Nine Sun God King
Chapter 648
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 648

After the loud laughter sounded, those devils also began to appear one after another.

Those killed before were just some small fry.

And the current group is the strongest. They are able to restrain their aura and control their strength well.

This is something that seldom happens among the devils!

Qin Yun carefully observed the devils around him, he thought to himself : "These devils are at the late stage of the Spirit Martial Realm. It'll be rather difficult for us to deal with devils at this level!"

Ling Yuner said : "There are quite a few in the middle stage of the Spirit Martial Realm. This is a very strong devil team."

A few hundred Spirit Martial Realm devils surrounded them. As for the other small trash who are responsible for shooting arrows, they are also more than a thousand in number.

"That young man is quite pretty too. He should be tasty!" A short but muscular man laughed sinisterly : "Eat his ass first, hahaha..."

The other devils also roared and laughed!

When Qin Yun heard those words, he felt a sense of disgust and immediately became infuriated.

"You disgusting beasts, go to hell!" Qin Yun let out a deep roar, he used Passing Shadow Extinction Breath of Nine Extinction Steps and suddenly disappeared. His presence is also gone.

When they saw Qin Yun suddenly disappear, the group of devils could no longer laugh. They quickly looked around to pinpoint Qin Yun.


Qin Yun suddenly appeared behind the short muscular man. He condensed a fist infused with Primordial Dao Power and punched violently, piercing through the burly man's body.

Upon seeing such terrifying power, the devils who were laughing earlier, all revealed expressions of shock.

Qin Yun eliminated a relatively strong devil.

The war is about to begin!

Jian Ruyan also quickly attacked. Her Mental Sword danced in the air, slashing at the incoming devils.

She held a black sword in her hand and unleashed a high level sword art, she attacked the group of devils in a ferocious manner.

A dragon aura emanated from Long Qiaofeng's body, she shot out energy balls that turned into dragon heads. They pierced through the thick bodies of the devil cultivators, she is terrifyingly lethal.

Yue Bufeng released a strong gust of wind. The gusts of wind brought along sharp air blades, shredding the group of devils and trees around them into pieces.

Qin Yun used Floating Light Extinction Shadow and moved at an extremely fast speed. He bored through the berserk devil cultivators. He alternated between punches and palm strikes, he hit the heads of the devil cultivators.

Every time he attacked, Nine Extinction Primordial Power within his body roared and rushed out, it contained a formidable vibration power with it.

The bodies of devil cultivators are extremely terrifying. Their skin is as stiff as steel.

However, Qin Yun's punches and palm strike contained the vibration power along with Nine Extinction Primordial Power and poured them into the devil cultivator's heads.

His punches and palm attacks did not waste any of his energy. His punches and palm strikes hit at lightning speed and exploded the heads of the devils.

"I'll let you all act arrogantly!" Qin Yun's eyes turned red as he kept killing. With every step he took, he killed three to four devil cultivators.

Even if it was a middle stage Spirit Martial Realm devil cultivator, their head exploded from the inside after being hit by his palm.

The most terrifying aspect of the Nine Extinction Primordial Power Qin Yun released is it's ability to easily penetrate through the skin and bones and strike the vital points inside.

Of course, the one most reeking of bloody is still Yue Bufeng!

He is normally quiet and habitually silent but now that he started killing, Qin Yun and others have a whole new level of respect for him.

One must know that the bodies of devil Cultivators hit by Yue Bufeng were all sliced into pieces.

The group of devils are also shocked to the core.

"We must capture them!" A two meter tall man roared. Black gas also burst out from his body. This man seems to be the leader.

More than a hundred powerful devils charged at Qin Yun and others with weapons in their hands.

The weapons in their hands are all made of beast bones and thus, they weren't sucked away by the barrier. They didn't have any runes on them.

Those weapons were forged using very strong beast bones and also have a certain amount of power. After all, they are quite strong.

Qin Yun and others are still able to maintain their composure when they saw the group of people rushing over.

"A bunch of trash!" Qin Yun charged at the leader and in an instant he unleased Extinction Dragon Palm's three palms.

Bondless vibration power rumbled and roared, earth to tremble violently, black flames accompanied lightning, galloped and danced around.

The ground around the area caved in, the energy wave violent and tyrannical like an angry roar.

"Don't be wild!" that leader also quickly threw a punch to block.

Qin Yun's palm struck the gigantic fist head on. Vibration power along with Nine Extinction Primordial Power rushed out like a terrible road and attacked!


The leader cried out miserably. His thick and solid arm was also shattered from the impact. Then he began to madly swing his other arm.

Qin Yun appeared behind the leader in a flash. He placed two of his fingers together and thrust them at the back of the leader's head.

This is the Piercing Heavenly Finger's Bore through Mountain, Split the Earth!

A sudden clap of thunder hurt everyone's eardrum.

The leader's head was also pierced through by Qin Yun's finger.

Then, Qin Yun charged into the group of devils once again. His hands transformed into the Heavenly Lion Fighting Dragon Claw. With two gigantic claws that resembled long saber, he slashed franticly!

The devils that were hit were all chopped into pieces!

Jian Ruyan once again observed Qin Yun's strength.

She realized that Qin Yun had hidden a deep amount of strength when he competed with Jian Nanhu last time.

Their four man team, facing hundreds of experts, actually managed to counterattack and win!

The group of small fries that was shooting the arrows earlier were all killed by Jian Ruyan with her Mental Sword, it was if they were grass and they were just trimmed.

In just a few moments, this devil cultivator army is completely wiped out.

Jian Ruyan's body is also covered in blood. She gave a cold snort: "Truly strenuous. Don't think people think it's better to live?"

Long Qiaofeng also killed many devils and her strength made Jian Ruyan secretly exclaim in admiration.

As for the most clean, it is still Yue Bufeng.

Yue Bufeng who was the bloodiest, didn't have a single drop of blood on him.

"Let's go!" Jian Ruyan let out a long sigh: "I hope we do not encounter so many devils. They are not afraid of death and I am afraid we will become tired from killing!"

Jian Ruyan is walking in front, she suddenly stopped after running for a few thousand meters.

"What's wrong?" Long Qiaofeng asked.

Jian Ruyan looked at Qin Yun and asked with a frown : "Qin Yun, do you sense that something is following us?"

"So you feel the same way? So that's not my misconception!" Qin Yun said with a frown.

Both he and Jian Ruyan has the strongest mental power, so their perception is extremely sharp.

"What is it?" Long Qiaofeng looked around.

"Let's move away from the battlefield first!" Qin Yun said.

Jian Ruyan continued to run.

They travelled through the forest, they did not fly in the sky. Otherwise, it would very easy for them to be discovered by the things hidden on the ground.

An hour later, Jian Ruyan also stopped and said : "Let's rest first!"

The area they arrived at have huge trees and no weeds on the ground, making it a relatively easy place to walk on.

Jian Ruyan frowned and looked around, muttering: "Something has always been following us!"

Qin Yun said with a nod : "Yea, I sensed it too. It should be something very small. It's just that we did not discover it!"

"Small things? Is it a bird or beast?" Long Qiaofeng asked.

"If it were just a bird, we could still find it! That thing should be even smaller than a little bird. It might be as small as a mosquito and it"s speed is extremely fast!"

Jian Ruyan looked around but still did not find the target. She said : "That thing stopped. Because it is too small, its aura is also very weak, especially when it's not moving. It's hard to find when it's hiding in a crack in the tree bark!"

"If my guess is not wrong, it is a very small type of Xuan insect that is specifically used to track people. This is also a very uncommon and rarely seen Xuan beast."

Yue Bufeng suddenly said, "I heard from my elders that there are many herbs in the Medicine Immortal Valley, so there are many of these spirit insects. However, there aren't that many of them!"

When Qin Yun heard this, he took a deep breath and said : "Do you think that the Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and the few great families are up to something in here because they want to deal with me?"

"Extremely possible! Even if they were to be discovered, as long as there is no evidence that they did it, they will not admit to it!" Yue Bufeng said.

"How about this, I'll leave the team, I won't implicate any of you!" Qin Yun understood his own situation.

"No way!" Jian Ruyan snorted: "What are you afraid of? On this island, other than the sixteen Devil Beast Kings, the other strongest are only at the Spirit Martial Realm Late stage or peak stage. Even if we cannot defeat them, can we not avoid them?"

"It's better if I leave the team!"

Qin Yun is still determined to leave because if he were to act alone, he could easily escape danger.

However, following a team is different. It is more troublesome.

Just as Jian Ruyan wanted to say something, she suddenly sensed people coming from all directions.

"Is it the devil army again?" she whispered.

The people that arrived are not the army of devils but a group of young men wearing luxurious armor with cold and proud expressions.

"Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, Long Clan, Tian Clan, Yang Clan!" Jian Ruyan looked at them and said with a sneered : "You are really a nest of snakes and rats!"

Now, Qin Yun and other are certain that the Xuan insect that was following them was from the Medicine Immortal Valley. They wanted to find him so that they could make a move against him.

These disciples of the big powers are all unfamiliar, Qin Yun also never heard of them.

What is certain is that these disciples are not weak!

Although they are at the early stage Spirit Martial Realm, they are all very talented disciples within the several big powers.

"Jian Ruyan, we don't want to offend the sword family! We are only here for Qin Yun!"

The person who spoke is a blue haired man from the Medicine Immortal Valley. His eyes are also blue and he appeared to be extremely devilish.

Qin Yun also discovered that the blue haired man's martial spirit aura is that of a divine ability martial spirit.

This made him secretly rejoice. If he could secretly kill this person, then he would be able to obtain a divine ability martial spirit.

"Qin Yun is in the same team as me. I'm the team leader. If you want to deal with him, you have to go through me!"

Although Jian Ruyan often bickered with Qin Yun, she is very responsible and very loyal.


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