Nine Sun God King
Chapter 696
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 696

Jian Nanhu was also a monster level young Martial Master. Because he is only at the middle stage Spirit Martial Realm but he can defeat many late stage Martial Masters who are also all Immortal disciples.

"Qin Yun, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!" Jian Nanhu took out his Origin Sword and spoke excitedly : "I will defeat you very soon and then take back my Dao sword!"

"That sword was sold by me!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"You... what did you say?" Jian Nanhu is immediately shocked and then he shouted loudly.

Jian Shitian is also somewhat anxious and promptly asked : "Who did you sell it to? I'll go and redeem it!"

"I did not sell it. I was just messing with you!" Qin Yun said with a laugh.

"You bastard!" Jian Nanhu cursed in low voice.

Sword Immortal Pavilion's people all breathed in relief because that sword is extremely important to them.

"Jian Nanhu, what if you can't defeat me? Won't that sword always belong to me?" Qin Yun said with a smile : "Then even if I sell it, it shouldn't be a problem!"

"Don't worry, I'll defeat you soon!" Jian Nanhu said.

"I say, what if you can't defeat me?" Qin Yun smiled : "I think you won't be able to defeat me this time either!"

"If I am unable to win this time, then there is next time, as long as you and I are alive, there will definitely be a day when I will defeat you!" Jian Nanhu gripped his sword tightly and pointed it at Qin Yun. He said proudly : "This time, I will surely defeat you!"

Jian Nanhu is filled with confidence, the sword power on his body is very intense. It carried a type of dreadful momentum that caused people to be alarmed, even though separated by the barrier, they can still sense it.

Jian Ruyan is standing beside Xiao Yuelan, she asked in a low voice : "Yuelan, do you think Brother Yun can win?"

"Most definitely!" Xiao Yuelan laughed and said : "You're very concerned about Qin Yun!"

Jian Ruyan groaned in unhappily and then sent a voice transmission : "Yuelan, Qin Yun is your lord husband. Don't tell me you aren't concerned about him at all?"

"Don't worry, he will definitely win! Ruyan, do you really not plan to come to Demon Moon Island?" Xiao Yuelan asked with a sound transmission.

"I'm not going. I want to stay in the Immortal Weapon City. I have feelings for the Immortal Weapon City!" Jian Ruyan answered.

"Come to Demon Moon Island, we can help you cultivate the Immortal Body. Now you have Sword Xuan body, you can take the next step and cultivate the Immortal Body." Xiao Yuelan promptly said.

Jian Ruyan is slightly alarmed because only Qin Yun knows that she has cultivated Sword Xuan body, she asked in disbelief : "How do you know that I have Sword Xuan body?"

"Xiao Yun told me, he tells me everything! Did he take advantage of you? " Xiao Yuelan smiled tenderly and transmitted her words to Jian Ruyan.

"How can he even tell you such a thing?" Jian Ruyan suddenly felt extremely shy, lowering her head, not daring to look at Xiao Yuelan.

"We trust each other, we can say anything!" Xiao Yuelan said.

At this time, Jian Shitian also shouted : "Begin!"

Xiao Yuelan and Jian Ruyan also seriously looked at the stage.

Jian Nanhu have been waiting for this day for a very long time. From the very beginning, he started attacking fiercely. He gripped his sword and unleashed a Tian tier sword art and stabbed at Qin Yun.

The sword stab brought along a sword power that caused the stage to tremble.

And behind Jian Nanhu, an illusory image of a sword totem is hovering.

That profound sword totem is fluttering about, sending a type of power pressure toward people that caused them to feel fear.

The most terrifying thing is that Jian Nanhu's Origin Sword carried faint thread of Immortal power. This is the greatest advancement achieved by Jian Nanhu.

He has cultivated Immortal Body, indeed much stronger than before.

At this moment, Jian Nanhu also revealed his true strength.

Jian Nanhu gripped his sword tightly, his feet left the ground. He moved at an extremely fast speed and pointed the sword at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun is also intimidated by the sword's formidable power. What's terrifying is that even if he used Supergravity, it would be repelled by Jian Nanhu's momentum.

Qin Yun can only constantly dodge.

However, Jian Nanhu continued to pursue Qin Yun relentlessly!

Wherever Qin Yun dodged to, Jian Nanhu is always beside him.


Qin Yun attacked with his palm, Extinction Dragon Palm roared and released a power that is incomparably violent.

However, Jian Nanhu's sword seems to have some kind of devilish power. When it stabbed forward, it actually cut up the Extinction Dragon Five Palms' palm energy, causing that palm power look like it was split open and flew in from both sides.

"Qin Yun, is this your power?"

When Jian Nanhu saw that Qin Yun's consecutive attacks were useless against him, he became even more confident.

Qin Yun constantly retreated and the sword chased after him. It was only an inch away from his chest. If he were to a bit slower, he would have been impaled.

"Jian Nanhu, your strength has increased a lot but you still can't defeat me!"

Qin Yun is at a disadvantage but he smiled confidently.

"Hmph, don't tell me you want to use some kind of damned tricks? Don't hesitate and come, under the absolute power of me, Jian Nanhu, your tricks are useless!" Jian Nanhu laughed out loud and said : "I am going to defeat you soon!"

"Really?" Qin Yun suddenly stopped.

Jian Nanhu's sword stabbed into Qin Yun's chest.

People off the stage immediately quieted down. They held their breaths and watched the scene!

The sword stabbed at Qin Yun's heart but did not pierce through. Apparently it encountered a great resistance and could only pierce through his skin.

Jian Nanhu is also stunned. He previously was able to pierce through Qin Yun's skin and flesh and went to the bones.

But this time, could only pierce the skin.

What shocked Jian Nanhu is that Qin Yun's skin suddenly turned wrinkled like black tree bark!

This is Qin Yun using more than half the power stored within Nether Sun dao core to unleash the tree totem martial art. It can turn his skin to something akin to tree bark and let him produce a strong defensive power.

Jian Nanhu was startled for only an instant, he also quickly tried to pull out his sword. However he saw that on the place where sword tip pierced, many tree vines suddenly appeared and quickly entangled his Origin Sword.


Qin Yun's body suddenly emitted a burst of black mist, this is Vibration Martial Spirit enshrouding the body!

And Jian Nanhu's long sword and arms are completely bound by black tree vines, making it impossible to move and attack.


Qin Yun used the earth quake divine ability power, channeled them whole through his fist and punched at Jian Nanhu's body.

Jian Nanhu's Origin Sword was smashed by a fist. After the tree vines dispersed, the body flew away and collided with the barrier.

After going through a few evolution, Qin Yun's Earthquake divine ability power became very formidable.

In a flash, he appeared at the edge of the battled platform, released supergravity to press down on Jian Nanhu's body.

The gravity continued to constantly press down on Jian Nanhu, making it difficult for him to get up.

"Jian Nanhu, you can't defeat me!" Qin Yun attacked with Extinction Dragon Five Palms.

Furious dragon sorrowfully howled, it is like Jian Nanhu's mood!


Palm power landed on Jian Nanhu's body, making him scream in pain and from his mouth, big mouthful of blood spurt out.

This time, Qin Yun used a formidable power to attack. It made everyone feel incomprehensible.

Because Qin Yun is only initial stage Spirit Martial Realm, yet his power is very strong!

They do not know that it was Qin Yun's three dao core's power. Furthermore, his bone spirit fused with the Heavenly Lion Beast Soul. Combined with his Heavenly Lion Xuan body, he can perfectly unleash the formidable Heavenly Lion's power.

His Heavenly Lion Xuan Body has been refined hundreds and thousands of times. Moreover, after training with the Bing Xing, all of his martial skills have been enhanced greatly.

Jian Nanhu lay on the ground, unable to move.

"I concede!" Jian Nanhu looked and Qin Yun and shouted unwillingly.

Because Qin Yun has not yet to used his powers to the limit.

Jian Nanhu lost!

Qin Yun entered the final and Immortal Weapon City is destined to obtain an Immortal Origin.

After the barrier closed, Jian Shitian also arrived on the stage. He examined Jian Nanhu's injuries and said : "It's still not a serious injury!"

"Qin Yun, why are you so strong?" After Jian Nanhu stood up with support, he asked suspiciously.

"A Hu, he has two dao cores. Furthermore, his Xuan body is definitely not an ordinary Xuan body. My guess is that he cultivated Heavenly Lion Xuan Body! This type of Heavenly Xuan Body is the most frightening!" Jian Shitian stared at Qin Yun. He seemed to have sensed the Heavenly Lion's power within Qin Yun's body.

Totem Pavilion's Tu Tiandi said : "Qin Yun has Heavenly Lion totem and Heavenly Lion bloodline. It is very likely that he has cultivated Heavenly Lion Xuan Body. This kind of Heavenly Xuan Body has a great advantage over ordinary Immortal bodies!"

When Jian Nanhu heard this, he is very unconvinced and said: "Why is a Xuan body stronger than the Immortal Body? This doesn't comply with common sense!"

"A Heavenly Lion Xuan Body or even a Dragon Xuan Body, this kind of Heavenly Beast Xuan Body, are all very strong. Because they are supplemented by the inheritance of the Heavenly Beast. Especially when the blood, totem and Xuan body are all the same, it is even more formidable!"

Jian Shitian sighed : "A Hu, you should properly familiarize with your Immortal body! Your Immortal Body was obtained through a shortcut. Although you can unleash it pretty well, it is still not enough! "

Qin Yun said, "One more thing. You have not comprehended the true power of the sword totem. This is the area where you are not proficient!"

Jian Nanhu snorted and was supported down from the fighting stage.

"Qin Yun, Xiao Yuelan! You advanced to the final match to fight for first place. The first place can obtain Divine Ability martial spirit inheritance. The second place, can also obtain a Tian tier Martial Arts!"

"Do you want to compete now or rest for two days?"

Jian Shitian stood on the stage and he spoke loudly.

"Let's compete now!" Qin Yun said.

"I don't need to rest. Let's fight now!" Xiao Yuelan already stepped onto the battle stage.

Jian Ruyan is very curious. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan, this husband and wife couple, will they really fight to death?

Other sects' people are more or less a bit unhappy because they could not obtain an Immortal Origin.

Soaring Dragon State's people seemed to be very happy because the reason they came here is to take away Proud Star State's two Immortal Origins.

Now, they can also take a look at Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan's strength.

If Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan were to fight fiercely and get injured afterwards, then they can go bet and more easily win.

Qin Yun and Demon Moon Island's relationship is pretty good. This matter is known by everyone.

However, many people felt that Qin Yun will not allow Xiao Yuelan to win because first place will be able to obtain a Divine Ability martial spirit.

Although nobody knows what kind of Divine Ability it is but as long as it is a Divine Ability, they are all extremely valuable.


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