Nine Sun God King
Chapter 603
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 603

Jian Nanhu's sword is the strongest. The sword intent he released accompanied a powerful Primordial Dao power and stabbed toward Qin Yun!

The sword stab arrived and Qin Yun felt a faint pain in his left shoulder. It had already been locked onto by the powerful sword force.

When Qin Yun was feeling pain in his left shoulder, the sword thrust also arrived!

Jian Nanhu's sword attack is very fast and accurate!

Qin Yun's left shoulder slightly ached. His powerful Heavenly Lion Xuan Body has also been pierced.

However, Jian Nanhu is only able to stab Qin Yun with the tip of the sword. He could not penetrate Qin Yun's shoulder.

This is because Qin Yun's Xuan body, bones and bone spirit are extremely powerful. Thus the shard stab on the bone was blocked.

Jian Nanhu is suddenly shocked!

He never encountered anything like this before. Although his sword could pierce through flesh, it could not destroy bones.

Having gone through hundreds of battles, he had also met people who possessed Xuan bodies.

However, even when facing against his terrifying sword, it was difficult for them to resist. Even if one wore a powerful Xuan Armor, it would still be penetrated.

But now, the masked man in front of him had used his bones to block his sword!

Ling Yuner also released a powerful gravity force.

In the instant that Jian Nanhu was shocked, his knees bent under the pressure of the gravity.

Qin Yun quickly deflected the sword with a palm strike. And then he moved forward and punched, he struck the sword wielding arm of Jian Nanhu. After punching the shoulder a few times, he used two fingers to stab Jian Nanhu's shoulder viciously.

"AH!" Jian Nanhu screamed loudly and his sword wielding arm began to tremble.

Qin Yun took advantage of the pressure that is still present and quickly punched Jian Nanhu's face.


The fist exploded releasing vibration power and creating fierce thunder and lightning explosion. It hit Jian Nanhu's face and turned it red and swollen.

Jian Nanhu, struck by Qin Yun's punch, sent flying toward trees and crashed into trees and shattered them.

"Quickly go and continue attack!" Ling Yuner shouted.

Qin Yun gave chase but Jian Nanhu already leaped up and sword power erupted from his body.

"Sword Shakes the Heavens and Earth!"

For some unknown reason, after Jian Nanhu shouted loudly, a terrifying stream of sword energy suddenly came down.

And it is different from before, this time many swords fell down like raindrops.

After countless swords fell, they flew about in a very messy manner and wrapped around Qin Yun.

Hu hu hu!

The sword energy surged and slashed Qin Yun all over leaving bloody scars.

Those sword energy cut Qin Yun's skin and flesh. Even some shocking wounds appeared on his upper body!

If the bones weren't blocking, he would have turned into minced meat.

"This guy used the power of a Divine Ability!" Ling Yuner said, "Xiao Yun, you use yours too!"

Qin Yun also quickly used his Earthquake Divine Ability.

The earthquake power rushed out from his bones. When it was about to leave his body, Qin Yun suppressed it.

Qin Yun merely released the power of the earthquake divine ability and did not let it pour into the earth.

He controlled the divine ability power and poured it into his arms.

At the same time, Jian Nanhu also arrived in a flash and stabbed at Qin Yun.

This time, Qin Yun was prepared. He punched and released vibration power!

When the punch was thrown, the sword tip stopped right in front of the fist, just a little bit away from piercing the fist.

Jian Nanhu never expected Qin Yun's punch to have such terrifying power. It dispersed all the power he gathered in his sword. Even his sword martial spirit was shaken to the point where it nearly flew out of the sword.

After Jian Nanhu's attack failed, he quickly retreated far away from Qin Yun. This is because he had previously experienced the terrifying gravity power.

Just as Jian Nanhu moved away dozens of meters and landed on the ground, a few black tree roots suddenly emerged from the ground.

Those black tree roots are like black devil claws, wrapping around the feet of Jian Nanhu.

At that moment, Qin Yun also rushed over.

Ling Yuner released super gravity and fiercely suppressed Jian Nanhu.

Jian Nanhu screamed loudly because of the great pressure!

After that, Qin Yun used the repressed earthquake divine ability and attacked Jian Nanhu's arm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a few consecutive punches, Jian Nanhu dropped his sword.

A round black image emerged from the sword on the ground. That is the sword martial spirit.

After the sword martial spirit flew into Jian Nanhu's body, the sword also flew into the body of Jian Nanhu in a flash.

Following that, Qin Yun violently punched a few times, sending Jian Nanhu flying.

Jian Nanhu was knocked away a hundred meters and knocked against a few trees and broke them.

Qin Yun chased closely as he punched Jian Nanhu again, sending him flying far away.

He did not heavily injure Jian Nanhu and had only sent him flying. This action could be considered to be extremely considerate.

Jian Nanhu felt bitter in his heart. He had no way of fighting back because the Dao power he released was always being dispersed by Qin Yun.

Qin Yun's mission was simply to prevent anyone from getting close to Liu Jingmeng.

Jian Nanhu is continuously being chased by Qin Yun. They arrived near a mountain several tens of thousands of meters away.

He is not weak but he never expected Qin Yun's strength to be so strange. Furthermore, it is extremely violent.

What shocked Jian Nanhu the most is Qin Yun's formidable body.

Jian Nanhu blamed himself for excessively underestimating his enemy, if not he would not have been put into such difficult situation.

Before this, he already knew that there are many nameless monsters in the Immortal Weapon City but now, he had finally experienced it.

However, he is very unwilling because he felt that his own strength is still very strong. It is just that he underestimated his opponent too much and couldn't managed to display his strongest power.

"I've lost!" Jian Nanhu yelled : "I will leave the Ghost Grass Devil Forest now!"

"I didn't heavily injure you, right?" Qin Yun asked.

"Just you wait, I will definitely come to the Immortal Weapon City to find you. At that time, I will definitely defeat you! Right, what's your name?" Jian Nanhu was beaten into a sorry state. His hair is a mess and his face is covered with bruises.

Of course, Qin Yun was not much better off. There are many deep sword scars on his body.

"The elders have instructed me not to reveal my name." Qin Yun said.

"Alright, I will look for a way to compete with you. Farewell, I will definitely defeat you next time!" Although Jian Nanhu lost, he still spoke arrogantly.

"Goodbye!" Qin Yun smiled.

Jian Nanhu picked up his sword and quickly left.

After Qin Yun took a deep breath, the Nether Sun Dao core suddenly began to pulsate.

His Nethe Ssun Dao core is wrapped with black tree roots.

At that moment, Qin Yun is also devouring a large amount of wood essence from the forest through the tree totem. He is rapidly recovering from his injuries.

"Qin Yun? Did you win?" Granny Ma said, "I didn't pay much attention to your side just now because Jingmeng found the Xuan Mushroom Spirit Beast. She can soon subdue it!"

"I won! The opponent was from the Sword Immortal Pavilion!" Qin Yun said.

"Are you hurt?" Granny Ma asked again.

"It's just a small wound, it's fine!" Qin Yun's injuries are not serious.

"Where is the Sword Immortal Pavilion disciple?" Granny Ma was somewhat worried that Qin Yun would capture that disciple.

"He left!" After Qin Yun said this, he asked with some curiosity, "Did Jingmeng subdue the Xuan Mushroom Spirit Beast?"

"Soon!" Granny Ma said, "You can go and find her now. We've taken care of all the other Immortal Sect's disciples nearby!"

Qin Yun is secretly alarmed as he held up the voice transmission conch and asked, "Granny Ma, all our disciples have won?"

"Of course! The early stage Spirit Marital Realm martial artists that I have selected are all very powerful!" Granny Ma said proudly.

"What's the strength of the other senior brothers and sisters compared to Hua Xiyue?" Qin Yun is extremely curious about this. That is because it would allow him to better understand the power of the Law Keeper Hall.

"Hua Xiyue's strength is not bad but compared to the ten of you, he's still lacking a little! Qin Yun, other than you, the other nine are the strongest early stage Martial Masters of our Hall. " Granny Ma said, "Of course, you're an oddity. Without our nurturing, you can have the same strength as them. It's very rare!"

"Can you give me one more Origin Spirit Xuan pill?" Qin Yun said with a smile. He is already running towards Liu Jingmeng's direction.

"You wish!" Granny Ma harrumphed.

"Granny Ma, I fused with the Wild Fire Inscription Spirit. The fire attribute runes I carve are best of the best. If you need me to carve these runes, you can come find me. The price is not a problem!"

"Oh that's right, I have mastered Golden Ape totem, Dragon Tiger totem, Thunder totem and Fire totem. If you need me to carve these totem runes, you can look for me as well!"

Qin Yun said with a smile.

His Fire Totem was obtained when he killed Liu Chongsheng.

Granny Ma was immediately stunned. She realized that she had underestimated Qin Yun.

"Where did you get all these totems?" Granny Ma took a deep breath and asked.

"I killed someone else and then their totems rain into my body!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Qin Yun, what is your purpose for coming to our Immortal Weapon City?" Granny Ma's gloomy voice sounded from within the sound transmission conch.

"I'm trying to increase my strength. Should I have any other goal?" Qin Yun was alarmed because Granny Ma suspected that his motive was impure.

"Qin Yun, I'm warning you. Don't mess around in our Immortal Weapon City or I'll never let you off!" Granny Ma's voice is filled with a stern warning.

This is because she believed that with Qin Yun's talent, their must definitely be a power to support him from behind. Therefore, they suspected that Qin Yun had another motive for entering the Immortal Weapon City.

Qin Yun did indeed have other goals, which was to find the Immortal Origin.

He won't destroy the Immortal Origin, he will only use it to temper his body and cultivate Immortal Body.

Not long later, Qin Yun saw Liu Jingmeng.

Liu Jingmeng is holding a small, milky white pig. On the little pig's head is a white mushroom that has a lot of strange patterns.

That cute little pig is also very afraid of people, it curled up in Liu Jingmeng's embrace.

Granny Ma also arrived, took out the small boat and brought the disciples back to the Immortal Weapon Palace.

Qin Yun also obtained a Origin Spirit Xuan Pill!

In the outer sect of the Immortal Weapon Palace, Qin Yun returned to his room.

"I'm finally back!"

After Qin Yun consumed the Origin Spirit Xuan Pill, he laid on the bed and entered the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field.

In the fantasy field he arrived in a desolate mountain range.

He just entered the fantasy field and suddenly felt a very powerful aura!

"It's a corps. That's great!"

Qin Yun is secretly delighted. This meant that a large number of points had arrived.

However, what he saw was a group of men in black clothes riding powerful golden tigers!

The group of men in black wore masks that have no holes and their eyes are not visible. The moment they appeared, they immediately took out their longbows, crossbows or cannons and began attacking from a distance.

A large number of arrows and bullets came at him from all directions.

Qin Yun had only seen the group of black clothed men and was instantly killed!

He had encountered the strongest corps, the Black Cloth Corps!


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