Nine Sun God King
Chapter 564
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 564

Jian Mang usually does not like to cause trouble. At this time, he is so angry that he actively attacked the elder of Medicine Immortal Valley. It is also because he was seriously injured by Liu Chongsheng.

Although the speed of injured Jian Mang's sword is very fast, the person he attacked is a martial artist in the late stage of Spirit Martial Realm!

"Impudent junior!"

The old man of Medicine Immortal Valley also swiftly attacked and a palm shot at Jian Mang.

"Medicine Immortal valley trash, I, your father, will fight against you!"

The one-eyed old man from Immortal Weapon City screamed and split apart the palm attack.

His palm blade released an energy attack that turned into a sharp energy blade and killed the elder of the Medicine Immortal Valley directly.

The one-eyed old man is a Xuan Martial Realm Martial Monarch, several times stronger than Spirit Martial Realm. It is normal to kill the other party in one hit.

This made the other sects' elders completely dumbfounded.

Other sects' people did not want to get involved in this dispute and quickly retreated from the platform.

"Immortal Weapon City, don't bully too much!" Medicine Immortal Valley's Martial Monarch screamed furiously.

At this time, only the people of Immortal Weapon City, Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are here.

"You will hand over Liu Chongsheng, otherwise I promise you more people will die!" The one-eyed old man coldly screamed: "Liu Chongsheng used Dao Talisman to seriously hurt our disciples and also encouraged others to kill us from the Immortal Weapon City. This is all his fault!"

The disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain were also killed when they attacked Qin Yun and others. This is what makes them most sad.

Therefore, they must ask for some return.

At this moment, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and Medicine Immortal Valley do not care that they were in the wrong first.

They all agreed that it is necessary to make Immortal Weapon City pay the price.

As for Liu Chongsheng, they can't surrender him because he is an excellent seedlings with Fire Xuan body and fire totem.

Moreover, he also secured more than 100,000 jins of heavenly beast bones, made great achievements for the sect.

The number of elders of Immortal Weapon City is only a dozen people.

The Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain combined has a total of nearly 30 elders, in terms of quantity and strength, they surpass the Immortal Weapon City.

"Immortal Weapon City, you have to see the situation before your eyes!" The old man of Medicine Immortal Valley coldly shouted: "In this world, strength speak louder! Have you defeated us? Since you can't defeat us, then you are not qualified to talk to us about the conditions!"

The old man who spoke from the Medicine Immortal valley is a Martial King. The aura of his body is so strong that people could not breathe.

"Don't think that because you have more people, we are afraid! Even if I die, I pull a few of you with me to death!"

Although the one-eyed old man is a Xuan Martial Realm, he is not afraid at all.

Chu Binyu sighed and said: "Although I am a guest elder, I am still a part of the Immortal Weapon City, since it is necessary to fight, I will oblige!"

The strength of Chu Binyu is not weak at all. He seems to have the cultivation Martial King but many people suspect that he has surpassed the realm of Martial King.

"Then attack!" the old man of Medicine Immortal Valley roared, took out a long pike and thrust it toward the one-eyed old man.


The one-eyed old man grabbed the long pike with his big hand and shouted.

In an instant, a group of Martial Monarch and Martial Kings flew into the air and started a fight.

There are several martial artists in Spirit Martial Realm who are still watching Ke Mingjiang and the others.

Ke Mingjiang's group are not afraid because there are two elders who are protecting them.

"You have been seriously injured, isn't it very painful? It’s better to die!"

A middle-aged martial artist from Medicine Immortal Valley screamed and rushed to Ke Mingjiang's group with a long rod.

A short old Martial Master quickly took out a saber, blocked the long rod and then shouted to the old man next to him: "Elder Zhang, quickly defend to protect these juniors!"

The elder Zhang is a Tian family member.

Although he doesn't have the surname, in the Tian family he also has a high status.

Elder Zhang stood there watching and showed not intention of attacking.

"I am not going to be foolish along with you!" elder Zhang smiled coldly.

The short old Martial Master, also knew the character of this elder, can only grit his teeth to face the enemy Martial Masters.

"Quickly kill Jian Mang, this guy can cultivate Origin Sword, his strength is terrible!" An old Martial Master from Azure Flame Immortal Mountain quickly shouted.

At this time, several Martial Masters attacked Jian Mang with swords.

Jian Mang was just hit by a palm attack and now he can't avoid, let alone fight back.

Qin Yun suddenly took out a saber and directly cut off the stabbing sword attacks.

Seeing Qin Yun’s saber, elder Zhang’s eyes squinted and he shouted: "Dao weapon? And also the ancient Dao runes? you are Qin Yun?"

The people in the surroundings watching are suddenly alarmed!

"This Yun Daren is actually Qin Yun!"

"However, Qin Yun wasn't allowed to enter the Heavenly Beast Desolate domain, so how did he come out from inside?"

"Qin Yun, how did you get into the Heavenly beast desolate domain?" elder Zhang shouted and asked.

"I didn't go in through that entrance!" as Qin Yun replied, he continued to use saber to resist attacks from a Martial Master.

Ke Mingjiang looked at Qin Yun with surprise. He certainly heard about Qin Yun’s deeds.

He had previously learned that Qin Yun was restricted from entering the Heavenly Beast desolate domain and felt very sorry.

But he did not expect that Qin Yun actually went in!

Elder Zhang's face sank, he took out a long sword and suddenly stabbed at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun took out the Nine Sun Divine hammer and seriously resisting two Martial Masters of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and Medicine Immortal Valley. He was not wary about backstabbing.

Elder Zhang's sword thrust is very fast.

"Qin Yun watch out!"

Ke Mingjiang shouted and used his strength to fly quickly.

Qin Yun turned and looked back and found that elder Zhang actually pierced the body of Ke Mingjiang.


Qin Yun’s eyes turned red and suddenly he roared loudly. His speed was as fast as lightning. He rushed over and hammered elder Zhang’s head.


Elder Zhang's head suddenly exploded and he was directly killed!

The crowd watching from the air, whistled a burst of exclamation, Qin Yun actually killed a sect elder!

The Martial Masters of Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain did not expect that elder Zhang would unexpectedly suddenly attack Qin Yun.

Immortal Weapon City's elder Zhang suddenly turncoat and attacked Qin Yun!

This matter is indeed beyond everyone's expectations!

The most terrible thing however is that Qin Yun actually killed elder Zhang!

There are also many Tian family members in the crowd.

But they didn't say anything lest they get dragged into the mess.

Their Tian family elder was killed by Qin Yun and this matter must be reported back!

Qin Yun filled with anger, promptly released all his power.

The iceberg suddenly trembled fiercely!

Qin Yun released the power of the earthquake divine ability and applied in on the Nine Sun Divine Hammer and performed Six Style Forging Dragon!

He met a middle-aged man's stabbing sword and hammered it down.

The sword was broken directly and the Martial Master was beaten back a few steps.

"Qin Yun, go to protect Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang!"

The short Martial Master's combat power is also formidable, he has already repelled two enemies.

Qin Yun quickly pushed toward Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang and stood behind them.

Above the sky, there is a constant rolling noise, Martial Monarch and Martial King, fighting very fiercely on the air. There is a feeling that a landslide might occur.

Many of the nearby mountains have been shaken.

Even this iceberg has many layers of broken ice.

"We retreat!"

An old man from Medicine Immortal Valley saw that they were not good enough and flew to a blue flying ship.

Ke Mingjiang was stabbed with a sword and the injury was even worse.

He saw the flying ship that was slowly moving and said lowly: "Qin Yun, that is the Medicine Immortal Valley's flying magic tool, Liu Chongsheng is very likely to be inside!"

Everyone also looked at the blue flying ship and now it suddenly started. It is extremely useful to escape.

"You can't run!" Qin Yun shouted, then released the bone dragon.

The bone dragon roared out and flew in the air. It is aggressive and powerful and it burst with a powerful mad dragon power, which shocked everyone.


The dragon screamed a few times and flew to the blue flying ship, slamming into it and creating a hole directly on the big ship.

The huge bone dragon, drilled into the body of the ship, wreak havoc inside it crazily.

It was only a few moments and the ship was shredded into many pieces.

Disciples of other sects' who were suspended in the air watching the show were all shocked and stunned. They quickly moved away from the bone dragon, worried that they would be affected.

After the blue giant ship was torn, several figures appeared!

Bone dragon's big mouth quickly bit an old man and he was torn into two pieces.

"Liu Chongsheng, you can't run!" Qin Yun saw Liu Chongsheng and hurriedly controlled the bone dragon.

Although the bone dragon is huge, it is very fast and it flies swiftly. The tail swept down like a lightning bolt and the fleeing Liu Chongsheng was knocked down.

Liu Chongsheng, who felld down, created a big pit in the area!

Liu Chongsheng fell and saw Qin Yun.

"Yun Daren, turns out that you are Qin Yun!" Liu Chongsheng shouted with sinister look on his face.

"Yes, you swindled my 100 million purple coins and it is time to pay back!" Qin Yun rushed over, his palm filled with vibration power and he slapped Liu Chongsheng's face heavily.


Simultaneously with vibration power, a lightning power broke out in the area.

Liu Chongsheng was shot dozens of meters away, his face was crooked and he also lost his teeth.

Qin Yun quickly chased, he grabbed Liu Chongsheng's hair. Vibration power roared on his palm as he slapped Liu Chongsheng's face again and again.


The sound of this vibration power also shocked everyone!

Liu Chongsheng, who is famous in the Medicine Immortal Valley, was actually being slapped by someone who has not stepped into Spirit Martial Realm.

"Liu Chongsheng, I, Qin Yun was originally trying to enter the Medicine Immortal Valley as a medicine farmer but you secretly plotted against me, destroyed the assessment and swindled my 100 million purple coins!"

Qin Yun said coldly and he slapped again.

Liu Chongsheng is bleeding because of the slaps. But despite fear in his heart, he thought that Qin Yun would never dare to kill him.

"Qin Yun, I swindled you, so what? You are just a lowly thing, letting you enter the Medicine Immortal Valley as a medicine farmer, would be the shame of our Medicine Immortal Valley!"

Liu Chongsheng smiled and said: "You have seen it now. How Medicine Immortal Valley wants to protect me. If you dare to kill me, the consequences will be unimaginable!"


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