yang family member, wait for me and this Long family genius to finish out business. You wait by the side." Qin Yun finished talking and looked over at Long Yuetao and said : "Let's discuss the bet!".

Yang Qiongjin was angry to the extreme. He looked at Chu Binyu whose two kind eyes flashed with killing intent. He calmed down, walked to the side and watched.

Long Yuetao coldly said: "You have dao tools, I know this thing! Do you want to take out a few pieces to gamble?"

"That'll depend on how many chips you have!" Qin Yun smiled.

"Two billion purple crystal coins, is that enough?" Long Quan said quickly.

Qin Yun's Dao tools are the ancient dao tools, which is definitely worth the price.

"Gambling with purple crystal coin, isn't it too vulgar?" Qin Yun said with a smile: "I don't accept the purple crystal coin, I will be taxed!"

"What do you want?"

Long Yuetao also wants to get a ancient dao tool. If it is used for research, the value is still very large.

"If you lose, be my slave! If I lose, i will be your slave, how about it?" Qin Yun asked slowly.

In the lobby, there was a moment of silence!

The bald man and Liu Jingmeng, also looked at Qin Yun with surprise!

This kind of gambling is really too much.

"This is not very good, no!" Long Yuetao quickly said.

"Oh.. you just tried to force a little girl to marry you! Now I let you be a slave to me, why do you refuse it? You are this kind of coward! The face of the whole Medicine Immortal valley is lost by you, a coward hiding in his turtle shell!"

"You are at spirit martial realm and you don't dare to fight me, a martial dao ninth level cultivator. In this Spirit desolate, even a rat is bolder than you!"

Qin Yun ​​laughed as he spoke.

The crowd exclaimed in their hearts!

"Qin Yun, are you here to pick a fight?" Long Quan suddenly said in anger.

Qin Yun smiled: "Hey, you just tried to force a little girl to marry you. And then also said that people are coward and don't dare to fight you! Now it is your turn, how is this pattern?"

"How about we bet again with something more ruthless! Whoever loses, will cripple his Dao core. How about it? Do you dare to bet?"

Everyone swallowed their saliva and secretly admired Qin Yun’s courage and understood why he had come up with so many big things.

Chu Binyu had always been very interested in Qin Yun and now he had finally seen the greatness of Qin Yun!

Long Yuetao was really scared, his momentum is not as good as Qin Yun!

Just now, Long Yuetao was aggressive against the bald man and Liu Jingmeng.

Now, his momentum has long since disappeared and he has not even dared to say anything.

"If we win, it's just that you dog bastard is crippled! What good is it for us?" Long Quan snorted.

Qin Yun was not angry and said: "Well, if I lose, I will cripple my dao core and give you four pieces of ancient dao tools! If I win, Long Yuetao's dao core will be crippled. How about it?"

"This is not beneficial to us!" Long Quan gritted his teeth and said.

"You don't dare to bet but speak all kind of nonsense. Get the hell out of here!" Tian Ruoleng came over and said with sneer.

"You also dare to bully little girls, bullying the weak; fearing the strong, such soft eggs!" Yue Wulan naturally came over and ridiculed the people of the Long family.

The three of them still had an outstanding bounty by the Long family, which is a great feud.

"Tian Ruoleng, Yue Wulan! You killed members of our Long family, we will take care of you sooner or later!" Long Quan said coldly.

Qin Yun sighed: "You guys quickly speak, accept or not!?"

"Qin Yun, if you really want to compete, be serious!" Long Quan said.

"I am serious! I have a hatred with your Long family. As long as I have the opportunity to kill your Long family members, I will never miss it!" Qin Yun said coldly.

Long Yuetao said coldly: "I was raised by Medicine Immortal Valley. Even if I want to gamble with you, I have to get the consent of Medicine Immortal Valley. This is also my responsibility toward Medicine Immortal Valley!"

"Well, this is a good reason!" Qin Yun nodded and said: "We try this one, if I lose, four pieces of the ancient dao tool will be given to you! If I win, the South Palace Hall and the West Palace hall, can open branch in the North District and your North Hall closed for five years. How about it?"

"Are you only doing this for the benefit of South Palace Hall and the West Palace Hall?" Long Quan is somewhat puzzled.

"As long as it hurts your interests, it is the biggest benefit to me!"

Qin Yun smiled. In the long run, helping the South Palace Hall and the West palace Hall is of great benefit to him.

"Good! You can refine tools?" Long Quan agreed.

Long Yuetao just now was choked to the extreme. He was a main sect disciple of Medicine Immortal valley but he was insulted by a martial dao cultivator.

The result Qin Yun desired has also been reached. To continuously attack Long Yuetao's dignity and makes him unable to fight back.

"Refining device? Not very high, still learning but I think my talent is very good, should be able to win this Long whatever!" Qin Yun said confidently.

Mu Feng walked out quickly, shouting: "Qin Yun, Long Yuetao's level is not low, especially in the fineness, he is notoriously powerful!"

“Really?” Qin Yun had not much confidence in the fineness.

"Mu Feng... You actually know him!" Long Quan looked at Mu Feng and snorted.

The bald man also said quickly: "Little brother, Long Yuetao is really famous in the finesse of runes! When carving Royal Grade Spirit rune, he is very likely to reach ninth level of finesse!"

"To engrave Royal grade Spirit rune is too cheap, we try to engrave the totem rune, how about it?" Qin Yun smiled and said.

"Do you have a totem rune?" Long Quan asked in shock.

"I got a Golden Ape totem rune by chance, it is not too good!" Qin Yun said with a smile: "You should have totem runes right?"

"The ape totem is quite good!" Mu Feng exclaimed, he was amazed that Qin Yun had Heavenly Lion totem rune and now he also had a golden ape totem.

Long Yuetao said coldly: "I certainly know how to engrave the totem rune but it takes a long time! It is better to do this : we engrave the totem Rune and use our own carving knife to save more time!"

"Once we engrave the totem rune and the finesse is the same, we compete by refining material!"


Qin Yun was secretly looking forward to this. His Mental Resonance Xuan pen is inside and there is the King of Beast inscription spirit.

If he engraved the totem rune, he would definitely win.

This method was an idea give by Ling Yun'er.

If he can't use his own carving knife, he can integrate the Mental Resonance Xuan pen into his body to stimulate the power of the King of Beast inscription spirit.


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