Nine Sun God King
Chapter 806
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 806

Duan Jingqin wanted to kill Qin Yun just moments ago. And now he wants to kill Di Mingchun.


Duan Jingqin is very clear about Qin Yun's position in Immortal Weapon Palace. He immediately became endlessly angry and slapped Di Mingchun's face and started cursing.

"Don't kill him!" Granny Ma said.

Di Mingchun is completely terrified. He knows Qin Yun's position, forget about cutting off his arms, even if Qin Yun cut off his master Duan Jingqin's arms, Bao Changshou would not look into it.

"What is going on here?" Bao Changshou looked at Di Mingchun and asked in cold voice.

"This.. this is all my fault!" Di Mingchun also promptly shouted.

Qin Yun walked over, grabbed Di Mingchun and walked towards a secret room.

Bao Changshou also did not say anything, he looked at Duan Jingqin and Long Shanwei on the ground.

"Sect Master, I became muddleheaded in a momentary angry earlier. I request and volunteer to be imprisoned for 10 years!" Duan Jingqin hastily apologized.

"Alright, you will be locked up in prison for 10 years!" Bao Changshou nodded his head.

Ganny Ma brought along Duan Jingqin and left.

After Di Mingchun brought to the secret room by Qin Yun, he shouted loudly in fear : "What are you trying to do?"

"Why did Qiaofang leave Immortal Weapon Palace?" Qin Yun asked with cold voice.

"I... Long family asked me to bring a message to Long Qiaofang, as for why she left, I don't know!" Di Mingchun suddenly realized that Long Qiaofang and Qin Yun are secretly friends and their relationship is very good.

"How did Long family know that Qiaofang is in the Immortal Weapon Palace?" Qin Yun's brows are wrinkled, his face full of killing intent.

"My father incidentally saw Long Qiaofang before and told me. Then I told it to Long Shanwei!" Di Mingchun is very afraid of death, he confessed immediately.

Qin Yun left the secret room, grabbed Long Shanwei from outside and brought him in. Long Shanwei is shivering out of fear.

Bao Changshou also found out that Qin Yun has become angry after finding out Long Qiaofang has left.

"What message did you send to Qiaofang?" Qin Yun also doesn't want to speak nonsense with Long Shanwei.

"I.. it was a sealed letter... on top of it written 'Long Qiaofang wet nurse'. Her wet nurse is in death bed and wants to see her!" Long Shanwei can also sense that Qin Yun is filled with killing intent, he is also incomparably scared.

"Qiaofang returned to Long family? Where is she now?" Qin Yun asked again.

"She did not return to Long family, merely.. merely went to see her wet nurse!" Long Shanwei said while weeping : "She must have been captured by our Long family people afterwards, I don't know the details, I am only the messenger!"

Obviously it was deliberately arranged by Long family to force Long Qiaofang out!

"You really don't know where Qiaofang is?" Qin Yun vigorously picked Long Shanwei by his neck.

"She should be in Long family!" Long Shanwei shouted in fright.

Just as he finished speaking, Qin Yun took out a saber and hacked him to death. Then took out is Dao core and martial spirit.

Seeing this scene, Di Mingchun started shouting and crying loudly : "Don't kill me... don't kill me...."

"If it was not for you father and son, why would Qiaofang leave Immortal Weapon Palace?" QIn Yun said in cold voice and then walked over.

Qin Yun's Nether Spirit Sacred Blade hacked with lightning speed and killed Di Mingchun. Seeing death coming, his face is filled with fear.

Afte Qin Yun took out his Dao core and martial spirit, Bao Changshou said : "Are you going to Long family? Can you handle them alone? We can come with you!"

"I will take a look alone. If Qiaofang is alive, I will rescue her. If ... she is dead, I will come back here for help, then raze the Long family to the ground!" Qin Yun finished speaking and immediately left Law Keeper Hall.

Proud Star State's Long family headquarters is located in the Wei Long Manor inside the Wei Long Mountain Range. Outside the Wei Long Mountain Range is the Wei Long City, it is a large city build by the Long family.

Qin Yun arrived at the Wei Long City and spent many purple crystal coins to discover very useful information. Inside the Flying Phoenix Mansion of the city, there will be a auction that will sell one of the Proud Start State's top 4 beauty. According to the rumor, it is Long Qiaofang who was recently captured. Long Qiaofang has two martial spirits, recently Long family's dragon disappeared and Long Qiaofang also disappeared along with it. The Long family always suspected Long Qiaofang to have connection with the situation. And now the brother Flying Phoenix Mansion is selling one of the top 4 beauties of Proud Star State, it must be Long Qiaofang. Many people are participating in this auction, people who have high position in the Wei Long Manor, young, middle aged, old, all have come.

"The auction will start tonight, fortunately I arrived early!" Qin Yun hurried towards Flying Phoenix Mansion.

The auction will be held at the entrance of the Flying Phoenix Mansion, those who recklessly bid and fail to buy won't be able to leave the city. The Flying Phoenix Mansion is also Long family's business so nobody dares to act recklessly here.

Qin Yun is very worried in his heart. Long family is auctioning Long Qiaofang, it means that she has no value to them. Long Qiaofang previously said that Long family wants take away her martial spirits. He martial spirits are rather rare. Thinking of this matter, Qin Yun became even more worried.

Many people are already gathered next to the Flying Phoenix Mansion.

On the balcony of the second floor, a fat middle aged woman is standing, she shouted : "Have all of you prepared good amount of purple crystal coins? The girl we are auctioning today a is very famous beauty in the Proud Star State!"

"Fatty old whore, what about the purity of this great beauty? If she has been gone through several hands, she has no value!"

"Right right! Quickly tell us!"

"Rest assured, the girls our Flying Phoenix Mansion auctioning are all first hand, they are all virgins!" fatty old whore said with laugh.

Originally when Qin Yun wanted to enter Flying Phoenix Mansion, however he sensed that there are 5 Martial Kings inside.

"Could it be that they are auctioning Qiaofang to find out her accomplice?" Qin Yun suddenly thought that there might be many ambush all around.

Night, Flying Phoenix Mansion's second floor balcony is shining with light. A red clothed, tied up from head to toe, an absolute beauty with haggard appearance has been brought out. This is Long Qiaofang. There are thousands of people at the bottom floor of the Flying Phoenix Mansion. When they saw it is truly Long Qiaofang, they all started shouting and cheering loudly. Long family is truly auctioning Long Qiaofang, many people guess before but did not believe it but now, they are all convinced.

Qin Yun remembered, back in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field, how scared Long Qiaofang was of death. And now, with her haggard and graceful appearance, she is filled with tranquility. Clearly she has no fear of death anymore. Seeing Long Qiaofang, Qin Yun felt extremely guilty in his heart.

"Xiao Yun, you should not feel guilty about this. Long Qiaofang and Long family's enmity is very deep, didn't they try to extract her martial spirits last time she came back? This matter has nothing to do with you!" Ling Yuner said : "You should be more careful about those people waiting in ambush."

Qin Yun looked at Long Qiaofang's haggard appearance and said in his heart : "Yuner, Qiaofang looks very weak, could it be that her martial spirits have been extracted?"

"I don't know, we have to look first!" Ling Yuner said : "You will surely be able to save her!"

At this time, someone asked : "Fatty old whore, if we are paying good money for Long Qiaofang, it is not enough for her to be only virgin, she must also have cultivation, she has to be a top quality dual cultivation furnace!'

"Her Dao core is still there, you should feel relieved!" fatty old whore said with smile.

This caused many people to become interested, specially those rich old formidable cultivators, they all have evil smile on their faces.

To see many people are present, fatty old whore decided to begin and shouted : "You all shout look at the mood to bid, the highest bidder wins! Be careful if you want to create confusion by bidding and then not buy!'

"I bit 100 million purple crystal coin!" a blue clothed middle aged man shouted.

"200 million!"

"300 million!"


The fierce bidding continued, it reached 1.5 billion and the bidding rhythm also slowed down. Now only 3 people are bidding. An old man, a middle aged man and a young man! The young man is holding a folding fan, he is wearing luxurious purple clothes, he is bidding with very calm expression. The blue clothed middle aged man can continue but he is feeling pressure. The aged old man should be rather rich, however he is increasing bid by lowest amount, seems like he is also feeling the pressure. Qin Yun is not participating in the auction, he is preparing to take action. Finally that purple clothed young man won the bid with 1.8 billion purple crystal coins to buy Long Qiaofang!

"This guy is from Yang family?"

"Yang Fangheng, he is a very outstanding disciple of Yang family, peak Xuan Martial Realm. He can very quickly become Martial King!"

"Could it be that he is cultivating Yin Extracting and Yang Supplementing Art?"

"It should be!"

Yang Fangheng flew up to the balcony and paid the purple crystal coins to fatty old whore. He looked at Long Qiaofang with smile.

"Proud Star State's great beauty, I want to fuck you..." Yang Fangheng is looking at Long Qiaofang with hungry expression, he licked his lips and extended his hand towards Long Qiaofang's face.

Long Qiaofang also promptly bit his hand.

"Ahhh..." Yang Fangheng screamed after being bitten.

This caused many people to roar in laughter.


Fatty old whore slapped Long Qiaofang after seeing the scene.

"Little slut, you dare to bit your master! Quickly lick clean the blood on your master's hand!" fatty old whore pulled Long Qiaofang's hair.

Yang Fangheng extended his hand toward Long Qiaofang and said in cold voice : "You are already my sex slave, if you don't lick clean my hand, I will strip you naked here!"

"Poohh!" Long Qiaofang spit mouthful of blood on Yang Fangheng's face.

Fatty old whore wanted to continue beating Long Qiaofang but she discovered that she can't even move!

"Slut!" Yang Fangheng cursed loudly and wanted to hit Long Qiaofang but suddenly a large amount of blood burst out.

Fatty old whore's head exploded and sprayed out large amount of blood! Seeing this scene Yang Fangheng is extremely scared. He is a peak Xuan Martial Realm and someone killed fatty old whore right in front of him without him sensing anything.

Just as Yang Fangheng is thinking of running, he found out that many tree vines appeared from below his feet and entangled him!


A burst of air whistled out, Yang Fangheng's extended hand has been cut off and dropped on the ground.


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