Nine Sun God King
Chapter 553
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 553

Ke Mingjiang believes that Qin Yun has a certain strength. Because only he was able to enter the mansion before and also he slapped that Spirit Martial Realm middle-aged man from Medicine Immortal valley.

When that Medicine Immortal Valley disciple counterattacked, he was unable to hit Qin Yun.

Therefore, Ke Mingjiang felt that this bearded man named Yun Daren must have hidden strength.

Qin Yun walked over and looked at A Le and asked: "Do you want to take a break? You just used a lot of strength!"

"No, with garbage like, I can easily win two consecutive match successfully! Start now!" A Le said and stretched his hand out.

After Qin Yun stood firm, he also put his hand on the big skull of the beast.

The beast skull is huge and very strong.

They used this beast skull as a table to carry out arm wrestling.

After the match began, both of them started to struggle!

After a little effort, A Le found that it was not so easy to press Qin Yun’s hand down, so he added more strength to it.

Liu Chongsheng looked at Ke Mingjiang and thought it was very interesting. He smiled: "Ke Mingjiang, you have so many heaveanly beast bones, you dare to be so arrogant, let a temporary disciple of the martial dao realm to compete, this match is your loss."

After all, this is a battle of strength and difference between ninth level martial dao realm and early stage Spirit Martial Realm is just too much.

Liu Chongsheng, who was originally smiling, saw that A Le could not press Qin Yun down, frowning slightly he shouted: "A Le, what are you doing? Hurry up and push him down!"

The hands of Qin Yun and A Le have been locked together in place, neither can not suppress the other side.

After feeling a certain pressure, A Le roared and the tiger totem roared as well, overflowing his hand with real violent tiger dao power.


A gust of wind rushed out and spread to all direction with the roar of A Le.

The reason why Qin Yun put forward the idea of arm wrestling was because he did not want to expose his aura during fight.

If it is just arm wrestling, he is confident that with the power of his Heavenly Lion Xuan body, he is capable of subduing an early stage Spirit Martial Realm.

After the loud roar of A Le, the strength has indeed increased a lot and Qin Yun’s hand was pressed a little but it is only a little.

"Brother, is this your two consecutive success? You are great!" Qin Yun’s smile is full of ridicule.

What two consecutive success of Ale? Everyone saw that he had exhausted his full strength!

But can't overwhelm Qin Yun!

Arm wrestling and martial arts contests are different. During martial arts contest, one can make one's power stronger and more violent through different skills and methods.

But in arm wrestling one can only use one's purest strength.

Qin Yun has three Dao core and Heavenly Lion Xuan Body, plus he uses Nine Extinction Dao Power, that power is really overbearing.

Against someone who just stepped into Spirit Martial Realm, this power is more than enough.

"Hey, I am waiting for you to do your best!"

Qin Yun actually looked relaxed and he was somewhat worried that he would be recognized by Liu Chongsheng.

However, Liu Chongsheng does not seem to recognize him. Maybe because he has not seen Qin Yun for too long. Or maybe because he didn't think Qin Yun could appear here.

"A Le, what are you doing? Just push him over!"

Liu Chongsheng urged him on. If A Le lost, 50,000 jins Heavenly beast bone that he just won had to be given back.

Those who have not been optimistic about Qin Yun have been surprised.

They really did not expect that a temporary disciple of ninth level martial dao realm could actually press down a main sect disciple of Medicine Immortal Valley.

Xiao Yuelan and others are also watching, only they know the true strength of Qin Yun, so they are not worried.

"A Le is it? You have lost!" Qin Yun said and suddenly increased the power, A Le's wrist pressed down a little bit.

A Le's face was red, he grit his teeth, blue veins bulged up on his forehead, his eyes became round and he was very unwilling to look at his hand that was being pressed down little bit.

He really did not expect that this martial dao realm temporary disciple's arm is so powerful.

The most terrifying thing is that Qin Yun is still smiling.

Finally, Ale’s arm touched the table.

"I won!" Qin Yun laughed.

"Yun Daren, you are amazing!" Ke Mingjiang loudly praised and laughed heartily.

Liu Chongsheng's face was gloomy, he handed over the 50,000 jin Heavenly Beast bone to Ke Mingjiang.

Ke Mingjiang saw Liu Chongsheng's ugly face and laughed even more happily.

"You still dare not come?" Ke Mingjiang laughed at him.

"Why should I not dare? Lao Ni, you have to teach the bearded man a lesson!"

Liu Chongsheng originally wanted to compete himself but felt that his status was relatively high and he should only compete against Ke Mingjiang.

Lao Ni is a middle-aged man, very strong and the arm is as big as many people's thighs. His outstretched palm is much larger than Qin Yun.

Everyone looked at his naked, thick arm and was secretly scared.

Qin Yun’s arm also has strong muscles, which are evenly fit and look very pleasing to the eye.

Lao Ni is different, his arm is two or three times larger than Qin Yun.

That muscle is like a big stone, very scary.

Qin Yun saw this Lao Ni and felt a huge pressure.

"When did your Medicine Immortal Valley started accepting devil dao cultivator? I really didn't expect it!"

Ke Mingjiang also worried about Qin Yun this time. Everyone knows that the devil dao power is the most terrible.

This Lao Ni's monstrous body is cultivated in a very extreme way.

"You don't have to worry about it!" Liu Chongsheng saw Lao Ni's monstrous hand land on the table and his heart was very reassured, he shouted: "Start!"

Comparing Lao Ni and Qin Yun’s arm is like comparing a tree branch and a tree trunk.

From the visual point of view, there is a strong impact.

The size of the two wrists is very different.

What's more, Lao Ni is still a Spirit Martial Realm cultivator.

This time, everyone thinks that Qin Yun won't win.

At the beginning, Lao Ni released a strong devil power and his muscles swelled.

Under those muscles resided formidable sinister black tendons.

Inside the black tendons, a nefarious evil power squirmed.

At this time, Lao Ni is more like a monster.

Qin Yun was originally tall and strong but in front of Lao Ni, he was like a child facing a furry giant bear.

"Submit to me!"

Lao Ni roared loudly, he wanted to shatter Qin Yun’s wrist to pieces.

The fierce devilish aura also caused everyone to frown.

The most frightening thing is that Qin Yun has not been pushed down too much.

"You lummox, don't think big is strong!" Qin Yun's forehead was sweating and after a little while he pushed his hand back up.

After he came back up, he even started pressing down that huge arm a little bit.

Liu Chongsheng saw this scene and his expression is as if he has seen a ghost.

Lao Ni's hand is thicker, so the back of his hand quickly hit the table.

"I won!" Qin Yun smiled slightly.

Lao Ni saw that he had lost, he roared with indignation: "You little grasshopper, in the end you used some hidden tricks, I do not accept."

Ke Mingjiang shouted quickly: "Back off!"

An energy wave rushed over and the huge Lao Ni pushed back more than ten steps.

"Losing another 50,000 jins of Heavenly beast bones, Liu Chongsheng's face must be green."

Now, everyone looks at Qin Yun just as they were looking at Lao Ni's monstrous body!

Because this nameless little Yun Daren is the real monster.

"I am competing this time!" Liu Chongsheng walked over, with a murderous look in his eyes, looking at Qin Yun.

"Liu Gongzi, those Heavenly beast bones do not seem to be what you obtained but you lost a lot of them!" Ke Mingjiang smiled: "What do you say, you have to leave some for your fellow disciples!"

Other disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley, although dissatisfied in their hearts, will certainly not say it loud, they do not want to offend Liu Chongsheng.

"Liu Shidi, you can go compete with confidence, we believe that you will be able to turn over!"

A middle-aged disciple of Medicine Immortal Valley is full of encouragement.

Of course, he is not willing at all. But if he does not express his opinion, Liu Chongsheng may hate him.

Qin Yun did not expect that Liu Chongsheng was in such a high position in the Medicine Immortal valley.

This must also be related to the background of Liu Chongsheng.

Liu Chongsheng's own qualifications and talents are not bad, so in the Medicine Immortal Valley, he is a very important disciple and obtain better cultivation resource.

Everyone can see that Liu Chongsheng is the strongest of the disciples from Medicine Immortal Valley.

He personally went out to save a little face.

Otherwise, if they continue to lose, not only the Heavenly beast bones will be lost but the morale will also drop.

Liu Chongsheng is very confident. After all, he is the youngest main sect disciple of Medicine Immortal Valley.

His martial arts talent is extremely high, this is his capital to be arrogant.

He looked at Qin Yun and sneered: "You are called Yun Daren, right? When we are arm wrestling, how about add a little fun to it?"

"What kind of fun? If it is not fun to me, I won't play!" Qin Yun laughed.

"We will wrestle with one hand and with other hand we will try to slap each other's face!" Liu Chongsheng smiled: "How about it? Isn't it very interesting?"

"It is very interesting but who will go first?" Qin Yun asked.

"We play rock-paper-scissors, the one who win will go first!" Liu Chongsheng stretched his hand and prepared to play.

Qin Yun thought about it and agreed.

The two played like children.

The result came out very quickly. Qin Yun played scissor and Liu Chongsheng played rock.

Qin Yun lost, Liu Chongsheng won first hit!

Liu Chongsheng smiled very happily: "Well, let's start now, we lock in arm wrestling first and then I will count to ten and slap you!"

Everyone is also very curious about this game.

Liu Chongsheng proposed this kind of game, apparently he is very confident that he would not be hit.

Yue Wulan, Tian Ruoleng and Feng Honglan are secretly worried about Qin Yun.

Only Xiao Yuelan is not worried at all.

She is Qin Yun's wife, she has the most clear understanding of Qin Yun's power.

Ke Mingjiang also felt that Qin Yun was a bit arrogant and should not be able to win.

Soon, the arm wrestling began.

The strength of the two men are equal, one can't press down the other's hand and maintained the same place.

"I am starting the" Liu Chongsheng began counting.


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