Nine Sun God King
Chapter 609
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 609

Qin Yun is extremely curious about the identity of the white-masked man.

A Half Immortal Realm man actually has so much free time to lead a small corps in this Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field.

In order to avoid being sneak attacked by the Black Cloth Corps, Qin Yun hurried back to safe city at night.

There are many people in the city. They were originally in their tents but now, they rushed out and are discussing how Qin Yun's points had increased by 5000 points.

They found it hard to believe that Qin Yun could destroy Black Cloth Corps. This kind of power is unacceptable to them.

Many people had worked so hard to obtain five hundred points but Qin Yun earned five thousand points in one night. This made many people feel envy and jealousy.

After Qin Yun returned, he hurriedly entered his tent to forge Berserk Fire Talisman.

Now, he needed a large amount of Xuan beast bones to forge the Throwing Knife Xuan tools. He planned to exterminate the Black Cloth Corps once more.

Because he was killed twice by the Black Cloth Corps, he has to return the favor twice.

In addition, he could not really exterminate the Black Cloth Corps earlier since the leader ran away.

In the Immortal Weapon Palace, after Tian Yaolei received the news, he smashed a stone table in his courtyard.

"Is there really no one else who can stop that bastard Qin Yun?"

When Long Kuanghang learned that Qin Yun has ten thousand points, he felt extremely jealous. In his heart he felt his breath is choking and it is hard to swallow.

"Soon. After the elders come to an agreement, they will all come to the entrance of the Immortal Weapon Palace and force the Sect Master to show himself."

"With the Immortal Weapon Palace's current situation, they definitely wouldn't dare to start a war with the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain. At that time, Sect Master will definitely kick Qin Yun out of the Immortal Weapon City!" Yang Shenglong clenched his fist and said while gnashing his teeth.

Tian Yaolei said angrily : "When the time comes, I'll definitely swallow that bastard Qin Yun alive!"

"Say, do you think there might be a variable? What if the Sect Master disagrees?" Long Kuanghang frowned and said, "Although I loathe that bastard, Qin Yun, I have to admit that he is very capable, especially when it comes to forging talismans. He is very talented and he also possesses the Wild Fire Inscription Spirit!"

"If Immortal Weapon City gave up on Qin Yun, they would not be besieged by the two great Immortal sects. Furthermore, they would also reap generous benefits. If Sect Master is not a fool, he will definitely give up on Qin Yun! " Tian Yaolei said.

"If... What if Sect Master does not give up on Qin Yun? Then, do our clans even need to stay in the Immortal Weapon City? "

Long Kuanghang is very worried about this problem because even though the head of the Long family's patriarch had been hung by Qin Yun, Granny Ma is still protecting Qin Yun.

This was something that made the Long family very angry.

"If Sect Master is not willing, should we threaten the Sect Master? Just say that all of our family powers will withdraw from Immortal Weapon City! " Yang Shenglong said.

"Are you stupid? Our elders hold important positions in the Immortal Weapon City. They also have many businesses within the city, so if they were to withdraw, it would be a huge loss."

Tian Yaolei coldly said : "We don't need to worry about that. We can leave everything to the elders!"

Qin Yun did not always stay in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field. He would occasionally come out to check on Yang Yang, the Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow.

Mo Mo is in charge of feeding Yang Yang dragon meat. Although Yang Yang is a Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow, he listens to Mo Mo.

"Big brother, Yang Yang has gone to sleep and is now surrounded by a giant fireball. She should be about to evolve!" Mo Mo happily send voice transmission to Qin Yun.


Qin Yun is secretly excited. If Yang Yang evolved, she would definitely gain some other abilities. This is something he looked forward to.

Qin Yun looked at some of the Star, Moon and Xuan runes. He also found two kinds of runes that could conceal soul energy.

They are Xuan runes and Moon runes, efficacy are almost similar and can also superposition together, causing them to become even stronger.

After Qin Yun found the appropriate runes, he returned to the fantasy field and began forging those Xuan talismans!

"This kind of Xuan talisman can let the soul enter a fake death state. As long as the soul's activity is concealed, it won't release soul fluctuation. They won't be able to find me!"

Qin Yun immediately used the last bit of Xuan Beast Skin to create those Xuan talismans.

It isn't difficult to carve a Xuan runes, engravings the moon runes is the difficult part.

"If only I had the Moon Lady Inscription Spirit. I could have carved the moon rune with ease!" Qin Yun yearned incessantly in his heart.

"How can it be that easy to obtain a Moon Lady Inscription Spirit? This is something that rarely happens even in the Immortal Desolate!" Ling Yuner smiled and said, "The Star Lord Inscription Spirit that you are about to obtain from Sister Yang can be considered to be very good. Be contented with it!"

Qin Yun has the Wild Fire Inscription Spirit and the Beast King Inscription Spirit. If Yang Shiyue give him the Star Lord Inscription Spirit in the future, he would have three kinds of Inscription Spirit!

Any one of these three Inscription spirits could make any of the Dao Masters envious.

Qin Yun spent more than half a day to create a Hidden Soul Xuan Talisman.

He placed the talisman in his chest and stuck it on his body, gradually producing a special kind of soul power.

Qin Yun quickly sensed a transparent layer of energy wrap around his soul.

"Success?" Qin Yun did not dare to be too sure.

For the next two to three days, Qin Yun used the Berserk Fire Talisman to exchange for Xuan beast bones and forged Throwing Knife Talisman Weapons.

Because the news of him killing the Black Cloth Corps was made known to many, his Berserk Fire Talisman has become even more popular.

After several days of preparation, Qin Yun forged thirty Throwing Knife Talisman Weapons, two Xuan sabers and a few Body Securing Talismans.

At this time, the Soul Chasing Talisman that he previously created also reacted.

"The white masked man has appeared!" Qin Yun looked at the sky. Although it was afternoon, he still left the safe city quickly.

Tian Yaolei, Hua Xiyue and the others barely entered the Fantasy Field because they are worried that Qin Yun would have a person seeking spirit talisman locked onto them and kill them for fun, causing them to lose a large amount of points.

They planned to wait until Qin Yun was chased out of the Immortal Weapon City before they entered the fantasy field to earn points and charge into the top ten to participate in the martial arts competition.

After leaving the safe city, Qin Yun followed the guidance of the Soul Chasing Talisman and headed in a certain direction.

After a few hours of wild running, he arrived at an area filled with volcanoes.

Now that the sky has turned dark, he is able to use his Shadow Power and conceal himself.

Qin Yun, while hidden, sensed the Soul Chasing Talisman and felt that the white-masked man was in the vicinity.

He slowed down his pace and headed in the direction indicated by the Soul Chasing Talisman. He headed toward a volcano that is currently spewing lava and ashes.

A group of men in black appeared near the volcano.

What made Qin Yun astonished is that in front of the group of black-clothed people, there is a tall and round faced woman.

The round faced woman's face is very beautiful. Her face looks red due to red magma shining at night. Her fair skin made her look fresh and beautiful.

Originally she was a cute female but her cute and beautiful face is filled with coldness and arrogance.

Her braid reached down to her waist, braid tip is tied to a short sword that glittered like frost and snow.

Just as Qin Yun was wondering who the woman was, a black-clothed person walked out and said, "Jian Ruyan, there's a huge gap between you and first place right now! We will give you a chance to catch up to first place but you must defeat us all!"

From the voice of the black clothed man, one could tell that it is an old man.

The group of black clothed men are all wearing black masks. There are no holes in their masks, so it is impossible to see their eyes.

The Corps Leader who wore a white mask is the same. His eyes could not be seen.

Qin Yun found it very strange. The one who spoke is not the white-masked Corps Leader. Instead, it is a black-robed elder.

Jian Ruyan's voice is cold and filled with pride : "Are you serious? To defeat all of you one by one, isn't it just too easy!"

"We'll give you this chance but you have to promise us to join the Law Keeper Hall!" The black-clothed man said.

"Sure, I've been waiting for this opportunity!" Jian Ruyan said with a sneer, "Do you also want me to suppress Qin Yun like this?"

"It's not that. It's just that Qin Yun is too rampant and we need to suppress his flame!" The man in black said.

"I will! You can start fighting me now!"

Jian Ruyan seemed to be very impatient. Her eyes flashed and two rays of white light shot out from her large eyes and condensed into a long white sword.

Qin Yun felt alarmed as he hurriedly asked Ling Yuner : "Yuner, what's this situation?"

"That's a Mental Sword! This woman is actually able to turn her mental power into a sword. This is also a very terrifying sword cultivation, focusing mainly on mental power!" Ling Yuner is also slightly surprised.

"Jian Ruyan, your dao cores can transform into a sword, your mental power can also transform into a sword! A Bipolar Sword Cultivation. So rare, so rare!" The black clothed man seemed to be very happy.

"Less Nonsense!"

Jian Ruyan grasped the mental sword, her entire being became even more icily arrogant. With a soft shout, she thrust her sword forward.

Jian Ruyan's sword technique is also very strange. The long sword stab turned into a white light that penetrated through the black clothed man's head and instantly killed him!

Qin Yun closed his eyes and looked at Jian Ruyan's points. It had increased by a hundred.

"This Black Cloth Corps is really biased. When they met me, they shot all kinds of arrows and artillery shells! Facing Jian Ruyan, they actually fight her fair and square!" Qin Yun is extremely unhappy.

He encountered the Black Cloth Corps three times and each time he was crazily attacked by them. Only the last time when he was fully prepared did he not get killed and even successfully counterattacked.

"Yuner, do you think I can successfully use my throwing knives to kill Jian Ruyan?" Qin Yun immediately asked, "If this goes on, Jian Ruyan will definitely exterminate all the members of the corps and earn 5000 points!"

This is Qin Yun's prey. He could not let Jian Ruyan have it.

Moreover, if Jian Ruyan obtained 5000 points, she would also exchange it for resources to increase her own strength. At that time, she would definitely suppress him.

"Jian Ruyan's mental power is very strong. Your throwing knife is controlled by mental energy, she can definitely dodge it. If you use a Talisman Weapon, you might be able to kill her with an explosion!" Ling Yuner said.

"Alright, let's use the throwing knife Talisman Weapon!" Qin Yun carefully took out his throwing knife Talisman Weapon.

Jian Ruyan held her white mental power sword, her eyes showed a complete domineering expression, she looked at the group of black clothed men and shouted: "Next!"

A black clothed man also hurriedly walked over.


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