Nine Sun God King
Chapter 561
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 561

The strength Qin Yun revealed at this time is indeed very strong and it is definitely not the strength of ordinary ninth level Marital Dao realm.

When Liu Chongsheng and Qin Yun arm wrestled, he knew that he was weaker than Qin Yun.

But he will never admit the fact and even slander Qin Yun, so that others will not look down on him.

Now, Qin Yun has demonstrated a formidable strength and also showed everyone a general scope of his strength.

"Those who just said that I poisoned people, come out!" Qin Yun glanced at the crowd coldly.

"Since you want me to come out, I came out!" A middle-aged man with a big forehead sneered: "Your strength is really good but you want to beat Spirit Martial Realm, it is still far away!"

This big forehead middle-aged man looked at Qin Yun with disdain, said loudly: "I am Du Anyuan of Myriad Star Sect, I have purple gold Wind Martial Spirit. If you can't even beat me, forget about defeating Liu Chongsheng!"

Liu Chongsheng said quickly: "Brother Du, you still forget! When you fight him, if he uses poison, then you have no evidence and he will say that you deserve to bleed!"

"He had just been able to defeat a Cold Star Valley disciple because of his sneak attack, which can not explain anything!"

Du Anyuan nodded: "Liu Gongzi said it right. If I fight him and halfway he suddenly used poison, I really can't prove it!"

Qin Yun can sae at a glance that Liu Chongsheng had to insist one way or the other that he used poison before. Only in this way, Liu Chongsheng would not be ridiculed because he lost in arm wrestling.

Regarding this kind of method of Liu Chongsheng, Qin Yun had to admire.

Moreover, Liu Chongsheng has scruples and does not dare to compete with Qin Yun. As long as he insists that Qin Yun uses poison, he does not have to compete.

As a result, Qin Yun has no way to prove that he is not using poison.

Qin Yun clenched his fists, he said coldly: "Du Anyuan, I am 100 meters away from you, from this distance, I can not use poison on you, right? If I beat you in a flash, I don’t need to use poison at all and I can prove that I have a formidable strength!"

"You are separated from me by a hundred meters. You will come over in a flash and then defeat me? This is indeed a very strong force. Even the genius Liu Gongzi may not be able to do it!" Du Anyuan smiled and said: "If you can't do it, give me 50,000 jins of heavenly beast bones, ok?"

Hearing that he mentioned the Heavenly beast bones, everyone was secretly stunned.

This Du Anyuan jumped out and confronted Qin Yun, apparently for the benefit.

"Ok, but if you lose, you will be crippled, so I don't want your Heavenly beast bones!" Qin Yun clenched his fists and began to concentrate.

"You are so far away from me and you have no chance to poison me, you can't beat me in an instant, let alone cripple me."

Du Anyuan felt that Qin Yun could never defeat him.

"I am using my strength now to prove that I do not use poison! Moreover, you have to be punished!" Qin Yun said expressionlessly.

Liu Chongsheng frowned, even he was not sure that he could defeat Du Anyuan in an instant.

Du Anyuan has just entered the Spirit Marital Realm for a few months but it is not easy to deal with him.

"I will shout to announce the start!" just after Du Anyuan finished speaking, he shouted: "Start!"

As soon as these two words fell, Qin Yun vanished!

Du Anyuan also flew in a hurry and ran a kilometer awau in the blink of an eye.

Unexpectedly, Du Anyuan just flew to a kilometer away and Qin Yun, who was chasing, punched his abdomen and he fell to the ground!

The power used by Qin Yun is the power of the Heavenly Lion Xuan body and primordial dao power!

These two different forces, perfectly blended together, produced a formidable power output.

Even though Du Anyuan put on his armor, his dao core was smashed by Qin Yun with a fist!

Du Anyuan, who was kneeling on the ground, was kicked back by Qin Yun.

"This is the price of losing! Want to win 50,000 jins of Heavenly Beast bones, is it so easy?" Qin Yun smiled coldly.

Previously, Cold Star Valley disciple was crippled and people from the Cold Star Valley did not dare to speak.

Now that the disciple of the Myriad Star Sect is crippled, they dare not say anything!

Behind Qin Yun is the Immortal Weapon City, which is a powerful Immortal Sect!

Everyone looked at Du Anyuan, who was struggling on the ground and secretly sucked in a breath of air.

The strength of Qin Yun is indeed very formidable. In a short moment, he defeated a martial artist in Spirit Marital Realm.

"Those who still insist that i used poison, immediately come out, I will wholeheartedly convince you!" Qin Yun looked coldly at everyone.

Now, no one dared to say anything!

Judging by the way Qin Yun attacked, there is no chance of using drugs at all and there is no need for it.

In a flash, he can defeat a Spirit Martial Ream and then use poison after that, it is simply wasting more effort than required.

Qin Yun looked at a middle aged man with a thick neck, coldly said : "You just said that I used poison and your voice was very big! Now, should you clarify it for me or not? You slandered me of using poison, I will pursue this matter!"

"Yun Daren, you are just bullying those little star secs but I am a disciple of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, I am not afraid of you!" That thick neck middle-aged man screamed loudly: "I just thought that you used poison, so I said it, I can't even say that I thought you used poison?"

"Then you should apologize for this now!" Qin Yun said.

"Apologize? Who do you think you are? A temporary disciple who has not yet entered Immortal Weapon City, dare to show off before me? I am the main sect disciple of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain."

"So what if you are?" As Qin Yun said those words, it was like thunder rumbled.

After Qin Yun finished, he appeared in front of the middle-aged man.

A punch exploded in the air, the Vibration power majestically flew out and waves after waves of attack went out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wave after wave of vibration power rumbled and successive attacks hit the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was hit nine times in a row and he was bleeding through nine bloody holes, then he dropped on the ground, his whole body twitching and he was injured very severely!

Qin Yun just used a little bit of earthquake power but he can directly cause shockwaves in other people's bodies, this is most terrible.

Several people from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are angry when they saw this scene.

Everyone saw Qin Yun once again defeat a powerful Spirit Marital Realm cultivator and they all moved away from him.

"Senior brothers and junior brothers, take him down!" The middle-aged man of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain shouted in anger.

Ke Mingjiang saw Qin Yun being besieged and screamed: "You are a group of despicable guys, obviously the guy is weak and loses when he fights! And you are not willing to pay the price of failure!"

Between his words, Jian Mang also flew over and stood beside Qin Yun.

Jian Mang is holding a sharp sword and the compelling sword aura makes the people close to him feel terrified.

"Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, you should withdraw. I don’t want to offend you but if you are excessive, don’t blame me for being impolite!"

The words of Jian Mang are still very powerful. The Origin sword in his hand is not a joke.

Ninth level Martial Dao realm sword cultivator who has cultivated Origin Sword, this sword is as powerful as Xuan tier tools and it is the kind of Xuan tier tool that has been blood refined to perfection.

This is the most terrible thing about sword cultivators.

Although Ke Mingjiang was injured, with the strength of Jian Mang, he can still command several Spirit Martial Realm cultivators.

Liu Chongsheng is not willing to compete with Jian Mang also because he feared his strength.

The people of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain just surrounded Qin Yun and saw Jian Mang, they can only swallow their anger.

"I just said that those who said I used poison, just stand up and apologize to me!" Qin Yun’s voice is still peaceful and he does not want to continue play around.

Those who accused Qin Yun of using poison before have all come out to apologize to Qin Yun.

The reason why Liu Chongsheng can make many people believe that Qin Yun used poison was also because Qin Yun is ninth level Martial Dao Realm.

Now, Qin Yun used formidable strength to prove that his strength does not lose to early stage Spirit Martial Realm and everyone was clear about this matter.

"Liu Chongsheng and a few of you, are the chief culprit of this slander!" Qin Yun looked coldly at Liu Chongsheng and several people behind him. His voice filled with anger: "If you don't apologize to me, the consequences will be very serious!"

"I admit, you have enough strength! We are also willing to compete with you. You have done so many eventful things, don't you just want to fight against us and win back those bones?"

Liu Chongsheng will not apologize at all. In this case, he can only use his own strength to defeat Qin Yun.

If he continues to shirk, then everyone will think that he is afraid of Qin Yun.

"Yun Daren, let's play one game! How about 100,000 jins of heavenly beast bones?" Liu Chongsheng looked at Ke Mingjiang.

Ke Mingjiang also saw the strength of Qin Yun just now and quickly said: "What about 100,000? Liu Chongsheng, we are gambling on the 200,000 jins of the heavenly beast bones, if you have guts agree right away!"

"Hahaha, this is great, since you are so generous to give me so many heavenly beast bones, I can only be grateful!"

Liu Chongsheng is still very confident about his own strength.

Ke Mingjiang lost two games before, a total of 100,000 jins of heavenly beast bones.

If they lose another 200,000 jins, they would still have a lot of them left, so Ke Mingjiang is not afraid to lose.

Liu Chongsheng finally fighting!

The people also moved away higher and farther.

"Yun Daren, you slapped me three times, I will slap you three hundred times!"

After Liu Chongsheng finished, his long hair suddenly fluttered. The original black hair suddenly turned into purple gold and burned with flames.

"It is a fire totem, totem on the hair!"

"Liu Chongsheng wants to use his real strength."

"It’s rare to see such a young totem martial artist like him!"

"Wait, his body seems to have a strange aura? Did you sense it?"

After everyone heard it, they immediately sensed it seriously.

"It is Xuan body! The Xuan body of the legend, that is the aura of Xuan body!"

"Fire Xuan body, it is no wonder that his position is so high in the Medicine Immortal Valley, it turned out that he has this formidable constitution!"

Among the crowd, someone suddenly suddenly shouted in shock.

Although everyone knows that there are disciples with Xuan body in various factions, they are usually well hidden and will not show up easily.

They are shocked to see one now and moreover he is a very young Xuan Body disciple.


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