Nine Sun God King
Chapter 555
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 555

"Did the Heavenly beast appear?" Ke Mingjiang immediately stood up in excitement.

Hearing this kind of beast roar, Qin Yun also thought it is quite odd.

"Yun'er, what kind of beast's roar is it?" Qin Yun quickly asked Ling Yun'er, the little fairy.

Ling Yun'er is flapping her wings and flying in the sea of ​​flowers in the illusory space of Qin Yun.

After hearing Qin Yun’s question, she frowned: "It seems to be Qilin? I am also not certain!"

Ke Mingjiang also quickly let the team and rushed to the direction of the beast.

Qin Yun heard that it is a Qilin beast, he is secretly worried about going. It is also a very strong Heavenly beast.

Ke Mingjiang rushed ahead, he has many Heavenly Beast bones but he wants to capture a living Heavenly beast.

Qin Yun can only follow the group.

It is not only Ke Mingjiang who led his team but many of the captains of other factions led their own teams and rushed to the direction of the beast roar.

Everyone wants to kill a powerful Heavenly beast.

The direction of the beast is far away from everyone.

Everyone ran night and day, they arrived at a place where the aura of the Heavenly beast was very strong.

This place is completely mess. Originally there were many trees here, all of which have been destroyed by scorching flame power.

"Keep chasing!"

Ke Mingjiang was the first to arrive. After he sensed the aura, he quickly chased it.

Qin Yun was very vigilant while running behind Ke Mingjiang.

Ke Mingjiang does not seem to be afraid of a powerful Heavenly beast.

Especially after sensing the aura of the Heavenly beast, he was even more excited.

"Don’t tell me that captain Ke has a Dao weapon?" Qin Yun secretly guessed.

On the way Qin Yun sent sound transmission to Jian Mang : "Big brother Jian Mang, later you will have to look after me, the heavenly beast may be very strong!"

"Qin Yun, I really don't know how you got in!" Jian Mang heard Qin Yun’s voice transmission and responded.

"I always have a way!" Qin Yun smiled: "After we enter the Immortal Weapon City, we will be fellow disciples and when the time comes we will have to take care of each other!"

"Your strength is not weaker than mine, you don't need me to take care of you!" Jian Mang’s voice sounded.

"I am afraid that when you are using a sword, your reaction is definitely faster than me!" Qin Yun laughed.

Not long after they pursued, they saw a sea of ​​fire in front.

"It is a heavenly beast of fire attributes, great!" Ke Mingjiang was very excited and rushed in.

Subsequently, several martial artists of Spirit Martial Realm also followed Ke Mingjiang and rushed into the sea of ​​fire.

"We should go in and protect Ke Mingjiang. If he died, the heavenly beast bones that are stored in him would be lost!" Jian Mang told Qin Yun.

Qin Yun nodded and then entered the sea of ​​fire.

After entering, They saw a flame python with a torso several meters wide!

This fire python's scales are fiery red and it is unceasingly releasing flame that is sweeping the trees in the forest.

"It’s a heavenly fire python, this is great! It should not be an adult, the flame is not as powerful as an adult fire python!" Ke Mingjiang seems to know a lot, he shouted: "Everyone be careful of those flames!"

"Captain, Heavenly fire python should not making that kind of roar right?" Qin Yun quickly shouted.

Ling Yun'er told Qin Yun that the kind of roar he heard, was may be from Qilin.

Qin Yun and Jian Mang floated in the air, following the huge Heavenly fire python that is constantly flying forward.

They are going to look at the area ahead of ​​the Heavenly fire python, where there must be a powerful beast, fighting fiercely with the Heavenly fire python.

After they arrived, they saw a Qilin beast with purple gold scales on whole body, rushing toward the Heavenly Fire Python.

As Ling Yun'er said, it really is a Qilin beast.

The fire python's torso suddenly moved flexibly, releasing a burst of flame, enveloping the purple gold Qilin.

Ke Mingjiang is also flying on air looked at the scene with a shocked look.

"Heavenly Fire Python wants to seize the purple gold Qilin!" Ke Mingjiang fiercely took out a broad sword, swooped down and stabbed the Heavenly Fire Python's eye.

The fire python became furious and a gurgling sound was heard from it's throat.

Because Ke Mingjiang is too small and very flexible, it is difficult for the fire python to attack him, it could only incessantly release a terrible flame.

Purple gold Qilin also seized the opportunity, spitting a purple-gold ball from the mouth, hitting the heavenly fire python's face.


After the explosion, heavenly fire python's mouth was blown open and red blood flew out like lava.

When the purple gold Qilin saw someone coming, it was also shocked and fled.

When Ke Mingjiang saw that Heavenly Fire Python was not dead, he took out a big ring and put it on it's head and tied up the blasted mouth.

"This is beast ring and even high quality Dao tier one?" Qin Yun was shocked.

After Ke Mingjiang succeeded, he took out a small golden tower.

He made the little tower bigger!

After the small tower became bigger, it produced a suction force and sucked in the huge Heavenly Fire Python.

He has all kinds of tools to subdue heavenly beasts and they are all even dao tier tools!

Qin Yun was even more surprised. He could also guess that Ke Mingjiang certainly had some background in the Immortal Weapon city.

"There is also a Qilin beast, that is the most powerful beast, we must get it!" Ke Mingjiang quickly chased after it.

Qin Yun was secretly surprised and quickly flew forward with Jian Mang.

The night will fall in a short time and the aura of purple gold Qilin was getting weaker.

"We look for it separately! If it is lost, wait for me at the entrance of the domain!" Ke Mingjiang's voice is dignified, he said: "Once you find the purple gold Qilin, just make a big commotion, just try to delay the time, wait for me to arrive!"

"Also, you must remember to watch out for other sects!"

When Ke Mingjiang finished speaking, he rushed toward one direction.

More than 20 disciples have also formed several small teams, a group of three or two, separated from Qin Yun to find purple gold Qilin.

Qin Yun and Jian Mang are together and they are the last to act.

"Purple gold Qilin is very strong and very smart!" Jian Mang said: "I think if we meet that thing, we are definitely not it's opponent!"

"Well, Ke Mingjiang is different, he has a strong beast catcher dao tool!" Qin Yun nodded, he certainly felt that way.

"You don't know, Ke Mingjiang's father is a Martial King of the Immortal Weapon Palace and Granfathe is a very powerful elder!" said Jian Mang.

"Big brother Mang, let's do it this way, we just casually look for it!" Qin Yun said.

"That's right!" Jian Mang nodded and smiled.

After agreeing, the two carelessly ran around in the jungle.

It was not until the dawn that the movement stopped.

Qin Yun and Jian Mang are not going to look for the purple gold Qilin. They also know that the strength of purple gold Qilin is very high. That is the level of a Xuan beast, it is much stronger than the Spirit Marital Realm cultivators.

Only a whole set of traps or tools can be used to defeat the purple gold Qilin.

Although Qin Yun and Jian Mang are very strong, the purple gold Qilin is very dangerous.

They feel that there is no need to take this risk. If they are not careful, they will lose their lives.

If they really fight the purple gold Qilin, after being injured if they encounter disciples of other sects, it will be very dangerous.

In this situation, it is also very important to beware of humans.

Although Qin Yun and Jian Bian are not too familiar with each other, they know that they can trust each other and have their own principles.

Not long after the dawn arrived, a few beast roars suddenly broke the silence of the morning.

"Was it found by Captain Ke?" Qin Yun frowned and said: "Shall we go and see?"

"Let's go check it out! If the captain is in trouble, we will still have to attack, our beast bones are all with him!"

Jian Mang quickly flew in the direction of the voice.

Qin Yun also has tens of thousands of jins of heavenly beast bones on hand, which is reserved for his own refining equipment.

If he could, he also wanted to take away the tens of thousands of jins of Heavenly beast bones from Ke Mingjiang but this is impossible and must be handed over to Immortal sect.

Heavenly Beast roar was heard and many small teams in the vicinity also flew over.

After approaching, they felt a heat wave.

Th purple gold Qilin released purple gold flame, it is very overbearing.

After Qin Yun and Jian Mang ran through the flame, they came to a place that was burnt empty.

Ke Mingjiang is also here and he is hurt.

What surprised Qin Yun was that there was a damaged beast ring on the ground.

The beast ring is specially designed to catch powerful beasts, it is also specially refined, very strong and difficult to destroy.

Now, the beast ring has been destroyed.

"Captain Ke, quickly retreat!" Jian Mang suddenly screamed, took out his origin sword and flew forward.

At the same time, a spear flew out from a distance and stabbed at Ke Mingjiang!

Jian Mang's origin sword broke the spear!


The spear exploded and released an inscription power. A pale gold inscription spread like a net, covering Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang.

"It is a talisman tool!" Qin Yun shouted, hurriedly released a few flying daggers and cut the inscription net into pieces.

Otherwise, Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang's body would be branded by some special runes.

Ke Mingjiang yelled: "Which grandson attacked me? Don't let me find you! We withdraw."

After he spoke, Jian Mang also fled with him.

"You guys go first, let me see who is attacking!" Qin Yun sent Jian Mang a voice transmission.

Jian Mang can only leave with Ke Mingjiang first.

Qin Yun uses Penetration bead's power to hide and float in the air, watching the fire underneath.

Not long after, a group of people appeared.

The disciple of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain!

Qin Yun knew this group of disciples. When he was at the gate of the mansion, he was insulted by this group of people.

This squad of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain should be the same as Captain Ke, specializing in capturing powerful beasts.

He couldn't help but think of Ke Mingjiang's beast catching dao tools, which were all specially made.

The captain of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, has the same strength as Ke Mingjiang and Liu Chongsheng, he is a very strong early stage Spirit Martial realm. When he came over, he saw the splinters on the ground and said coldly: "We let Ke Mingjiang escape... this bastard!"

"It seems that someone saved him or he would be dead!" Another member said coldly.


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