Nine Sun God King
Chapter 784
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 784

After hearing Qin Yun's voice full of grievance, Xie Qirou can not help but lightly laugh a little : "Xiao Yun, maybe Yao Fang is just acting up, deliberately making you worry! You should have a little patience, isn't your relationship with her now better than before?"

"I also don't know what's the matter with her!" Qin Yun also thinks that his relationship with Yao Fang is good.

She helped him without any delay in many occasions. But whenever he mentions about the things inside the third pearl, who knows why she starts saying nonsense like "wait for opportunity" or "you are still not strong enough" or "time is not ripe" and what not.

"Sister Qirou, let's not talk about it, try to guess what I got inside the Nether Moon Desolate Domain!" Qin Yun mysteriously said.

"Isn't in the Nether Moon?" Xie Qirou remembered that Qin Yun obtained Nether Moon.

"Nope! It's the Nether Soul Sacred Blade!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Ahhhh! Netherworld Great Emperor's Nether Soul Sacred Blade!" Xie Qirou is very amazed.

Qin Yun then informed Xie Qirou about the situation.

"Apparently Netherworld Great Emperor is not dead! Xiao Yun, you can use the Nether Soul Sacred Blade to find Netherworld Great Emperor!" Xie Qirou said : "Netherworld Great Emperor was plotted against by the two other Great Emperors, he must be very unreconciled. He might be in the same faction as us later!"

"En, I will try my best to find Netherworld Great Emperor." Qin Yun said.

Soon after, Qin Yun informed Xie Qirou about his cultivation situation.

After Xie Qirou heard, she very happily laughed and said : "Xiao Yun, you need not worry. When you cultivate, just let nature take it's course. You have cultivated Immortal Devil body, from now on everything will be very stable and adequate when it is time to break through, it will be be strenuous."

"Sister Qirou, you said that after I enter Xuan Martial Realm, you will have me do something. What is it?" Qin Yun asked.

"To find Nether Sun Spirit! Nine Suns have Nine Spirits and Nine Souls. Similarly, Nether Sun also have Nine Spirit and Nine Soul!" Xie Qirou said very seriously.

(TL NOTE : ok this requires a little discussion. Here the chinese symbol for "spirit" is 魂/hun which means soul/spirit/Immortal soul; soul that can detach from body. And symbol for "soul" is 魄/po which means soul/mortal soul; soul that is always attached to the body. Basically, I now realize that all the "Sun souls" that Qin Yun has collected until now are the first type : "hun", the ones that can leave the body or Immortal soul. The author never brought these two words together before like this, which is why until now I translated them as "Sun Souls" and not "Sun Spirit". From now on I will take care to translate "hun" as spirit and "po" as soul. Martial Spirit will remain martial spirit because martial spirit is written "Wu hun".)

"Where are the Nether Sun's Nine Spirits and Nine Souls?" Qin Yun is secretly excited.

"I only know that Nether Sun's Nine Souls have been used to refine Nine Yin Divine Soul. Nethe Sun's Nine Spirits fell down to the Nine Desolates." Xie Qirou said : "I have the Nine Yin Divine Soul, therefore I can more or less sense Nether Sun's Nine Spirits, there is one in the Spirit Desolate!"

"Aren't you participating in Sword Martial Assembly? After it is over, I will instruct you again." Xie Qirou said.

"I thought Nine Yin Divine Soul would be refined by using Moon or something..." Qin Yun also wants to what is the matter with Nether Sun Nine Spirits.

"Moon and Nether Moon related things were also used in refining. Xiao Yun, Nine Yin Divine Soul has severe Yin influence, that is why I did not give it to you. Also it is not suitable for men to use." Xie Qirou said.

"Sister Qirou, it is originally yours. Moreover, you still gave me the Nine Sun Divine Soul, so I am very happy!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Nine Sun Divine Soul and Nine Yin Divine Soul were originally yours. But let's not discuss this matter!"

Xie Qirou's words caused Qin Yun to be extrememly shocked. These two Divine tools actually belonged to his past life. He suddenly sensed that his past life and Xie Qirou had some kind of relationship.

"Xiao Yun, Nether Sun Nine Spirits are very difficult to take but you have Nether Sun Martial Spirit and cultivated a Nether Sun, moreover, you have already obtained two Sun Spirits. I am relieved to let you find the Nether Sun Spirits." Xie Qirou said.

"Sister Qirou, do Nether Sun Spirits have some great use to you?" Qin Yun asked.

"En, after you find the Nether Sin Nine Spirits, it can make my Nine Yin Divine Soul thoroughly complete. It will help me take back my Immortal Devil Sacred body!" Xie Qirou said.

Qin Yun is secretly fearful, Xie Qirou actually cultivated Immortal Devil Sacred Body, no wonder she was sealed.

"Xiao Yun, when you chat with Yao Fang, tell her that I was the one who let her hold those things. For my sake, she should hand them over to you." Xie Qirou said again.

"En!" Qin Yun nodded his head, he hopes that it can have some affect.

"Then I will go rest. I want to adjust my situation and then instruct you about how to find Nether Sun Nine Spirits!" after Xie Qirou said this, the Immortal Graveyard Diagram became silent.

Qin Yun stored the Immortal Graveyard Diagram and sent voice transmission to Yao Fang in the third pearl.

"Sister Yao Fang, I just finished talking to sister Qirou. She said that she will guide me to find Nether Sun Nine Spirits!" Qin Yun said this to let Yao Fang know that he and Xie Qirou are close.

"En!" Yao Fang responded.

"She also said that for her sake you should let me have the things in the third pearl!" Qin Yun said again.

"I can give it to you!" Yao Fang said.

"Then give it to me now!" Qin Yun impatiently said.

"No chance!" Yao Fang's words made Qin Yun think that he just hit a wall.

"Didn't you just say you would give it to me? You also said before that after I enter Xuan Martial Realm, you would give it to me. You are going back on your words!" Qin Yun feels very helpless.

"Qin Yun, this thing requires me to help you use it! If you try to use it on your own, it will be very dangerous! Once you return to Immortal Weapon Palace, I will come out and help you use it!" Yao Fang said.

"What is this thing exactly?" Qin Yun has become even more curious.

"It is a thing that can make you stronger, there is also a certain danger using that thing! Originally, Mo Ji told me to help Xiao Rou to use it and not let her directly use it." Yao Fang said.

"Alright! I will try to go back as soon as possible!" Qin Yun really wishes that he could go back right now.

After resting for an entire night, Qin Yun woke up and came out of his room. After he passed through the residence lounge, he saw that on the sky outside the New Sword Island, there is actually a bewitching and colorful purple-red Sun! That is not a real Sun, it is only a very large ball of light, emitting very intense ray of lights, it only looks like a Sun.

"What the hell is going on?" Qin Yun asked in amazement.

"The Xuan Domain people brought out this thing. Last night they left the Sword Island and then brought this thing out right outside the Sword Island. I also don't know what that thing is." Bao Changshou said.

"Sword Sect Master also said that competition that was originally supposed to start in three days, will be postponed for five days!"

"Miss Yang also returned with Old Mother Yun Yao, said she will try her best to become as strong as possible in the next few days!"

At this moment Jian Shitian also hastily flew over, after landing he said in deep voice : "Those Xuan Domain guys are using some ancient era's secret method to increase Long Shengkuang's power!"

"According to the news sent back by the spies, Long Shengkuang can now make the Xuan Power Testing Drum beat eighty times but he is still increasing his strength even more!"

After hearing this, Bao Changshou and Chu Binyu gasped in shock and became very worried.

"They must have been provoked by me to no end!" Qin Yun's expression changed : "If they use this kind of force to increase strength, they certainly will have to pay a price!"

Jian Shitian nodded and said : "Indeed, moreover, it will make Long Shengkuang even more violent and irrational!"

Jian Linglong looked at Qin Yun with worry and said : "Eighty drum sound worth of Xuan Dao power is almost approaching toward Martial King! You youngsters, each of you are more dreadful that the other!"

For ordinary trash Martial Kings, Xuan Dao Power is worth a hundred drum beats. If it is a stronger Martial Kings, then it is around hundred and five.

Qin Yun looked at that small sun like purple-red light ball and said with frown : "If they continue, he can continue to increase his power, what kind of secret method is this?"

Jian Shitian took a sound transmission conch and received the latest news, his face became even more grave.

"Long Shengkuang is unceasingly absorbing that purple-red sun's energy, his power also increase very quickly. Now he can make the Xuan Power Testing Drum beat a hundred times!"

Bao Changshou, Chu Binyu and Jian Linglong, these elders are all shocked and breathed in cold air. Long Shengkuang's this kind of increase in strength is hard for them to believe.

"Has he broken through to late stage or even peak stage Xuan Martial Realm?" Qin Yun somewhat worriedly asked.

"Impossible, if he breaks through, he won't be able to continue participating in the competition. It will be meaningless." Jian Shitian shook his head and said : "In next few days, we will have to be extremely cautious!"

Qin Yun look at Bao Changshou and said : "Sect Master, bring me back to Immortal Weapon Palace. The competition will resume in five days, in next few days I must increase my cultivation!"

Bao Changshou also knows that grand elder Bing Xing always guides Qin Yun in cultivation. He nodded his head and proceeded to bring Qin Yun back to Immortal Weapon Palace.

Qin Yun is now only thinking of entering Xuan Martial Realm mid stage. At that time, he will have around hundred drum beat worth of Xuan Dao Power. Defeating Long Shengkuang will not be difficult then. The reason why he wants to return to Immortal Weapon Palace is because he wants to ask Yao Fang to use that mysterious item to increase his power. While on the road he also informed Yao Fang about the situation with Long Shengkuang.

After hearing Yao Fang said with sneer : "This is an ancient secret method of Devil Dao. It is very harmful to body, it can even force a person into completely enter the Devil Dao. Only if one has good magic tools to protect the mind, then the harm will only be on the body!"

"Sister Yao Fang, so you are saying that Long Shengkuang's this type of state won't last for long? It is not permanent?" Qin Yun asked.

"At most can last for two years. After this power disappears, it will take several years to recover." Yao Fang said : "The main principle of this secret art is to offer life sacrifice to Evil God and borrow Evil God's power! I also don't know where they found this sacrificial altar, they can actually contact Evil God!"

Bao Changshou's speed is very fast, he brought Qin Yun back to Immortal Weapon Palace within half a day. On the road, Yao Fang also said that she can help Qin Yun break through to mid stage Xuan Martial Realm. After returning, Qin Yun immediately ran towards Immortal Weapon Palace Hall to meet Bing Xing. Yao Fang doesn't want to see Bing Xing at all but she knows that Qin Yun is now facing a dangerous enemy, therefore she needs to join hands with Bing Xing to help Qin Yun break through. After arriving at Immortal Weapon Palace Hall, Qin Yun can not see Bing Xing sitting beside the Immortal Pool.

"Qin Yun this thing can not be used frequently. After, you use it this time, you will need several more years to use it again!"

Yao Fang came out of the Nine Sun Divine Soul's third pearl holding a long black box as she spoke.


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