Nine Sun God King
Chapter 586
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 586

Qin Yun used shadow power to hide in the darkness. He flew through the forest.

Many disciples were hiding here, ambushing those who walked in the night.

Some of the disciples who entered the forest would return to the safe city overnight, while others would come here to hunt and kill each other.

Only through this method could they quickly obtain points.

Normally, it would be hard to find anyone who hid well or followed a corps.

Especially those disciples who had the ability to enter a corps, they were the most difficult to kill.

Of course, this is not difficult for Qin Yun at all.

He had already eliminated the Balong corps.

Qin Yun had been in seclusion for more than half a month. In this period of time, his points had never changed.

As a result, many disciples felt that he had given up on the rankings.

If it were anyone else who had hundreds of negative points, one wouldn't have the motivation to climb up in ranking.

Those disciples ranked in the top ten are only able to accumulate so much after a very long time.

Even for the powerful corps commanders, it is not easy to get points quickly.

In the forest, a chilly wind is blowing.

Many disciples are hiding in here. Some are hiding in trees, some are hiding in bushes and some are hiding in the ground. Each small team is patiently waiting.

If wind blows some grass, they would immediately attack.

However, no one noticed Qin Yun who is flying on air within this area.

Qin Yun hovered in the air and looked down at the forest. He said with a sneer, "These people are gifting points, so I won't be polite!"

After saying that, he released the five throwing knives.

Stepping into the Spirit Martial Realm, his mental power also increased quite a bit. He used the Imperial Spirit Control Technique to control the throwing knives, he can now control faster and stronger.

After Qin Yun locked onto the group below, the five throwing knives did not make a sound but instead moved as fast as lightning.

Throwing Knives entered the forest and penetrated the ground!

A few meters under the ground, the five people who are hiding are instantly killed.

The movement on the ground attracted the other team members who were hiding in the surroundings, they jumped down one after another to take a look.

The moment they got down, the five throwing knives jumped out from the ground.

Shu! Shu! Shu!

As soon as the throwing knives appeared, they penetrated the heads of the five people.

"Very well!"

After Qin Yun killed the ten people here, he hurriedly headed to another nearby location.

His movements had to be fast, as he had to kill all the disciples in the forest before anyone else knew about his arrival.

Qin Yun had previously flown around forest and determined the locations of the disciples before he made his move.

This way, after he killed one group of people, he could immediately move on to the next group and finish off the second group.

Like this, Qin Yun will be able to cleanse the forest very smoothly.

Late at night, the forest is as quiet as ever.

Those who had not been killed were waiting patiently for their prey.

In the quiet forest, one by one, the Spirit Martial Realm warriors are being mysteriously killed.

When many disciples were killed, they did not even see who did it.

However, when they woke up, they immediately realized that it was Qin Yun!

This was because Qin Yun is the only one who could perform such excellent sneak attacks.

It is a peaceful night. The disciples in the forest are being sent out of the fantasy field, one group after another.

And this matter very quickly alarmed the family power disciples who are ranked in the top ten.

Qin Yun had returned!

Daybreak, first thing in the morning, the safe city is in an uproar.

That is because Qin Yun had returned!

Qin Yun, who had disappeared for half a month, finally appeared.

Moreover, he even killed all of the disciples in that forest.

Qin Yun's point was originally more than negative 400 points but the negative points are now gone. He returned to his normal accumulation rate.

Qin Yun now has more than fifty points!

This matter caused a great sensation.

The people of safe city did not dare to leave the city. They are worried that they would be killed by Qin Yun the moment they left.

Indeed, Qin Yun is waiting outside the city. He is hidden in a secret place, watching the city gates of safe city.

He is waiting for the large corps to appear.

"Family power bastards, come and kill me if you dare!"

Qin Yun has become a Spirit Marital Realm Martial Master. Even if he is surrounded by several formidable family power disciples, it is unlikely he would be in a sorry state like before.

In a courtyard of Immortal Weapon Palace, Tian Yaolei was originally sitting and comfortably basking in the sun. After he received the news, he suddenly jumped up from his chair.

"Tian Yaolei, last time to capture Qin Yun, we each used a talisman!" Yang Shenglong walked over, face full of anger. "Qin Yun, this little insect! Always been giving us trouble!"

Long Kuanghang and Ji Lang also arrived one after another. They too, had displeased looks on their faces.

This is because their mission was to prevent Qin Yun from gaining points.

They thought that after Qin Yun lost a thousand points, he would not return.

Who would have imagined that within a month he would return in a swirl of dust and even offset the negative points?

"It will require 500 points to exchange for that talisman! I can't exchange for it again or else my ranking will drop even more!" Tian Yaolei said.

"It's all your fault. We should have discussed this properly. It's fine as long as we just exchanged the talismans but we actually used them all. Moreover, we used them together, causing a great waste!" Long Kuanghang snorted coldly, "A bunch of idiots!"

"Hold On! it seems like that woman Long Qiaofeng hasn't used her's. Let's go find her and let her use her Person Seeking Talisman!" Tian Yaolei said.

"That woman might have gone to find Qin Yun herself! She had wanted to capture Qin Yun last time and reap some benefits! Damned slut!" Ji Lang said angrily as he thought of this.

"We all go back. We'll enter the fantasy field first and gather our own cirps." Yang Shenglong said.

After saying that, the four family power disciples all returned to their respective residences.

Qin Yun is outside the city when he saw a middle aged man riding a horse at top speed towards him in the evening.

Suddenly, a black clothed youth flew out from the city, trying to kill that horse riding middle aged man.

"Bastard, you even dare to have ideas about your grandfather?" The horse riding middle aged man roared, "Do you know who I am? I am the vice captain of the Hua Tian Corps!"

There are many disciples at the city gate who wanted to take action but after hearing the words "Hua Tian Corps", they all became terrified.

Qin Yun had also heard of the Hua Tian Corps. It is none other than Hua Xiyue's corps.

It was said that this corps was made up of Law Keeper Hall members. They are all very strong and their leader is precisely Hua Xiyue.

The attacking youth obviously didn't recognize the horse riding middle aged man.

After he heard "Hua Tian Corps", his face became filled with fear. He wanted to escape back to the city but the middle aged rider had pierced his head with a long spear.

"Little trash sending me points!" the middle-aged man laughed loudly and then retracted his spear.

The horse riding middle aged man looked at the people at the city gate and laughed madly, "You bunch of trash, if you want to give me points, then hurry up and come out!"

As the middle aged man laughed, a few knives flew towards him.

The middle aged man also sensed the incoming flying knives and hurriedly jumped off the horse.

Although the middle aged man dodged it, the horse was killed by Qin Yun's flying knife. (TL NOTE : poor horsie!!)

His horse is dead!

The middle aged man immediately roared.

"Who did it? Roll out for me now!" the middle aged man's voice filled with rage was accompanied by a gust of wind that swept in all directions, "I, Xia Shufeng, guarantee that I will make you leave the fantasy field in a most painful way!"

Everyone was shocked when they saw the horse die.

This was obviously a provocation to Xia Shufeng.

"Your grandpa is too old, so it's inconvenient for him to roll out, so he can only fly out!"

As Qin Yun spoke, he slowly flew over and looked down at Xia Shufeng. He said with a chuckle, "My good grandson, Grandfather is out. Why don't you tell me what you have to say?"

"You! Who are you?" Xia Shufeng's angry voice sounded as if it was about to spit out a lightning bolt.

Everyone wanted to know who the black robed man with bamboo hat is. How could he be so arrogant as to provoke a disciple of the Law Keeper Hall? Moreover, this is the vice captain of the Hua Tian Corps.

"Grandson, you're still young, why don't you have brain to learn from your mistake? Didn't I just say that I am your grandfather?" Qin Yun chuckled and said, "Your bad memory really deserves a lesson!"

"I will chop you into pieces!" Xia Shufeng's eyes turned red with anger.

He leaped into the air and stabbed with his spear, countless spearheads burst out like a wave that struck at Qin Yun. They overlapped with a mighty aura, bringing along a large gust of wind.


Storm of countless sharp spearheads violently struck at Qin Yun.

"Grandson, at your current level, you are still unable to injure me, your grandfather!"

Qin Yun smiled coldly and lightly waved his hand, a transparent vibration power swept out like ten thousand horses galloping that could topple mountains and overturn the seas.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The vibration power swept out, blowing away all of Xia Shufeng's attacks.

Qin Yun executed the Nine Extinction Steps' Flowing Light Extinction Shadow, arriving behind Xia Shufeng in a strange manner.

Xia Shufeng is shocked beyond belief. He didn't expect to run into such a powerful person.

Qin Yun punched, a vibration power subsequently roared and went out. Everything within a hundred meter radius was enveloped with vibration power.

His fist also hit Xia Shufeng's back!


Xia Shufeng's back was hit by the fierce attack that caused sparks to fly out and he was sent flying several kilometers away, crashing into the city wall.

Qin Yun frowned and said with a sneer, "My good grandson is truly worthy of being in the Law Keeper Hall. He actually has such powerful armor!"

With the power of his fist just now, it was not difficult for it to pierce through Xia Shufeng's body.

However, he was only sent flying!

Qin Yun arrived beside Xia Shufeng in a flash.

Just as Xia Shufeng was about to escape, Qin Yun unleashed a vibration power from his palm. He landed heavily on the ground, creating a pit of more than ten meters in length.

Qin Yun dropped from the sky and landed a ruthless kick on Xia Shufeng's back, with a burst of explosive thunder and lightning power.

The power of the lightning, accompanied by the power of the vibration, pierced into every part of Xia Shufeng's body.

"AHHHHH!" Xia Shufeng immediately let out a blood-curdling scream.

The spectators on the city wall are all so terrified that they can hardly breathe.

The Hua Tian Corps is a regiment formed by the disciples of the Law Keeper Hall. It is extremely powerful.

The vice captain of the Hua Tian Corps is now being tyrannically beaten up like a stray dog.

"Just who are you!" Xia Shufeng cried out in pain.

"Listen up, your grandfather's name is Qin Yun!" After saying that, Qin Yun punched using the Flame Light Fist.

The fist turned into a huge illusory flame, accompanied by a boundless vibration power, pressed down in Xia Shufeng turning him into ashes.

The people from the safe city swallowed their saliva!

Qin Yun, who has returned, unexpectedly has such terrifying strength. He has totally destroyed a Martial Master.


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