Nine Sun God King
Chapter 639
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 639

Bao Changshou also felt frustrated. He acknowledged that Qin Yun is a rare prodigy but he is also at odds with many powerful forces.

The reason Qin Yun destroyed Zhi Long City is for his revenge.

Because his four Dao tools were snatched by the city owner of Zhi Long City.

That is Qin Yun's personal grudge. Normally, when a disciple tried to settle his personal grudge, the Immortal Weapon City would not interfere.

However, Qin Yun's enemies are all very influential.

For example, the Zhi Long City that Qin Yun destroyed was related to the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Long family.

"Qin Yun, I'll tell you the truth. In the Immortal Weapon City, including me, there are seven people who have the authority to make decisions. If the matter is too serious, we will vote."

"If they want to expel you from the sect, the seven of us would vote on that. The result would be determined by the vote!"

Bao Changshou said those words to let Qin Yun restrain in the future.

Chu Binyu said with a laugh : "Qin Yun, if the Immortal Weapon City abandons you, you can return to Saber Sword Villa. One of out elders is an elder in Sword Immortal Pavilion who is also a Half Immortal Realm."

Bao Changshou's mouth twitched and said : "Old Chu, are you fishing on behalf of Sword Immortal's Pavilion?"

"Your Immortal Weapon City is so afraid of the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain but the Sword Immortal Pavilion isn't." Chu Binyu smiled and said : "Even if it's me, I'm not afraid of those two sects. Be at ease and let Qin Yun mess with them. I've long since disliked those two sects!"

"Old Chu, you are going to kill Qin Yun! I let him calm down a little, it's for his own good too!" Bao Changshou sighed.

"Settle down? Can he stay in the Immortal Weapon Palace for his entire life? If Qin Yun had calmed down from the very beginning, he would not have had his current achievements." Chu Binyu laughed : "When I was young, I also caused a lot of trouble but I never regretted it!"

"The Villa Master is right, heroes think alike!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

At this moment, an elder hurriedly walked in and said, "Sect Master, the Medicine Immortal Valley, the Long family and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain have all come. There are a total of more than ten of them but they are all Half Immortal!"

"Has Long Zhigui come?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"He's here too!" The elder looked at Qin Yun with a look of admiration.

Bao Changshou asked : "What is their purpose of coming here?"

"They are just outside the Immortal Weapon Palace. As for their purpose..." The elder looked at Qin Yun and said, "They are here to discuss Qin Yun's matter!"

"Alright, let's go meet them!" Bao Changshou said.

Outside the entrance of the Immortal Weapon Palace, there are already many people waiting to watch a show.

When they saw the Half Immortals from the Long family, Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, they all became secretly excited.

One must know that last time Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, did not bring any Half Immortal cultivators.

Now that they are here, it meant that Qin Yun destroying the Zhi Long City made the Medicine Immortal Valley extremely embarrassed and infuriated. That is why they decided to settle their old and new grudges together.

When Liu Chongsheng was killed, the Medicine Immortal Valley was furious.

It was also because Liu Chongsheng was in the wrong and Qin Yun had gone to the Immortal Weapon City that the Medicine Immortal Valley tolerated it for the time being. After all, they had no proper reason to cause trouble.

If things get out of hand, the Divine Inscription palace would intervene.

Now, Zhi Long City was destroyed and that evil dragon was captured alive by Qin Yun. This caused the Medicine Immortal Valley to suffer tremendous losses.

The Medicine Immortal Valley could no longer sit still and sent out Half Immortal experts.

After learning of this matter, the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain also declared that they would stand together with the Medicine Immortal Valley against the Immortal Weapon City.

The Half Immortal Realm from the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain looked very energetic, much more powerful than the Half Immortals from the family powers.

"Immortal Weapon City's Sect Master, let's not waste anymore time on nonsense! You should know of what Qin Yun did previously, right? You just have to expel him from your sect, expel him from this city and we will settle this with him!"

The white-haired old man with delicate skin from the Medicine Immortal Valley coldly spoke.

"You Half Immortal Stage cultivators want to attack Qin Yun, a kid in the Spirit Martial Realm? All of you lived for so many years, did you live a dog's life?"

"To say more, other than you Half Immortal experts, the rest of your Medicine Immortal Valley are complete trash!" Chu Binyu sneered : "This sort of matter is originally something that the juniors are supposed to solve themselves!"

Normally, when the younger generation from various sects and clans have conflicts, they would settle it themselves. The elders and the powers behind them also rarely interfered.

And as for Qin Yun;s grudge, it is only with a Martial King.

But now, a few Half Immortal level experts came out to deal with him. This is indeed a shameful matter.

The most amusing thing is that Qin Yun is only a Spirit Martial Realm but Half Immortal Realm elders come out to attack him.

Chu Binyu's words rendered the three Half Immortal Realm cultivators speechless for a moment.

The main reason is because Qin Yun's overall strength is too terrifying, he is always operating on his own. Furthermore, through his own power, he played chicken and dog with an entire city.

If they allowed Qin Yun to continue living, the enmity of Qin Yun with the big powers would cause trouble to their large and small businesses, these business are the foundations of these large powers.

Furthermore, Qin Yun's existence has also caused the great powers to lose all face.

Bao Changshou said calmly : "Qin Yun is our disciple. His personal grudge was resolved by him alone. We have never helped him from behind!"

"And you? For you and Qin Yun to be at odds with each other, it was your juniors who were in the wrong. It was all caused by your arrogant juniors."

"The juniors that are causing trouble have all been killed by Qin Yun. This matter should come to an end. However, old ones like you always jump out one after the other to bully the young."

Granny Ma said with a sneer : "For you fellows to be so persistent in dealing with Qin Yun, you must be doing it in the name of revenge, right? The good things Qin Yun has, as well as the fact that he is able to lure Yang Shiyue out, are the real reasons why all of you truly want to deal with Qin Yun!"

Yang Shiyue possessed the Star Lord Inscription Spirit. Many experts of great forces are looking for her.

And now, knowing that Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue's relationship is extremely good, they have set their sights on Qin Yun.

The grudge between the Medicine Immortal Valley and Qin Yun is the greatest. Therefore, they has the greatest excuse to deal with Qin Yun.

Not only could they seek revenge, they could capture Qin Yun and reap the greatest benefits.

Qin Yun has a bone dragon and totem runes. It is said that he has a powerful Dao tool too. Also he can be used to draw out Yang Shiyue.

That is why the Medicine Immortal Valley made the decision to send a Half Immortal expert to capture Qin Yun.

"Cut the crap! Qin Yun, quickly release the dragon from our Medicine Immortal Valley. There's also Long Yongliang. We must ensure that he is not crippled!" The Half Immortal Elder from the Medicine Immortal Valley coldly said.

"Don't even think about that evil dragon, it's a man eating beast!" Qin Yun said coldly, "As for Long Yongliang? Take out my four Dao tools for exchange!"

Qin Yun pointed at a person and shouted : "Long Zhigui, you are the one who stole my four Ancient Dao artifacts. If you do not hand them over, you will only get your son's head!"

"Qin Yun, we have yet to settle the debt of killing Liu Chongsheng!" Long Zhigui immediately shouted in anger.

"Hmph, it was Liu Chongsheng's fault that he attacked us and wanted to snatch our Heavenly Beast Bones. Moreover, you even tried to shield him! You knew what was going on and if you returned the Heavenly Beast Bones that Liu Chongsheng stole back to us, I would not have done that!"

"Cut the crap. If you don't return those four ancient Dao tools, I'll hang your son's head at the city gates tomorrow!"

Qin Yun's words are filled with anger and killing intent. His attitude is extremely resolute.

Long Zhigui is furious. He looked at the Half Immortal Stage experts from the Long family and Medicine Immortal Valley and his face is full of pleading.

Because he handed over the four ancient Dao tools to them.

"You can't take it out, right? Goodbye then!" after saying that, Qin Yun turned around to enter the Immortal Weapon Palace.

"Immortal Weapon City's Sect master, if this continues, we will truly be at war! Your Immortal Weapon City has a lot of businesses outside but we have a few aristocratic families and two immortal sects, do you think you can win?"

The Medicine Immortal Valley's Half Immortal Elder is filled with confidence as he sneered : "If we were to engage in a war, I guarantee that your Immortal Weapon City will decline quickly!"

The Half Immortal old man from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain sneered and said : "Moreover, the people from this Immortal Weapon City will definitely leave quickly to avoid being affected. When that happens, it will be the start of the decline of your Immortal Weapon City!"

After Bao Changshou heard this, he said angrily: "Are you guys threatening me?"

"No, I'm not threatening you. I'm threatening the entire Immortal Weapon City!" Medicine Immortal Valley's Half Immortal smiled complacently : "Isn't the reason why so many people are paying taxes to you all in this city just to ensure their safety? However, in order to protect Qin Yun, all of you are willing to sacrifice the entire Immortal Weapon City. How will they be able to trust you in the future?"

This old man purposefully spoke very loudly.

The people inside the Immortal Weapon City are all panic stricken. If a war really breaks out, they have to quickly leave to avoid being affected.

"Do you think that our Immortal Weapon City is a pushover?" Bao Changshou sneered and said : "If we are to end up dead, even if our Immortal Weapon City is gone, we will still let you suffer heavy losses!"

"We would rather suffer heavy losses to kill you! At the very least, we still exist in the Proud Star State but your Immortal Weapon City will completely disappear!" The Medicine Immortal Valley's Half Immortal laughed loudly and said : "If you don't believe me, then let's give it a try!"

The Half Immortal of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain shouted : "Bao Changshou, there are six other Half Immortals in the Immortal Weapon Palace, let them come out and make their decision!"

Just as he finished speaking, six white robed old men flew out. They do not look that old, they looked extremely spirited. One could tell that they are not like those Half Immortals who ran out of oil.

When the Half Immortal of the Long family saw these old men, he secretly became jealous.

Because he is an extremely old man. He would only be able to live for at most a few hundred years, unless he could break through and become an Immortal!

Bao Changshou looked at those few old men and said with self blame : "I've disturbed you!"

"Qin Yun, this disciple, has indeed caused a huge mess. It has caused us to be surrounded by many forces. If we chase him away, we can avoid such a mess!" An old man said.

"Wouldn't it make people think we are weak if we did that?" A short bald elder disapproved of chasing Qin Yun away. "You should know that it was Qin Yun who defeated Ying Chengyu's disciple and preserved our palace guarding Immortal tool!"

"We can give him some compensation and escort him to other cities to prevent him from being killed the moment he leaves the city!" An old man with disheveled hair said.

These Half Immortal old men have disagreement about the matter.


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