Nine Sun God King
Chapter 752
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 752

Zhan Qiong also doesn't know how Qin Yun is going to defend against the Mad Wolf army attack.

However, he believes that Qin Yun has that sort of power. Now he can only stay here and fight against the Mad Wolf army with Qin Yun.

Qin Yun is very much clear why his past life entrusted such precious treasure to Battle Race Tribe. That's because he liked their character.

After ten thousand years, Battle Race Tribe's patriarch has changed many times. However, they are still standing guard here, never giving up on protecting Moon Lady Inscription Spirit.

Just from this point, Qin Yun definitely can not allow the Battle Race Tribe to be flattened.

Over the years, the Battle Race Tribe was flattened many times. Every single time, they must have been aggrieved and angry, however they always stood strong and rebuild their homeland.

Thinking of this matter, Qin Yun felt extremely infuriated in his heart.

"Mad Wolf Tribe, you have killed so many members of the Battle Race Tribe for so many years. Today, I will make you pay the debt of blood with your blood!"

Qin Yun's angry voice accompanied vibration power and vibrated through heaven and earth.

At the same time, he also released Earthquake Divine Ability power towards the barren area in front of him.

There are hundred thousand soldiers rushing over here. And now, earth suddenly split opened and crumbled, collapsing several hundred meters!

Current Qin Yun's control over the Earthquake Divine Ability power is very accurate.

Only the front area has been affected, the Battle Race Tribe city behind him has not suffered any damage at all!

In a short while, hundred thousand Mad Wold army sank into the crumbling earth.

Many of the giant wolves began to flee in panic, trampling on many warriors of the Mad Wolf Tribe.

Zhan Qiong and the Mad Wolf Tribe leader are both incomparably shocked!

They both know very well that it is the power Qin Yun released!

"Kill that brat for me!" mad wolf leader bellowed.

Zhan Qiong rushed out and shouted loudly : "Don't even think about succeeding!"

At the same time, Qin Yun also released the Devil Star Overlord!

The Devil Star Overlord has Qin Yun's Nine Sun Divine Hammer in it's hand, it charged at the war kings of the Mad Wolf Tribe and began attacking crazily.

The Devil Star Overlord has three heads and six arms, and it's defense is extremely strong. Even if it was being hacked, it wouldn't die immediately.

The Mad Wolf Tribe only has about a dozen War Kings and none of them have any weapons.

It must be known that when Qin Yun was in Sword Immortal Pavilion, he killed many powerful Martial Kings and Martial Emperors.

Zhan Qiong originally thought that he would have to risk his life. After all, they are being besieged by many War Kings, he would have to give it his all.

And now, after seeing the Devil Star Overlord appear, Zhan Qiong felt much relaxed and is very much pleasantly surprised in his heart.

Mad Wolf Tribe people would never even dream that a barbarian who looked so weak could have so many tricks up his sleeve.

To be able to defeat their Mad Wolf Army in a short while and even release such a powerful large man.

Zhan Qiong's pressure is greatly reduced because when he can no longer resist, he would be able to hide behind the Devil Star Overlord.

The Mad Wolf leader's weapon already have been destroyed. Right now, he can only use his broken saber to hack at the Devil Star Overlord but he can't cause any damage to it.

The Mad Wolf Army is still very strong and quite a few warriors already managed to crawl out.

However, just as they crawled out, Qin Yun used the Earthquake Divine Ability once again!

The extremely violent earthquake arrived again and caused the hundred thousand people in the giant hole to sink deeper into the ground!

"Mad Wolf Tribe, I will turn you into a dead pig tribe!" Qin Yun coldly laughed and then released the Bone Dragon.

When that huge Bone Dragon appeared, the hundred thousand Mad Wolf soldiers who are trapped in the crater are immediately filled with endless fear and despair.

Roar... Roar... Roar...

The Bone Dragon roared and dove down from the sky to the bottom of the crater, where it began to rampage.

From within the deep crater, waves of tragic shouts can be heard.

A strong stench of blood filled the heaven and earth.

The white Bone Dragon is covered in blood!

What surprised Qin Yun is that after the Bone Dragon killed the Mad Wolf soldiers, flesh and blood began to grow on it's body.

At this time, the Mad Wolf leader also felt despair because several War Kings that were as strong as him already been hammered to death.

Perhaps because he is incomparable excited and emotionally stirred, Zhan Qiong is also madly attacking as if he is attacking a bloody chicken.

To their Battle Race Tribe, the Mad Wolf Tribe is an eternal nightmare that lingered in their hearts.

Over the years, many of their warriors who went out to went would be killed whenever they came across a warrior from the Mad Wolf Tribe.

Ever since Zhan Qiong became the patriarch, he can't remember just how many times the Battle Race Tribe was destroyed.

Every time he saw his tribe destroyed, he could only silently endure the humiliation and anger because they were too weak to fight against the huge Mad Wolf Tribe.

And now, Zhan Qiong finally has the chance to kill the Mad Wolf Tribe leader!

So long as they can get rid of the Mad Wolf Tribe leader, their Battle Race Tribe would be able to raise eye brows and blow off steams!

Qin Yun is now focusing on controlling the Devil Star Overlord to deal with several War Kings.

Although the Devil Star Overlord has been cut a few times, it's nothing much. There were a few a cut on it's skin and then quickly recovered.

"After the Devil Star Overlord devoured the crystal mountain, it became even stronger!" Ling Yuner delicately laughed and said : "Just like that, kill all those vile things!"

Inside that huge crater filled with bloody stench, the Bone Dragon seemed to be soaking in blood and flesh. It's entire body is covered in blood and it looks somewhat scary.

One must know, there were hundred thousands Mad Wolf soldiers and hundred thousand huge wolves. They all had very strong bodies.

And the Bone Dragon seems to understand how to absorb flesh and blood power, same way it absorbs flesh and blood.


Qin Yun controlled the Devil Star Overlord and hammered a War King to death. He was directly blown to bits.

And Zhan Qiong also killed two War Kings.

Right now, there are only four War Kings left from the Mad Wolf Tribe.

The Devil Star Overlord teamed up with Zhan Qiong and quickly killed another three War Kings.

Now only the Mad Wolf leader is left.

"Mad Wolf leader, today is the day you die!" Zhan Qiong burst out laughing.

"You Barbarian..." Mad Wolf leader knows very well that the reason why his Mad Wolf Tribe have been completely wiped out is because of Qin Yun's power.

Previously, he did not understand why Zhan Qiong called Qin Yun a prophet. Now, he finally understood. It is because Qin Yun has the ability to be a prophet.

Zhan Qiong laughed heartily and beheaded the Mad Wolf leader!

"Senior, congratulations on getting your revenge!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Prophet, this is all because of your help! In your previous life, you helped the main race. I never thought that in this life, you would once again help us!" the excited Zhan Qiong was about to kneel down while speaking but was quickly stopped by Qin Yun.

Qin Yun looked at the huge crater!

The Bone Dragon is buried inside but it is still turning and writhing as before.

"Yuner, what's going on with the Bone Dragon? It's actually able to devour flesh and blood on its own!" Qin Yun is extremely astonished about this matter.

"It should be related to the Dragon Totem you carved, allowing it to have it's own power!" Ling Yuner said : "This kind of thing is not strange.."

Zhan Qiong's face is also filled with shock as he stared at the ground going up and down in front of him.

"My pet has encountered a small situation, unlikely to be some serious problem!" Qin Yun laughed : "Senior, have you tribesmen stay in the courtyard temporarily. Don't let them cine out. I'm worried that my little pet will lose control and harm them!"

"Xiao Yun, didn't you catch an evil dragon in Zhi Long City earlier? After being sealed by you inside the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron, you then placed into a beast bag!" Ling Yuner said.

"Indeed!" Qin Yun also recalled that evil dragon. It was raised by the Medicine Immortal Valley.

"Quickly release it and feed it to the Bone Dragon!" Ling Yuner said.

He quickly took out the beast bag and released the evil dragon out of it.

The evil dragon was only sealed and in a deep slumber. Now that the seal has been removed, it roared and flew to the sky.


The Bone Dragon suddenly flew out from the ground!

Qin Yun is shocked when he saw the Bone Dragon appear.

The Bone Dragon's body is covered in red flesh and completely muddy. It's entire body looks mangled and it looks extremely frightening.

The flying Bone Dragon fiercely bit down on the evil dragon!

After the evil dragon was bitten, the Bone Dragon quickly used it's claws to tear it apart.

As soon as the evil dragon was unsealed, it was torn apart by the Bone Dragon.

The Bone Dragon quickly ate the dragon, the indistinct flesh and blood on it's body also started to wiggle.

Qin Yun does not know what is happening. He only knows that the Bone Dragon is evolving.

"Is it time for flesh and blood to be born?" Qin Yun originally planned to spare some time to use a large amount of Heavenly Beast bones to refine the dragon's flesh and blood.

When he thought of the Heavenly Beast Bone, he sudden has an inspiration and asked : "Yuner, I have several hundred thousand jin of Heavenly Beast Bone. Do you think the Bone Dragon will eat it?"

"Let's give it a try!" Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun threw out a large amount of Heavenly Beast Bones, the Bone Dragon charged over to eat it.

"Great!" After that, Qin Yun tossed out more Heavenly Beast Bones, leaving only ten thousand jins for himself.

Those sturdy Heavenly Beas Bones are like crispy sticks being chewed on by the Bone Dragon, eating while making crispy sound.

"Beast oil, beast oil!" Ling Yuner suddenly shouted : "The beast oil contains a lot of energy, maybe the Bone Dragon can absorb it!"

After thinking about it, Qin Yun immediately leaped into the air and took out the mysterious bottle. He poured a large amount of beast oil from the bottle into the huge crater.

The Bone Dragon and Qin Yun's minds are linked, it promptly jumped into the huge crater.

Qin Yun controlled the flow rate of the bottle, he let the Bone Dragon submerge.

After Zhan Qiong returned to the courtyard and reassured his tribesmen, he promptly ran out. He is also frightened by that Bone Dragon.

The Bone Dragon is immersed in the beast oil. Qin Yun can also sense that the Bone Dragon is absorbing the energy from the beast oil.

"Very good, this guy is about to evolve. I wonder how much will it evolve!" Qin Yun never expected that there would be such a pleasant surprise.

"Xiao Yun, I have an idea, it is to put your Devil Star Overlord in there!" Ling Yuner said : "This dragon seems to have a very strong fusing ability. It can fuse with all sorts of other things!"

When Qin Yun heard Ling Yuner's words, he also sucked in a long breath of cold air.

"Of course, there can also be accidents! We will lose everything!" Ling Yuner said.

"If they really fuse, what will happen?" Qin Yun's heart fiercely jumping.

"I don't know!" Ling Yuner delicately laughed and said : "It's also possible that nothing will happen!"


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