Nine Sun God King
Chapter 662
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 662

The Sect Master of the Medicine Immortal Valley is a Half Immortal. He is relatively tall but his body is obese, he is bald. His pair of eyes are unfriendly.

When he arrived, he started asking the people from the other sects.

"The life talismans of the elders of our Medicine Immortal Valley have all burnt down, this means that they are dead! Earlier you must have seen them!" voice of the Medicine Immortal Valley's sect master is filled with anger.

The majority of the people who weren't killed by Bao Changshou and others are people from powers who didn't interact with Medicine Immortal Valley and the likes.

However, they didn't dare not to answer. After all, provoking the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain is a very troublesome matter.

Just when they were in a difficult situation, Bao Changshou said : "I was the one who killed them!"

When they heard Bao Changshou's reply, those people from different sects and clans immediately breathed a sigh of relief. They secretly admired Bao Changshou because he didn't put them in a difficult situation.

"You.. Are you serious?" The Medicine Immortal Valley's Sect master never thought that it would be Bao Changshou's move.

"Not only your Medicine Immortal Valley, the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, Long family, Tian family, Yang family... in short all of those Martial Kings and Martial Emperors who suddenly died were all killed by me!" Bao Changshou said calmly.

When the Half Immortals of the major powers heard this, they are also stunned.

Jian Shitian's eyes also widened in shock. That's because he knew Bao Changshou and he knew that he is definitely not the type of person to act so rashly.

"Bao Changshou, is what you said true?" An old man from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain asked angrily.

"I admit it myself, how can it not be true?" Bao Changshou sneered and said : "If I had knewn earlier, I wouldn't have attacked so heavily. I should have kept their heads. That way, I could have made you believe my words!"

The other people who were watching the show all flew into the distant sky and all of them couldn't help but exclaim in their hearts.

These words of Bao Changshou are arrogant to the extreme.

The Half Immortals of the Medicine Immortal Valley and the other major powers couldn't believe for a moment that the normally gentle Old Man Bao Changshou could actually do such a thing.

One must know that the reason the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain dared to oppress the Immortal Weapon City like that was because they knew that Bao Changshou's personality is more gentle and he is the kind of person who could be easily bullied.

But now, Bao Changshou actually killed the Martial Kings and Martial Emperors of several great powers.

Without a doubt, this was a declaration of war on the several great powers!

"Do you want to fight here?" Bao Changshou asked indifferently, it is as if he is not afraid at all.

"Why did you kill them!" Even though the Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley is furious, he didn't dare to actually attack.

They all knew that there is an Immortal in the Immortal Weapon City! They also felt that there must be a reason why Bao Changshou is acting so arrogantly right now.

"That's because they instructed their disciples to kill Qin Yun!" Bao Changshou said : "Qin Yun is an outstanding disciple of our Immortal Weapon City. As the Sect master, of course I have to protect him!"

"You all had said before that you would absolutely not interfere in Qin Yun's enmity with us!" The Long family's Half Immortal immediately shouted in anger.

"Who does Qin Yun have enmity with? You have to be clear about this! It's not bad for Qin Yun to have enmity with some of your family members but it's only those individual members of your family that have to settle it with him!"

"But now, it's your entire faction against Qin Yun!" Bao Changshou snorted : "Since that's the case, I have to stand up for him as well!"

Granny Ma said angrily : "Even more outrageous is that those bastards from the Divine Inscription Palace brazenly sent their Immortal disciples to capture Qin Yun!"

One of the Half Immortals of the Divine Inscription Palace immediately shouted : "Old woman, listen up. All of the Immortal disciples we sent are dead!"

Chu Binyu laughed loudly and said : "Serves you right! If you did not sent them to capture Qin Yun, they would definitely be able to live well! It's all your fault. Now that they're dead, don't tell me you are here to blame Qin Yun?"

"If not blame Qin Yun, who can we blame? That is an Immortal disciple with an Immortal Body!" The Half Immortal from the Divine Inscription Palace roared in anger.

"Heh heh, don't tell me that you think Qin Yun should just obediently sit there and let your Immortal disciples slaughter him? Pooh! The Immortal disciples that you sent were courting death!" Chu Binyu is furious.

The short bald Half Immortal from the Immortal Weapon City angrily said : "You bastard from the Divine Inscription Palace, if you want to die, then tell me. I'll immediately end your dog life!"

"Your Immortal Weapon City.. don't tell me you really want to offend us big powers?"

The Tian Clan's Half Immortal said in a low voice. They also suffered heavy losses after their Martial Emperors and Martial Kings were killed.

"So what if you are offended? Come on, let's have a good fight!" The short bald Half Immortal seemed to have lost his patience long ago, he quickly took out a white meteor hammer that is filled with Immortal aura.

It is an Immortal weapon!

The moment this Immortal tool appeared, the atmosphere in the area instantly became oppressive.

The Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley and the other major powers' faces immediately turned solemn. That Immortal tool truly terrified them.

It isn't that they don't have Immortal tools, it is just that they aren't that good!

Back in the ancient times, soldiers from Immortal Desolate stayed in the Immortal Weapon City and refine all sorts of Immortal tools.

No one knows how many Immortal tools the other sects have.

However, it is widely accepted that the Immortal Weapon City have the most number of Immortal tools. As for the exact number, no one knows.

The other Immortal sects don't have enough Immortal tools to distribute among Half Immortals. This caused some Half Immortals to feel extremely unhappy.

There are rumors saying that in the Immortal Weapon City, almost every Half Immortal has a piece of Immortal tool.

That short bald Half Immortal is seemingly very warlike. The moment he took out his Immortal tool, it meant that he really wants to fight.

If fight starts, there will definitely be a situation where a Half Immortal suffers injury or dies.

Half Immortals are the ones who are most afraid of death. Don't talk about dying, they are even very afraid of suffering injury.

Because the most important thing for Half Immortals is to attack the Immortal Realm. Only by becoming Immortals could their lifespans be extended and they could also enter the Immortal Desolate.

If they suffer some injuries, that is hard to recover from in a short period of time, this would affect their future breakthrough.

"Don't be terrified!" the short bald Half Immortal laughed heartily, he waved the white meteor hammer Immortal weapon.

When the meteor hammer is being swung, it made hu hu hu sound. Waves of overwhelming Immortal power surged out, pressing down on those Martial Kings and Martial Emperors and making them unable to breathe.

"Is your Immortal Weapon City really going to become enemies with us?" when the Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley sensed the Immortal power, he secretly felt terrified.

Even though they are all Half Immortals, they aren't equally strong. As for who is stronger and who is weaker, it is impossible to know without a fight.

However, if they were to fight, casualties are inevitable.

"You are the ones who want to become enemies with our Immortal Weapon City!" Bao Changshou said coldly : "If you want to be enemies with us, then come at me!"

The Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace roared angrily : "Fellow from the Immortal Weapon City, you also want to use Qin Yun to force Yang Shiyue, right? I don't believe that you will start an all out war against us for the sake of that ant-like brat!"

"We are not as shameless as you!" when Bao Changshou heard this, he also became angry and shouted : "We won't waste time talking nonsense with you guys anymore. If you guys want to fight, then come and attack. Although we only have two Half Immortals here, we're not afraid of you!"

"Could it be that a Half Immortal is going to fall today? Who could it be?" Chu Binyu chuckled. He isn't afraid in the slightest.

"We will not lower ourselves to the same level as your Immortal Weapon City! Let's put this matter aside for now. We'll settle our scores with you guys after the conclusion of the Martial Arts Tournament!" The half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace said.

The powers in the surroundings couldn't help but be surprised. The Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace's that faction is actually terrified!

The Half Immortals from the Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and the few other great families didn't dare to fight nor did they continue to talk to Bao Changshou.

However, this matter absolutely won't end so easily.

The short bald Half Immortal is slightly unhappy, he really wanted to have a good fight.

For Half Immortals like them, it is simply too difficult to fight. The reason for that is because they can't find suitable opponent.

Only in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field could they have a good fight but in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field, it is not real enough.

At this moment, the Half Immortal from the Divine Inscription Palace took out a talisman emitting black energy and threw it into the sky.

"What talisman is that?" The Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley promptly asked.

"Devil Star Summoning Talisman! It will summon Devil star to descend upon Devil Martial Island!" The half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace coldly looked at Bao Changshou and the others.

"This... will this affect our disciples?" The Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley asked with worry.

"Rest assured! Absolutely no problem!" The half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace laughed coldly.

Devil Star Summoning talisman can summon the devil stars down from the sky!

The Devil star is precisely the evil spirit stars!

After falling, Devil star power will spread among people and would turn them into Star Devil!

The so called Star Devils are devils that can use a large amount of devil star power. This is extremely terrifying!

The reason the Devil star are born is precisely because after the death of many evil spirits, their remnant souls fly in the air and gather together, they are really hard to see.

Bao Changshou said in a deep voice : "I really didn't think that you guys would actually use such a despicable trick!"

"Devil Start Summoning Talisman is extremely difficult to craft. How is it so despicable? We just want to increase the difficulty of trial for those disciples!" The half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace said.

Jian Shitian frowned and said : "Those devil beast kings aren't weak to begin with. If they were to absorb the devil star power, they would definitely turn into the devil star beast king, making them even more difficult to deal with!"

"Qin Yun is so powerful that he could kill even an Immortal disciple. It definitely won't be a problem for him to deal with the Devil Star Beast King, right?" The half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace smiled sinisterly.

Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and those other major clans' Half Immortals were originally somewhat worried but now they suddenly stopped worrying!

It can be seen that they must have received a voice transmission just now and knew about the scheme of the Divine Inscription Palace's Half Immortal.

Also at this moment a black dot suddenly appeared in the air!

Not long after, the black dot became bigger and bigger!

It is a black devil star with a width of 20,000 to 30,000 meters. It is emitting a nefarious devil star energy and falling onto the Devil Martial Island!

After this devil star fell, a large amount of black evil spirit energy exploded and spread out, enveloping the entire Devil Martial Island!


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