Nine Sun God King
Chapter 778
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 778

Vajra puppet's body is very firm, especially the head. It can even withstand attack from Dao tools.

And now, Qin Yun exploded it's head into pieces with just two fingers!

Xuan Domain people are completely astonished! They don't understand how Qin Yun, who has not entered Xuan Martial Realm can exert such dreadful power.

The reason why they can not tell that Qin Yun has entered Xuan Martial Realm is because Qin Yun has cultivated Nether Sun, it is not traditional Xuan Dao core.

Even though the Vajra puppet's head has been shattered, it did not fall down. Because it's core is not in the head, it can continue to attack.

Now the Xuan Domain people directly took charge in controlling the puppet. The puppet suddenly turned, with it's two fists in a blink it threw countless rapid punches creating "Boom Boom Boom" sound, it is like countless golden thunder and lightning being punched out. Fist energy transformed into lightning and covered a wide expanse of area.

Spectators stood up on their feet. They can see the golden lightning covering the area and it looks like Qin Yun's body has been pierced by many golden lightning fist energy. However, he is still standing on his spot as before and has not been torn to shreds.

"It's an afterimage!" someone shouted.

Vajra puppet's attack only hit Qin Yun's afterimage. And Qin Yun's real body disappeared without trace. Qin Yun used Nine Extinction Step's Passing Shadow Extinction Step and disappeared without a trace for a moment.

"Qin Yun is up in the sky!"

Someone saw a vague shadow suddenly appearing in the sky. Indeed it is Qin Yun fiercely dropping down from the sky! As he is dropping from the sky, Vajra puppet also punched towards the sky. Thick golden lightning rushed toward the sky as if it is trying to envelop Qin Yun.


Qin Yun waved his palm and actually pushed down the golden lightning. Palm power explode out a burst of gale that screamed forward as if a grieving Dragon howling.

Extinction Dragon palm!

Even though it is just Extinction Dragon Five palms, with Qin Yun's current strength it is sufficient to eliminate the Vajra puppet.


Extinction Dragon Five plam's power brought along the golden thunder and lightning that was thrown at him and poured into the Vajra puppet's body. The vibration of the explosion is very clear and it caused people's ear to go numb! Many cracks appeared on the body of the Vajra puppet, it looks like an ice cube that is about to crack apart.

Boom Boom!

Qin Yun again attacked with two palm strike and completely demolished the Vajra puppet. Vajra puppet broke down into tiny golden crystal like grains and drifted through the air all around. Waves of flickering translucent golden sparkles are looking very beautiful. However, many people can not help but compare this beautiful golden splendor to a blood mist. Because if a person were to be hit by that dreadful attack, the person would have turned into blood mist.

Qin Yun has won, he used his formidable might to thoroughly crush the Vajra puppet. The audience burst into a thunderous cry of surprise. Jian Shitian heaved a long sigh of relief. He is also secretly astonished at Qin Yun's current power. Long Shegkuang, Yu Zhenshen and their groups of Xuan Domain geniuses are speechless, they are all firmly clenching their fists.

"These are your Xuan Domain's puppets? They are truly trash!" Jian Ruyan said with a mocking tone.

Just as Jian Shitian is about to remove the barrier, the other nine Vajra puppets suddenly attacked Qin Yun. This caused audience to flare up. Even though the nine participants removed themselves from competition, these puppets were still kept on the battle stage and now they are jointly attacking Qin Yun!

"What are you all doing?" Jian Shitian looked at the Xuan Domain people and furiously shouted.

"I lost control... these puppets have intelligence, they saw Qin Yun destroy their companion, so they disregarded my control and attacked Qin Yun!" Xuan Domain's old man promptly said : "Quickly open the barrier!"

All the Xuan Domain and Long family people have sinister smile on their faces. Just looking at them makes it clear that it was done by them.

Nine Vajra puppets attacked Qin Yun like nine golden lights disorderly moving, they are as quick as lightning and their bodies can not be seen.

Boom Boom Boom...

Those nine Vajra puppets are simultaneously attacking Qin Yun relentlessly in a disorderly manner. And Qin Yun can not block them, he can only dodge which is difficult to do.

Long Shegkuang grimly laughed and said : "Qin Yun is dead for sure!"

It is very clear that Xuan Domain people are controlling the puppets to attack Qin Yun. Qin Yun also knows this but he is secretly very happy.

"Vajra puppets are very precious, right?" Qin Yun suddenly jumped into the sky.

Nine Vajra puppets also jumped up at the same time.

"Yuner, get on them!" Qin Yun shouted.

Ling Yuner immediately released gravity. Currently Ling Yuner can released even stronger gravity, fiercely pressing down on those Vajra puppets.


Thsoe nine Vajra puppet did not expect this type of power, they were hit by the gravity power and ricochet back to ground, severely dropping down. This caused a burst of cry of alarm. Nine Vajra puppets attack Qin Yun at the same time but not only they failed to hit him, they were even beaten to the ground! The moment they dropped on the ground, Qin Yun used Tree Totem Martial Arts, he released Xuan Power through Nether Sun and condensed many tree claws that rose up from the ground. In the blink of an eye, nine Vajra puppets are wrapped around by black tree roots, those tree roots twisted around them and turned into big ball.

Suddenly, black gas violently bubbled out of Qin Yun's body. He now looks like a Devil God! At the same time, ground also started slightly trembling! Qin Yun released the Earthquake Divine Ability power and condensed that power on his hand. Then he attack towards the black tree root ball!


Trembling sound together with vibration, exploded out from the battle stage's ground. Tree roots shattered and exploded out black gas along with many sparkling and translucent golden flickers and submerged the entire battle stage.

Jian Shitian was just about to remove the barrier, however, seeing this kind of huge upheaval, he promptly stopped.

Spectators outside the battle stage can only see that the area inside the barrier is filled with churning black gas and golden black light mist.

Xuan Domain's elder's face twitched in heartache. They just now sensed that their connection with those nine Vajra puppets was cut off. Ten incomparably priceless Vajra puppets, all destroyed by Qin Yun. Once they return to Xuan Domain, they don't know what to report! Long Shegkuang and other Xuan Domain geniuses are all dumbfounded. Because even a Martial King would not be able to destroy those Vajra puppets.

Black gas inside the battle stage dispersed. Those golden crystalline grains floating in the air started slowly falling down, it looks like shining golden rain falling, it is very beautiful.

After Jian Shitian closed the barrier and got on the stage, he sensed vibration power and another type of power that Inscription Masters are very familiar with.

"Is this.. is this Alchemy power? This guy actually used Alchemy power to fight?"

"What kind of dreadful Alchemy rune is that? Could it be that he has mastered a Alchemy totem?"

"This must be it.. Qin Yun must have Alchemy totem!"

"No matter how strong Vajra puppets are, they also rely on and supported by the totem runes inside their bodies. And Qin Yun used Alchemy power and combined it with vibration power and poured them into the puppet body, that completely destroyed the runes inside!"

"This is a very ingenious way of using power!"

Qin Yun doesn't have Alchemy totem. He has Alchemy Moon runes and he already carved those runes inside his bones long ago. Originally he did this to more easily refine tools. He did not expect it's effect on puppets would be so destructive!

"Qin Yun you bastard, return our Vajra puppets!" Xuan Domain old man furiously said.

"You think you are justified?" Jian Shitian said with sneer.

Xuan Domain's people immediately shut themselves up. Because earlier it was them who secretly controlled those Vajra puppets to attack Qin Yun. Everybody saw how Qin Yun was besieged and then he fought back and destroyed the puppets.

Long Shegkuang said with sneer : "No wonder Qin Yun could destroy those Vajra puppets, apparently he is full of tricks! He only used Alchemy power that can restrain puppets!"

Yu Zhenshen clenched his teeth and said : "Qin Yun made us lose so many Vajra puppets, I must tear him to shreds on battle stage!"

Qin Yun advanced to the main event, less than fifty people managed to enter the main event!

Qin Yun came down from battle stage full of smiles. Actually just moments ago, he only destroyed one Vajra puppets. The other eight were sent inside the Nine Sun Divine Spirit's third pearl to Yao Feng and she wiped the consciousness inside them. In other words, with a slight modification from him later, those priceless Vajra puppets will become his! The reason why he is so happily smiling is because what he loves most is when his enemies give him gifts!

Jian Shitian shouted : "Tomorrow we move on to the main event. It will be battle among the participant Martial Monarchs!"

Qin Yun looked at Yang Shiyue and saw her eyes filled with happiness and admiration.

Jian Ruyan walked over and said with smile : "Brother Yun, it seems like we can not use common sense to look at you! You have not yet enterd Xuan Martial Realm but already so formidable!"

Ordinarily, when someone cultivates Xuan Dao core and enters Xuan Martial Realm, they emit a weak Xuan power aura. Qin Yun doesn't have that aura, therefore people think that he is not yet a Xuan Martial Realm. Only Jian Linglong and a few others know that he has already broken through and his strength is much more formidable than they can imagine.

"Qin Yun, didn't expect you to be as strong as ever! In tomorrow's competition, you better not meet me, I will make you cry!" Jian Nanhu said with loud laughter and then left.

Qin Yun followed Bao Changshou and others to enter Sword Immortal Villa.

The next day arrive quickly.

Day is not bright yet but Qin Yun already left for the competition area and saw the audience area is packed. He found out that, these people did not leave yesterday and stayed here because if they left and today wanted to enter again, they would have to pay more fees.

Qin Yun is standing beside the battle stage and watching the competitors arriving. Jian Ruyan and Jian Nanhu also arrived early and as soon as they saw Qin Yun, they started chatting.

"Finally it is time to fight against others, my Origin Sword has been hungry and thirsty for a long time and can not wait any longer!" Jian Nanhu took out his Origin Sword.

Origin Sword condensed from Xuan Dao core, this is a very strong Xuan tool that can rival a Dao tool. In a competition like this where participants can't use weapons, Sword cultivators are like rule breakers. But nothing can be said about it.

Daybreak, people are all here.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue are standing together, waiting to catch pearl to decide their opponents. This is the method Qin Yun loves the most because this way he can decide his own opponent.

And seeing extremely excited Jian Nanhu, Qin Yun decided to let him fight Long Shegkuang!


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