Nine Sun God King
Chapter 566
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 566

Qin Yun has always been worried about Yang Shiyue. Now, he is relieved after hearing this news.

Because those people can't catch Yang Shiyue, they can only use this method.

"Qin Yun, I don’t know about the people in Immortal Weapon City, so I don’t know what kind of people are in power. But I know that they are also looking for the Inscription Spirit."

"I am informing you about this now so that you can think about it with open mind. When you are in the Immortal Weapon city, if there are people with evil intentions, maybe you will be used to threaten Yang Shiyue!"

Han Fenghu has a certain understanding of Qin Yun and also knows that Qin Yun has great potential, so he does not want to be an enemy of Qin Yun.

"I will be careful!" Qin Yun nodded.

"Also, if the Immortal Weapon City decides to give you up, you have to leave as soon as possible, don't let Immortal Weapon City hand you over to Medicine Immortal Valley!" Han Fenghu said.

"Immortal Weapon City should not be so weak? They are certainly not afraid of the Medicine Immortal Valley, even if they want to suppress me, they can just seize me to threaten sister Yang, certainly will never hand me to Medicine Immortal Valley." Qin Yun said.

"This is also true. In short, if there is any news that is not good for you, I will let you know as soon as possible!"

"You are now going back with the people of Immortal Weapon City. If you want to have a better life in the Immortal Weapon City, it is best to let them discover your greatest value!"

Han Fenghu urge Qin Yun sternly.

Qin Yun nodded and then flew over with Han Fenghu.

After Han Fenghu and Immortal Weapon City people exchanged a few words, they left with their people.

Qin Yun also boarded the flying ship of Immortal Weapon City and left.

Many disciples of others sects have to continue exploring the Heavenly Beast Desolate domain because they have not got any Heavenly Beast bones.

Qin Yun is also being firmly guarded on the big ship.

Because he has rushed into a major disaster and moreover he is still a temporary disciple.

If it is really necessary, then Immortal Weapon City will take him out of the pot.

Now, Chu Binyu and Qin Yun are in a secret room.

"Villa master, how will the Immortal Weapon City treat me?" Qin Yun looked at the kind face of Chu Binyu and asked in a soft voice.

"I do not know either! In short, you are a disciple of my Saber Sword Villa, if there is no way, I will keep you." Chu Binyu smiled and said: "Immortal Weapon City should not give you up directly, after all, you are a talented Inscription master!"

"Villa Master, I heard Liu Chongsheng say that there is some half Immortal in the Medicine Immortal valley?" Qin Yun whispered: "Is there one in Immortal Weapon city?"

"Above the Martial King is the martial Emperor! And Martial Emperor can be said to be the peak of mortal power! Going up, you can become an Immortal, go to the Immortal Desolate!"

Chu Binyu said the words Immortal Desolate with a long sigh: "Although I am also Martial Emperor, I do not know how to become an Immortal! And between mortal and Immortal, there is a special realm, that is the Half-Immortal realm!

"My current goal is to reach this Half-Immortal realm, so I have to enter an Immortal sect, where I can absorb more Immortal energy and at the same time ask guidance from the predecessors who have entered the Half-Immortal realm!"

"Are there many people in the Half-Immortal realm?" Qin Yun asked.

"Not many but also not so few. A lot of these guys, all day long thinking about opening the entrance to the Immortal desolate and enter!" Chu Binyu smiled: "You don't think so much now, let's step into Spirit Martial Realm first! The road ahead is still a long one!"

Qin Yun felt that he was about to enter the Spirit Martial Realm. He got a lot of medicines to refine the Bone Spirit Xuan Pill and he could make them if he had time.

The flying ship was flying very fast and soon it returned to the sky above Immortal Weapon City.

Many temporary disciples have been able to become outer sect disciples of Immortal Weapon City because they have found some Heavenly Beast bones.

Qin Yun got 60,000 jins of Heavenly beast bones, which is quite a lot.

As for what role the Heavenly beast bones have, even Chu Binyu is not too clear.

It is said that in addition to refining Dao tools and alchemy, there are other great uses!

The role of the Heavenly beast bones is said to be clear only to those who are Half-Immortal.

The interior of the Immortal Weapon Palace is very large, with many large and small mountains, like a small mountain range.

As long as one has not reached the Spirit Martial Realm, one can only be a outer sect disciple.

After breaking through to the Spirit Martial Realm, one can become a main sect disciple and enter the core of the Immortal Weapon Palace.

Although it is the outer sect, it is also very stylish and the Immortal energy is also richer than the outside.

Over the years, there have been many outer sect disciples, all of whom are excellent disciples who have been absorbed from the five star sects or other second-rate sects. They can only stay here if they have not entered the Spirit Martial Realm.

Many people were originally very talented but they can't cross the Martial Dao realm and can't enter the Spirit Martial Realm, so they can only be an outer sect disciple.

If someone becomes old and then become a main sect disciple, they will be made fun of.

After Qin Yun entered the Immortal Weapon Palace, he also had Chu Binyu watching him.

The situation of the Heavenly Beast Desolate Domain was quickly spread throughout the Immortal Weapon City and the disciples in the Immortal Weapon Palace were also reacted after learning.

Some people think that Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are too arrogant and need to be taught some lessons.

They feel that Qin Yun and Ke Mingjiang did the right thing and they should kill when the time is right for killing.

And some people accuse Qin Yun of provoking such a big power.

Most of the disciples however felt that Medicine Immortal Vally and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain were not right and they all supported Qin Yun.

Qin Yun has obtained hundreds of thousands jins of Heavenly beast bones as contribution but because of a series of major events, the Immortal Weapon City will not accept him as a disciple but also caused controversy among many elders in the palace.

The elders are divided into two factions.

One faction wants to accept Qin Yun and believe it is necessary to affirm Qin Yun’s action against the Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain. In order to demonstrate to the Medicine Immortal valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain that they are not afraid.

The other faction refuses to accept Qin Yun and wants to talk with Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain.

The two factions are clamoring for a long time, although there are of elder who wants Qin Yun but the elders who refuse to accept Qin Yun are not to be outdone.

Qin Yun can only stay in a small house all day assigned for outer sect disciples, watched by Chu Binyu.

He can't leave here until the results are out.

Chu Binyu is also worried that Immortal Weapon City will hand over Qin Yun, so he is looking after Qin Yun. If Immortal Weapon City refuses to accept Qin Yun as a disciple, he can also take Qin Yun away in time.

Qin Yun is in the room, lying on the bed.

"Yun'er, what is the use of those Heavenly beast bones?" Qin Yun is very curious about this because he has nearly 300,000 jins of Heavenly Beast bones on hand.

There were tens of thousands of jins when he entered the warehouse and took some away.

The remaining 200,000 jins were obtained from a captain of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain.

The tens of thousands of jinss of Heavenly beast bones that he handed over to Immortal Weapon City were obtained by him in various trials and were stored by Ke Mingjiang.

"I really don't know!" Ling Yun'er has been thinking about this issue.

"Don't you know everything?" Qin Yun said with some annoyance.

"Ok, I admit that I don't understand some things but most things I know better!" Ling Yun'er said with a delicate voice: "You kid, don't underestimate me!"

Chu Binyu suddenly knocked on the door and said: "Qin Yun, the result came out, let's listen!"

Qin Yun quickly walked out of the room and saw the one-eyed old man.

This one-eyed old man has a good relationship with Ke Mingjiang and is also an elder in the palace.

"Qin Yun, our Head is back, he will accept you as a disciple!" The one-eyed old man said.

"Alright!" Qin Yun smiled.

He secretly guessed that the Head of Immortal Weapon City had just returned from the Remote Moon Mountain Range and also competed for the Inscription Spirit Star Lord.

"But the opponents who disagreed did not agree and finally made a compromise, that is to let you accept punishment and not reward with the heavenly beast bones."

The one-eyed old man supported Qin Yun, he was very dissatisfied with this result but there was no way.

"What punishment do you want to exert?" Qin Yun asked.

"To be hanged in the Immortal fire pool for seven days and seven nights!" The one-eyed old man said.

"No!" Chu Binyu vigorously hit the table: "Don't talk about Qin Yun, even if it is a person of Spirit Martial Realm, how many of them have received such punishment? If Qin Yun can endure, there will be residual effect for two to three years, which will affect his cultivation!"

The one-eyed old man whispered: "It is that group of Long, Yang and Tian family, who are opposed to Qin Yun."

Among the major sects, there are five clan people.

Even the Immortal Weapon City is no exception.

Of course, these family forces are only half of the power in Immortal sect, otherwise Qin Yun would be handed over by them.

"I am willing to accept punishment!" Although Qin Yun is dissatisfied with the results but now he can only endure.

What he has to do now is not to let the family forces in Immortal Weapon City find excuses.

As long as he accepts the punishment, they can no longer say anything in the future.

"Rest assured, my ability endure is stronger than many Spirit Martial Realm!" Qin Yun laughed.

"Liu Chongsheng had a Fire Xuan body and was a Spirit Martial Realm but he was no match for you!" Chu Binyu stared at Qin Yun with a smile and asked: "Qin Yun, you honestly tell me, are you hiding something?"

"Qin Yun, in the Immortal Weapon city, most of the elders are supporting you, you don't have to worry about the family forces targeting you, you can say it with confidence!"

The one-eyed old man also said: "This is a very real thing, as long as you show your value, we can do more to save you!"

"Ok, I will say it, just don't let the world know!" Qin Yun thought about it and said.

The one-eyed old man and Chu Binyu nodded.

Qin Yun feels that he is going to be exposed sooner or later, so there is nothing wrong to divulge some of his strength.

"I have Heavenly Lion Bloodline and Heavenly Lion Totem!" Qin Yun said.

"Is this true?" although Chu Binyu was well prepared, he still found it unbelievable.

When Qin Yun said it, he took off his upper body clothes and then let the Heavenly Lion totem emerge.

It is common knowledge that people can't hide their totem tatto. Yet Qin Yun can control his totem freely!

The one-eyed old man and Chu Binyu were both shocked and opened their mouths.

"My Heavenly lion's blood is biased towards the fire attribute, so the punishment of the Immortal fire pool should have no effect on me!" Qin Yun smiled and put on his clothes.


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