Nine Sun God King
Chapter 624
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 624

Although Liu Jingmeng is very strong, Granny Ma and Bao Changshou would absolutely not let her go on stage because she isn't good at fighting.

Of course, if she were to put her lif on the line, Liu Jingmeng's strength would be truly terrifying.

Although Jian Nanhu was calling for people to fight earlier, it could be seen that Liu Jingmeng is very precious. Otherwise, Granny Ma would have sent her to fight a long time ago.

Bao Changshou would rather agree to Qin Yun's conditions than allow Liu Jingmeng to fight. People can understand his reason.

"All of you, get ready!" Jian Shitian said.

Qin Yun and Jian Nanhu walked to the edge of the barrier and nodded at Jian Shitian.

"Begin!" Jian Shitian shouted.

Everyone is focused on Jian Nanhu.

Jian Nanhu was the first to attack. His attack is incredibly strong and he seemed to have used all of his strength!

Many elders could see that Jian Nanhu had unleashed his divine ability Sword Shakes the Heaven and Earth. He gathered the divine ability's power onto his sword before charging at Qin Yun.

The terrifying sword intent condensed by this sword strike even penetrated the barrier, causing people to feel an incomparable terror!

Everyone present could clearly feel the sword intent of Jian Nanhu. They knew that Jian Nanhu's strike was about to pierce Qin Yun's throat!

Those people who resented Qin Yun are immediately delighted.

This is because at the moment Jian Nanhu's sword strike came out, they could tell from the sword intent that Qin Yun was doomed to lose.

The sword intent of Jian Nanhu is very terrifying, it locked down a place. If one did not have an extremely formidable power, it is impossible to dodge or block it.

When Liu Jingmeng felt Jian Nanhu's sword intent, her eyes moistened as she hurriedly closed her eyes. She is extremely worried that something would happen to Qin Yun. She also hugged Jian Ruyan's arm tightly.

Jian Ruyan did not expect Liu Jingmeng to have this sort of special relationship with Qin Yun. It is not the kind of relationship between a man and a woman but a sincere friendship.

Liu Jingmeng lacked friends. She did not have any good friends at all, especially someone who has something commong with her.

Furthermore, Qin Yun treated her very well. What made her feel warm is that he is like an elder brother who treated her very well.

She did not wish for anything to happen to Qin Yun!

In just a short moment, many people's emotions changed greatly.

Some people felt pity, while some people felt delighted. As for Liu Jingmeng and Qin Yun's friends, they felt sad.

Jian Nanhu immediately appeared in front of Qin Yun. His sword also pierced into Qin Yun's throat.

At this moment, even Jian Ruyan felt inexplicably sad. Perhaps she was also affected by Liu Jingmeng.

"You've lost!" Jian Nanhu laughed in disdain: "I thought you were very strong but you are only this much, weaker than those few guys!"

"You're not the person I'm looking for!"

Qin Yun's throat was pierced. Although there is some blood, it did not bleed out much.

Everyone felt that it is because the sword had pierced into Qin Yun's throat and stopped the blood from flowing out.

Jian Nanhu showed a very complacent face. Just as he was about to pull away his sword, he realized that his sword seemed to be connected to Qin Yun's throat and could not be pulled out.

The complacent Jian Nanhu felt shocked!

At that moment, Qin Yun suddenly released a supergravity!


Super gravity violently exploded, pressing down on Jian Nanhu's body, causing his entire body to become incomparably heavy!

When Jian Nanhu was in the Ghost Grass Devil Forest, he had suffered this attack of Qin Yun.

At that moment, he completely believed that the Qin Yun in front of him is the person who defeated him in the Ghost Grass Devil Forest!

Jian Nanhu felt extremely shocked!

At the moment he is suppressed by the supergravity, he grasped the hilt of his sword tightly. He wanted to pull the sword out but the sword was sucked in by Qin Yun's throat!

The most unexpected thing to him is that the sword suddenly surged with a violent vibration and thunder and lightning power!

Through his pierced neck, Qin Yun infused the power of vibration, thunder and lightning into the sword.

The violent vibrating thunder and lightning power bombarded Jian Nanhu's hand through the sword!

With a loud shout, Jian Nanhu loosened his grip on his sword!

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded!

A sword was stabbed into Qin Yun's throat but nothing happened. This is extremely bizarre.

More terrifying is that Qin Yun could still unleash a formidable power. He suppressed Jian Nanhu to the point where he is squatting down!

In addition, Jian Nanhu's sword wielding hand is also turned charred black by the wild power of thunder and lightning.

Qin Yun struck out with a lightning fast explosive punch at Jian Nanhu's face. He used Nine Extinction Primordial Power to strike with Vibration and the thunder and lightning power!


Jian Nanhu's cheeks burned and cracked from Qin Yun's punch. At the same time, he was flung away and crashed into the barrier.

After that, Qin Yun leaped into the sky above Jian Nanhu and punched toward the ground once again.

The violent vibrating thunder and lightning power transformed into a black palm and smashed down like a mountain.


Jian Nanhu was beaten so hard that he had vomited blood.

Qin Yun landed on the ground and used his saber to lock Jian Nan's throat. He said indifferently : "You have lost!"

Everyone present became incomparably silent!

Jian Nanhu was truly defeated. Furthermore, he was defeated by Qin Yun in a matter of moments!

Back when Qin Yun was sparring with Hua Xiyue, he had fought for quite a long period of time.

But now, when he fought Jian Nanhu, he had defeated him so easily. This was unbelievable.

After a moment of silence, waves of surprised discussions broke out.

Jian Nanhu is lying on the ground, spitting out blood he said : "It's really you.. good, very good! I know who you are, I'll definitely beat you!"

"I admit defeat!"

Jian Nanhu shouted loudly!

Jian Shitian let out a long sigh, he removed the barrier and walked in.

Granny Ma cursed, "That brat, Qin Yun. He refused to admit it even if he died earlier and dared to scam me!"

"Qin Yun, this swindler, is clearly so powerful but... yet, he pretend to be as weak as a pig!" Jian Ruyan also scolded in a low voice : "He deliberately lost to me in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field. It was all for the sake of swindling my Xuan Beast bone!"

Qin Yun slowly pulled the sword out of his throat and revealed a pained expression.

"I'll return it to you!" Qin Yun handed the sword over to the heavily injured Jian Nanhu.

After taking it, Jian Nanhu gritted his teeth and said : "Qin Yun, I'll definitely come looking for you again!"

"Jian Nanhu, your biggest weakness is that you rely too much on weapons!" Qin Yun smiled. "When you attacked, you placed everything on this sword. From that moment onwards, you lost!"

Jian Nanhu heard that, he thrust his sword into ground in front of Qin Yun : "If I don't defeat you, I won't retract this sword!"

Jian Shitian gently said : "Ah Hu, your strength is formidable enough, merely some unforeseen variables have occurred!"

"I didn't take the variables into account and I can't deal with the sudden change. That's because I don't have the ability!"

Jian Nanhu blamed himself very much. He lost to the same person once again and the opponent did not even use a weapon. In just a few moves, he had already been defeated.

The Xuan saber Qin Yun just forged was not used in the battle. This was a great humiliation to Jian Nanhu.

Jian Shitian continued : "Qin Yun has a powerful Xuan body, so ordinary weapons are simply unable to harm him. In addition, he is hiding other powers. Otherwise, if your sword were to stab into his neck, the powerful energy that will be poured into his body would be enough to destroy his meridians!"

"He had his neck pierced. He didn't bleed and he could even speak. There was no effect of him at all!"

"This is all because he has a powerful fleshly body. If he can cultivate such a powerful fleshly body, then he has probably gone through a lot of tempering!"

Jian Nanhu clearly remembered the scene of him dueling with Qin Yun in the Ghost Grass Devil Forest.

Back then, when he stabbed his sword into Qin Yun's shoulder, it was stuck in Qin Yun's bones and could no longer penetrate it. At that point, he knew that Qin Yun's physical body is extremely strong.

"Although I won, I still want to thank you! We shall meet in the Martial Arts Tournament!" Qin Yun said with a smile before looking at Bao Changshou.

Since he won, Bao Changshou would have to agree to his conditions!


Jian Nanhu is still unwilling to accept this. This is because he had not been able to fight to his heart's content. He was defeated by Qin Yun too fast.

Jian Shitian already closed up the barrier he had set up and is preparing to leave with Jian Nanhu.

At that moment, a Half Immortal from the Yang family walked over and said : "Qin Yun, Yang Yanhang is still in your hands, right? Is he still alive?"
"He's still alive!" Qin Yun nodded.

"Then quickly release him!" The Yang Family's Half Immortal's voice is cold as he shouted in anger.

"Why should I let him go when he wants to kill me?" Qin Yun sneered.

Bao Changshou also rushed over and stood in front of Qin Yun.

"Old Bao, get Qin Yun to release our Yang Family member!" The Yang Family's Half Immortal Elder shouted.

"That's the grudge between you two. You guys settle it yourselves!" he saw how powerful Qin Yun is and decided to protect Qin Yun as well.

Even though the white-masked woman had put pressure on him, he wanted to keep Qin Yun in the Immortal Weapon City.

"Qin Yun, how will you release Yang Yanhang?" The Yang Family's Half Immortal Elder asked.

"Fifty Origin Spirit Xuan Pills!" Qin Yun said.

"In your dreams!" The Yang Family's Half Immortal said angrily.

"Then forget it!" after saying that, Qin Yun turned and walked towards the entrance of the Immortal Weapon Palace.

"Wait!" The Half Immortal old man shouted : "Let me see that person first!"

Qin Yun took out the tied up Yang Yanhang from a bag and released him.

Yang Yanhang is currently sleeping soundly, looking extremely weak.

He is a Xuan Martial Realm Martial Lord, so he is definitely worth fifty Origin Spirit Xuan Pills.

"He's doing very well!" Qin Yun said.

"Alright, here are fifty Origin Spirit Xuan Pills for you!"

After that, the Yang family could only accept it. They knew very well the value of a Xuan Martial Realm Martial Lord.

In addition, if they didn't redeem their own people, the Yang Family would also be laughed at.

Qin Yun had obtained another fifty Origin Spirit Xuan Pills!

He needed a large amount of Origin Spirit Xuan Pills, he wanted to cultivate his own mental power.

The Origin Spirit Xuans Pill could increase the mental cultivation. And as his mind turned into a star, he would definitely need to absorb much more.

Qin Yun returned Yang Yanhang.

The half-immortal elder inspected Yang Yanhang and immediately flew into a rage : "He's been crippled!"

"Of course, he wanted to kill me back then. If I don't cripple him, he might kill me in the future." Qin Yun did not show any mercy to the Yang family.

Originally, the Long family members were angry because of the death of Long Kuanghang and the head of the family patriarch.

Now, they saw that the Yang Family's Half Immortal had suffered such a huge setback. They were secretly delighted in their hearts and regained a bit of balance.

The onlookers are filled with admiration for Qin Yun. He actually dared to scam the Yang Family's Half Immortal!

"I will kill you!"

The Yang family's Half Immortal roared in fury and took out a golden glittering pike. A strong domineering aura of a king began to radiate from it.

That golden spear is a king tool that is even stronger than a Dao tool!


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