Nine Sun God King
Chapter 649
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 649

That group of disciples saw Jian Ruyan protecting Qin Yun to this extent, they are all somewhat surprised.

Because according to the information they gathered, Qin Yun and Jian Ruyan did not seem to be on good terms.

"Jian Ruyan, do you think that the four of you will be our match?" the Medicine Immortal Valley disciple coldly laughed.

"You are all excellent disciples and your strength is not weak either. Moreover, you all come from a prestigious families and your have respectable status." Jian Ruyan laughed coldly : "But, if you really want to fight us to the death, you should at least lose a few, right?"

"Are you sure you can all stay alive when you fight us?"

Jian Ruyan's words also caused the group of disciples' expressions to change.

Qin Yun's strength must not be ignored. Everyone knows that Qin Yun defeated Jian Nanhu bare handed.

And Jian Ruyan in front of their eyes, also has two powerful swords. If they were to fight, Qin Yun and Jian Ruyan could indeed take care of the few of them.

This group of disciples are also extremely afraid of death.

When they heard Jian Ruyan's words, they also began to seriously consider the consequences.

However, they did not really want to capture Qin Yun. Because with how powerful Qin Yun is, it is extremely difficult to capture him alive.

Qin Yun felt that even if they are scared off this time, they will still be lingering like ghosts.

Moreover, he felt that this island is definitely not that simple.

One must know that this island isn't a place where anyone could enter. The disciples of the Medicine Immortal Valley seemed to have arrived very early.

The Martial Arts Tournament rules were decided in advance. They definitely must have set up ambush here.

"Captain, I want to leave the team!" Qin Yun said.

"No way!" Jian Ruyan said sternly : "I am the captain, you must listen to me. Don't be scared by them!"

There is another reason why Qin Yun wanted to leave the team.

The group of young disciples pondered for a moment and quickly took out their weapons.

Their weapons are all made from Xuan grade or even better materials but they didn't have any runes engraved on them.

If the materials used in forging a weapon are good, even without rune engravings, it would still be of great help.

Qin Yun secretly despised Granny Ma and others for not telling them in advance to prepare themselves.

If not, Qin Yun could have forged some weapons that did not have runes engraved on them in advance.

"You've decided to fight us, haven't you?" Jian Ruyan gripped her two swords tightly and said angrily: "Are you guys really not afraid of death?"

"Jian Ruyan, you definitely do not know how valuable Qin Yun's head is!" A burly youth said with eyes filled with greed : "If I kill Qin Yun, I'll be able to obtain a King tier tool!"

"If we can capture Qin Yun alive, it'll be a set of King tier armor and an offensive King tier weapon!"

After Jian Ruyan heard this, her expression slightly changed. She clearly understood what this meant.

"They are really willing to part with it? Who offered this reward?" Qin Yun asked coldly.

"It doesn't matter who did it. You only need to know that the people who want to kill you are everywhere. Many Martial Emperors have joined! Don't think that only you can put up a bounty on others and they can't put up a bounty on you!" A youth sneered.

"Just don't regret it! I can also take out higher rewards and put them on the bounty!" Qin Yun felt threatened. He also wanted to know who was the one that offered the bounty.

Jian Ruyan coldly snorted : "If you want to fight, then hurry over. I'm not afraid of you!"

"Jian Ruyan, we will give you a little more time to consider. As long as Qin Yun leaves the group, we will not make things difficult for you!"

That muscular youth is wielding a heavy sword and he is pouring very strong Dao energy into it, ready to fight at any time.

It can be said that the strength of these group of people together is comparable to that of Jian Nanhu!

If they were to fight, there would definitely be casualties among Qin Yun's group.

Qin Yun said with a voice transmission to Jian Ruyan, "Ruyan, I'm only temporarily leaving the group. All of you can leave a secret mark along the way. I'll find a way to reunite with all of you!"

"It is not a wise choice to fight them head on right now! Of course, we must not let them get away with it. We still have 20 days left in the Devil Martial Island!"

"We can slowly play with them in these 20 days and kill them one by one so that they won't be able to participate in the final martial arts competition!"

When Jian Ruyan heard Qin Yun's voice transmission, she felt that this strategy is not bad. She immediately responded : "Qin Yun, then can you run by yourself?"

"Are you kidding me? I, Qin Yun, have stirred up so many troubles. I did not manage to survive until now because of luck! With your escape ability, you are definitely not as good as me!" Qin Yun said with a voice transmission with a smile.

"Then you better be careful. I'll leave a cross sign with two swords on the trees along the way. You'll notice it if you pay attention!" Jian Ruyan agreed to let Qin Yun leave the team.

After Qin Yun obtained the approval of Jian Ruyan, he suddenly used the Nine Extinction Steps and rushed toward a certain direction.

"Qin Yun you bastard, don't run!" When a youth saw that Qin Yun suddenly disappeared, he cursed and quickly chased after him.

Qin Yun constantly used Passing Shadow Extinction Breath and dashed through the woods. There is no sign left of him at all.

The group of people immediately lost their direction and could not sense Qin Yun's aura.

Jian Ruyan is also astonished as she looked around her surroundings. She thought that movement technique can only be used for a short period of time but to think that he would be able to use it continuously.

"If we split up and chase him, we'll definitely be able to catch him!"

The group of people immediately dispersed.

At this moment, Jian Ruyan felt more at ease.

"Long Qiaofeng, you better not betray us or I'll make you die miserably!" Jian Ruyan said with a threatening tone as she stared at Long Qiaofeng.

"I won't sell you out!"

Long Qiaofeng said, she still has not exposed her relationship with Qin Yun because she will have to access the inner circle of the Long family in the future.

"Humph, I hope so!" Long Qiaofeng coldly snorted, then left a secret mark on a tree.

There are only three of them left now.

Yue Bufeng appeared to be more reliable. Although he did not speak much, when he needed to contribute, he doesn't hold back.

In the Sun and Moon Space-Time Realm, Qin Yun did not cultivated the Nine Extinction Steps in vain.

If he uses the second step of the Nine Extinction Steps, Passing Shadow Extinction Breath, he can easily get past those group of disciples.

"Yuner, did you observe those disciples just now? How strong are they exactly?" Qin Yun asked.

Ling Yuner is his dao spirit and is able to unleash the sealed power within the Nether Sun Dao core, among them there is also the formidable mental power.

Therefore, she has a better understanding of situation than Qin Yun.

"There are a few strong ones who are definitely not weaker than Jian Nanhu!" Ling Yuner said : "You did not confront them directly. That is correct decision!"

Qin Yun is running away and cursed lightly : "Those bunch of bastards are using a King tier tools to offer a bounty on me! This is clearly to not let me have an easy time!"

Ling Yuner giggled and said : "Use some good things to offer a bounty them and scare them!"

"I can't continue to implicate Demon Moon Island!" Qin Yun said, "Yuelan and others are on Demon Moon Island! If I were to place a bounty on those Half Immortal's through Demon Moon Island and anger them, they would definitely cause trouble for Demon Moon Island!"

Both Demon Moon Island and the Divine Inscription Palace could issue bounty orders.

Those Immortal sects also have a hand in managing the Divine Inscription Palace . Therefore, they would definitely not help Qin Yun post the bounty.

Although the Demon Moon Island can post the bounty, those two sects would look at the Demon Moon Island with hostility and those few big clans would be furious towards the Demon Moon Island.

Once the disciples of Demon Moon Island left the island, they would be in danger.

Qin Yun kept thinking of this matter and kept running. He is very confident in his own speed.

Those disciples couldn't catch him at all.

At night, the forest inside Devil Martial Island became very dark. The dense foliage blocked the beautiful lights of the stars and moon.

Originally there were many glowing plants in the forest but they are all destroyed by the devils.

In the pitch-black forest, Qin Yun is like a fish in the water.

Using the Shadow Power, he can quietly walk in the darkness, unlikely to be noticed by anyone.

"If we meet those disciples, they will definitely die!" When Qin Yun thought of the matter of him being besieged today, he felt a wave of anger.

This sort of thing will happen again in the future!

Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain joined together can be considered a hegemon in the Proud Star State.

Of course, they don't dare to mess with the Immortal Weapon City anymore because there is an Immortal in the city.

Although Bing Xing is very powerful, she couldn't leave the Immortal Weapon Palace.

Therefore, Qin Yun has to be extremely careful outside.


Qin Yun was wandering inside the darkness when he suddenly heard a roar. He felt delighted and quickly ran over.

If he wanted to obtain a spot in the Martial Arts Competition, he must obtain a Devil beast king crystal core!

If the roar is from a Devil Beast King, then Qin Yun would no longer have to worry about the competition after getting the crystal core.

An hour later, Qin Yun finally reached the place!

He is somewhat disappointed. It is not the Devil Beast king but a group of devils attacking a mad big man. The big man's roar sounds like the roar of a beast.

Qin Yun hid in the darkness, he did not make a move. He only watched quietly from the side.

The group of devils are very careful, they surrounded the mad big man.

The mad big man held a bone club in his hand and roared loudly. Every time he saw a person, he attacked with great strength. He swung the bone club and created a fierce devil energy that could break the huge tree trunk in one hit.

Qin Yun is only watching the show. After all, he is here to see how the devils would deal with the mad devil.

"These devil cultivators are really pitiful!" He shook his head.

Suddenly, a strong evil spirit aura arrived!

Qin Yun is alarmed inwardly, he looked toward a specific direction. He merely saw two dots of red light in the distance.

"Is it the Devil Beast King? What type of beast is it?" Qin Yun is inwardly shocked.

He can only see that the Devil Beast King has a pair of red eyes.

"It's the Devil Beast King, the Blood Wing Bat!" a devil cultivator cried out in alarm.

Suddenly, the Devil beast King flew over. A tube appeared on it's tail and stabbed into the mad big man's throat. It only took a few moments for the mad big man to be completely sucked dry.

The mad big man's corpse fell to the ground and broke into pieces with just a few cracking sounds!

A devil cultivator's bones are very strong but after the Blood Wing Bat sucked away all of their energy, their bones actually became so fragile.

Qin Yun immediately tensed up because the Devil Beast King is very difficult to deal with.

The dozen or so devil cultivators also cried out in fear. In front of the Blood Wing Bat, they are just like snacks.


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