Nine Sun God King
Chapter 679
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 679

Qin Yun previously thought that the Martial Arts Tournament is just a contest but now he is sure that it was not so simple.

It is more or less what Bao Changshou guessed, the Divine Inscription Palace indeed invited the disciples of the Devil Sect.

The only reason why the Divine Inscription Palace borrowed so many VIP ships was to bring the disciples of the Devil Sects to participate in the Martial Arts Competition.

Devil Desolate's tool refining level is not high, so they don't have that many good flying magical tools.

Although the Divine Inscription Palace have many but they are dispatched everywhere. Thus, they immediately borrowed Sword Immortal Pavilion's ships.

"It seems that the various Devil sects of the Devil Desolate have a good relationship with the Divine Inscription Palace! The large ship that I destroyed should have been refined for Totem Pavilion by the Divine Inscription Palace!" Bao Changshou sneered.

"Sect Master, there are really a lot of disciples from the Devil Sect. Are they here to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament or to spectate the match?" Qin Yun asked in low voice.

"A portion of them should be here to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament! Rest assured, this is the Sword Immortal Pavilion's place, they would not dare to use tricks." Bao Changshou said : "Let's go and meet them!"

Bao Changshou brought his disciples and walked over.

At this moment, he also saw Jian Shitian walking over with quick steps.

In addition, there is Divine Inscription Palace's delegation, as well as an old man with deep purple hair.

Qin Yun also caught sight of Jian Nanhu. He is secretly astonished because Jian Nanhu gave him a kind of even stronger feeling.

"Xiao Yun, Jian Nanhu suddenly has an Immortal body. How did this guy cultivate it?" Ling Yuner was shocked.

Jian Nanhu is wearing white clothes. Although he is following respectfully behind Jian Shitian, his eyes are filled with pride. Especially when he saw Qin Yun, his eyes became filled with a dense battle intent.

"So you're Immortal Weapon City's Bao Changshou?" The purple haired old man walked over angrily and said in a deep voice.

"Who are you?" Bao Changshou also roughly guessed the other party's identity.

"I am the Sect Master of Totem Pavilion, Tu Tiandidi!" Killing intent appeared in the purple-haired old man's eyes : "You're the one who destroyed our ship, right?"

"That ship hit me first and it was done deliberately. I gave them a chance to admit their mistakes but they didn't admit that they were wrong, so I easily destroyed that ship!"

Bao Changshou lightly smiled and said : "Unfortunately, you weren't there at the time, otherwise I would have acted on behalf of the heavens and exterminated you, a vile devil!"

"Old dwarf, I'll kill you!" Tu Tiandidi became enraged, he took out a black heavy sword.

"In my Sword Immortal Pavilion territory, please give me some face!" the moment Jian Shitian released his sword intent, Tu Tiandidi's expression changed slightly.

Tu Tiandidi kept his weapon and said to the Half Immortal from the Divine Inscription Palace : "Senior General Manager Ye, this person Bao Changshou also killed your people before, right? It looks like we have a common enemy!"

"That's right, Immortal Weapon City is our common enemy. One day, we will definitely flatten them!" General Manager Ye looked at Bao Changshou and said with a sneer.

After knowing that Bao Changshou has arrived, the Half Immortals from the other sects and a few major clans all came to see the commotion.

They also heard that Bao Changshou destroyed a huge ship that was transporting beast oil from Totem Pavilion. And the Sect Master of Totem Pavilion Tu Tiandidi, he is a very difficult to deal with nefarious devil.

Qin Yun also saw Xiao Yuelan. She is wearing a white skirt with a black veil covering her beautiful face. Standing beside her is Hu Jingxian, the charming and seductive vixen.

In the Sword Immortal Villa's plaza, all the big shots of the Proud Star State have gathered.

General Manager Ye pointed at Qin Yun and said : "Old Tu, this kid is Qin Yun!"

"This is Qin Yun? He has stirred up foul wind and bloody rain in the Marital Desolate. His Dao tools were obtained by killing disciples of the Nine Sun Sect. He is a bandit!"

"Not only that, this guy even has the inheritance of the Heavenly Lion Totem! He offended eight of the nine sun sects in Martial Desolate! " Tu Tiandidi knew Qin Yun very well.

Many of the big shots here previously learned of Qin Yun's matters but they could not confirm whether it was true or not.

And now, when Tu Tiandidi said such words, it is still quite shocking to hear.

Especially those young disciples, they never expected Qin Yun to have come from Martial Desolate. Furthermore, he even caused such huge commotion!

Jian Nanhu clenched his fist, now he knows that Qin Yun has the Heavenly Lion Totem but he never sensed the power of the Heavenly Lion Totem before. Therefore, he believed that Qin Yun hid a lot of his strength.

Tu Tiandi said with a sneer, "Qin Yun, I heard that you possess a Black Vibration Martial Spirit and a Purple Gold Thunder Flame Martial Spirit. After passing detection, you only have one Martial Spirit. Have you been crippled?"

"You have caused a great deal of loss to our Totem Pavilion in the Martial Desolate. We will not let you off!"

"You came to cause trouble for me, you wanted to steal my Heavenly Lion Totem. It is normal for me to take retaliate and kill you!" Qin Yun said coldly. He detested Totem Pavilion very much.

"Qin Yun, I won't kill you either. But be careful! Others might not know about your relationship with Yang Shiyue but I know it very well!" Tu Tiandi laughed sinisterly.

Qin Yun suspected that his good relationship with Yang Shiyue, was most likely exposed by the Nether Moon Palace.

Bao Changshou is slightly angry, he said : "Tu Tiandi, as the leader of a Devil sect, you still dare to be so arrogant in the Spirit Desolate. You are the one who should be careful!"

"Bao Changshou, THIS ME, isn't afraid of you. If you want to uphold justice in the place of heavens, then come at me!" Tu Tiandi laughed.

"Old Tu, ignore them. Let's go and drink a few cups!" General Manage Ye then left with Tu Tiandi.

After Jian Shitian saw them leave, he looked at the disciples behind Bao Changshou and frowned : "Old Bao, did you bring any Immortal disciples?"

"I didn't bring any. What is going on?" Bao Changshou said.

"Then your Immortal Weapon City might be out of luck! As long as a disciple is able to enter the top two in the Martial Arts Tournament, the power behind the disciple will have a place in the Proud Star State's Divine Inscription Palace!"

"This position is very important. It can decide policy, govern, make important decisions. And can also has many benefits!"

Bao Changshou smiled and said : "Our Immortal Weapon City has never relied on the Divine Inscription Palace for so many years. Aren't we living well?"

Jian Shitian shook his head and said : "It's different this time! Because this time, we're fighting for Proud Star State's two Overlord position. Once we get that position, we will obtain an Immortal Origin!"

Seems like only Bao Changshou did not know of this matter, the bigshots of the other sects and powers long since heard of it.

However, there are many disciples who did not know about this, after hearing this, they burst into a surprised commotion.

An Immortal sect to have two Immortal Origins, it means the Immortal energy would be even more rich and enhanced in all aspects.

"These two Immortal Origins are provided by the Xuan Domain!" Jian Shitian patted Bao Changshou's shoulders and said : "You should all do your best!"

The reason why the younger generation competed in the Martial Arts Competition is because the Half Immortals did not want to fight. If the Half Immortals were to fight and die, their established powers' foundation would crumble.

Jian Nanhu said to Qin Yun : "I've cultivated an Immortal Body. Don't worry about how I cultivated. In any case, you are definitely not my opponent now. Hahaha!"

In the middle stage of the Spirit Martial Realm, Jian Nanhu has already cultivated an Immortal Body. This also shocked many people.

As for Qin Yun, he is only at the initial stage of the Spirit Martial Realm!

"Jian Nanhu, then I wish you the best in the Martial Arts Tournament to win the fist place!" Qin Yun said with a calm smile.

"Qin Yun, you are still at the initial stage Spirit Martial Realm but you are still so calm. Are you planning on giving up now? It's okay, if I were you, I would also give up too!" Jian Nanhu laughed heartily and left with Jian Shitian.

Jian Ruyan snorted: "Brother Hu cultivated an Immortal body and has become too arrogant, underestimating his opponent too much!"

Qin Yun smiled : "Therefore, he will definitely lose to me! I will teach him how to conduct himself again!"

"You're also very arrogant!" Jian Ruyan glanced at him with a cold look.

Bao Changshou smiled and said : "Let nature take its course! I am not willing to let our Immortal Weapon City's Immortal disciples fight to death!"

Jian Ruyan, Yue Bufeng and the rest of the disciples are all very surprised. They always thought that there were no Immortal disciples in the Immortal Weapon City.

Liu Jingmeng is indeed an Immortal disciple and her strength is deep and can't be underestimated. However, because of her personality, she is not a suitable for battle. Therefore, Bao Changshou would definitely not let her out to fight.

Bao Changshou and the others were set up in a large courtyard.

At this time, it is already evening. Everything returned to their rooms to rest and tomorrow, the martial arts competition will begin!

In the morning, before the sun rose, Bao Changshou called for Qin Yun, Jian Ruyan and two other disciples to his room.

"Last night, I asked around. Aside from us, all of the five great Immortal Sects sent out their Immortal disciples. They also sent out two from the Divine Inscription Palace! On the other hand, the Sword Immortal Pavilion has sent the most Immortal disciples, a total of four!" Bao Jiansheng said : "Today and tomorrow will be the selection stage. There will be 16 people for the final competition!"

Qin Yun said, "In that case, there are eight Immortal disciples?"

"More than that. Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and the Demon Immortal Paradise have sent two each. Sword Immortal Pavilion has four. Adding the 2 from Divine Inscription Palace, there are total twelve. With the strength of these twelve Immortal disciples, each of them will definitely get one spot!"

"The five big clans, the five big Star sects, the three moon sects, as well as other random sects, clans and a few big Devils sects' robbers, will all fight fiercely for the other four spots!"

Bao Changshou is very relaxed. He smiled and said : "Whether we can get first place doesn't matter, the important this for you guys not being injured!"

Jian Ruyan said : "Since it has come to this, we must fight for a spot!"

Qin Yun said with a smile : "It depends on luck. If we are lucky, we might be able to obtain a spot easily."

The other two youths did not say anything. Although their strength is not bad, they felt that compared to those terrifying Immortal disciples, they have no chance at all.

Qin Yun killed an Immortal disciple of the Divine Inscription Palace before, so he is extremely confident.

"Good, then let's go and participate in the preliminary selection!" Bao Changshou said.

Bao Changshou brought the group of disciples to a huge plaza in the southeast area of the Sword Immortal Villa, the preliminaries will be held here today.

At the edge of the plaza, there is an over a hundred meter tall giant sword plunged into the ground. It is gleaming with a cold light and its sword intent is very threatening. It seemed to be a very strong sword formation, enshrouding the entire square with solemn killing intent.

In the plaza, Qin Yun can sense more than a dozen powerful Immortal disciples' aura!

Bao Changshou arrived and at once scowled and said : "The Devil sects have also sent out some guys with Devil body, about six or seven of them! This is going to be interesting!"


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