Nine Sun God King
Chapter 554
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 554

Qin Yun quickly wrapped his face with Nether Sun power.

Even if he exposes his aura, he must not be slapped by Liu Chongsheng. This is too shameful.

"Seven..eight..nine..ten!" Liu Chongsheng was a little excited and laughed: "Take my palm!"


Liu Chongsheng used his hand and slapped Qin Yun’s face.

A large burst of flame erupted, Liu Chongsheng's fiery palm suddenly stopped a few inches away from Qin Yun's face.

"I count to ten now, you failed to hit, your palm attack was nullified, it is my turn to slap you!"

After Qin Yun finished talking, he began to count: "One..two..three.."

Liu Chongsheng gritted his teeth, he put more power in arm wrestling to defeat Qin Yun. When he wanted to slap Qin Yun, he was actually blocked by a force, which made him feel extremely sullen.

"Eight..nine..ten...I am finished, I am slapping you!" Qin Yun smiled slightly.

Everyone had to marvel at the terrible power of Qin Yun, not only the strength but also the way he blocked Liu Chongsheng's slap!

Nobody is blinking, they are intensely watching Qin Yun and Liu Chongsheng.

They all want to see if Qin Yun can successfully fight off Liu Chongsheng.

This kind of comparison seems to be very silly but it is a test of one's own ability.

When they are arm wrestling, they can't apply too much power to break the defense of the opponent or they will be slapped.

When defending, they can't use too much power to defend, otherwise they will lose in arm wrestling.

This continuous usage and the distribution of the power, is extremely demanding.

Everyone thought about it carefully. If they are the ones playing this kind of game, they might not be able to support themselves for a long time.

Therefore, when Qin Yun just resisted Liu Chongsheng’s slap, it shocked everyone.

"I counted to ten and about to hit you, get ready!"

He released a vibration force and hit Liu Chongsheng’s face.

Liu Chongsheng also quickly used a strong dao power to protect his face.

Qin Yun’s palm contained and released a strong vibration power, which shattered Liu Chongsheng's defense. His palm is like a thunder that fell on Liu Chongsheng’s cheek.


The sound of this slap is not faint at all, it made a dull bang, it can be seen that the power behind the slap is very strong.

On Liu Chongsheng's white and tender face suddenly five black finger prints appeared!

His face was blackened and the bloating was very serious.

Everyone was shocked and opened their mouth slightly and they felt a kind of inexplicable chill in their heart!

Liu Chongsheng is the ultimate genius of Medicine Immortal Valley, high and mighty, usually no one is in his sight, arrogant and domineering.

Now, he has been slapped in the face by a nameless little pawn!

Liu Chongsheng does not know that the person who slapped him is Qin Yun!

This is the second time Qin Yun has slapped Liu Chongsheng but Liu Chongsheng himself does not know. If he knew, he would certainly vomit blood in anger.

"You have guts!"

Liu Chongsheng is so angry that he is trembling but he did not dare to relax because once he lost in arm wrestling, he will lose 50,000 jins of Heavenly Beast bones.

He is the strongest person from Medicine Immortal Valley. If he loses, they have no hope of winning back what they lost.

Liu Chongsheng was slapped but he couldn’t say anything because it was his own game, he sought his own death.

"I am hitting you, one..two..three....nine..ten!" After Liu Chongsheng finished, he slapped at Qin Yun’s face again.

This slap was yet again blocked by a force a few inches from Qin Yun's cheek.

Qin Yun also began to count, after ten counts, Liu Chongsheng still could not force his hand on the table.

"Oh, I am hitting you!"

Qin Yun proudly laughed and then quickly started counting, he counted quickly, after the count, it was a slap in the face.

Liu Chongsheng just barely managed to heal the swelling and pain on his face and he was slapped again.

The terrible thing is that the power of this slap is greater and Liu Chongsheng’s mouth is bleeding.

Liu Chongsheng licked his lips and squinted his eyes. He looked at Qin Yun with anger and malice in his eyes. Now he is still in middle of arm wrestling and he can't do anything about this.

Xiao Yuelan and others looked at him and snickered.

Many people can't help but laugh out loud.

"Hahaha Liu Chongsheng, you should admit defeat! If you go on like this, you will be beaten to the point where even your mother can't recognize you!" Ke Mingjiang is not afraid of Liu Chongsheng as he mocked and laughed loudly.

"You shut up!" Liu Chongsheng roared, he was slapped twice, he can't just let it go.

Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion Xuan body, combined with the Vibration Dao core and Thunder Fire Dao core, the power that burst out instantly, is very overbearing, even for a Spirit Marital Realm it is difficult to resist.

Liu Chongsheng quickly counted, he also counted faster and immediately went to slap Qin Yun.

The third time, he still couldn't hit!

Now, he thoroughly understood the power of this ninth level martial dao realm cultivator, how deep and unfathomable it is.

Also, under this condition, Liu Chongsheng's power has also been greatly restricted and it is impossible to exert it at all.

In fact, this is also a very fundamental problem.

Qin Yun can properly display his own strength.

"It's my turn now!" it’s Qin Yun’s turn again.

Liu Chongsheng is very clear that he is about to be slapped.

Therefore, he wants to quickly admit defeat, deliberately weakening the strength of his wrist, he wants to let Qin Yun win.

Qin Yun also felt the strength of Liu Chongsheng's wrist weaken and he quickly lowered his own strength and did not press Liu Chongsheng's wrist down.

In this way, he can still slap Liu Chongsheng!


Qin Yun’s third slap hit and this time not only Liu Chongsheng's face was hurt but half his face was swollen along with his eyes, his eye became too fogy to keep opened.

"You deliberately didn't defeat me, just to slap me!" Liu Chongsheng suddenly roared and took away his hand back.

He is no longer playing!

If he plays the game again, the spectacle will be horrible to endure.

Everyone really admired this Yun Daren, actually dare to harass Liu Chongsheng.

"Liu Chongsheng, you suddenly quit, this is conceding, take out 50,000 jins of Heavenly Beast bones!" Ke Mingjiang laughed and in his heart even admired Qin Yun, to actually let Liu Chongsheng eat such a big loss.

Liu Chongsheng was slapped in front of so many people and it would be very shameful if the words of it got out.

"Why, you don't want to give?" Ke Mingjiang's face was gloomy and cold.

"I won't give you, what can you do?" Liu Chongsheng eyes squinted and he glared at Qin Yun and Ke Mingjiang.

"If you don't give it up, don't blame us for being impolite!" Ke Mingjiang took out a weapon, his well defined face is full of murderous intent.

Seeing Ke Mingjiang is serious, everyone has retreated.

In this kind of fight among the early stage Spirit Marital realm, movement will certainly not be small.

Immortal Weapon City is currently dominating, so the disciples are all emboldened and ready to fight.

On the other hand Medicine Immortal Valley has a few injured disciples. The overall number is also not comparable to the Immortal Weapon City.

In particular, the disciples of the martial dao realm ninth level are even worse than the Immortal Weapon City.

Jian Mang of Immortal Weapon City is very abnormal, if he attacks it will be a big loss for Medicine Immortal Valley.

If they go out and pursue it, it will also justify Immortal Weapon City's attack.

Liu Chongsheng ate this big loss and was slapped a few times, he is almost on the verge of bursting with rage.

Fortunately, he can also see the situation, knowing that they can't beat the Immortal Weapon City, they can only hand over 50,000 jinss of Heavenly beast bones.

As a result, Medicine Immortal Valley have lost a lot of Heavenly Beast bones and there is not much left.

"Liu Shidi, we don't have many heavenly beast bones left!" A middle-aged man reminded in a whisper.

"Let's go! Liu Chongsheng’s ferociously looked at Qin Yun and Ke Mingjiang.

Then, with a group of disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley, hurriedly left the place.

Ke Mingjiang looked at the disciple of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and smiled: "Friends of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, you don't seem to accept our success, do you want to play too?"

The people of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, just witnessed the whole process of Medicine Immortal Valley eating a big loss, they are not dumb enough to fight Immortal Weapon City.

Everyone has got some Heavenly beast bones and they can go back to report the completion of the task!

Ke Mingjiang shouted to the onlookers of the other sects' disciples: "When you go back, don't say that we bullied the Medicine Immortal Valley, we competed fairly with them!"

Everyone also dispersed and the bearded man Yun Daren was remembered in their heart because this person is really too evil.

"Yun Shidi, you have a total of 60,000 jins of Heavenly beast bones!" Ke Mingjiang said: "After returning, Immortal Weapon City will give you certain rewards according to the weight of these bones."

"Captain Ke, what is the use of these heavenly beast bones?" Qin Yun just thought of refining these bones.

"It should be a good material for the refiners! Maybe it can be ground into a powder? I don't know, in short, they can refine Xuan tools, this is for sure!" Ke Mingjiang said.

Qin Yun is now also following Ke Mingjiang. He wants to go out together, he does not want to go out through distorting the space. There is a certain risk.

Liu Chongsheng ate a big loss and this matter quickly spread to many teams.

The captains have a sound transmission pearl that is connected with each other. After the incident was spread around, Liu Chongsheng also lost all face.

After entering the Heavenly Lion Immortal Mansion and getting the Heavenly Beast bones, they also want to quickly repport the mission completion.

This is also their main task, especially those temporary disciples, which is also an important opportunity for them to become outer sect disciples.

Ke Mingjiang did not go back. With the team he continued to wander around the Heavenly Beast desolate domain.

"Are all the powerful Heavenly beast inside here dead?" Ke Mingjiang led the team for a few days, then rested next to a big river.

There are more than 20 people in this team and Jian Mang is here too. He didn't make much noise along the way.

Qin Yun also knew that he was recognized by Jian Mang but he did not say anything.

"The Heavenly beasts inside this desolate domain are still present, possibly they are all hiding!" Qin Yun said: "Captain, did the elders tell you how big is the Heavenly Beast Desolate Domain?"

"I don't know, it shouldn't be too big, it will take two or three days to get to the edge!" Ke Mingjiang frowned: "There should be some strong heavenly beast in it! Why did not we see one?"

Qin Yun knows the reason because they were all killed by Heavenly Lions.

Even if there are Heavenly beasts, they are the kind of beasts that eat grass and eat leaves and they are all very small.


In the evening sky, suddenly some roars are hear, accompanied by a frigid colorful sunset, it made people feel inexplicable fear.


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