Nine Sun God King
Chapter 777
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 777

As Yang Shiyue said, Long Shengkuang and the others did not immediately reveal their formidable strength. They are doing this, so that other people don't see through them. Long Shengkuang and his group are usually very arrogant, however they are very vigilant towards Jian Nanhu and other talented disciples. Currently, they are very cautious.

"These guys are fighting like old women!" Jian Ruyan said with a light snort.

The audience are loudly cursing because this battle left them very unsatisfied.

"Little sister Yan, your Jian family's puppets are very weak!" Qin Yun mockingly said : "Are they even peak Xuan Martial puppet?"

Jian Ruyan cursed in low voice : "I also don't know, they are really too weak!"

Jian Nanhu said in a cold voice : "It is not that our Jian family's puppet are weak, rather those Xuan Domain people are too strong!"

Yang Shiyue said : "Those Xuan Domain people look like they are slow and dragging things on, however they are secretly releasing a power that makes the puppets sluggish. This way, those puppets look weak and Long Shengkuang and his group also don't need to use their strongest power!"

"So long as they find an opportunity, they will land a fatal hit on the puppets." Chu Binyu said.

Not long after, Long Shengkuang suddenly made his move, he no longer dodged and punched from a distance and sent the puppet flying. The puppet lay on the ground and did not budge, meaning it has lost fighting strength. Long Shengkuang successfully advanced.

Very quickly, the first ten people finished fighting, they are got rid off the puppets.

Yang Shiyue, Jian Nanhu and Jian Ruyan are in the second batch.

This is being done according to the order they signed up. Long Shengkuang and his group signed up first, due to their overbearing attitude, nobody wanted to get in their way to sign up first.

After Jian Nanhu and others went up, Long family sent their puppets. After the battle begin, it became really intense is a short while. Jian Nanhu also doesn't want to hide his strength, from the start he carried out frantic attacks. The battle has not begun for long and the Long family puppet is already damaged. It is same for Jian Ruyan. Almost all the Jian family disciples started frantically attack from the beginning. Only Yang Shiyue is fighting the puppet very cautiously. Qin Yun is watching Yang Shiyue, he can not sense her power fluctuation, all of her moves are very common and has no aura.

"Sister Yang is also hiding a formidable power." Ling Yuner said.

"En, she is now using her body's power." Qin Yun can also see the situation.

All the second batch participants not only defeated the Long family puppets, they also completely turned them into scraps. The spectators, especially the Martial Monarchs among them find this very shocking. Because the participants are mid stage Xuan Martial Realm while the puppets are peak stage Xuan Martial Realm. Are those puppet's strength lacking or these geniuses are just too strong? This situation caused many people to be puzzled. Of course in Qin Yun's view those puppet are not sufficiently strong.

Puppets are very precious, specially the Xuan Martial puppets. Now, ten Long family puppets turned into scraps, they are truly feeling the pain. Even if they are pained they can not back down. Long family already began to regret, they should never have agreed to volunteer their puppets. However they they are not inclined to miss an opportunity to deal with Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue. The puppet they sent to deal with Yang Shiyue is very strong but it was still turned into scrap.

After going through several batch of people where some completely failed to defeat the puppets and some were severely injured by puppets, it is now noon and last ten people are going to go on stage. By now only forty people advanced. Qin Yun was last to sign up, so he is in the last batch.

"Finally, it's this guy's turn to go up!" Yu Zhenshen who tripped Qin Yun the other day saw Qin Yun coming up and said impatiently : "If I did not want to watch how this guy get beaten up, I would have already gone to take a nap!"

Long Shengkuang said with laugh : "Those puppets from earlier were just trash puppets from Long family. The one now is from our Xuan Domain!"

Yu Zhenshen laughed loudly and said : "I have to say, this Qin Yun does have some ability, even the elders from our Xuan Domain treating him specially!"

After Jian Nanhu and others heard these words, their expression slightly changed.

Long Shengkuang looked at Jian Nanhu and said with laugh : "Jian Nanhu, just watch how Qin Yun is beaten to death by our Xuan Domain's puppet!"

Jian Nanhu said with sneer : "Long Shengkuang, did you not want to defeat Qin Yun yourself in the competition?"

Yu Zhenshen said with sneer : "If Qin Yun can't even defeat our puppets, he is not worthy of fighting eldest brother Long."

Qin Yun is on the last batch, the other people in his batch are all from different sects. The puppets for this batch are all from Long family. These ten puppets are all shining with golden light as if they are made from golden crystals. Moreover they don't look like people, they are merely human shaped lump of metal. Moreover they are very big and have strong Xuan power inside them. They can also feel and think and have Xuan Dao core inside their body. Spectators immediately became zealous because they can finally see a proper exciting battle now.

"Sword Sect Master, aren't these violation of rule? These puppets have some problem!" Bao Changshou immediately shouted.

An elder from Xuan Domain said with sneer : "Our puppets are not Martial King level, how can they be violation of rule?"

Jian Shitian and few Jian family Half Immortals walked over to check, then they shook their heads because those puppets are indeed not Martial King level.

Long Shengkuang proudly laughed and said : "This is our Vajra Xuan Martial puppets. Even an initial stage Martial King will find it difficult to defeat one within a incense stick of time, don't even mention Qin Yun!"

Jian Linglong said with frown : "These Vajra puppets have Dao totems inside them. Damn it, they are very strong totem runes!"

Previous puppets had Xuan totem in them but these have Dao totem, they are most definitely far stronger than the previous ones.

Yu Zhenshen said with sneer : "Even if it us, it is very difficult to defeat these Vajra puppets. What a pity, looks like Qin Yun can not enter the main event, I was looking for an opportunity to beat him to a pulp!"

The other nine participants in Qin Yun's batch decided to forfeit.

"Truly worthy of a puppet from Xuan Domain, they are far stronger than our Ordinary Realm's biggest factions' puppets! One of them is equivalent to on of our initial stage Martial King!" a Long family elder said with smile.

An elder from Xuan Domain proudly said in loud voice : "Just one? Their value is equivalent to at least two of your initial stage Martial Kings! These Vajra puppets take ten thousand years to refine, they are only used to enter areas with dangerous environment to explore them!"

"These Vajra puppets can enter environments that people can not enter. For example some very hot or cold environment. Their main purpose is to look for treasures. We call them treasure hunters!"

"Vajra puppets are priceless, being able to refine one can reflect the strength of a faction!"

That Xuan Domain old man's proud words reverberated through the battle stage area and let everyone present hear. Many people sighed repeatedly, some even started fantasizing about having one to help them treasure hunt!

Now only Qin Yun is standing on the battle stage. However, the Xuan Domain elder did not remove the nine other Vajra puppets. Obviously they are now being used as intimidating factor. Jian Shitian can see that Qin Yun has no intention of abstaining, his eyes are resolute. Jian Shitian siged and then shouted "Begin!".

The battle has begun! The Vajra puppet fiercely shot out! This kind of speed is already at Martial King level!

"Qin Yun is dead for sure!" Yu Zhenshen excitely shouted.

Vajra puppet charged out like a light ray and punched!


Vajra puppet's golden stone like fist landed on Qin Yun's face and exploded out a burst of intense air wave! The golden air wave immediately surged all around in the hundred meters with battle stage and gave rise to sparkling air. The barrier around the battle stage quickly absorbed that air wave. Everyone saw Qin Yun's face being hit by that punch earlier. That would cause serious head injury! Jian Ruyan is endlessly anxious and tightly grabbed on to Jian Linglong's hand. The golden fog scattered and Qin Yun is still standing on spot!

"Qin Yun's head is still there! He is not dead!" someone shouted.

Not only Qin Yun's head is still intact, the injury on his face is also not serious, it is merely a bit red. Seeing this scene, Long Shengkuang, Yu Zhenshen and the other Xuan Domain talent all have their eyes wide open, they are feeling very startled. Those Xuan Domain elders are also astonished after seeing the scene on the battle stage.

Qin Yun touched his face and said with sneer : "You are actually acting so proud taking out these rotten things? Even a clay puppet made by me is stronger than this!"

As he is speaking the Vajra puppet punched again. Qin Yun dodged the punch and arrived behing the Vajra puppet. Then he gathered two fingers together and poked at the puppet's head! This is Piercing Heavenly Finger's Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger!


A startling clap of thunder exploded out and vibrated through horizon! Qin Yun's two joined fingers released a strong black light that penetrated the puppets head!


That Vajra puppet's head exploded into golden pieces of slags. Sparkling golden wind drifted through the sky!


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