Nine Sun God King
Chapter 591
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 591

The huge iceberg is torn apart by the violent explosion and huge chunks of ice fell to the ground.

Under the icebergs, flames started to rise from the cracks and began melting the iceberg.

The flame erupted from those Xuan talismans is extremely terrifying and the explosive force is formidable enough to destroy a huge iceberg.

The cave within the ice mountain was right underneath.

And because of violent explosion and blazing flames, the cave interior has long been destroyed.

The people inside were either killed by the explosion or crushed to death.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Explosion of Xuan Talismans pasted by Qin Yun inside the iceberg, turned the entire iceberg into a volcano!

Long Qiaofeng watched from afar, she is shocked speechless!

Even Qin Yun himself felt that the might of the Xuan talismans exceeds his expectations.

"Mixing star runes and Xuan runes together to refine a Xuan talisman makes it so powerful!" Qin Yun is endlessly surprised.

"Of course! You have the Violent Flame Inscription Spirit. When you're carving a fire attribute rune, it's precision is very high. This can increase your power by a lot! Furthermore, your star runes are not just any ordinary star runes!" Ling Yuner said.

The star and moon runes Qin Yun have are the most valuable treasures of the Inscription Gate. They are forbidden runes from ancient times.

The entire Hua Tian Corps is destroyed!

Qin Yun's points had increased by more than nine hundred in an instant. At this moment, it exceeded fifteen hundred.

Hua Xiyue searched for Qin Yun everywhere outside the city.

He could not find Qin Yun, so he could only return to Safe City.

Just as he returned to the safe city, he saw that the members of the Hua Tian Corps are actually all in the safe city.

There were already a lot of disciples in the safe city. After the Hua Tian Corps was destroyed, they entered once more and all appeared in the safe city.

To appear here on such a large scale, it is most likely because the entire corps was destroyed.

"You all...why are you all here?" Although Hua Xiyue already knew the answer in his heart, he still found it hard to believe it was true.

"We've been annihilated!" A middle aged man in white said with a face full of anger. He is the Military Advisor, Chu Bazhong.

"Were you killed by the Black Cloth Corps?"

Hua Xiyue immediately thought of this terrifying corps because in the entire Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field, only this corps has the strength to do something like this.

"It's Qin Yun! Look at his current points, 1500!" Chu Bazhong said angrily.

Hearing Chu Bazhong's words, the surrounding disciples all closed their eyes, looking at the rankings on the martial dao list.

Qin Yun's score is indeed fifteen hundred. He is now in seventieth place.

This caused the whole safe city to tremble!

The Hua Tian Corps is extremely secretive and powerful. It was annihilated by Qin Yun alone.

"How did he destroy you? This is impossible! Even if it's me, I can't possibly destroy you all in one fell swoop!"

Hua Xiyue clenched his fist tightly, his forehead is full of blue veins and a fierce aura burst out from his body.

"He used Xuan Talisman! My guess is that he sneaked into our base and posted Xuan talismans everywhere." Chu Bazhong said with anger: "This bastard is an Inscription Master. Right now, he has stepped into the Spirit Martial Realm and is able to refine Xuan talismans!"

When the crowd heard this, they also felt fear from the bottom of their hearts.

The cost of exchanging for a Xuan talisman is several hundred points per talisman.

Because Qin Yun knew how to craft talismans, he created many of them. Thus he could destroy an entire corps by himself.

"Qin Yun, you lowly scum, you dare to provoke me!" Hua Xiyue is infuriated as he roared loudly, "Qin Yun, I'll make sure you live a life worse than death!"

Qin Yun is very happy annihilating Hua Xiyue's legion. He and Long Qiaofeng moved away from ice and snow world.

"Do you want me to bring you to see Ji Lang?" Long Qiaofeng asked.

"Ji Lang? How many points does his corps have?" Qin Yun also wanted to increase his points as soon as possible.

"Five or six hundred. But if we want to wipe out the entire corps, it shouldn't be that easy anymore!" Long Qiaofeng said, "After the Hua Tian Corps is destroyed, the other corps will definitely be on their guard. It's now impossible for the entire corps to be together at all times!"

"Let's return to the safe city first!" Qin Yun said, "Hua Xiyue might be there. I have to teach him a lesson!"

"Suit yourself!" Long Qiaofeng also hoped that Qin Yun would be able to eliminate Ji Lang's group. She hated those foolish and filthy pigs to the core.

There are many people gathered in the safe city.

Those who just arrived are discussing the matter of Qin Yun exterminating the Hua Tian Corps.

At this moment, the members of the Hua Tian Corps are now outside the building selling talisman and making a ruckus.

They protested that Qin Yun has destroyed the fair policy of fantasy field. That is because if one knew how to create talismans, one could obtain a large number of talismans without gaining points.

For disciples who didn't know how to make talismans, this is an absolute disaster.

Among all the disciples here, only Qin Yun knows how to craft talismans!

Most of Hua Xiyue's regiment are the disciples of the Law Keeper Hall. They are now also protesting in reality.

Especially Hua Xiyue, who went straight to find his master and then found Grannya Ma.

In a hall of the Law Keeper Hall, several black clothed elders are standing in discussion.

"Granny Ma, this is exactly what happened. All of you must restrict Qin Yun. If this goes on, the fantasy field will be disrupted by him!" Hua Xiyue said indignantly.

"In the fantasy field, talismans and weapons have always existed. As long as one has the ability, one can refine them oneself. After all, we can all learn how to carve runes so there is no restriction."

Granny Ma continued : "Our Law Keeper Hall only oversees things. We don't restrict the ability of others to craft talismans!"

Hua Xiyue frowned: "Then... If that's the case, it should be possible to restrict Qin Yun from entering the fantasy field, right?"

"As long as someone is an outer sect disciple of our Immortal Weapon City, one is qualified to enter the fantasy field. If you want to restrict Qin Yun, you can only go to the Chief!" Granny Ma said, "You can go try it with the Chief!"

Hua Xiyue's master is a martial king elder. He hurriedly said, "Granny Ma, you are very clear on the situation. As long as Qin Yun is in there, all of our disciples will be his targets!"

Hua Xiyue said, "Granny Ma, if there is no restriction on Qin Yun, we can prevent the other disciples from entering the fantasy field and prevent Qin Yun from gaining points!"

"You guys are making it difficult for me by doing this!" Granny Ma sighed, "If there are not enough disciples in there, then we will also initiate some events to ensure that people can earn enough points!"

"Granny Ma, my Hua Tian Corps is comprised of disciple of the Law Keeper Hall. You are not supporting us but supporting a scourge like Qin Yun?" Hua Xiyue is somewhat angry.

Granny Ma's complexion darkened : "Younger generation, respect me a little! Qin Yun is a scourge? Do you know how much he has contributed?"

"Also, as one of the five great protectors of the Law Keeper Hall, if I favor the disciples of the Law Keeper Hall, what will others say about me? Forget it, from today onwards, I will expel you from the Law Keeper Hall!"

Hua Xiyue's master became anxious and hurriedly pushed Hua Xiyue, exclaiming: "Hurry up and apologize to Granny Ma!"

When Hua Xiyue saw that Granny Ma wanted to kick him out of the Law Keeper Hall, he also became very worried and hurriedly lowered his head in apology.

The treatment of the Law Keeper Hall is very good and it is also very difficult to enter.

If Hua Xiyue was kicked out, not only would he lose his good treatment, he would also be laughed at.

"If all of you want to deal with Qin Yun, you should work together and use all sorts of methods to capture him And torture him to force him to leave fantasy field so that he loses his score." Granny Ma sneered, "This is what a strong person should do! As for you, you only know how to bring your master to find me! With a single look, I can tell that you are useless!"

"Qin Yun had been oppressed by the family power forces to such an extent that he had to sacrifice hundreds of points. However, he had never sought me out nor complained to anyone about it. Instead, he focused on training, entered the Spirit Martial Realm and then went and fought against various large corps by himself!"

Hua Xiyue clenched his fist and did not say a word. That is because in Granny Ma's eyes, he is far inferior to Qin Yun.

"Granny Ma, I'll definitely let you know that Qin Yun is far inferior to me!" After he finished speaking, Hua Xiyue left in a rage.

Most of the disciples are extremely impressed by Qin Yun's achievements in the fantasy field.

This is because Qin Yun was bullied by family power forces, resulting in him losing points. In the end, he has caught up and even annihilated the powerful Hua Tian Corps.

In this place, many disciples are often bullied by the family power forces.

Because their strength is not sufficient, in the eyes of the disciples of the family powers, they are only worth a few points.

Qin Yun arrived at the Safe City. Furthermore, he is extremely high profile. He held a saber in his hand as he stood outside the city gates.

The moment Hua Xiyue entered the fantasy, he knew that Qin Yun is outside the city gates and hurriedly rushed over.

"Qin Yun, I was looking for you everywhere but I never expected you to appear on your own! After you have stepped into the Spirit realm, you became truly arrogant!"

Hua Xiyue is wearing white clothes, his handsome face was filled with a grave and stern expression. His eyes filled with killing intent and anger.

"How am I arrogant? Although I have destroyed your Hua Tian Corps, I feel that it is nothing more than a trivial matter. Your trash corps was destroyed without even being able to see me, not even a little bit of strength." Qin Yun shook his head and said with a smile.

"You only relied on Xuan talismans! If you didn't use your Xuan talismans, you won't even be able to beat my Military Advisor!" Hua Xiyue said coldly.

"Really? Looks like the vice captain that I defeated is far worse than your advisor. Such a useless fellow, to actually become vice captain, your legion is truly a trashy one!" Qin Yun laughed.

Xia Shufeng is the vice captain of the Hua Tian Corps. Previously, he had been addressed by Qin Yun as his grandson and later he was killed. Now, he is furious and rushed over.

Military Advisor Chu Bazhong also followed, his face full of killing intent.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Do you want three against one? Come on!"

"All of you retreat and let me fight with him!" Hua Xiyue coldly said.

"Captain, let me do it! I just have to guard against his Xuan talismans! This guy did not even need to use Xuan talismans to defeat that woman Long Qiaofeng. However earlier, someone saw him being chased and attacked by Long Qiaofeng!"

Chu Bazhong coldly smiled, he is extremely confident.

"That's right. I lost because of Qin Yun's sneak attack!" Xia Shufeng said.

"Grandson, I didn't sneak attack you! Don't lie, lying is a bad thing!" Qin Yun reprimanded loudly.

"Qin Yun, I'll crush you to death!" Xia Shufeng roared and rushed forward.


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