Nine Sun God King
Chapter 770
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 770

The might of the talisman even made Qin Yun and Jian Linglong feel that it is too incredible. Qin Yun also realized that with a matching Dao rune, the power output will certainly be stronger.

Jian Linglong is astonished after the event and asked : "What is the vibration level score?"

Jian Shitian kept looking at the disk on his hand, written on it : One Hundred!

A hundred level vibration power!

For the Inscription Masters here, it is very hard to accept this result. If Jian Linglong carved the runes, they could have accepted it. Unfortunately, it is the little youth who carved the runes. They can only believe that this little youth mastered some extraordinary runes and even more, has Inscription Spirit! Only this way can he carve that kind of terrible rune.

Jian Linglong also knows that Qin Yun used a Fire Totem but this kind of might is beyond her expectation.

"We are now in the first place!"

Although Jian Linglong is baffled, she feels very happy looking at the ugly looks of those group of Inscription Masters.

Jian Linglong and Qin Yun's team once again became first, this situation caused these old Inscription Masters great mental disequilibrium.

The damage to the competition stage is very grave. The most regretful is the Sword Immortal Pavilion, their Dao tool has been destroyed!

"Everyone we will take two hours break first. We will quickly restore the competition stage to it's previous state!"

Jian Shitian picked up a piece of fragment and felt great heartache. Then he looked at Qin Yun.

Now, those Inscription Masters are all very curious as to what kind of rune Qin Yun carved. It is actually so terrifying and can give rise to such formidable might. This level of might is equivalent to top quality Dao talisman's might! And this level of Dao talismans all require quite a period of time to craft. There is no way it can be crafted in meager three hours. This is what made many Inscription Masters feel puzzled about.

Jian Linglong is secretly doubtful that Qin Yun has already obtained Star Lord Inscription Spirit and just a moment ago carved some powerful Star runes. However, that is merely her guess and she did not ask him.

Qin Yun and Jian Linglong are sitting beside the competition stage to rest. Now there are only ten teams remaining in the competition. Mu Fengxiao's team is also eliminated.

Jian Shitian called out many people to quickly fix the competition stage. They will again set down stone bricks.

At this time, a few Dao Inscription Masters walked over.

"Jian Linglong, what kind of rune you two used?" the one asking question is a vicious looking old man, it is unknown which faction he is from.

"What does it have to do with you what kind of rune we used?" seeing that the old man's manner is not good, Jian Linglong also replied coldly.

"That kind of power from earlier doesn't comply with common sense! Therefore we suspect that this little demon used some taboo runes!" that old man said angrily : "If that is the case then our Divine Inscription Palace will take action!"

Jian Linglong immediately shouted in fury : "What bullshit taboo rune! Your Divine Inscription Palace is a group of sanctimonious pigs! If you have so much free time, why not go kill the Devil cultivators that infiltrated the Spirit Desolate? Instead you come here with these kind of baseless nonsense!"

Apparently these people are from Divine Inscription Palace. Only the Divine Inscription Palace would would make this kind of commotion.

"Jian Linglong, you are being rude towards Divine Inscription Palace, we will take away your badge!" that old man furiously said. Clearly his position inside Divine Inscription Palace is not low.

"Take it! Old trash, if today you don't clarify what taboo runes are, I will humiliate you!"

Jian Linglong took out her badge in anger and vigorously crushed it into pieces and threw it on the ground.

"You.. you..." that old man became even more furious, he pointed his finger at Jian Linglong, unable to say anything.

"You son of a bitch! Quickly clarify what a taboo rune is! If not, I will consider it as you deliberately causing trouble with me. If I don't break your dog leg, I will take your surname!"

Jian Linglong completely flipped out. Her whole body is emitting a burning flame, she took out a large sword and pointed at that old man.

Actually, the so called taboo runes are Star, Moon and Sun runes. However, not only are they used by everyone, they will even reward this kind of runes in this competition. The reason why these three types of runes are called taboo runes is to restrict too many Inscription Masters from using them. Basically, Divine Inscription Palace holds the authority to allow usage of these runes. And every large sects and families have certain stake within Divine Inscription Palace, all of them have some people inside that act as emissaries, therefore it can be said that they have obtained the permission to use the so called taboo runes. In short, taboo runes are not harmful and they are not like Devil cultivation.

Thus Jian Linglong is also very furious because this old man is deliberately causing trouble. He is deliberately trying to turn this into a grave matter so that he can make a move on Qin Yun. Then they will interrogate him to get those runes and take the runes for their Divine Inscription Palace.

The old Inscription Masters of the Divine Inscription Palace frequently do this kind of things. However, they did not expect to kick an iron wall this time. After sensing Jian Linglong's killing intent that Divine Inscription Palace old man promptly looked towards Jian Shitian. Jian Shitian also quickly walked over.

"Linglong, if you have some grudges, settle it after you leave Sword island." Jian Shitian said.

"Alright, after this guy leaves Sword island, I will deliver him to death!" Jian Linglong took back her sword.

"This little demon used taboo runes!"

"It it is not permitted by our Divine Inscription Palace, no one can use taboo runes! Because taboo runes are very volatile, if someone without sufficient strength uses them, it can cause great calamity!"

"Everyone saw it earlier, after this little demon carved runes, how dreadful the power of the talisman was. That is preciously the result of taboo runes volatility!"

That old man is still not calm and continued to speak angrily. The Divine Inscription Palace is determined to restrict Qin Yun from using those runes.

Jian Linglong asked in deep voice : "Alright, what do you propose we do then?"

"Naturally, have him hand over the taboo runes! Let us great experts research them, properly improve those taboo runes to make them stable. All great experts can jointly study them!" that old man said with sneer.

"Why don't you go to hell and dream!" Jian Linglong's temperament is very bad, she immediately rushed to strangle that old man.

Jian Shitian and few other Half Immortals immediately stopped her.

Jian Linglong started cursing without restrain.!

That Divine Inscription Palace old man is secretly scared but as before shouted loudly : "All of us Inscription Masters should join together and have this little demon hand over the taboo runes!"

At this time, many Inscription Masters also appeared.

However, there are no Jian family Inscription Master among them. Although they frequently mocked Jian Linglong, however now they can see that, this volcanic woman is about to erupt. If they she were to be provoked, she will most definitely forget about family bonds and indiscriminately kill.

"Jian Shitian, this kind of things appeared in you Sword Immortal Pavilion's Sword Martial Assembly Inscription Competition, you should disqualify this little demon and capture him!"

Now that the Divine Inscription Palace's old man has many Dao Inscription Master on his side, he became even more arrogant and continued to beret Qin Yun.

Jian Shitian said : "We will talk about it after the competition is over."

Jian Linglong has two Half Immortals standing by her side, therefore she can not rush over.

Qin Yun suddenly asked : "I don't know what taboo runes are. Why don't you tell me, what is taboo rune?"

"Of course taboo runes are taboo runes, they are devilish evil runes that is more powerful than the ordinary runes!"

The old man doesn't dare to say that Sun, Star and Moon runes are taboo runes because there are many sects that use them.

"As a matter of fact I carved a Fire totem earlier" Qin Yun said again : "Is this taboo rune too?"

Fire totem!

This made many Inscription Masters to be emotionally moved!

"How can you possibly carve fire totem rune so fast? It is impossible!" Divine Inscription Palace's old man shouted loudly : "You are a cheat!"

"If I carve it, what will you do then?" Qin Yun said with sneer : "You just slandered me, I also want to settle this account!"

"Hmph.. how am I supposed to know whether or not you can carve a Fire totem? Unless you make it public!" the old man said with sneer.

This caused many Inscription Masters to agree and immediately reproach.

Qin Yun chuckled and took out a paper, then used a pen to quickly draw some runes. Almost an hour later, Qin Yun finished.

"Here is the Fire totem. You, take it." Qin Yun handed over the paper.

Divine Inscription Palace's old man took the paper and earnestly started looking. Other Inscription Masters gathered around one after another to look.

Jian Linglong also doesn't know what Qin Yun is doing but she is certain that he will never hand over the genuine Fire totem.

"This.. this is truly a Fire totem!" one experienced and knowledgeable old Dao Inscription Master said.

This is actually a genuine Fire totem! This caused everyone present to boil in excitement! Divine Inscription Palace's old man is also focusing his mind, trying to copy the rune on the paper. Now, many Inscription Masters are all certain that this is a genuine Fire Totem!

"This is genuine! Copy it, hurry!"

"Quickly copy it!"

Many Inscription Masters started taking out Recording tools. As long as they hover over the tool on the paper they can record the content.

At this moment, that paper suddenly burst into flame!

This caused all the Inscription Masters to curse in rage.

"Despicable guy! I gave you the Fire totem but you actually want to keep it to yourself!" Qin Yun cursed at that Divine Inscription Palace's old man.

"The paper burned on it's own, how is this related to me? You go and do it again!" the old man is also struck dumb.

"Hmph.. my Fire totem rune is special. I can only carve it twice every three years. And just now when I carved it, it was my second chance for three years!"

"If I try to carve the totem again, I will suffer backlash from the Fire totem and accidentally enter the Devil dao!"

"You are from Divine Inscription Palace, you obviously knew this, therefore you took the opportunity and burned the paper to keep it all to yourself, didn't you?" Qin Yun furiously said.

Regarding totem runes, even if it is old Dao Inscription Masters, they know very little. Therefore they believed Qin Yun's words. Because they are certain that the totem rune they saw earlier was very profound and complicated. They had the opportunity to obtain the Fire totem rune but it was burned by the Divine Inscription Palace's old man!

Jian Linglong also snickered in her heart, then cooperated with Qin Yun and said in cold voice : "This Divine Inscription Palace's old trash, certainly mastered some kind of technique. He copied the totem rune in a flash and then burned the paper! Truly a scum!"

Divine Inscription Palace's old man is filled with fury in his heart and shouted loudly : "Little demon, it was obviously your trick!"

Qin Yun furiously said : "I gave you the Fire totem rune, I thought after appraising it, you would share it with all the great experts. Who would have known that you would hog it yourself? Now, you are still trying to blame me?"


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