Nine Sun God King
Chapter 652
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 652

Qin Yun already obtained a Devil Beast King crystal core. Next, he will have to help Xiao Yuelan obtain one. The two of them left the tree hole to search for the other Devil beast kings.

In the air above Devil Martial Island, many flying magic tools are floating.

A group of seniors from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain flew out from a black flying ship and arrived outside Granny Ma's big boat, filled with killing intent.

They floated in the air and looked at the island with a serious expression.

The elders from the other four Immortal sects, five star sects and three moon sects also came out from their flying magic tools.

After Granny Ma came out, she asked : "What are you doing here?"

"Our four disciples are all dead!" an Elder of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain roared in anger.

"What does it have to do with me that they're dead?" Granny Ma found it funny.

"It must have been done by Qin Yun!" The elder said angrily, the veins on his forehead looked incomparably hideous.

"You have no proof, so don't speak carelessly! You should be clear about the situation on the Devil Martial Island! Apart from those sixteen Devil beast kings, there are many devils here who are quite strong as well." Granny Ma said in annoyance.

"We'll definitely find the evidence!" The expression of the elders from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain turned incomparably ugly. Because of his anger, he released a very strong aura.

The elders of the other sects are also secretly shocked.

They all knew that the disciples of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain weren't weak at all.

Not long after entering the island, the four disciples were killed. This made everyone suspect Qin Yun.

Of course, no one knew what was going on inside.

Granny Ma said with a sneer : "Even if it was Qin Yun who did it, do you think he would take the initiative to provoke them? All of you used King tier tools to offer bounty on Qin Yun! Among all the disciples in the Devil Martial Island, who would not want to kill Qin Yun to get a King tool?"

Granny Ma's words caused the elders of the other sects feel nervous.

On Devil Martial Island, as long as they met Qin Yun, they would most likely attack him.

Although using magic weapons and tools are restricted inside, even if Qin Yun didn't have weapon, he was able to defeat Jian Nan Hu who was using weapon. Just from this, it is clear how powerful Qin Yun is.

When Granny Ma saw the worried looks on the faces of the elders, she laughed and said : "Maybe not many disciples will be able to participate in this year's Martial Arts Tournament!"

"You...You... If it was really Qin Yun who did it, we would have definitely let the elders of the Divine Inscription Palace make the judgement!" An elder of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain said angrily.

"You people are too much! You suddenly used King tools to offer bounty on Qin Yun, is it not to make the disciples inside the Devil Martial Island to take action against him? It was all your doing. Furthermore, there is no evidence that Qin Yun killed your disciples!" Granny Ma shouted in anger.

Just as they were arguing, a white clothed old man suddenly flew over. It is Han Fenghu from the Divine Inscription Palace.

"Elder Han, you came at the right time! The four disciples that we, the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, sent in are all dead."" An elder of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain quickly said.

"I remember that on the Devil Martial Island, the disciples of various sects are fighting with each other, right?" Han Fenghu said.

"This... This..." The Elders of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are instantly speechless.

"Since it is allowed, then there is no reason for blame. When you decided to participate in the Martial Arts competition, you should all know that during competition, over the years, many geniuses died as well."

Han Fenghu laughed : "Of course, a dead disciple can't be considered a genius, that's called a dead person! Since the heavens have decided to let him die, then what kind of genius is he?"

Granny Ma also laughed and said : "Genius, don't look at their Martial Spirit or spirit veins or even their aptitude. You just have to see if they are blessed by the heavens and if they can live long enough! To live is to win!"

Han Fenghu also laughed : "Back in the days, there were many geniuses with outstanding talents who bullied me to no end. However, only a few of them were able to live to this day!"

"Those with high talent would most likely be arrogant and would naturally like to cause trouble. With the protection and indulgence of the powers behind them, they would be even more arrogant." Granny Ma shook her head.

Han Fenghu said : "You should not have used your King tools to offer bounty on Qin Yun. That will only cause your disciples to die!"

If they killed Qin Yun, they would be able to obtain a magic tool stronger than a Dao tool!

The disciples inside the Devil Martial Island can not resisting this temptation.

At this time, a black-robed elder flew over.

That old man is also a member of the Divine Inscription Palace. The moment he arrived, the Elders of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, Medicine Immortal Valley and Long Clan all revealed expressions of joy.

The Divine Inscription Palace management is divided into several factions as well. This is because the Divine Inscription Palace was established by various major powers.

"I came here to increase difficulty for the disciples inside the Devil Martial Island!" The black clothed old man smiled sinisterly.

"What difficulty?" Han Fenghu said coldly, "Is it authorized by the higher ups?"

"Of course!" the black clothed elder spoke and released ten puppets from his storage tool.

Seeing those ten puppets, Granny Ma's face darkened and said : "These are the Spirit Marital Realm puppets?"

"These are not ordinary Spirit Martial Realm puppets, these are something made from living people! Their strength is comparable to late stage Spirit Martial Realm and body is extremely strong.

The black clothed old man chuckled and let the ten puppets enter the Devil Martial Island.

Following that, the black clothed elder released ten large circular mirrors.

Whatever the ten puppets see, will be projected onto each of the ten mirrors.

Granny Ma is secretly worried that these puppets would target Qin Yun in particular.

"Elder Wen, four of our Azure Flame Immortal Mountain disciples have died. I suspect that it was Qin Yun who did it! Since Qin Yun has such powerful strength, then let's increase the difficulty for him!" An elder of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain said.

"Is there such a thing?" Elder Wen is slightly alarmed. his face revealed a trace of anger. He said with a sneer : "Alright, I will definitely test Qin Yun!"

Granny Ma clenched her fists tightly, looked at Han Fenghu and whispered : "Elder Han, how strong are these Spirit Martial Realm Puppets?"

"If an ordinary person in the early stage Xuan Martial Realm encountered these puppets without a weapon or armor, they would undoubtedly die!" Han Fenghu frowned and said : "I hope that Qin Yun can withstand it!"

"What about speed?" Granny Ma looked at the ten mirrors. The Spirit Martial Realm puppets entered the Devil Martial Island and dispersed. Then they started to run very quickly.

"Speed is also very fast. These Spirit Martial Realm puppets are worth even more than a Dao tool!" Han Fenghu said with a deep voice : "In the Divine Inscription Palace, more than half of the Elders want to capture Qin Yun and force Yang Shiyue to show herself!"

"I heard that Yang Shiyue is still in the Remote Moon Mountain Range!" Granny Ma now knew that Qin Yun's greatest value is to make Yang Shiyue hand over the Star Lord Inscription Spirit.

As long as they obtained the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, they would be able to easily inscribe even more star runes.

In the Proud Star State, the most powerful and the highest status belong to those formidable Inscription Masters.

"It's also the people from the Divine Inscription Palace who are using their King tools to offer bounty on Qin Yun! They have no enmity with Qin Yun, yet they were willing to use two King tools to capture him alive.""

Han Fenghu sighed : "No one can be sure whether or not Yang Shiyue is in the Remote Moon Mountain Range. In short, there are many experts currently surrounding the entire mountain range so tightly that not even a drop of water can trickle through!"

"Even the Half Immortal and Martial Emperors from the other prefectures have come to join in the fun! It is said that people from Devil Desolate and Spirit Desolate have gathered in Remote Moon Mountain Range. Eighty percent of them are Half Immortals and Martial Emperors!"

After Granny Ma heard this, she exclaimed: "This Yang Shiyue is truly amazing. Those who have a good relationship with Qin Yun are indeed very impressive!"

"Right now, everyone is worried that Yang Shiyue will go to the Immortal Weapon City because there is an Immortal there. Once she goes to the Immortal Weapon City, they won't be able to do anything about it!" Han Fenghu said.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared on a mirror.

A Spirit Martial Realm puppet saw him.

"He's a disciple of our Medicine Immortal Valley!" An elder from the Medicine Immortal Valley said : "Quickly ask him if he has met Qin Yun."

Elder Wen who controlled the puppet and spoke. "I am Elder Wen from the Divine Inscription Palace. This is a Spirit Martial Realm puppet meant to test Qin Yun. Have you seen Qin Yun again?"

The Medicine Immortal Valley disciples also sensed that the power of the puppet is very strong and immediately replied: "Yes! Originally, there were four people together but with our teams surrounding them, Qin Yun was forced to leave the group. This fellow runs very fast, so we lost our target in an instant!"

Granny Ma sneered : "Did you hear that? They came to the Devil Martial Island to kill the Devil Beast King. What are they doing now? They attacked Qin Yun from the very beginning. In that case, even if they were killed by Qin Yun, they deserve it!"

"All of you should know that Qin Yun is a vengeful person. It's hard to say if the people who surrounded him before will be able to come out alive!"

When the elders heard this, all of their expressions changed.

Elder Wen controlled the puppet and continued running and searched for Qin Yun.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan searched the forest for traces of Devil Beast Kings.

Suddenly, the ring on Qin Yun's finger lit up with a golden glow.

"Xiao Yun, what's going on?" Xiao Yuelan looked at Qin Yun's ring and quickly asked.

"Damn it, Xuan Marital Realm puppet is here. Silver light means Spirit Martial Realm puppet and golden means Xuan Martial Realm" Qin Yun cursed softly : "It's nearby!"

"Isn't there a barrier around Devil Martial Island? Puppets shouldn't be able to enter, right? And it's even a Xuan Martial Realm!" Xiao Yuelan said with a frown.

"Yuelan, let's put on our masks! Puppets are here for me, so it's fine if they don't recognize me! " Qin Yun said : "The puppet shouldn't be able to detect me through aura. It can only see with eyes. That's because the person controlling the puppet is looking for me!"

Xiao Yuelan and Qin Yun promptly took out masks.

"Let's move away quickly. The Xuan Martial Realm puppet is still quite difficult to deal with!" Qin Yun said.


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