Nine Sun God King
Chapter 665
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 665

Qin Yun unleashed earthquake divine ability and aroused ten or so big Star Devils.

Those big Star Devils are all possessed by the Star Devil Spirit. They were in the middle of devouring evil star power in the sky to evolve and transform but they were all interrupted.

Many mountains of various sizes collapsed crazily after Qin Yun used earthquake divine ability, creating rumbling sounds.

The earth is moving up and down and violently shaking.

Xiao Yuelan and the others sensed Qin Yun's powerful aura and promptly rushed over.

Earlier they dealt with bunch of trash Star Devils!

Those Star Devils' primary target was Qin Yun, so they did not feel any pressure.

And now, after they arrived and heard the furious roars of the big Star Devils, they are also secretly surprised.

"Xiao Yun, what's going on?" Xiao Yuelan transmitted her voice to Qin Yun.

"Yuelan, these are big Star Devils. The dao cores in their body have pure star power. After absorbing it, your mental power cultivation will increase!" Qin Yun said : "Seize the opportunity and kill a few more of these big Star Devils!"

Xiao Yuelan has a Mental Energy martial spirit, so her mental power cultivation is definitely not weaker than Qin Yun's. Therefore, she very much wants to cultivate her mental power.

"So many big bodies. That's great. Just perfect for my sword practice!" Jian Ruyan flew over and shouted.

"Ruyan, these guys' Dao cores can increase your mental power cultivation!" Qin Yun shouted.

"Really? That's great!" Jian Ruyan said in pleasant surprise.

Soon after, Long Qiaofeng and Yue Bufeng also rushed over to kill.

There are many big Star Devils here. It is impossible for Qin Yun to kill them all himself.

Ling Yuner also said that the big Star Devil's dao core can be absorbed directly without any refining, which is equivalent to low quality Origin Spirit Xuan Pill.

Even so, it is easier to obtain than an Origin Spirit Xuan Pill.

"Can you all handle it?" Qin Yun asked.

"Sure!" Jian Ruyan said very confidently : "These guys are stronger than those trash but I can still handle ten or so of them!"

Long Qiaofeng also said : "We can deal with this. You don't have to worry about me!"

Qin Yun nodded and said : "Then, I'll go and continue to shake other places. I'll leave this place to you all!"

"Alright!" Xiao Yuelan said.

Very quickly, Xiao Yuelan and the others also obtained snow white Dao cores. They sensed the pure star power within and felt overjoyed.

They are all in the early stage Spirit Martial Realm and they needs to cultivate their Mental power to form their Origin Spirit in order to break through.

And now, these Star Devils to them are like a low quality Origin Spirit Xuan Pill, they are of great use.

Qin Yun left Xiao Yuelan and others' area and headed to a region with more tornadoes.

"Those Divine Inscription Palace guys, summoning Devil star to come down like this, seems like they have also made thing convenient for us!" Qin Yun laughed inwardly.

"Those guys, they always try to be clever and end up with eggs on their faces!" Ling Yuner smiled and said : "A large amount of star power can quickly increase mental power. I wonder if Jian Nanhu and the others know about this?"

"They aren't stupid. If they kill the big Star Devils and acquire dao core, they'll definitely be able to sense it!" Qin Yun curiously asked : "Why do those big Star Devils have such pure Dao cores?"

"Because of the Star Devil Spirits! The Star Devil Spirit is a soul but it is formed from very pure star power!"

"The exterior of that devil star is filled with dense evil power, while the insides is filled with the star power. The innermost star nucleus is where many Star Devil Spirits are born!"

"The Star Devil Spirits attached themselves to the devil's body and directly entered their dao core. Then instantly refined the dao core's energy and then frantically absorbed the evil star's power to transform the big Star Devil's body!"

Ling Yuner explained. She is the Dao spirit of Nether Sun, so she understood all of this very well.

Qin Yun floated in the air and looked at the tornadoes all around and said : "There are at least one to two hundred in this area! I should deal with it, right?"

"Use the Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger!" Ling Yuner said : "Some of the big Star Devils have weak defense. You can easily kill one of them!"

Qin Yun nodded, then creased his brows. He landed on the ground from the sky and used earthquake divine ability.

A wave of vibration power poured into the earth and then violent vibrations spread out in all directions!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Vibration power wreaked havoc in the ground. Giant mountains within a radius of ten thousand meters all collapsed, raising a wave of dust.

The hidden big Star Devils are awake!

At the same time, they let out a series of furious roars.

Hua! Hua!

Big Star Devils of all sorts of different body size, sinister and terrifying, flew out from the rubble or possibly caves inside the ground.

The moment the big Star Devils came out, they sensed Qin Yun's aura. They roared and charged at him.

Qin Yun standing in his original spot, also sensed the thick evil spirit aura arriving from all direction.

Qin Yun faced a particular direction and used the Nine Extinctions Primordial Power. He attacked with Piercing Heavenly Finger's Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger.

His condensed terrifying finger power shot out like a throbbing black lightning.


In the blink of an eye, Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger pierced through ten or so big Star Devils' bodies.

"They're coming! There's a lot of them!"

Qin Yun also suddenly felt a great pressure, he rushed out to pick up the dao cores from the slain big Star Devils.

After flying over, he gathered together two fingers of both of his hands and pointed in all directions. He then unleashed a condensed finger power that penetrated each of the big Star Devils' heads.

Qin Yun's speed is extremely fast. He leaped back and forth and picked up dao cores. At the same time, he constantly used Piercing Heavenly Finger to kill the big Star Devils.

If besieged by too many Star Devils and unable to escape, Ling Yuner would also release supergravity to suppress those Star Devils.

Qin Yun used his superb maneuverability to approach the big Star Devil and directly pointed his finger at the head of the big Star Devil and smashed it into pieces!

In this way, he wouldn't need to use too much power!

If he were to attack from distance, he would need to use even more energy.

"Xiao Yun, you must quickly eliminate those big Star Devils that are absorbing evil star power. Once they completely evolve, they won't be so easy to deal with!" Ling Yuner said somewhat anxiously.

"How long will it take for them to fully evolve?" Qin Yun asked.

"It might take three days!" Ling Yuner said.

"Three days? It should be enough!" Qin Yun is also not certain if he could exterminate the big Star Devils within the time period.

Ling Yuner also calculated that roughly twenty big Star Devil's dao core are needed to be equal of one Origin Spirit Xuan Pill.

Although the quality is a bit low, it is easier to obtain.

Origin Spirit Xuan Pill is a rare pill and Qin Yun needs to consume two to three hundred of them to cultivate his origin spirit to transform into moon.

Now, frantically slaughtering the big Star Devils here could allow him to make up the deficiency of Origin Spirit Xuan Pills.

It is not just Qin Yun who is killing with all of his might.

After Jian Ruyan, Yue Bufeng, Xiao Yuelan and Long Qiaofeng learned about the use of these big Star Devils, they are also killing vigorously.

To them, killing twenty Star Devils is equivalent to obtaining an Origin Spirit Xuan Pill. It is simply worth it.

They also have great requirement when it comes to cultivating their mental power. After all, they are not ordinary disciples.

Qin Yun's group are not the only ones who are excited to kill. Jian Nanhu's group are also killing excitedly.

When they saw those snow white dao cores, they realized that the energy inside them is extremely pure. After trying to absorb it, they realized that it could increase their mental power.

"Although I don't know who made this, however I will thank his uncle!" Jian Nanhu laughed heartily.

Above the Devil Marital Island, the Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace frowned and said : "The number of big devils below is gradually decreasing. What is going on?"

At this moment, a middle aged man flew up from below and said softly : "Elder, we.. we summoning the devil star down, was not a wise decision!"

"Why? Don't tell me that the Devil Governing Masters did not succeed in controlling those devil beast kings?" The Half Immortal old man from the Divine Inscription Palace spoke with a frowned.

"No... I don't know why but the big devils in the Devil Martial Island, that is those late stage Spirit Martial Realm, are all in seclusion, crazily absorbing the Evil Star power!"

The middle aged man spoke. He is in charge of spying for information and although he didn't go inside the island, he can contact the Devil Governing Masters inside.

"Why would such a thing happen?"

The elder of the Divine Inscription Palace thought that after the Devil Star fell down, the Devil Governing Masters would be able to use their Devil Governing Technique to control a large number of devils to surround and kill Qin Yun.

"Not only that, those big devils were also interrupted during the seclusion, which resulted in them being crazily massacred due to the lack of strength."

"After the Devil Star arrived, the dao core in big devils bodies somehow became very pure. The energy it contains can help increase mental power cultivation."

"Therefore, the disciples on the island are as happy as if they are celebrating a holiday. They are very excited to kill the big devils and obtain Dao cores to cultivate mental power!"

The middle aged man's expression became somewhat ugly. He looked at Bao Changshou and said : "Qin Yun and others have killed the most and are the most vigorous. From the looks of it, they will very likely use the dao cores of those big devils to break through!"

Bao Changshou and the others couldn't help but feel happy when they heard this.

Jian Shitian's gloomy face also showed a smile : "Looks like we wrongly blamed elder from the Divine Inscription Palace. He is doing a good deed! For the disciples in the island, this is a grand feast!"

"Hehe, I never expected that there would be such a good thing!" Bao Changshou said with a laugh.

The elders of the other sects are also very happy. This way, they could save a lot of Origin Spirit Xuan Pills.

Because of this, an elder from a trash sect went over and thanked that elder from the Divine Inscription Palace, however he was heavily cursed at.

The Divine Inscription Palace elder who summoned the devil star is so angry that his face turned blue.

Although the disciples in the Devil Martial Island reaped a lot of benefits, they are still facing a great danger.

Because those devil beast kings hiding in secret places are the most terrifying ones.

Qin Yun also wanted to go search for the Devil Beast Kings but he did not know how.

This Devil Martial Island is still very big and the current environment turned so terrible that it is impossible to know where to start looking for them.


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