Nine Sun God King
Chapter 659
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 659

Huang Lifei was an Immortal disciple with an Immortal body and now he is dead, he died with unwillingness.

Xiao Yuelan picked up the two halves of the corpse and placed them beside Qin Yun.

Qin Yun put the corpse away. The corpse of an Immortal disciple is a precious treasure.

"Xiao Yun, we should quickly leave!"

Xiao Yuelan quickly helped Qin Yun up before turning to look at Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng.

Jian Ruyan said : "We can walk by ourselves. Let me lead the way!"

Xiao Yuelan nodded.

Yue Bufeng walked in front. Despite his injuries, his speed is not slow.

Their party ran for more than half a day and then stopped to rest and heal.

Xiao Yuelan also took off her mask and looked at Qin Yun with a pained expression. She said softly : "Xiao Yun, how are your injuries?"

"I am almost well!" Qin Yun smiled.

Even though he said this, Xiao Yuelan still pressed her palm against his back and poured energy in to help heal his wounds.

After Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng saw Xiao Yuelan's beautiful face, they also secretly exclaimed in admiration.

They felt that their looks aren't bad but compared to Xiao Yuelan, they still felt that they are lacking a little.

They can also see that the relationship between Xiao Yuelan and Qin Yun is extremely intimate. The emotions in their eyes are filled with dense affection, with a single glance, one could tell that they have deep feelings for each other.

Long Qiaofeng finally understood the reason why Qin Yun never tried to be intimate with her in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field.

"How many Immortal disciples are here?" Jian Ruyan said, "These fellows truly threw caution to the wind to capture Qin Yun. They even brought in Immortal disciples!"

Xiao Yuelan replied : "Those Immortal disciples aren't very strong! The Xuan Martial puppets they previously sent over are truly deadly. Fortunately, they do not have many of those things!"

Actually, Xiao Yuelan and Qin Yun could fight one-on-one against puppets of that level and even defeat them.

The reason they were reduced to such a sorry state by the puppets was because they were surrounded and besieged by quite a few of them.

If they were surrounded by a few Immortal disciples, they would not be able to resist too.

Yue Bufeng said : "All the Immortal disciples are from the Divine Inscription Palace. They were obtained from other Immortal sects or big clans and spent a large amount of resources to cultivate them! Now that two have died, I wonder what they will do."

Jian Ruyan said coldly: "Those guys, they will certainly retaliate more severely! We are now in Devil Martial Island, we will need some time to get out. I wonder what other things they will bring in! "

Qin Yun heaved a long sigh : "They have already paid a great price in order to obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit. They won't certainly give up because of this!"

Above the Devil Martial Island, the elders of the major powers are waiting for the end of the trial.

Elder Wen was originally very pleased with himself. However, after he took out a sound transmission conch and heard the sound coming from inside, his expression immediately became extremely ugly.

After Han Fenghu saw it, his heart suddenly jumped, he had a bad premonition.

"Dead... two Immortal disciples have died! " Elder Wen looked at Granny Ma and roared furiously.

"What does it have to do with me that they're dead?!" Granny Ma couldn't help but say angrily.

Chu Binyu and Bao Changshou also arrived that very night. They are also very worried about the four disciples of their sect.

"Qin Yun must have killed them!"

Elder Wen promptly rushed over, he is incomparably angry and shouted loudly at Granny Ma.

"Elder Wen, didn't you say that Qin Yun was incapable of defeating them? It can be said that it wasn't Qin Yun who did it!" Granny Ma laughed.

The elders of every major powers are all dumbstruck hearing this!

Out of the three Immortal disciples that went in, two of them actually died!

"It must have been done by Qin Yun!" Elder Wen's face twisted in anger, he shouted loudly.

Granny Ma shouted : "Shut up! I told you this before, it's very dangerous to send Immortal disciples to deal with Qin Yun! It's a big risk!"

"Clearly, you were the ones who sent Immortal disciples to capture Qin Yun. You should have realized the situation. Now that the Immortal disciples have died, why are you venting your anger at me?"

Elder Wen shouted angrily: "Dead old woman, do you know how important a disciple is? That bastard, Qin Yun actually succeeded so smoothly? No normal person would be able to kill an Immortal disciple!"

"Your dad's fart! You are provoking me intentionally!"

Granny Ma's complexion turned heavy, her eyes filled with killing intent!

She suddenly flew over with two short spears in hand and thrust forward, piercing Elder Wen's head and abdomen.

"Go die!"

Granny Ma let out a deep and low shout and energy wave surged out from her arm and poured in two berserk powers and smashed Elder Wen's head and stomach!

Boom Boom!

Elder Wen's body also torn to pieces by the explosion.

When the people from various major powers saw this scene, they looked at Granny Ma in fear and quickly retreated.

Bao Changshou and Chu Binyu also didn't say anything because earlier they also almost wanted to attack.

Elder Wen's middle aged co-worker shouted angrily from a distance : "Didn't your Immortal Weapon City say that you would not participate in Qin Yun's grudge with us?"

Granny Ma sneered : "Now, it's a grudge between you and me! I saw that Elder Wen was in a bad mood, so I killed him. You guys can't accept, come and kill me!"

The Immortal Weapon City's headmaster Bao Changshou is also here. That is a Half Immortal; who would dare to do such a thing?

Bao Changshou said : "The state of this Martial Arts Competition has changed. It's not a serious hunt for the Devil Beast Kings anymore. It's all about killing Qin Yun. Pooh!"

Elder Wen is dead, he was a person with high cultivation!

His status in the Divine Inscription Palace was not low, otherwise how could he control those precious puppets.

Even though Granny Ma killed Elder Wen, she didn't regret it at all.

Now, she also understood why Qin Yun and those powerful forces became enemies.

Precisely because these people relied on the great powers behind them to oppress others, they are completely unreasonable.

So long as one has the strength, one must eliminate this kind of people as soon as possible!

"Immortal Weapon City, the Elders of our Divine Inscription Palace will not let you off! If you wish to reconcile with us, capture Qin Yun and give him to us!"

"Your elder killed the elder of our Divine Inscription Palace. This is a huge crime and the elders of our Divine Inscription Palace will absolutely not let this matter rest!"

An old man from Elder Wen's group shouted loudly from distance, his voice full of threat.

Bao Changshou took a deep breath and said : "Looks like our Immortal Weapon City already has a grudge with you guys that we can't get rid of. Since that's the case, why don't I just kill a few more of your people? What's the harm?"

His words caused the expressions of the few people from the Divine Inscription Palace to slightly change.

"Bao Changshou, are you going to kill me?" A middle aged man shouted in anger.

"I will use my actions to reply to your question!"

Bao Changshou suddenly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he appeared over 3000 meters away, right behind those people!

"I have had enough of you!"

Bao Changshou roared in anger and slammed his palm down. A huge palm image appeared and pressed down towards the people from the Divine Inscription Palace.

That palm looked very soft but when it fell, those people instantly vaporized and disappeared.

Elder Wen and his men are all dead.

Bao Changshou looked at the people from the other powers and said coldly, "If your disciples want to capture Qin Yun, that's up to them! Same way if they are killed by Qin Yun and people come to my Immortal Weapon City to pester use, I will even risk my old like to kill you!"

Bao Changshou is the Sect Master of the Immortal Weapon City. His words are definitely not false and he would definitely keep his word!

Chu Binyu smiled and said : "Sect Master, that's the right way! If a good person is being bullied by bad ones, they shouldn't be afraid, life and death is indifferent, they should refuse to comply and ignore it right away, hahaha!"

There is an Immortal within the Immortal Weapon Palace and just by this point, the Immortal Weapon Palace shouldn't need to suffer all sorts of humiliation.

Granny Ma said angrily : "You powers are extremely protective of your genius disciples. After they were killed, one or two old bastards jumped out to seek revenge on Qin Yun! And our Immortal Weapon City, why can't we protect Qin Yun?"

"In the future, if any of you find trouble with Qin Yun again, I will definitely not let you off!"

Chu Binyu said : "Qin Yun's talent is no worse than an Immortal disciple! Our Immortal Weapon City should provide same protection an Immortal disciple gets and protect Qin Yun!"

An elder from the Medicine Immortal Valley said coldly : "Immortal Weapon City, are you going to intervene in Qin Yun's enmity with us?"

"Originally Qin Yun only had one or two enemies. But now, several powerful forces will take action against him!"
Bao Changshou said coldly : "All of you powers, aren't you deliberately targeting Qin Yun so you can capture him to force Yang Shiyue? There is basically no real enmity with him!"

"Even if he has enmity, it should be a few people and his enmity. Yet, all of you have come out of nest. What the hell is this?"

Granny Ma's expression turned cold, she said : "Sect Master, there are many fellows here who are deliberately targeting Qin Yun! What do you think we should do?"

"Kill!" Bao Changshou shouted.

Chu Binyu immediately released his Saber and Sword Martial Spirit.

Granny Ma also flew over!

The elders of the powers are all cursing in their hearts.

That's because Bao Changshou always gave them the impression that he is relatively weak and didn't dare to cause trouble.

But now, he told to kill!

The elders who are in charge of the disciples here are all Martial Kings and Martial Emperors.

However, they are all ants in front of a Half Immortal!

In addition to that, Chu Binyu and Granny Ma are also very powerful Martial Emperors.

Immortal Weapon City's targets are the Long, Yang and Tian family, Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and a few other trash clans and sects that has good relations with these powers.

Previously in her heart Granny Ma thought of killing these guys and now that Bao Changshou has spoken, she also locked onto her target. Killing left and right!

Under the leadership of Half Immortal Sect Master Bao Changshou, even though there are only Chu Binyu and Granny Ma, they managed to kill more than twenty Martial Emperors and Martial Kings!

Below the Half Immortal Realm, Martial Emperors are the strongest existences here. However, just now, quite a few died!

Other powers' people are also very frightened, they secretly lament about how fickle life is!

Those twenty or more Martial Kings and Martial Emperors were previously very arrogant in front of Granny Ma but now, they are all dead!

Especially when they saw Martial Emperors die, it caused them to be deeply moved.

Cultivating to the Martial Emperor realm is not easy. It would take innumerable years. However, in just a few blinks of an eye, they were killed by a Half Immortal!


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