Nine Sun God King
Chapter 656
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 656

Han Fenghu is worried about two things. First, he is worried that Qin Yun would be killed by the Immortal disciples and the other reason is that he is worried that Qin Yun would kill the Immortal disciples.

Granny Ma also cursed in a low voice : "What are those guys thinking? They dare to send Immortal disciples to do such a dangerous thing? What if they die?"

Immortal disciples are people who possess Immortal bodies. The Proud Star State is so big and there are so many people. Every once in a while, young people with Immortal bodies would appear.

These Immortal disciples are all very precious and enjoyed special treatment in the sects.

It is same for Liu Jingmeng. Although she is part of the Law Keeper Hall, she is under special care.

"Perhaps they feel that taking down Qin Yun is an easy task!" Han Fenghu shook his head and sighed : "If one or two Immortal disciples really died, then we would be in big trouble!"

Granny Ma cursed angrily in a low voice : "These people know Qin Yun's strength. Why do they always go and provoke him?"

"That's because as long as they capture Qin Yun, they'll be able to obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit." Han Fenghu said : "There's a barrier around Devil Martial Island and Qin Yun can only come out from it after the trials are over."

"That group of fellows can arranged for people to enter as much as they want during this period of time. Qin Yun can only hide on the island and will not be able to leave."

"Furthermore, Qin Yun cannot use tools or weapons inscribed with runes . Thus his strength is greatly weakened."

Granny Ma said : "But Qin Yun has already killed a few powerful puppets with his bare hands earlier. Haven't they seen Qin Yun's strength clearly?"

Han Fenghu looked at Elder Wen who is not far away and said in a low voice : "The Immortal disciples that they sent should be at the middle or late stage Spirit Martial Realm or even the peak!"

"Granny Ma, you should be clear about the strength of these level of Immortal disciples. They might even bring special equipment to capture Qin Yun!"

A large group of experts have searched the Remote Moon Mountain Range for a long time but they failed to find Yang Shiyue. Who knows how long they would have to keep searching.

However, Devil Martial Island is different. Qin Yun is stuck in such a small area. It is much easier than searching for Yang Shiyue in the vast Remote Moon Mountain Range.

Elder Wen flew over and said with a faint smile : "Qin Yun is doomed this time. Haha!"

Granny Ma said coldly : "Don't even think about succeeding. Our Immortal Weapon City's Sect Master and a few Half Immortals are already on their way here! Even if those Immortal disciples capture Qin Yun, as long as they leave the Devil Martial Island, they can forget about successfully taking him away!"

Elder Wen laughed complacently: "Haha, we also expected such a thing!"

We do not need to leave the island. As long as we capture Qin Yun and let Yang Shiyue know that Qin Yun is about to be killed, she would naturally appear here."

"At that time, as long as she handed over the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, Qin Yun would be able to continue living on Devil Martial Island!"

Granny Ma gritted her teeth and angrily said : "You bunch of trash! You used all kinds of methods to obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, despicable!"

"Aren't you afraid that those Immortal disciples will all die?"

Elder Wen laughed loudly and said : "The three immortal disciples that we sent are all late stage Spirit Martial Realm. The weapons and armor they have are also embryo of royal grade Dao tool. Do you think that Qin Yun can handle them?"

A Dao tool Embryo does not have any runes on them, so they won't be sucked away by the enchantment of the Devil Martial Island.

"What's more, the strength of the Immortal disciples are much stronger than the puppets! We lost ten precious puppets. If we just give up, wouldn't it be a complete loss?" Elder Wen sneered.

"The ten puppets you released all died?" Han Fenghu is shocked.

"That's right! The embryo of the ten puppets were all Xuan Martial puppet quality. Furthermore, their bodies were specially tempered and could be promoted to Xuan Martial puppet in the future. However, all of them was destroyed by Qin Yun!"

When Elder Wen mentioned this matter, he was incensed.

Han Fenghu said in a deep voice : "If that's the case, then why did you send three Immortal disciples in? What if they all die? Wouldn't that just increase Qin Yun's hatred? "

"If the Immortal disciples were die, hmph, we would definitely not let Qin Yun off!" Elder Wen said coldly.

"Are you a retard? Immortal disciples want to capture Qin Yun, Qin Yun will definitely resist. If he kills an Immortal disciple, all of you will again threaten Qin Yun!" Granny Ma said angrily : "How about not sending anyone in, isn't that enough? Truly shameless!"

Elder Wen laughed sinisterly : "We are that shameless, what about it? If we don't want to be shameless, how can we obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit? As long as I can obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, I will do whatever it takes regardless of how devoid of conscience it is!"

"You guys who only know how to be honest have no future at all, hahaha!"

Han Fenghu said : "We are truly old and honest but we can at least live for a long time! As long as we live longer, it is possible for our cultivation to break through. You on the other hand making enemies everywhere, no matter how talented you are, you will be killed sooner or later!"

Elder Wen didn't think much of it. He smiled and said : "Just wait and see. Soon, we will have the Star Lord Inscription Spirit!"

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan left the stone room inside the ground. They did not immediately search for Devil Beast Kings but instead searching for Jian Ruyan and company.

Within Jian Ruyan's team, there is Yue Bufeng. At night, they could use the moon light to search for Devil Beast Kings.

As long as Qin Yun returned to the team, he would be able to quickly find the Devil Beast Kings with Yue Bufeng's help.

At that time, with Xiao Yuelan becoming a member, they can join hands and it wouldn't be a problem for them to take down Devil Beast Kings.

He also told Xiao Yuelan about this matter and she also agreed to join Jian Ruyan's group.

Now, Qin Yun is using the tree totem to search through the trees. He is searching for the secret marks that Jian Ruyan had left on the tree.

After searching for a few hours, he finally discovered a secret mark. Then, he followed that secret mark and looked around the surrounding trees. He then began to search for Jian Ruyan and the others.

Jian Ruyan, Long Qiaofeng and Yue Bufeng carefully walked through the forest. Suddenly, they saw a raven flying towards them.

The raven's eyes are golden and very strange. It flew to a tree above them and started to cry loudly.

At this moment, a handsome man dressed in black clothes suddenly floated down. He held a golden longsword in his hand.

The moment he landed, his eyes, which were filled with cold arrogance, immediately lit up evil flames.

"These two beauties are really quite good!" The black clothed man licked his lips, looking at Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng with lust.

"Who are you? What are you trying to do!"

Jian Ruyan quickly took out her black and white sword and asked coldly. She felt that the man in black is extremely disgusting and wanted to stab him to death.

"What do I want? I want to fuck you two!" The black clothed man's expression suddenly turned malevolent and sinister. "I never expected that I would encounter such stunning beauties after coming here to capture Qin Yun. All of you are mine now. Hahaha!"

Long Qiaofeng is one of the five great beauties of the Proud Star State. Although she didn't know how she was chosen, if she didn't have any looks, she definitely wouldn't be evaluated.

Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng are both angry and anxious. What they hated the most is this kind of man who wanted to get on top of them the moment they saw them and he had even said those words so straightforwardly.

"Why are you all so angry? You all still don't know who I am!" The black clothed man said proudly: "I am Lu Lingtian!"

When Yue Bufeng heard this name, he quickly took a few steps back.

Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng also quickly spread out, their faces are filled with shock!

"Are you the person who possess the Immortal Body from the Lu family, Lu Lingtian?" Jian Ruyan shouted in fear.

"That's right, since you've heard of me, then obediently take off your clothes to serve me. I have Immortal body, it is your honor if I go down on you! You must know, for a woman to be taken by a Immortal disciple like me, how lucky are you!"

"Seeing that your looks are not bad, I will be more gentle with you! Both of you are virgins and as far as I am concerned, you are also an extremely good delicacy!"

After Lu Lingtian finished speaking, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He seemed very hungry, it seems like he want to go and strip Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng's clothes.

"Pah! Who doesn't know that you, Lu Lingtian, is cultivating the evil art of Devouring Yin to Nurture Yang! What a waste of an Immortal body!" Jian Ruyan saw Lu Lingtian like this, she felt like vomiting.

"Truly a woman with character... right, your sword seems to be the Origin Sword, could you be a Jian family woman? This is great! I am also a swordsman. If I am able to capture you and use you to cultivate, my sword arts might become more profound!"

"Formidable beauty, quickly take off your clothes and then fly over here to kiss me!"

Lu Lingtian became even more excited and said with an evil grin.

"This beast..." Jian Ruyan cursed in a low voice : "Aren't you afraid of offending our Jian family?"

"The Jian family will not know about this!" Lu Lingtian laughed proudly: "If you guys don't come over, I will make my move! To be honest, I really don't want to hurt you. If you're all covered in blood, it will affect my appetite!"

"Let's retreat!" Jian Ruyan shouted and then the three of them ran off in three different directions.

Seeing them running away, Lu Lingtian coldly laugh and slashed a few times through the air.

His sword energy is terrifying. As if several black light arcs shot towards Jian Ruyan and the others!

Long Qiaofeng and Yue Bufeng didn't even have the time to block, their backs were hit and split open and they fell to the ground.

Only Jian Ruyan could react in time, her body burst out with sword energy, blocking Lu Lingtian's attack.

"Not bad, not bad!"

After speaking, Lu Lingtian arrived in a flash. He slashed with his golden sword, bringing with it a wave of black sword light.

"Black Sword Martial Spirit!" Jian Ruyan waved her two swords, struggling to block the attack.

Lu Lingtian has Immortal Body and is a late stage Spirit Matial Realm. His Dao power contains traces of Immortal energy and when he attacks, it is strong and powerful.

Jian Ruyan's two swords blocked several attacks and then were shattered by Lu Lingtian!

The difference in strength between the two is too great!


Lu Lingtian attacked with his palm and the force behind it caused Jian Ruyan to fly and crash into a tree and break it's trunk.

Jian Ruyan was grabbed by Lu Lingtian and with a light toss, she landed beside Long Qiaofeng. Both of them are heavily injured!
Lu Lingtian disdainfully said : "This is the power of an Immortal body!"

He looked at Yue Bufeng, then walked over and said : "When I do things, I don't want anyone to see, so I can only send you to your death!"

When Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng saw Lu Lingtian raise his sword, they couldn't do anything.

Yue Bufeng said coldly : "Lu Lingtian, if I have an afterlife, I will definitely take revenge on you!"

"I'll wait for you, haha!" Lu Lingtian spoke and stabbed with his long sword towards Yue Bufeng.

At this moment, suddenly a banging noise sounded!

Qin Yun used the Passing Shadow Extinction Breath to rush over. Then using the Extinction Dragons Five Palms, he slapped Lu Lingtian's face!


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