Nine Sun God King
Chapter 692
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 692

After Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan conversed, they both determined that Long Yue of the Soaring Dragon State is Xiao Yuemei.

They just don't know what Xiao Yuemei's intentions are.

In front of Qin Yun and others, someone suddenly arrived carrying a box.

Jian Shitian walked up and said, "Inside this box, there are eight pairs of pearls. Each pair of pearls has the same number carved on them. Your opponents and the fight order will all be decided by the pearls you grab!"

Qin Yun unintentionally gave it a try but he realized that he can see the pearls inside the box with his Extinction Spirit Eye.

At this time, someone went up and dig their hand into the box. This person is an Divine Inscription Palace's Immortal disciple. He caught the fourth pearl.

The second person who went up to grab the pearl is also from the Divine Inscription Palace. Coincidentally, he also caught the number four pearl.

State King Ye can not help but let out a long sigh. What he was most worried about was that the two disciples of the Divine Inscription Palace would fight each other earlier.

Didn't expect that this is exactly what would happen.

When Qin Yun saw this scene, he secretly laughed inside. That's because he used his mental power to control the movement of the pearl, to make that person grab it.

He sent a sound transmission to the restless Jian Ruyan, saying : "Little Sister Yan, when we finally go to grab the pearls, tell me who you want, I'll help you make arrangements!"

After Jian Ruyan heard Qin Yun's voice transmission, she immediately became stunned and replied : "Brother Yun, what are you planning to do? Did you find a way to control the pearl inside?"

"En, it was me who made the two guys from the Divine Inscription Palace fight each other, hehe!" Qin Yun said with a laugh.

"Very good, let me fight with Myriad Star Sect's disciple. That guy is easy to deal with!" Jian Ruyan quickly transmitted her voice.

"Little Sister Yan, didn't you not like using tricks in the past?" Qin Yun giggled and said.

"Hmph, it's still not close to complete dark. I closely followed you for too long, I naturally change too!" Jian Ruyan said shamelessly.

Soon after, Qin Yun transmitted his voice to Xiao Yuelan and asked : "Yuelan, when you reach into the box to grab the pearl, I can control the pearl to fly into your hand... Hehe.. who do you want to fight this round?"

"Really? Let me think! " Xiao Yuelan is also pleasantly surprised, she actually has no problems fighting with anyone.

Xiao Yuelan thought for a moment, then said : "Let me face those guys from Totem Pavilion!"

"Won't do, this is my target!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Alright, I'll give to you! Then let me fight the Medicine Immortal Valley! " Xiao Yuelan said.

At this moment, Jian Nanhu went up. Under Qin Yun's ingenious control, he managed to grab a pearl with number 2.

And just a while ago, a disciple from the Demon Immortal Paradise also grabbed a pearl with number 2.

Just like this, under Qin Yun's arrangements, Jian Ruyan's opponent is from the Myriad Star Sect, third round.

Xiao Yuelan's opponent is from Medicine Immortal Valley, fifth round.

Qin Yun obtained a pearl with number 1. It is the first match and his opponent is a disciple of Totem Pavilion.

When Jian Ruyan saw that Qin Yun's opponent is Totem Pavilion's disciple, she felt puzzled and asked : "Brother Yun, why do you want to fight against that guy from Totem Pavilion? Sword Star School and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain people are easy to deal with!"

"I have a grudge with the Totem Pavilion!" Qin Yun smiled and said.

After thinking about it, Jian Ruyan felt that the Immortal Weapon City and Totem Pavilion are on the footbridge. Therefore, taking the opportunity to deal with the outstanding disciple of Totem Pavilion can be considered an attack on Totem Pavilion.

"Brother Yun, did you arrange for Brother Hu to fight the people from the Demon Immortal Paradise?" Jian Ruyan laughed mischievously and asked with a voice transmission.

"En! The disciples of the Demon Immortal Paradise are very strong, let Jian Nanhu help drive them away."

Qin Yun felt that with his arrangements, he would not need to fight with Xiao Yuelan so soon.

Xiao Yuelan was previously also somewhat worried. If she were to fight Qin Yun at the beginning, they would not be able to fight in the finals for first and second place.

"First round, Qin Yun versus Du Senyi, prepare to begin. Everyone else, please leave the battle platform!" Jian Shitian shouted.

At this time, all around the large battle platform, formation pillars slowly rose up, then barrier opened up.

Du Senyi is a disciple of Totem Pavilion. It is said that he has Evil Devil body, meaning his body and mental power are both very strong.

His face is a little dark, looks are ordinary, clothes are black and although he is tall, however he isn't as scary as the other Devil cultivators.

This Du Senyi, most of the people he fought against before are dead. It is said that two people were even been eaten by him. He is a very scary guy.

"Xiao Yun, this fellow's skin is a bit dark and the blood aura in his body is also very strong. I'm guessing that he has cultivated devil blood!" Ling Yuner said : "Devil blood power is about the same as Immortal blood power!"

"Could it be that Du Senyi is over a thousand years old?" When Qin Yun heard this, he is somewhat surprised.

"NO! This fellow probably ate human flesh and drank blood to cultivate his devil blood!" Ling Yuner said : "Devil cultivators have many shortcut techniques. As long as they absorb powerful blood and flesh, it will be easier for them to cultivate Devil blood!"

If the opponent was an Immortal disciple with Immortal blood, he also wouldn't want to fight.

Luckily, Du Senyi is a Devil cultivator, so he can use Overwhelming Righteous Power to suppress his opponent.

Du Senyi looked at Qin Yun and said with a sinister smile : "I thought that the two guys from the Divine Inscription Palace had the worst luck but now it looks like your luck is the worst. You encountered me at the very beginning!"

Qin Yun chuckled and did not say a word.

He truly found it laughable because the reason he is fighting Du Senyi is because he was the one who controlled the situation.

Du Senyi, on the other hand, didn't know about this and mocked him for his bad luck.

State King Ye looked at Tu Tiandi and frowned : "Old Tu, how strong is your disciple? Meeting Qin Yun is not a good thing!"

"I have confidence in him. I'm sure he can defeat Qin Yun!" Tu Tiandi laughed loudly, he was extremely confident.

"Wasn't your Hei Teng the strongest disciple? Yet he was killed by that little girl! How much stronger is this Du Senyi compared to Hei Teng?"

State King Ye also wanted to learn a little more, so that when his own disciple meet Du Senyi, they won't be able to deal with him.

When he mentioned the Hei Teng, Tu Tiandi felt a heartache, he viciously looked at Xiao Yuelan.

"Old Ye, Du Senyi cultivated the devil blood!" Tu Tiandi laughed sinisterly : "How strong do you think he is?"

After State King Ye heard this, he sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

He very much aware of what cultivating devil blood means.

On the stage, traces of evil black mist emerged from Du Senyi's skin. Apparently, the energy hidden under his skin wants to rush out at any moment.

Soaring Dragon State's people also arrived but they don't think much of this Martial Arts Competition.

Especially the young disciples they brought along, all of them have face full of disdain, they watched the match from below.

"Begin!" Jian Shitian shouted.

Du Senyi's body also swelled up at this moment. Waves of black and red aura seeped out of his body and his powerful aura suddenly increased many times more.

"It's Devil blood!" Bao Changshou shouted and said : "Qin Yun, you must pay attention to your defense. Don't let him devour your blood! This guy has cultivated devil blood and his strength is comparable to an Immortal disciple with Immortal blood!"

Everyone immediately burst into commotion!

Even the people from Soaring Dragon State have traces of fear on their faces.

Qin Yun already knows so he is not afraid at all. He is very calm.

"Qin Yun, I will not show mercy to you for the sake of Star Lord Inscription Spirit!" Du Senyi sneered and said : "Earlier, Han Yilai wasn't decisive enough to kill you because he was too concerned about obtaining the Star Lord Inscription Spirit!"

Just as Du Senyi finished speaking, Qin Yun already rushed over. He used Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger and unleashed a powerful finger attack.

"Your strength is too weak!"

Du Senyi just stood there motionless, he swiftly waved his palm and dispersed Qin Yun's strike power. The collision produced a loud rumbling sound.

The energy wave rippled and hit the barrier, then sound of wind burst out.

"This guy is really strong!"

Qin Yun only tried using a normal method to attack. He never expected that Du Senyi would disperse his power with a palm strike.

"Xiao Yun, the power of his Devil blood is almost as strong as Immortal blood ! Therefore it's very normal. You just need to use the Overwhelming Righteous Power to deal with him!" Ling Yuner said : "Otherwise, the difference in strength between you two is just too great."

Du Senyi's body flashed and left a shadow image on the original spot. He appeared behind Qin Yun and attacked with his palm.

After Qin Yun sensed it, he immediately used Flowing Light Extinction Shadow Step and dodged from his original spot.

Du Senyi's palm strike also missed. The palm power hit the battle stage and created a black gale.

Qin Yun is overwhelmed with fear in his heart, a thread of fear arose within. That's because the palm strike from before was extremely terrifying. If he could not dodge in time, his entire body would have ruptured from head to toe.

"Slaughtering Immortal Devil Palm!" State King Mu of the Soaring Dragon State frowned and said : "This is a long extinct devil art! It seems like the Devil Desolate disciples are still very strong! "

When Du Senyi saw Qin Yun flee, he sneered and said : "Qin Yun, can you only just flee?"

After saying that, his body trembled and the entire battle platform was covered in black gas.

That layer of black gas rushed and turned the whole battle platform to look like a black quagmire.

Not long after, the layer of black gas gradually dissipated. On the floor of battle platform, many black veined runes appeared.

It is a totem rune!

Qin Yun recognized it with a glance. It is an very profound and powerful totem.

"A Devil totem, moreover a Xuan tier totem!" Ling Yuner said : "This guy, I wonder what he is going to do?"


Du Senyi loudly shouted and the engraved lines of the Devil totem on the battle platform suddenly shot up and turned into a person.

This person is exactly the same as Du Senyi!

"It's a totem doppelganger!" Bao Changshou's expression turned grave.

"The totem doppelganger is a long extinct totem martial art. I never thought that the Totem Pavilion could actually master this!" shock appeared in the eyes of State King Mu.

Tu Tiandi of the Totem Pavilion chuckled and said : "This Totem Martial Art is not easy to master but Du Senyi's talent is high and his perception is high. He can easily master it!"

The Half Immortals present are all full of envy, admiration and shock. That's because this totem martial art is interchangeable. As long as one has the totem, one can fully use it.

At that moment, the totem doppelganger charged at Qin Yun. Two Du Senyi attacked from two different directions!

Qin Yun's situation is apparently very critical. After all, he now has to face two enemies!


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