Nine Sun God King
Chapter 596
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 596

Long Kuanghang is clad in armor but when he attacked, he is surprisingly agile.

Qin Yun never expected that a person who wielded a heavy sword would strike as fast as lightning.

He was unable to dodge in time and his cheek was slashed by the sword that pierced towards him.

Just now, if he had been a bit slower, then his head would have been pierced through and he would have been able to leave the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field.

Although he would only lose two points, Qin Yun is extremely unwilling to be killed by Long Kuanghang.

Long Kuanghang is feeling extremely unhappy because he was just a hair away from killing Qin Yun.

Of course, what he wanted most was to capture Qin Yun and torture him into leaving the fantasy field. That is the greatest benefit he could reap.

However, that is extremely difficult to achieve.

Qin Yun had the power to defeat Hua Xiyue.

After Hua Xiyue was defeated by Qin Yun, he had yet to enter the fantasy field. It is obvious that he had suffered a heavy blow.

Long Kuanghang brandished his blue heavy sword as he chased crazily after Qin Yun.

"Long Kuanghang, is that all you have? You actually boasted about defeating me?" while dodging, Qin Yun mocked.

"Qin Yun, don't be arrogant!"

Long Kuanghang shouted in anger. This is also the first time he had been ridiculed.

Violent Dao power suddenly rushed out of Long Kuanghang's body, followed by the eruption of a terrifying ancient beast's power.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He crazily slashed out a few times and the sword energy turned into angry purple gold dragons.

Countless dragon like sword energy engulfed the entire forest.

Gigantic trees exploded upon contact with the dragon like sword energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blink of an eye, all the trees within a kilometer radius of the forest were flattened by Long Kuanghang's sword energy.

Qin Yun's entire body is enveloped in a translucent black energy barrier. After the sword beam charged over, it was repelled by the black energy barrier.

"Ten Thousand Dragons Crossing the Mountains!"

Upon seeing that Qin Yun was fine, Long Kuanghang bellowed angrily. Raising his heavy sword, he slashed at Qin Yun, who is a hundred meters away.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Long Kuanghang's heavy sword flashed with an unpleasing purple golden light!

Boundless violet light danced in the air, it is as if a dragon soaring and dancing!

Just like before, the sword energy Long Kuanghang released surged out like a dragon!

Previously, there were many small snake like dragons!

Now there are many huge purple-gold wyverns with several meters thick bodies!

Countless purple-gold wyverns intertwined with each other like surging waves, quickly arrived and wreaked mighty havoc on heaven and earth.

In a short instant, it completely engulfed Qin Yun!

"Ten Thousand Dragon Violent Sweep!"

When Long Kuanghang saw Qin Yun being submerged, he roared and laughed maniacally.

The countless purple gold two-headed dragons suddenly turned into a tornado, enveloping Qin Yun and revolved crazily.

The purple gold tornado soared upwards and illusory image of many terrifying wyverns blended together.

These are made of dreadful Primordial dao power.

Countless purple gold wyverns continuously circled around him, letting out low growls that are very frightening.

Long Qiaofeng watched from far away, her heart filled with worry.

"Is Qin Yun about to be annihilated this time? The elders of the clan are really biased, to actually let Long Kuanghang learn the Heavenly Dragon Arts, that is a Tian tier martial art! But even if I want to learn top grade Earth tier martial arts, I was not allowed to!"

"I hope that Qin Yun can pull through it and destroy Long Kuanghang's power. This guy has always been arrogant in front of me."

Long Qiaofeng is very jealous of Long Kuanghang because her strength is not one bit inferior to Long Kuanghang's.

If she were to learn the Heavenly Dragon Arts, her strength would be even stronger.

Just now, Qin Yun was stunned by the martial arts Long Kuanghang displayed. He did not fight back because he wanted to see how powerful the martial arts Long Kuanghang displayed is.

Now, he finally felt it!

Qin Yun is in the center of the tornado as it wrapped around him. It released a surge of violent Primordial Dao power that wreaked havoc on his body.

"Xiao Yun, his martial art should have been comprehended from the dragon totem. If you can obtain it, then it would be very good!" Ling Yuner said.

Ling Yuner controlled Nether Sun Martial Spirit and released a Dao power that has Devouring Power and protected Qin Yun.

Earlier when Long Kuanghang used that power to attack Qin Yun, he had expended a great deal of his energy.

The tornado gradually disappeared.

Qin Yun is still standing there.

Seeing that Qin Yun had not collapsed and even his hair is not messy, Long Kuanghang could not help but widen his eyes as he retreated in horror.

"Impossible, impossible..." Long Kuanghang had unleashed his most powerful strength.

However, he was still unable to defeat Qin Yun.

Long Qiaofeng is also astonished. She had hoped that Qin Yun would be able to hold on but she had never expected him to be completely unharmed.

It is also because of Ling Yuner that Qin Yun is able to unleash the power of his Nether Sun Martial Spirit.

Ling Yuner is his dao spirit and can guide him in using the power of the Nether Sun Martial Spirit.

"Long Kuanghang, a piece of trash like you actually managed to enter the top ten of the martial dao list. This is preposterous!"

After saying that, Qin Yun's figure flashed as he appeared in front of Long Kuanghang and chopped down with his saber.

Qin Yun wielded a glittering saber as he executed Common Saber Art and slashed out with a plain and ordinary saber strike.

Long Kuanghang subconsciously brandished his sword to block. His heavy sword is a Royal Grade spirit tool and it is considered a very strong weapon that he had used 700 points to exchange for it.

But now, it was split apart by Qin Yun like a piece of wood.

Qin Yun's weapon is a Xuan saber. Furthermore, the Xuan runes carved on it are high grade. They are far from the ordinary items in Long Kuanghang's hands.

Long Kuanghang's weapon was destroyed and he is immediately filled with fear.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Qin Yun slashed out in lightning speed. He performed Common Saber Art. With a few slashes, he shattered the golden armor on Long Kuanghang's body and cut off his arms as well.

Qin Yun even stabbed him in the abdomen!

This all happened in a very short period of time.

"Help me!" Long Kuanghang suddenly screamed in fear.

From all direction, several hundred figures suddenly appeared, flying over at high speed.

It's Long Kuanghang's Mad Dragon Corps!

Qin Yun did not panic at all when he saw the corps appear. He quickly rushed over and punched Long Kuanghang twice in the abdomen, heavily injuring him.

Following that, he released five throwing daggers!

The small but sharp throwing daggers flew out in all directions like lightning, locking onto those martial dao ninth level cultivators and swiftly took away their lives.

Even though the Spirit Martial Realm Martial Masters are all middle-aged, they are at least senior Martial Masters.

After coming over, their attacks on Qin Yun are extremely ferocious.

However, the Qin Yun's Xuan saber is too powerful!

In addition, the speed of a Common Saber Art is fast and ruthless, always able to kill one person in one attack!

As long as a Martial Master who attacked Qin Yun used a weapon, the weapon in his hand would be destroyed by a single slash from Qin Yun.

The daggers that Qin Yun had released killed off the disciples at the ninth level martial dao realm. It was time to deal with those Martial Masters.

There are a lot of Martial Masters in this corps. There are more than two hundred of them.

They attacked like a swarm of bees, they gave Qin Yun a great deal of pressure.

He could only helplessly throw out a Xuan talisman!

After the Violent Fire Xuan Talisman was shot out, a burst of flames immediately exploded, gushing into the air and forming a giant fire mushroom cloud.

Waves of fire and scorching shockwaves also spread out in all directions.

The area within a radius of ten thousand meters was enveloped in flames, turning into a sea of fire.

Even from far away, one could still see the enormous fire mushroom cloud.

After Qin Yun threw the talisman, he lifted the heavily injured Long Kuanghang and flew into the sky.

Seeing that his points had increased by more than 600, he is also secretly happy.

Because the entire Mad Dragon Corps, with the exception of Long Kuanghang, all have been completely annihilated!

The disciples in the fantasy field could not help but exclaim in surprise when they realized that Qin Yun's points had suddenly increased by a few hundred!

Especially within the safe city, it is once again boiling up!

When everyone heard that, they hurriedly closed their eyes and saw that Qin Yun's points had increased to more than 2,100.

If this continued, it wouldn't be long before he entered the top 10!

It must be known that the top ten disciples all took several years, or even longer, to accumulate enough point to get there.

And not long after Qin Yun entered, he had lost a thousand points. Now, he had two thousand and one hundred points. This speed is terrifying.

Long Kuanghang looked down at the sea of fire below him and felt an urge to cry. He had been scared to the point of crying!

At this moment, he understood very well how Hua Xiyue's Hua Tian Corps was destroyed.

This is because Qin Yun's heaven-defying talisman crafting ability is equivalent to cheating inside the fantasy field.

Just one talisman was enough to destroy an entire corps!

What is the point of creating a corps and fighting together anymore?

Qin Yun never expected that the Xuan Talismans he refined under such poor conditions would have such terrifying might.

He felt that this was probably the work of the Wild Fire Inscription Spirit.

"Wild Fire.. Wild Fire... it is indeed violent!" Qin Yun could not help but laugh.

Long Kuanghang could not help but shudder as he thought of how Qin Yun had obtained the Wild Flame Inscription Spirit.

This is the Inscription Spirit that many Dao Inscription Masters yearned for even in their dreams!

Qin Yun has a heaven defying talent in Inscription. He has also obtained Inscription Spirit. One can only imagine how powerful he is now.

He looked at Long Kuanghang's hand and without a word, he poured in a violent thunder and fire power.

Long Kuanghang's blood curdling screams instantly sounded in the scorching world.

After Qin Yun ravaged Long Kuanghang for a while, he saw him disappear.

Long Kuanghang could not bear the pain and forcibly left the fantasy field. This meant that he has lost 1000 points.

Many of the disciples in the safe city exclaimed once again after they recovered from their shock.

Because Long Kuanghang's points had dropped by a thousand, he had fallen out of the top ten.

At this moment, everyone knew that Long Kuanghang's Mad Dragon Corps had been annihilated by Qin Yun.

From the top ten geniuses on the martial dao list, three of them had already fallen.

Long Qiaofeng wore a set of black clothes and a mask as she came to Qin Yun's side. She said softly, "Qin Yun, you will be in great danger in the future! As one of the Five Great Clans, the murder of our patriarch is a great humiliation to the Long Family!"

"They will definitely think of a way to capture you and then kill you in public in order to restore the prestige of the Long family!"

Qin Yun wasn't worried at all. He had already known the consequences when he commissioned the Demon Moon Island to issue the bounty order.

"I'll go out and take a look. It should be very lively outside!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "The person who completed the task might be waiting for me to receive reward!"


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