Nine Sun God King
Chapter 580
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 580

Qin Yun left the cave house before the Martial Masters arrived.

When he left, he did not forget to kill all the horses.(TL NOTE : poor horsie...)

Those horses were exchanged for points, they require two points, which is quite expensive.

He doesn't want it, he also can't take it, so he can only get rid of it. This will make the Balong Corps feel more pain.

After Qin Yun came outside, the 20 Martial Masters of the Balong Legion also rushed out.

"Qin Yun, don't run if you are a man!"

The person who spoke was the head of the Balong Legion. He looked very young, in his early twenties, dressed in a black armor and armed with a heavy sword.

"If I don't run, don't tell me that you expect me to let you catch me?" Qin Yun laughed and continued to run.

"I am Long Ziming, a Long family junior, do you not hate us the most?" Long Ziming sneered: I will give you a chance now to come beat me, how about it?"

"You are a Spirit Martial Realm Martial Master, equipped with various equipments and there are so many companions, I will not fight with you!" Qin Yun said coldly and kept running.

"You can rest assure, I guarantee that they will never attack. Only I will have a fair fight with you!" Long Ziming said: "I also want to see how is your strength!"

Long Ziming's corps was destroyed by Qin Yun.

He himself has nothing to lose, it was so convenient for Qin Yun, they let him get more than two hundred points.

It has not been long since Qin Yun entered the fantasy field and he got more than two hundred points, which is very powerful.

"Ok, I will play with you!" Qin Yun suddenly stopped.

If he is killed, he will only lose one point and it will not hurt him.

He and Long Ziming are trying to see how strong they are.

"Now it's good!" Long Ziming laughed smugly and the heavy sword in his hand slammed toward Qin Yun.

His attack is not fast but he has a very strange power.

"That weird power is a kind of suction force!"

Qin Yun originally wanted to avoid the sword but because of the suction, his body became a lot slower.

In desperation, he can only block with saber.


Qin Yun’s saber blocked the attack and and also released a vibration force.

And Long Ziming's heavy sword also employed a berserk force.

The energy that broke out in the collision shocked Qin Yun’s arm and it hurt slightly.

"Damn, without Heavenly Lion Xuan Body, it is not good!"

After Qin Yun blocked with saber, he quickly took out a few daggers and then used Six Style Wind Slayer.

"There is nothing great about you!" Long Ziming swung his sword to resist and blocked several sabe energy in a row and he repelled Qin Yun.

Qin Yun had to admit that without the power of Heavenly Lion Xuan Body and bloodline, is is very hard to compete against Martial Masters.

"Yuner, use that power!" Qin Yun suddenly said to Ling Yuner.

At this time, Long Ziming also rushed over, screaming loudly and sword stabbing!

"Thunder Flash Sword Technique, this is a high levle Earth tier martial arts! The head is getting more and more skilled!" A middle-aged woman watching the fight in the distance ​​laughed.

When the sword stabbed, it still produced a strange suction force, which made it difficult for Qin Yun to move half a step.


Qin Yun didn't have time to dodge, even though he waved his arm and went to block, it was very difficult and slow, causing his chest to be hit with sword!

Long Ziming used the Thunder Flash Sword Technique to smash like a thunder and he sent Qin Yun flying for dozens of meters.

Qin Yun lay on the ground and there is a big hole in his chest, which is very painful.

"Qin Yun, you lost!"

Long Yuming flew up and fell from the sky. The heavy sword was facing the ground and his body spun firmly toward the ground.

He not only used Thunder Flash Sword Technique but now it is even more terrible.

At this moment, Ling Yuner released the power of Nether Sun Dao core, generating a formidable power that rushed to the sky.

Long Ziming fell down and the heavy sword smashed and slammed into the ground due to gravity.


The violent collision caused a violent force to be released.

Suddenly, the wind screamed and rolled up fallen leaves and dust in a large area.

Long Ziming was shocked and flew away, his arm trembled a little and when he landed on the ground, he stood a little unstable.

Although Qin Yun blocked the horrible sword of Long Ziming, he was also shocked.

"Yes, you really deserve you reputation, you have a little strength!" Long Ziming sneered and attacked again.

Qin Yun did not know what power this guy used to always produce a strong suction, which led to his slow action, even made it difficult to move.

When Long Ziming came over, Qin Yun jumped away quickly.

He did not dare to approach Long Ziming.

Long Ziming saw Qin Yun hiding from him and immediately angered: "Qin Yun, are you not competing with me? Why do you hide? Hurry and roll over to me!"

"Long Ziming, you may not know, your corps killed me once!" Qin Yun smiled coldly and suddenly flashed over.

"Haha, if so, that is great!" Long Ziming laughed and hurriedly attacked with the sword.

That kind of suction reappeared. After Qin Yun sensed it, he quickly retreated more than ten steps.

He found that as long as he kept a distance from Long Ziming, he could avoid the suction.

"Xiao Yun, I am ready to start, you wait for the opportunity to arrive!"

Ling Yuner suddenly said that just now she suddenly released the gravity power of Nether Sun Dao core to block the terrible blow of Long Ziming.

Long Qiming made several consecutive attacks and could not hit Qin Yun. He was very angry. He said: "Qin Yun, you are a coward! If I catch you, I will torture you and make you want to die!"

Qin Yun also rushed over: "Catch me? You won't have that chance!"

After Qin Yun arrived, Ling Yuner quickly released the gravity and pressed it on Long Ziming’s body.

Long Ziming only felt his body suddenly became heavy and difficult to move.And Qin Yun arrived in front of him.

" Quickly save me!" Long Ziming suddenly screamed.

Qin Yun chopped with his saber and cut the head of Long Ziming and sneered: "You said before that they would not attack and now?"

Long Ziming was killed, Qin Yun also got four points!

The 20 Martial Masters also rushed over, surrounded Qin Yun and then attacked together.

Qin Yun jumped to the sky, then released the power of the shadow, hid in the darkness and disappeared completely.

The Martial Masters are all schocked.

Although it is night, their vision is very good.

Even if something very small floating in the air, they can see clearly.

Yet a person who can be as big as Qin Yun suddenly disappeared into the air.

Qin Yun is hidden in the darkness and quietly landed on the ground to control the throwing daggers!


After the five throwing daggers flew out, they instantly penetrated the heads of the five Martial Masters!

There are no good armor in the fantasy field.

Qin Yun’s mental strength is very strong. The throwing daggers he controls are also very sharp. They rapidly flew and pierced the heads of the Martial Masters.

He was hidden in the darkness and suddenly he came out silently.

Six Style Wind Slayer!

After six consecutive saber attacks, six Martial Masters were killed.

The throwing daggers also followed the few Martial Masters who fled and killed five.

The last few Martial Masters were also injured by Qin Yun with a throwing dagger. They could not escape and they will be killed by Qin Yun who flew over.

"The group is gone, right?"

Qin Yun looked at the gradually disappearing bodies and smiled.

The strength of the Balong Corps is also relatively strong.

But now it is destroyed by Qin Yun alone!

You must know that the Corps is rarely destroyed in whole group, let alone being destroyed by one person!

Qin Yun’s points suddenly became three hundred and twenty-three!

It went up more than two hundred at a time.

This made many people who were concerned about the ranking of the points, suddenly shocked.

In a short period of time, Qin Yun got more than three hundred points and it was apparent that a corps was destroyed.

Not all disciples, spend all day in the fantasy field, those top ten disciples, only when they are about to be overtaken, will enter the fantasy field, increase their points and maintain the ranking.

At this time, the top ten people also heard that Qin Yun suddenly added a lot of points.

Chu Binyu was quite happy to hear the news.

The one-eyed old man frowned and said: "Half of the top ten disciples are disciples of family power. Do you know what action they will take?"

"I am also very worried! If they are in the fantasy field, they will catch Qin Yun and that will be troublesome!"

Chu Binyu thought of this matter and secretly worried about it.

"Being caught in the fantasy field is the most troublesome! Especially being caught and then tortured, this is the most terrible situation!"

"I had a disciple before, was tortured after being caught. Then couldn’t stand the pain and left the Fantasy Field and lost a thousand points!"

"There are too many disciples of the family power here. If they unite, Qin Yun will definitely be in dangerous situation!" The one-eyed old man sighed: "I hope Qin Yun can successfully enter the top ten!"

Chu Binyu was originally happy but now thought that Qin Yun would be attacked by the disciples of the family forces and he was secretly worried.

On the other side, within the family powers, four men and one woman were invited to a luxurious hall.

These four men and one woman are among the top ten disciples in the martial dao list and are disciples of family power.

An old man looked at the five disciples and said: "Qin Yun destroyed the Balong Corps. You should have heard about this matter?"

"Heard it!" A black-faced youth with big ear sneered: "Qin Yun really has the ability to enter the fantasy field for a few days and get so many points!"

"The task of the five of you is to seize Qin Yun! Don't kill him, just don't let him perform any action inside, stop his points from increasing!" The old man said.

"Hey, our vacation is over and we have to lie in the coffin again!" A short man said with a look of disappointment: "Qin Yun, a bastard, disturbed my vacation. When I catch him, I must torture him!"

"Don't underestimate him! Although Qin Yun is a ninth levle Martial Dao Realm, he is difficult to deal with! I heard that he has weapons and no one knows how he got it!" The old man sternly shouted.

"At least two hundred points are needed to be exhanged for a weapon but Qin Yun did not have so many points before, where did he get it?" The tall woman asked.


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