Nine Sun God King
Chapter 780
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 780

Jian Nanhu's expression became very grave. He firmly held his Origin Sword and with heavy steps, he rushed over pointing his sword at Long Shengkuang.

Boom Boom Boom!

Jian Nanhu's movement speed is very slow. His feet landed on the ground and it is as if each of his steps are weighed ten thousand jin and causing the battle stage to shake violently.

What caused people to be shocked is that when Jian Nanhu was rushing out, his clothes suddenly torn to pieces, then his skin split open, flesh and blood flew out. In the blink of an eye he turned into a bloody man.

Ka ka ka!

Jian Nanhu's bones started breaking and cracking sounds simultaneously can be heard. His Origin Sword also suddenly exploded.


Explosion of the Origin Sword created a violent gale that rushed all around.

Jian Nanhu also stopped moving and shouted : "I concede!"

"Brother Hu!" Jian Ruyan shouted.

Qin Yun's brows are tightly creased. He glanced at Yang Shiyue by his side. Her elegant eyebrows are also lightly creased. Her gaze is grave.

Immediately the Long family people and those factions allied with them burst into cheers.

"Long Shengkuang.. Long Shengkuang..."

"Long Shengkuang is unrivaled! Long Shengkuang is unrivaled!"

Many people are shocked to see Long Shengkuang's dreadful strength. Jian Nanhu is the publicly known strongest disciple of Jian family, yet now he has been defeated so miserably.

Jian Shitian quickly closed the barrier and went to heal Jian Nanhu. Qin Yun also walked on the stage, he secretly examined and discovered almost all the bones on Jian Nanhu's upper body have been shattered to pieces. Jian Nanhu cultivated Immortal body, his body is obviously very strong. However, he has been defeated this way by Long Shengkuang who was standing motionless on his spot!

"Hmph.. a man who overestimates himself! However, I have no choice but to admit that Jian family's talents are pretty good, others would have turned into pieces by now!" Long Shengkuang's voice is filled with disdain and lough enough to be heard by everyone in the competition area.

Long Shengkuang looked at Qin Yun and ruthlessness flashed through his eyes : "Qin Yun, this will also be your end!"

Yu Zhenshen said from below : "Elder blother Long, you got rid off Jian Nanhu, Qin Yun is mine. He won't have the chance to fight you!"

Long Shengkuang wlaked down from the battle stage, Long family and Xuan Domain's elders arrived one after another and praised him endlessly.

After eating a few pills, Jian Nanhu gradually opened his eyes. Seeing Qin Yun is here, he said in a low voice : "Qin Yun, that guy is very strong. His power unknowingly entered my body and tore my body to shreds from inside!"

"I understand!" Qin Yun said.

"If you fight that guy, you best be prepared to concede defeat at any moment. I am worried that you will truly die at his hands!" Jian Nanhu said.

"Thank you for your concern. You should properly rest." Qin Yun patted Jian Nanhu's shoulder.

Qin Yun is in the fourth batch, next is the third batch, it is also Jian Ruyan's turn to fight!

Jian Ruyan is someone from Jian family. She is also from Immortal Weapon City. Moreover, her relationship with Qin Yun is very good and she is very strong, that is why she is getting more attention than usual. And now, Jian family's morale is very low because the front runner Jian Nanhu has been defeated. Jian family no longer has any expert left. Although Jian Ruyan's strength is very high, Jian family has no hope towards her.

All the experts think that the only one who can defeat Long Shengkuang is Yang Shiyue. Yang Shiyue is from Demon Moon Island. Demon Island is in alliance with Jian family. If Yang Shiyue defeats Long Shengkuang, Jian family will also feel somewhat better.

Now, apart from Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue, competitors are all from Jian family and Long family or those geniuses from Xuan Domain. Long family and Jian family disciples encountering each other is also very normal. Although this Long family disciple doesn't look like much, he is very famous in Soaring Dragon State and an Immortal Disciple.

After Qin Yun carved Sword totem runes on Jian Ruyan's body, she cultivated Sword Xuan body. After that, under Bing Xing and Bao Changshou's focused nurturing, she ahs cultivated Sword Immortal body. Only a handful few people know about this matter. Even Jian Shitian has not discovered this. Jian Ruyan's most formidable aspect is her Sword totem. She has learned Sword totem martial arts from it.

"Jian Ruyan, you actually still dare to come up? Did you not see the wretched state of Jian Nanhu?" Long family's that short and robust man said with sneer.

This Long family man is called Long Depin(Dragon Virtuous and Kind). He is very short but very robust, he looks like a stone block. He is wearing blue leather clothing that have dragon engraved on them. All the Long family disciples' clothes have dragon engraved on them.

Jian Ruyan is wearing play and simple white clothes. Her Origin Sword is flickering with Black and White colors alternately. Qin Yun didn't expect that within the few years he did not see Jian Ruyan, she actually managed to fuse two Origin Sword into one.

(TL NOTE : Big mistake from author. Jian Ruyan did not have two Origin Sword. She had one Origin Sword and one Spirit/Mental Sword. Now she has merged the two.)

Because Jian Nanhu was defeated, Jian Ruyan is already angry. After being provoked by the opponent, fury rose to peak in her heart and she released a very threatening Sword aura.

Yang Shiyue said to Qin Yun with sound transmission : "Yuelan said that you carved Sword Totem runes on Jian Ruyan's body allowing her to cultivate Sword body. Later I discussed this matter with Bing XIng. I think with Bing Xing's teaching she managed to fuse two swords into one. This allows her to concentrate her power more."

For a few years, Bing Xing guided Jian Ruyan's cultivation inside the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field. Therefore, Jian Ruyan's strength is not at all weak!

The bell rang!

Jian Shitian's heart is slightly heavy. Jian Nanhu has already been defeated. Now he will see another Jian family disciple suffer defeat.

Although Long Depin looks like a stone block, he is not at all slow, he is very agile, his movement technique is also very strange. Very quickly he flashed behind Jian Ruyan. At this moment, Jian Ruyan's body is bound by many tiny snake like black cords.

"Beauty, let me feel you!" Long Depin wretchedly smiled and stretched his hands towards Jian Ruyan's lower body from behind.

Just as Long Depin was thinking he can do whatever he wanted with Jian Ruyan, a black and white long sword appeared behind Jian Ruyan and suddenly chopped down and cut off Long Depin's hand.

"Ahhhhh!" Long Depin loudly screamed in pain.

That also quickly cut apart the black cords on Jian Ruyan's body. Strangest thing is, that sword casually chopped toward Jian Ruyan but did not cut a single hair on her. Of course, it is because Jian Ruyan's Origin Sword is perfectly aligned with her body and mind. Nobody expected Jian Ruyan's Origin Sword to be this strange. It directly came out of her body, moving as flexibly as her limbs and also very sharp. In a short while, it cut off Long Depin's hand.

After Jian Ruyan feed herself, she held her Origin Sword and quickly stabbed out! Her Origin Sword suddenly left her hand and flew out! Long Depin also failed to pick up his cut off hand and quickly dodged.

Since Jian Ruyan fused his Spirit Sword and Origin Sword into one, she can very nimbly control her Origin Sword with mental power. Long Depin moved his head to the side to dodge, he thought he could successfully dodge. Who would have thought that the sword would suddenly split into two black and white swords and all of a sudden stabbed into his head.

Spectators burst into a cry of alarm. Nobody was optimistic about this Jian family woman but now she actually initiated a continuous counter offensive.

"Wretched bastard, you actually want to touch me?" Jian Ruyan cursed in low voice then controlled her swords to transform it.

Swords became bigger and in a split second filled up Long Depin's head and made it explode! Then, the two swords became one again!

Shu Shu Shu!

Jian Ruyan controlled her Origin Sword and stabbed Long Depin's body back and forth, simply creating many holes!

Another Long family disciple has died and again killed by a woman! Long family people hate Jian Ruyan to death!

Jian Shitian also finally heaved a sigh of relief. Jian family people also regained a bit of morale, at least Jian Ruyan is not as weak as they imagined.

After Jian Ruyan walked down from battel stage, she started walking toward Qin Yun. While she was moving past Yu Zhenshen, he suddenly extended his leg and tripped Jian Ruyan, causing her to fall forward. Qin Yun promptly flew forward and caught her.

Jian Ruyan abruptly turned and furiously said : "Yu Zhenshen, you vile bastard!"

Qin Yun indifferently said : "This is his sickness. I will soon cure him. As long as he is dead, his sickness will disappear!"

Yu Zhenshen said with chuckly : "I was just joking with you! By the way, you are so strong, yet you were tripped by me, is it not inconsistent with your strength? You are a formidable Martial Monarch but were tripped by someone!"

Qin Yun said with sneer : "It is because no one expected a Martial Monarch like you can be a low class hooligan!"

Yu Zhenshen glanced toward Yang Shiyue and said : "Qin Yun you are just running your mouth. Just wait a bit, I will make sure you can never speak again!"

"Brother Yun, ignore this kind of hooligan!" Jian Ruyan pulled away Qin Yun to a side.

Yu Zhenshen is indeed a hooligan, he is either tripping people or spitting on them, there is not a bit elegance in his actions. However he considers this to be glorious, he is simply shameless!

Finally, it is time for fourth batch, Qin Yun and Yu Zhenshen will finally fight.

In the earlier battles, Long family and Jian family disciples each had equal amount of victory an losses. Their strength is almost the same. All the geniuses from Xuan Domain won their matches and their opponents were all seriously injured. Yu Zhenshen is the last Xuan Domain disciple to go on stage.

Long Shengkuang said with calm expression : "If junior brother Yu becomes serious, even I would have to be a little afraid of him. And that Qin Yun is being targeted by him, Qin Yun is dead!"

Another Xuan Domain genius said with loud laughter : "If only he shouts to admit defeat can he not die, however against elder brother Yu, he won't be able to make a sound!'

Qin Yun is standing on the battle stage, indescribable fury burning in his heart. After seeing Jian Ruyan being tripped, he feels that it is impossible to not get angry, only he is suppressing that rage. He wants to use this battle to fuse his formidable power and his fury and then release them together.

Jian Ruyan is suddenly worried about Qin Yun because she recalled how Jian Nanhu was defeated earlier.

Xuan Domain's geniuses are all very mysterious and powerful. Also it is unknown what kind of power they are using.


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